Sunday, April 20, 2008

Player Ratings, Highlights, Snaps, Quotes...

Cerny 6 Was alright. One goal, a fumble but generally good.

"Overall a point isn’t a bad result for us," Juande Ramos.

Dawson 6.5 Up and down. Some decent blocks and sometimes beaten.

Hutton 6.5 Clearly wanted to go forward but lacked a spark when he got there.

Zokora 5 Relatively awful and that's not just about being outpace by Heskey.

O'Hara 5.5 Out of position. Where the hell are Gunter & Gilberto?

Lennon 7 Ran at'em and made the goal, then he faded.

Jenas 6.5 The runs forward were good to see, then he faded.

Malbranque 5 Probably should have been subbed he's had better games.

Huddlestone 6 Some good passing, some snoozing.

"That goal took the wind out of our sails" Juande Ramos.

Keane 5.5 One commentator said we lost direction when he went off. I want to know what map we'd been using up until that point?

Berbatov 7 Elegant and aggressive, then he faded.

"In the second half admittedly we were slightly weaker" Juande Ramos.


Tottinghams said...

HH, it can't be just me that's getting really annoyed at JR and GP that they keep coming out after every game labelling it a "good performance"?

In my honest opinion, 1-1 draws against M'brough and Wigan do not constitute "good performances". I don't care how well they play in the opening 1/2 hour, if they can't beat frigging Wigan when loyal fans have paid god knows how much to go and watch them (in Wigan!), I may not be going much longer.

Here's to next season.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you put something worthwhile in with those pics because there wasnt much to look at until bunny ears came along...

Harry Hotspur said...

Tottinghams it isn't just you.

1-1's against uninspired hoofers like Boro and Wigan is depressing fare...

theshelfer said...

hopefully the mediocre end to the season is due to the lack of anything to play for rather than the fact we are, dare I say it, mediocre.

Anonymous said...

HH, I think you have been rather generous with your ratings as I don't feel anyone should have got more than 5 based on 90 mins of fizzy pop football. We were luck to not get beat and that was against Wigan!

After the goal, Berba did nothing other that piss me off and acted like a spoilt ickle prick and it makes me wonder what the other players felt at his piss poor attitude. I honestly felt we should have taken him off for Bent as a better team decision. Don't get me wrong as Berba is still the best football player in our team but his attitude STINKS!

Anonymous said...

By the way, thanks for the pics, especially the bunny! Much better attitude than Berba!