Friday, February 10, 2006

Give Blood

When Danny Murphy clattered to the floor on Sunday, a gentleman in a pork pie hat bellowed across us all, ' You have to give blood for the cause, Murphy!' This was greeted with a general chuckle, but he had a point... The quality of the refereeing was beyond comprehension. The man looked overweight and made a farce of everything he touched. The free kick in the second half and the business with the wall was desperate. I don't want to whine on about this tubby joker but he really needs to be sat down by the FA and talk those who might hold him to account through some of his work out there today. Really poor. Clips of his new film Mama's House 2 don't look promising either. The first touch of EVERY player was generally poor. This isn't good enough. And what added to the misery of the weak control? The endless high ball up to Mido. Look, I agree that is one route and it did source a few attacking moves today, but we need to show variety. Defoe is exiled from the play if Mido fails to get the nod on to him successfully. Do we not play Push And Run anymore at this club? Are we Watford from the Turnip era? No we are bloody well not. Defoe is an amazing player who's sole requirement is that he is fed accurate balls, preferably, as he is 4'3', to his feet. He makes space. He has terrific speed. He has a tremendous killer instinct and has demonstrated endlessly he can find the net from many an angle. So we must employ him for these talents and not just as Mido's drippy mate. Murphy lacked direction. Poor accuracy rate in his passing. I want to see him looking a lot less anonymous next time out. Dawson was my MOTM. EVERY ball in the air won. Timing was superb and his passing was generally useful. Every bit a Lillywhite. Tom Huddlestone had a disastrous spell alongside our Korean International who also was frighteningly clueless on numerous occasions. I am terrified by the instruction that might be being given by Jol. We where STATIC on seemingly dozens of throw ins today. The free kick in the first half was a shambles. This is bread and butter stuff and if we are fouling up on this then we are not just an 'unfinished article' , we have a problem. Keane as per was energetic and was fixated with getting the ball to his feet and into their area. As I have written before, I really can see Defoe, Mido and a just slightly deeper Keane all playing together at the same time as completely viable. If nothing else. it extends MJ's big man little man into a 'Russian doll' effect. As for the booing? Well, this team dozed off several times today. Are we really only capable of scoring on the back of being scored against? Can we really only mount focused charge when the Mr Magoo referee gives us 3 minutes of added time? I am a firm believer that you reward achievement and punish stupidity. Are we a classy top flight outfit or are we fannying around? It's very easy to sit there fussing like a wet hen over booing. 'It's not nice' , 'How would you like it', 'That won't boost our game'. What do you suggest when we play out of character inept football in future? A stiff letter to the Chairman? These men are paid daily..... more than even Gooner b claims to earn in a month. I demand they stay focused for the entire game and pass with at least a high rate of accuracy. I tell you I hate hearing the boos. But you ought only get a cup of tea and a biscuit if you Give Blood.

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