Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monkey Pawed Richard Keyes Swore On Air Today...

Monkey pawed Richard Keyes swore on air today. The only shock was that he wasn't watching Tottenham fading out of this season's Premiership campaign as he did so.

More bizarrely Al Fayed's in Europe. Albeit on an Egyptian passport, but I'll hazard a guess he's not fussed about the details.

And John Terry's in A&E. You lucky, lucky nurses. My money is on a really hilarious bed bath joke before they even fill out his admission details.

So then, the last day of the season. One where the wheels dramatically fell off Man City. Keegan emphasised to Mike Ashley that he wasn't talking rot, Toon are second rate.

And West Ham fans will be rejoicing in the streets after their point at Villa. That and the fact they finished above an outfit as ropey as Spurs. It always quells the domestic violence figures when they're happy, so I embrace such rare moments.

And what of us? Fewer cries of 'We One Da Cup!" and more 'Transfers transfers transfers.'


Anonymous said...

I dont think we will be any better next season either lets be honest Ramos might be the manager on the program be we all know there just given players to use not ones he wants or needs the manager should make the signings not them upstairs


Well Done Richard lol

Anonymous said...

Err so he swore, so what???I find it more annoying that you chose to use the description "monkey pawed". I'm not particularly offended by the phrase but it seems a little bit hypoctitical from a site which has quite rightly (in my opinion) highlighted the casual racism of the Adebayor chant to now come up with a bit of prejudice of your own.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, so you naturally assume any use of the word monkey is in some way racist. You must hate David Attenborough!

Harry Hotspur said...


The suggestion that Dicky has to have the back of his hands shaved before he goes on air since the advent of HD doesn't offend you. And you don't think it's racist.

But you do regard it as me being prejudiced.

Against apes or hairy broadcasters?

Either way, fascinating stuff. The globe holds it's collective breath for your next inciteful pronouncement.

Anonymous said...

Amother complete pants result! Spurs have been down hill all the way since winning the Carling Cup. The Spurs players have had one foot in the travel agents since February!! Lets wave off all the dross and welcome the quality influx over the summer.

Anonymous said...

Richard keyes is one hairy white bloke honky tonk milk bottle ..

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the game. I must admit, I'm disappointed we didn't achieve at least a draw today. Why? Because it was a home fixture; it was the last of the campaign; and it was against top four opposition. Also, I hate to lose. I hate it a lot. In fact, I really, really wanted us to win, and half expected us to achieve it.

So - to those who saw this match - can anything of consequence be read into the result?

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

I saw it today and only thing I could see helping us for next season is everyone out and many, many in.. Thet were awful


onedavemackay said...

onedavemackay said...
I went. Liverpool completely bossed the first half then we were well on top creating chances until they scored after which we faded.

Can anything be read into the result ? I don't know.
I can only tell you that O'Hara had a right off day and Jenus was really terrible. The substitutions certainly improved things I thought Tanio did well and Hudd did much better than Jenus without doing a lot. Zokora and Steed were the pick for me and Radek pulled off one or two good saves.

I think today confirmed that we need several quality signings if we want to compete with the top four.

Harry Hotspur said...

I wasn't there either. Can anyone confirm a) that JJ was as bad as the radio made out and or b) any idea what's going on in Berba's Alicebanded bonce?

Anonymous said...

cant remember feeling so down at the end of the season. what a let down its been since winning the cup. the season has been terrible regardless of the cup. the players should be ashamed of themselves!!!
you have let down supporters of this great club!!!!!!.
Big Belly

Anonymous said...

So lets get this right. Two seasons ago you finished 5th with 60+ points, last season you finished 5th with 60 points, this season 11th with 40+ points. Big team, no I don't think you.
Championship next season ?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back mid table mediocrity.
What baffles me at the moment is the amount of positive spin coming out of WHL.
¨We´re ready to challenge Arsenal¨
¨Ramos turns things around¨
¨Great things expected nest season¨ .....etc etc etc.

I´ve seen nothing this season to suggest we can do any of the above. We won the League Cup, yes the League Cup and all of a sudden people think we can challenge Chelsea and The Ar$e on a more regular basis??!!

A few league facts for you...

We managed FOUR points from the top four clubs. 4 points out of a possible 24...FUCKING RUBBISH and no improvement.

We only managed to gain 6 points, SIX fucking points from the top seven clubs!!!!! thats 6POINTS out of a possible 42 points!!! Thats pathetic, laughable, horrendous, and yet people think we´re getting closer to the top four clubs with this current squad? We can´t even get close to the top 7 clubs, we didn´t beat one of the top seven clubs all season!! (in the league blah, blah).Thats a fucking joke considering the amount of money we have invested, thats a fucking joke considering where we were and how high our hopes were at this point last season.

Once again we have flattered to deceive predominantly because of the PR that comes spewing out of WHL.

Lets hope Ramos can at least get some of the players that HE wants in this summer. Starting with ripping out that pathetic midfield and of course I could go on.

We won the League Cup with some brilliant performances, Ramos is a great Cup manager but with this squad that is all we have. Lets not forget Cardiff City have also had a great cup run in a more prestigious cup.

Plus our players look like old men in that new kit which has far too much writing on it and hoopy socks.....

Anonymous said...

Old Men? My recollections of my grand father do not include him being pasted up with adverts and wearing knee highs.

But I'll go with you on some of the text issues. As for the hoop socks, I loved them. I can appreciate that Tottenham have a tradition of minimalist kits, but this season, our players at home looked a little like they just walked out of a lime mine. SOME manner of decoration is nice (always liked the Hummel sleeves).
Big Belly..

Anonymous said...

LOL, check out the photos on the official site from todays game.
Keano has a wonderful old mans beer gut and O Hara looks about ready to collect his pension, quite funny really. I´ll buy into the hoopy socks if they manage to make opponents dizzy, but for the Mansion marketing department to suddenly impose extra writing below the M logo is a joke, it only goes to show that no one knows their brand and they´ve over spent in our shirt sponsorship deal. Its like having advertising for Guinness and then underpinning it with a Än Irish black stout¨, Sack the whole PR department or bring back Philip Dorward, he was great......

onedavemackay said...

The difference is Ramos and Gus etc.
This is why some of us are feeling a tad optimistic.
We may have to wait a year to see if our optimism is justified, but we're Spurs supporters so we've learnt to be patient.

As for me my trophy cupboard is always half full.

allnightlong said...

onedavemackay said Liverpool bossed the first half? Fuck off mate, they were as shit as us for the whole game. They are miles from challenging and we are miles from the top 6. A draw would have been fair but only because both teams deserved nothing. At least the Chav pricks won fuck all and I kept my cool on the train avoiding an arrest. Hate those twats!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Spurs have had a pretty shite season - luckily we won the league cup and got route 1 back into Europe tho I gather we could have got thru on the fair play route...
So? Jol Was no good, or was it Commiolli ? In comes Ramos & heh! what a turnaround then SFA 'deja vu a la Jol??'
Ramos told players they were playing for their futures but it seems to be that for some it was just a question of the paypacket...
ouside commentators say that Spurs with the squad we've got has underperformed...???
I suggest we've got rather a crap midfield + certain players who only play when the 'sun shines' (unfortunately not in the literal sense!) so hopefully there will be a few more Modrics.
So quite a few more to be put out to grass at the likes of Fulham and Portsmouth.
+ lots of dross to go but one squad player worth keeping is Tainio coz at least he gives a fuck!

onedavemackay said...

00:34 Well said mate. Tanio does play like he cares. He probably is on his way but there are more than a few of us who'll miss him.

buggeroffberbie said...

Sum this game up in 1 easy comment - We were shite!

How dissappointing is that...

Anonymous said...

maybe a hunter will shoot Richard Keyes and cut off his hands for ashtrays.

Sydney Wale

Greekos said...

The league doesnt lie and across a 38 game season we are the 11th best team. Considering everything that went on this season we still should have done better. But do you really know what we have discovered all thanks to Mr Ramos. Who cares and who doesnt. Its pretty clear that we have an awful lot of mercenaries at the club and not enough leaders or quality. Ramos hasnt used his much hailed motivation skills because he needed to know about the players mentality, as in who wants t play and who wants to pick up their cash and leave. Well I think its pretty clear to everyone associated with the club who cares and who doesnt and I have no problem with Ramos getting rid of anyone with the exceptions of Keane, King, Woodgate, Malbranque, Bent, Bale (although he hasnt played much due to injury but he is young and will give everything to impress next season). Obviously any signings made so far that have worked and benefitted the team should be kept. Everyone else can go and can be replaced. I realise that Jenas isnt on this list of players that should be kept. Simply because he makes these bold statements of "we must perform better/ more consistant/ with more patience" well he had tonnes of time on the pitch and still we saw the same old next season hell blossom player.

I hope the board realise that they have a real quality management team and give them whatever they want to improve this team. Dont forget this season but remember it when everyone is talking about us breaking the top four. Arnt we supposed to be there already. I will always be a Spurs fan and want the best for them. I wish that we could bring in the quality we need to make it into the higher eccelons of the league. What am I expecting next season. Nothing but effort from the players and management to do their best. Who would dissagree with me if we finished mid table again but put in 100% for every game. At least then we would know that we are a midtable club. The thing that nags me is knowing that with 100% effort for every game we would already be where we want to be.

buggeroffberbie said...

well said greekos and i wont get into the subject of other players that i would prefer to stay as the main reasoning behind your comments were very sound...I hate it when jenas makes those stupid comments. Why doesnt somebody tell him to 1. shut up and 2. prove it on the pitch. Im tired of his constant bleating comments and then not backing up his own comments with proper action. I too live in hope that mid table mediocrity is more than we should expect but i fear that if Ramos does a wholesale change to our squad then it will take us one more season to gel and it wont be until 2009/2010 season before we start to see the fruits of this "new" start. As always i will support my club and especially this new and improved manager but i am hoping so much for a better showing by the players that they really and truly want to play for the club not the rumoured average pay packet at spurs of 27k a week...!

4Ever Hopeful said...

Its been a pretty misersable showing really, especially since the Carling Cup Final.

We have finished nearly 20 points lower than the last two seasons and within just 11 points of going down. The point about performances against the top 4 is key; couldn't beat any of them in the Premiership and let's be honest, would we have really beaten a full strength Arsenal to get to Wembley?

I am expecting more taxis turning up this summer to cart out the dross than on the Apprentice. In actual fact a decent size minibus would be better. Robbo, Cerny, Rocha, Taino, Bent, Dawson, Lee Y-P, Jenas, Zokora, Kaboul, Huddlestone, Lennon. We will never get near the Premiership with these people. The last two games sum it all up; we play Reading off the park with "brilliant" football then capitulate against Liverpool.

It is a crucial time for Ramos. I am disappointed that there was not more variation in team selection once he knew that we were safe.

He really needs to deliver a decent start next season. Let's hope we don't get WBA or Stoke away as the opener.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we were shit yesterday.

But what made it even shitter was the racist fucking berk sat in seat 95, row 18, south stand lower.

And no, it wasn't just the SHIT Adebayor song.

Anonymous said...

lets face it:

robbo, dawson, lee, jenas, hudd, tainio, lennon, zokora, o'hara and bent

are all average premiership players on their day nothing more. It's not that they dont care....dont make that excuse for them. They are talented enough.

11th was pretty much spot on for players like this. Not one of them would get into a top 4's normal starting 11.

Ramos seems like a good manager but he is going to have to do some serious buying and selling to get us near the top 6 next year. I cant see changes like that happening.

On a positive not a back 4 of Bale, King, Woodgate and Hutton is top 4 quality. If only they could ever play together..........

dannyboy said...

The only way we will break into top 4 is by doing a Chavski; buying a new team of players each costing upwards of say £8 million quid each. 8 x 11 = £88 million.

Bale, Keane, Woodgate, Hutton, Modric are already there, so 6 new players = £50 million to spend?

In reality, I think of those that played yesterday, only the above are probable starters next season. A drastic, costly overhaul required then; where did it all go wrong? 2 5th place finishes then this seasons dross. Help.


GRAZZA said...

Shit game/result/performance aside anyone else slightly bewildered by Keane acceptance speech turning into pro-plastic flag propaganda???

I do honestly think that Bent, Lennon, Tainio, Hudd & Lennon deserve another season. If only to prove that they are good enough to play the odd game and provide back-up. Id hope Lennon regains some form though and recalls some of his performances from the early Jol era. The others id say are nailed on cover staff.

At the end of the day theres no real point in ousting 5 squad players to bring in 5 more? i cant imagine (Bent aside) that those guys mentioned are on mega bucks either, sp no real real drain on finances.

The problems lie within the first team in my opinion. Jenas & Zokora being 2 prime examples. You only had to compare their performances to Gerrard yesterday. Zokora has all the energy in the world but his control & passing are nothing short of incompetent. Jenas largely the same.

Roll on next season.....

Mysterious Stranger said...

Time for a few changes, but that's stating the obvious really. Berbatov going could well turn out to be the start of something beautiful... let the auction begin!

A Liverpool supporting friend said to me after the game "If Voronin scores against you, you know your team is in trouble!" Mildly amusing if nothing else... but Torres truly is a class act.

"Monkey pawed"? Disgusting Harry. You should have said "Wolf pawed" instead!!!

Aaron said...

"Can anyone confirm a) that JJ was as bad as the radio made out"

Yes. Him and O'Hara were both terrible. At least O'Hara redeemed himself with some decent corners.

And the mug is in all of the new kit photos. He's obviously not on Ramos' hit-list.

"and or b) any idea what's going on in Berba's Alicebanded bonce?"

Who knows. I was too busy being freaked out by his short-sleeved shirt in the second half.

Oh, and I feel sorry for the kid I saw with Berbatov on the back of his new shirt. His dad most be the world's greatest optimist.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Berba in short sleeves!? no way!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I was confused by Keanes unhealthy passion for plastic flags.

Impressed by O'Hara's admission that he was a bit rubbish, but the lad gives everything for the team, which people can understand, an off day is fine, as long as your giving it 100%.

I expected Mr Ramos to give a speech of some sort, or at least Gus to say a few words. But oh well, get the boys back from holiday early, run them through a proper pre-season and see what we end up with.

Rambo knows who's going and staying, so I expect deals to be done quickly to allow settling in time for new recruits.


Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday as well, Keane's mini speech on flags was brilliant! The fight in the east stand was another highlight.

As for the game total cr@p. I have seen 4 games since the final and everytime has been rubbish except for beating west ham 4 - 0, we lost 1 - 0 to psv, drew 1 - 1 with boro and now a 2 - 0 defeat v liverpool.

Jenas and Berba out!

Anonymous said...

adebayor his dad washes elephants and his mums a oar.

Anonymous said...

Adebayor, Adebayooooooor..

I don't like him....

'Cos he's not very nice...

Is that better?

Anonymous said...

Three wins and one draw away from the relegation zone is not much to cheer about. 46 points is dire.

Still, we did win a trophy. That's not to be sniffed at. It's more than some of the top four teams got. Scousers won nothing. Ar*e won nothing. Sure, they both ensured CL football again. But no shiny cups or medals. We did. And
success should breed success. Hey, we're also in Europe again (albeit at a lower level)! Pedigree is restored. Woof woof.

Despite that, there's a sense of our Carling victory being pyrrhic. How did we lose so much in the process of winning so little? Weren't we going to finish in the top four? Weren't we genuine contenders for the UEFA Cup? And why not the FA Cup, while we were on a roll?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If, in addition to the weakest, there are other, similarly weak links - made even weaker by their employment out of normal position - it's inevitable that the chain will occasionally break.

Summer will undoubtedly bring reinforcements: new, improved links that will offer uniform strength throughout. Much-needed precious mettle.

But there's a caveat. I hope we don't collectively - the board, the coaching staff, the fans - succumb to short-termism. Because, depending on how large the influx of new players is, the new team may require time to settle. In this world of instant gratification, footballing success can't be likened to a McDonald's, whose parts are assembled for immediate, takeaway satisfaction
(although Thaksin Sinawatra could be forgiven for thinking so).

And so on to summer and the circus of transfers, expections and renewed hopes. With Ramos and Poyet in charge, and with the addition of new playing-personnel, those hopes may just have a solid foundation. Old habits will be invigorated by the energy of new minds - on the training-ground and, come next season, on the pitch.

Go on, the Ramos. Make it so, Number One.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

yea i saw the infamous 'East Stand Brawl' yesterday too. anyone know why it happened? seemed like one geezer who got taken away got caught pretty good. also i have no idea why the liverpool fan started going mental and chanting emile heskeys name in the second half for a header that looped over the4 crossbar... maybe someone said it went in for a laugh, these rumours can spread like wildfire!

EL said...

After taking over from santini twelve or so games into the season, jol got us to a 9th place finish with a lesser team than our current one.

In his first full season we never dropped lower than 6th.

Harry Hotspur said...

Ramos can't possibly be judged until next season. By which time he'll have had acres of time with which to show them all how to jog and not eat chips every day.

He will also have had an amount of money equatable to 'a bloody lump' spent on players.

If he's still getting nowhere and hasn't added to his Carling Pot, then by all means.....

Orf With His Head!!!

TMWNN said...

El, understand what you're saying, but if he had stayed on, who's to say we would have finished higher than 11th. I'm with HH on this one, to compare Jol with Ramos this early is a bit of a cheap shot. The way the players have been allowed to slack off is very alarming though. Here's to next season, and hopefully a completely new midfield.

shanemac said...

Do you really think we'd be finishing in the top 6 if Jol was still the manager, given the disgusting way we started the season? I think that's a real hoot.

Zokora seems to be flying below the radar when we talk about underachievers in the squad. I think he's absolutely piss poor. He's a liability at the back and he's useless going forward (I don't think that anyone is more surprised that he's got the ball when he's going on one of those aimless linear runs into oblivion than he is). As a replacement for Carrick, he's been pretty moribund. The seemingly obligatory grace period given to any new signing has expired for him. Much prefer Tainio, the most hard-done man at the Lane.

Modric is a good start to the summer signings, as long as he's not the last of them. And he does indeed look exactly like Cruyff.

Harry Hotspur said...

Shanemac if you were a lady, I'd propose.

Teemu the most hard done by player at The Lane.


The use of the word word 'moribund'.


dannyboy said...

Harry - tell me you had to look up moribund as well, to see what it means !!! Intellect on here huh?

EL said...

I don't see why I shouldn't judge any manager from the word go. We're not paying him 6 mil a year for a layoff period. I only brought jol's stats into it because we bought Wendy ostensibly as a superior replacement, so comparing their seasons side by side seems an obvious thing to do. I make no prior judgements but I'm happy to view Wendy's record alongside jol's in the cold light of day. I've been supporting this club for far too long and seen too many false dawns to allow reputations, expectations & hyperbole to lead me into yet another promised land which turns out to be a cul de sac.

Our results since the cup haven't been those of a good team with nought to play for; they've been absolutely shite. We may not have a proper 'Ramos' team yet but these players are no slouches so for me, our performances over the last couple of months have been shockingly bad rather than not quite good enough.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'd rather have jol back, or that Wendy won't be good enough, just that from what I read on here sometimes, I get the impression that some think that future success under Ramos is just a matter of time and spending. I don't feel that way because I think the way we've been playing recently counts for something. Can you imagine ferguson, maureenio or w*n*er putting up with results like that from their team just coz they'd already won the league cup?

Of course we'll be bringing more much needed talent into the squad during the summer but we've had a fair amount of talent in there for a while and what we've been sorely lacking is balls & attitude. I was rather hoping that Wendy and Gus would've injected just enough to avoid getting done 4-1 by newcastle and birmingham not to mention some of the other results. I think it's 3 wins since the cup final.

Call me fussy but I expected more and I presume nothing.

Go on the Spurs!

GRAZZA said...

"Bowling Shane-o" - i think you must be my long lost twin sometimes (the one with the brains obviously)

Harry - That photo is absolutely class. Like it, like it, like it!

Forget roll on next season, roll on pre-season - i want to see modric in action!

GRAZZA said...

Is everyone renewing season tickets next year?

Mines gone up £80 which i suppose was to be expected with the money spent last year and already this year on Master Modric.

See you there.

Anonymous said...

Where do you sit Grazza?

GRAZZA said...

South Upper Block 41, actually i think it might £70 i cant remember how much it was for last season.

What about you mr anon?

Anonymous said...

I sit on the season ticket waiting list I'm afraid.

So I go to all home games.... but pay about 1/3 more than a season ticket holder. Woohoo!

I can usually be found in the Park Lane, block 32-35 (depending on what I get allocated)

GRAZZA said...

Ah that sucks, will be interesting to see how many jump ship this season though, with the price and the poor home form.

Any idea of how long you'll be on the list?

Well, the blokes laying into the fat scouser on saturday probably wont be there next year!! theres a few more seats already!

Anonymous said...

What really annoys me is not when expectations are questionably raised by the fans, but by the players. For example, see JJ's recent tripe:

"We can definitely overtake Arsenal next year.

"We always want to climb and get as high as we can in the table, so hopefully if we can keep progressing we can top them."

'Definitely', eh, JJ? And why say Ar*e? To make you appear like a dyed-in-the-wool Yid? I love his use of the word, 'hopefully'. People say it when they're uncertain of success and want an opt-out.

'I sent the letter first-class so, hopefully, it'll arrive tomorrow.' Yeah, but once it's out of your hand it's also out of your control. So, don't make promises you can't keep, JJ - that is, at your current level of performance and consistency.

And what's all that about 'progressing'? Yeah, I suppose from relegation zone to 11th in the table is progression of a sort; but, after the Carling Cup Final, there was only RE-gression.

It's like when Jol (pre-season and puffed up with self-assurance) said, "the sky's the limit." It turned out to be a pretty low sky.

I'm all for bigging ourselves up, inspiring confidence, never-say-die, winning mentality. But no one is either impressed or intimidated by boasts of things yet to be (and, on past evidence, unlikely to be) attained. Most teams regard Spurs as presumptious under-achievers. The fact that we get regularly knocked aside by them ought to at least give JJ pause for thought before he commits himself to such braggadocio.

No, I don't want a squad of glum Ee-aws who expect the worst. But there's no harm in keeping a cork on the froth of confidence. After all, once it's out of the bottle, it's hard to get back in.

9.37 Anon

Ronny Gitonga said...

i hate Jenas and i truly believe he is the WORST midfielder in the premiership. If it wasn't for tottenham's unfortunate "buy English" policy, Jenas and the likes of Bent and Dawson would definately be in the first division. Why is it so hard to accept success? Why cant Spurs shove asside this "buy English" nonsense atleast until we qualify for the champions league. Then we can buy English talent (and there is plenty of that)Joe cole, carrick, gerrard, Lennon (Yes,Lennon),Barry etc instead of useless Bent and Jenas. Modric and Jenas is like water and oil, they will never be comfortable together. But trust spurs to attempt it.....

Death said...

Optimistic? Well yeah surprisingly.

When I look back at some of the football Spurs played… it was real quality and we actually won something. People often deride the Carling Cup but in these days of increased (ridiculous) budgets and expectations, it’s an important target for a lot of clubs and one they really want to win.

For me, the victories over Arsenal and Chelsea were a massive step forward and outplaying Man U for long periods and coming within a few seconds of beating them in the league,… all signs that we can compete.

A class new signing already completed and the prospect of a couple more in the summer, the return of Mr. Bale, European football for the third year on the trot and a management team that I hope can convert more winning positions into wins. Even if our Luxury Player looks to be off for pastures new. Hey, optimism isn’t totally unfounded.

shanemac said...

......slightly ironic, that statement, given its messenger.

Death said...

Just a guy in a cloak doing a job, and Death has every reason to be optimistic,

as for you lot, I’ll check me ledger

Oh dear………..

BimitarDerbatov said...

can't wait for the return of Baler next season... he'll be like a new signing.. only one we know will turn out to be excellent..

dannyboy said...

"i hate Jenas and i truly believe he is the WORST midfielder in the premiership."

Erm, Savage, Ghaly, Zokora and 98% of the rest of the premiership midfielders? Jenas is top 5%; easy. Blah blah blah. Things don't change huh? What a cock you are.

ronny gitonga? more like ronny gitfeatures.


Anonymous said...

Have a look at this

Now, i know Keane is not the biggest at 5'10 but Pekhart towers over him. The only profiles i have seen for Tomas make him 6'2 but he's gotta be at least 6'5 !!

To gage a better perspective is when woody comes out, because he is around the 6'2 mark.

Well if he can step up next season and hopefully make the grade in the near future, fill out a bit .... then what a beast !!

Yidddddddddddddddd Arrrrrrrrrmy

Harry Hotspur said...

Death is a class act.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Dannyboy..he's had his chance...let it go..