Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A New Spurs New Goalie. Allegedly.

Pay Attention...

Evening all.
Rangers keeper Allan McGregor is the name.

Frankly at five mill I would EMBRACE him as our Number Two. More interesting is that not only have I had an email or two from decent chaps that agree, but Spurs Community forum member 'Walton' appears to have similar 'goss' to share...
"...his old dear works with a mate of mine and passed on the good news this morning...
So there."

I do love people who write a comment on a forum where they only stand to get eaten
alive and say... 'So there'. Fair play to 'em.


Anonymous said...

yay first post. ty for the goss hazza wots the prob on this one an wots this i hear bout berbs makin his mind up he wants to leave???

Anonymous said...

Hurray! A new opportunity to raise another totally unrelated debate on the future of Berbatov.

That aside, I hope McGregor is less inclined than Robbo to be influenced by 'social norm and regret minimization' when faced with penalty shoot-outs.


Thanks for the tip, Harry - as the circumciser said.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...


... again in English please - punctuation also aids understanding.

PS: anyone see Dean Marney's performance for Hull City this evening? He's certainly matured as a player.

Anonymous said...

HH, as you know, the Sweaties are well known for their prowess between the sticks, so, No. Actually, I know SFA about the lad, but if he's a regular first choice it would seem unlikely as he'd be getting CL football at Rangers next season. Yes, I know, so would Hutton, but he was no lonoger their first choice RB.

What do you feel about the possibility of prising either Newcastle goalie (Given or Harper, ideally the former) away from the frozen northern tundra.

wilson said...

What happened to all sweaties being useless...well, sweaties?

dannyragazzo said...

A Scottish goalie you say ? My, how they've come on in the past 20 years ! You'd have him as your No2 H? And your No1 would be ?

Personally, I know feck all about him so I'll reserve judgement, if, when blah blah blah.

Has Berbatov left yet ? ;-)


onedavemackay said...

Stop slagging Scottish Goalies. OK I know most of them are shit but Craig Gordon seems pretty useful to me and I seem to remember a certain Bill Brown in the double team who was top class.

Harry. Please stop using that pale blue font it's impossible to read on a phone and not much better on my Mac.

9.37 You're wasted on this blog apply to the Times or Observer immediately.

And whoever suggested Given please understand that we want to become a TOP four not a BOTTOM four club.He is very average.

Sam Spunk said...

I would love to see that monster Brasilian keeper Gomes, from PSV between the sticks at WHL,

Anonymous said...

I think it would be brilliant if we did get MrGregor. My other half is a Rangers fan and so i am 'forced' to watch some of their game son TV, and i must admit, he is a damm sight better at shot stopping and even...handling crosses!!!
He has kept them in most of their games, so for £5 million, we can go too wrong. We've had worse buys for more than that money!

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth in the rumour that Ramos lost patience with Robbo for consistently reporting seeing unidentified flying objects during matches, which subsequently turned out only to be the ball?

9.37 Anon

frontwheel said...

Yes, anon 22.57, I saw a bit of the Hull game and was impressed with Marney. Is he on loan or was he sold?

Anonymous said...

Another load of rubbish from Harry Hotspur what a surprise!

Anonymous said...

I think Marney was sold and I never could work out why. We do seem to get rid of a lot of decent players which is fine if you replace them with somone better but how often does that happen? I am thinking of people like Carr, Simon Davies, Etherington, Luke Young...I'm tempted to mention Defoe too...

Anonymous said...

What's all this about Hudd and Daws hoping to catch the eye of Don Fabio? Blimey, lads, fair play to you both for ambition, but sort a little consistency out at club level first.

I thought our players were chunky, but a few of those Hull guys look like they should be playing Rugby League.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

I saw Marney last night and yes, he has certainly improved; He had a good game, worked hard, was strong in possession, made some intelligent passes and understand which direction the opposition's goal is in.

If I recall, he was loaned to Norwich, where he was was injured, before joining Hull.

Not sure what he had done wrong though, as didn't he score twice on his debut? I think Spurs felt, perhaps, that he wasn't 'sophisticated' enough a player, in terms of technical ability, hence he was sold.

Not comparable with the constantly moaning and laterly disruptive and not-so-good Carr though, nor the shrinking violet confidence-less Davies. However, Davis, Mendes...

Anonymous said...

What about Jussi Jasskalainen as our keeper ?? Great shot stopper, reliable with crosses...and apparantly available at the end of the season..

dannyboy said...

anon 15.05

Good shout, but can you imagine the cost of getting his name on the back of your new relica shirt ?! I don't think he's an option seriously; good shot stopper, but not the 'quality' keeper we need if we are to improve on Robbo, which I still think is going to take someone world class.


Anonymous said...

To be honest, the cost of the replica kit printing is probably one of Levy's main criteria for purchases!
They get the money off you somehow...

Ever noticed how the short names always have 2 numbers.... It's a conspiracy i tell you!!! a CONSPIRACY!!!

Anonymous said...


EL said...

Well the Scot goalie certainly looks cute but it might be easy to shoot through that gap between his legs. And does he play the pipes?

Another question if I may be so bold Mr Hotty:

If next season we win say, the FA or Uefa cup but finish outside the top 7, would that be considered a good season or not? Or let's say that we won one trophy(other than champions league or premier) for the next two seasons under Wendy but we also finished outside the top 7 in both those seasons, would that make him a much better manager than jol?

Ok that was 2 questions. My point is that I'm interested to know what people think would constitute an improvement on jol's first two seasons. What are our thoughts on trophies v league position.

Anonymous said...

i'd willing to do anything for that girl ! hell for goalie anyone is fine execept robbocop, he sucks. whether is it this kemani or macgregor or macdonald..or just spend the $ on gordon and viola..problem solved

BimitarDerbatov said...

interesting question(s) el..

i think we've already seen an improvement on Jol's reign on numerous fronts..

fitness and team mentality (when we have something to play for) are evidntly improved.. and that bodes well for Ramos' first FULL season next year..

the cup win and the outplaying of Arsenal in Ramos' three NLD's are both a bonus..

as regards our league finishes for the next couple of seasons..i think we have to make CL football our priority but if we're all being realistic (depending on Summer arrivals and departures) we should probably be happy enough with another trophy as opposed to a CL finish...

i think we'll get top 4 next year though..

dannyboy said...

I think anon 18.58 is a pratt. So there.

frontwheel said...

Don't worry Dannyboy. 18.58 is just upset that someone unearthed a pic of Wenger's ex-girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

He looked good last night, safe hands, good puncher, much better kicking distance than Cerny. Even saved a penalty while injured, then went off and the sub conceded the winner. Ah well.

GRAZZA said...

Wenger had a girlfriend!!? this is a geniune bombshell!

Anonymous said...

dannyboy -

You've effectively made this the official 'So there' post. It's all Harry's fault.

I have nothing more to say on the matter. So there.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

All the other rags have picked up the Dantchev interview now.

Get rid of the Bulgarian sulker and get someone in who actually gives a crap about our club.

Sell him to a foreign club for over £25m and id be happy, ecstatic in fact.

Anonymous said...

Berba's agent is just stirring the pot. Berba won't enter negotiations at Spurs, except to obtain leverage on another club.

I'd expect his position to be largely already clear at WHL. Spurs need to forward-plan, as we have targets of our own.

So there.

9.37 Anon

dannyboy said...

9.37 anon

I'm so glad someone picked up on the irony of it all. I hope you're not suggesting I'm Harry's biatch ?! So. There.


Anonymous said...

dannyboy -

Didn't cross my mind one bit. So there.

9.37 Anon

EL said...

Re: bimitarderbatov

"I think we've already seen an improvement on jol's reign on numerous fronts"

Well yes, except in the league, which for my money is the key issue. I personally would rather we won no trophies for the next 2 seasons if it meant two top 4 or even 5 finishes.

In jol's first(incomplete) season, he took us up the table with, I would argue, fewer quality players in the team. I know we've nothing to play for currently but that could also be construed as having no pressure. Surely they should be playing with a full on, cavalier abandon; enjoying themselves while proving their worth. I don't entirely buy the 'it's the players who aren't stepping up' line. These are pretty much the same players who finished 5th; I expected more from Wendy & Gus, even with a trinket on the sideboard and nothing to aim for.

Our pride in this season is pretty much based on two matches; the ar5ena1 & che1-2ea semi and final respectively. But take those two results out of this season and where are we, struggling to get out of the bottom half whilst under no pressure whatsoever. I find it hard to equate players like Woodgate, Hutton, Chimbonda, Dawson, Keane, Malbranque and possible a couple of others with not having the necessary work-rate or attitude.

Ramos has recently been nicknamed 'the perfect one' by his players;
I beg to differ. This new moniker, plus "I want to push for an England place" quotes from at least one player, plus top 4 next season talk from at least one other, whilst lying in the bottom half of the table smacks of arrogantly counting your chickens. I've asked before on here whether we ever learn, apparently not. The players need to shut up and buckle down.

Our director of football and our coffers have invested heavily in our new manager and I get the feeling that some are taking future success for granted. I always judge our team and manager at any given point by their league position, and right now I'm none too impressed. Since the cup final my level of expectation has been dropping with each game. If he can't do it with this lot, it all seems to ride on who we're able to attract and afford come summer time.

I wonder if Comolli's broken sweat yet?

BimitarDerbatov said...

anyone heard Dantchev's latest??

i hate that man with a passion..

also those of you saying that we should get rid of the "Bulgarian Sulk" just because of Dantchev's comments...please stop..

to Berba's credit he has repeatedly said that he is happy to stay and has even talked about the prospects of next year..

it's up to every individual whether or not they want ot believe him but one thing's for sure and that is that Dantchev should be in for ten times more flak than what Berba has been getting on this blog and elsewhere..

sorry i don't wish to open up the Berba debate again but had to say that much..

dannyboy said...

The Clash's song comes to mind - 'Should I stay or should I go now?'

Go. Please. 35 million, in the bank, blah blah blah. That way as well, Danchev goes with him. Godsend.


Anonymous said...

If he really didn't feel that way, he'd have either told his agent to shut up, or sacked him. Sorry BD, but your man wants to and will leave.

pompeyyid said...


Only one of the headlines above is true - and that contains a typo.

Anonymous said...

click on zolkolis's link - it'll try to put something on your computer.

Anonymous said...

sorry - I meant to say DONT click on zolkolis's link.

Mysterious Stranger said...

Yes HH please delete that post from zololkis - See please here... I was in a net cafe the other week and made the same error when another made up "blogger" put up a similar message on your site. I was naive enough to think it might have been a link to a piece related to the thread.

Needless to say it's a spyware/porn/adware-tastic PC now, and whatever it installed the cafe owner was none too impressed. Then again, he should have better security protection on his PC's, but you get the idea. It's never a good thing. Be afraid. Be very afraid! Also this post, like the one above should act as further warning to other readers of your blog. Stay away from these shite links in future!

Yes, nice to see the media come in five days after you regarding Berba, complete with the same quotes. Either they were just late on it or Dantchev couldn't be arsed to change his lines from his Bulgarian interview when talking up his player to the British media. They seem to be suggesting the latter...

I also noticed Ramos dropped a large hint today that perhaps Ledley might not be back next season. I'm surprised no-one else mentioned it. Still talking about that Bulgarian dickhead (the choice is yours, readers). As far as it goes the Ledley comments also tally with another of your revelations! Take another bow, oh great one! Even if that news story saddens me much more than the rehashed "news" about Berbatov :-/

Anonymous said...

I can't help having sympathy with your opinions, el. I think that regular top four or five finishes demonstrate gradual but substantive, incremental growth; whereas a singular cup win is comparable to a capricious investment in the volatile stockmarket.

That's probably not as accurate an analogy as I'd like, it's true - we won the cup by effort as much as good fortune - but that's what I feel.

I'd love to approach each game without fearing the worst. Maybe I'm just a cynical, pessimistic ba*tard, but I seldom anticipate a a Spurs performance governing the outcome of a game. Often, there is an element of luck that turns the game in our favour - or against us. Goals happen by accident rather than design - for and against. That said, how many 25- or 30-yarders have we conceded this season? So many of the goals of the season seem to have been conceded by us. That can't be good. Poor goalkeeping is one thing, but habitual behaviour is another.

I don't want to paint us as a bunch of inept toe-rags. But there seems a soft underbelly to us which we seem only too ready to expose at times. It's like a racial memory - a collective unconscious that rises to the surface at the most inopportune moments (eg the penalty shoot-out against PSV which, for us, was a penalty short-out) and undoes us.

I watch the top four teams - and some of the teams outside the top four - and there is a strong sense that, when these teams score, they are only exercising their birthright. It's as if winning were their prerogative according to some unwritten natural law - not something that had to be earned or occured by chance. In brief, our players seem to believe in their fallibility rather than their infallibility. They expect rain and they get rain.

Bugg*r me, I'm being depressive tonight. Sorry, dudes. Must be those three pints after work.

Regarding Berbatov, it's hard to know what the man really thinks. What we get in the media is pithy, yet fragmentary. He's only 27, and such tender years don't always guarantee a large portfolio in the wisdom-of-life stakes. Certainly, he's ambitious, intelligent, self-aware, conscious of his talents and marketability - he knows his value; and he knows that he can make a buck.

It's only normal that he feels thin loyalty to Tottenham. He doesn't feel the history that oozes from the club. He wouldn't know that the High Road was once part of Ermine Street, the Roman Road. He cares nothing for N17. He's not aware that I, someone who admires his silky ball skills and ability to do the extraordinary, am the same person who used to go fishing as a boy with my dad on the River Lea. Berbatov's hero was Alan Shearer, apparently. Shearer? My childhood chimed with the hallowed names of Greaves, Blanchflower, MacKay, Jennings, Gilzean. Berbatov's roots are not my roots.

So I'm not offended if he knows little or cares less about these legends. The world has changed. Berbatov is only a product of his time, an expression of the 21st century and the moment. Yes, a man can transcend his time - if he wish - but such men are one in a thousand. One in a million.

My opinion, subject to a few variations, is largely thus - Berbatov is an employee of Spurs. He's under contract to deliver a service and he is paid handsomely for it. That service extends beyond the playing-field. My heart bleeds for him that he is not being paid as much as Ronaldo, or Terry or Ferdinand. My heart bleeds yet further that, so desperate is he to win trophies and play Champions League football, he is considering leaving Spurs to achieve those ambitions. My advice to him - had I been able to affer it - would have been to try harder at the club that currently pays his wages, if he is really so passionate about success. And I'd ask him what he was doing when Martin Jol needed him most and requested volunteers; and why, rather than step forward, he stepped backward.

I say these things, not unaware of his contributions; but conscious that he, like everyone else who dons a Spurs shirt, should be fit for nothing but to drop at the end of 90 minutes.

Berbatov's agent is stirring the pot. It's all play. The doubts over Berbatov's future at Spurs have now emerged in the media fore, and the player is publicly in the shop window again. Dantchev's pronouncements about wage negotiations breaking up are just a way of putting the onus on the club, implying that all the impediments to Berba remaining a Spurs player originate from the board. The message is: Berba is pure and committed to Spurs; your club is mercenary and treating him disrespectfully.

It is, of course, b*llshit.

My feeling is that the Spurs board is doing its utmost right now to ensure that it get a solid financial return on its wilfully outgoing investment.

9.37 Anon

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the st-stammer.

9.37 Anon

BimitarDerbatov said...

outstanding as always Anon 9.37

Anonymous said...

Shades of "and which is more, you'll be a man my son".

Nice comment.

shanemac said...

bloody well done, 9.37

hossam of the hotspur said...

9.37 spot on.

However the one thing I would say regarding our league position is this.

When Ramos arrived he stated that as we were not in a position to win the league he wanted to win a cup so that we would qualify for Europe. On this he has delivered.

When Gus said something had to be done about our defense we all believed him, and again Ramos delivered.

Recent post match interviews regarding finishing as high as possible have frankly to me sounded as if the management were going through the motions so I am not surprised that league form has been so poor.

Changes will come this summer and I do not believe that Ramos would allow these complacent displays to continue once he has HIS team.



(next season)

Anonymous said...

You were right, Mysterious Stranger, about the King story. In theory, it should be shock news to us all. But maybe it's news we've been expecting for so long that we've become indifferent to it.

But the story is newsworthy insofar as the club (or Ramos, presumably with permission) is finally acknowledging what many have suspected - that King's playing career may be permanently compromised.

I see also that the Scousers may have to sell Torres and Babel. You do get the feeling that Anfield could implode at the end of the season. We live in interesting times.

9.37 Anon

EL said...

"outstanding" indeed 9.37anon.
(who do you write for?)

I share your feelings regarding the way we lose v the way others win but I also harbour a hopeful belief that supporters of all but the top 3 or 4 sides are burdened by the same paranoid perspective, which for us, once the 'perfect one' has weaved his magic, will soon be melted away.

As for Berba, I'd take 25 to 30 mil for him, if it could all be spent on a world class midfield captain. He just hasn't the heart to be fully useful at a club which is in our situation. He needs to be where it's already happening and we need a player of his talent who is possessed of a 'make it happen' attitude.

I haven't given up on Bent to begin knockin em in like e used too.

Come on next season.

Anonymous said...

Harry, just make sure you entitle the article with the confirmation of the sulkers departure as "Berbat-off".

Mysterious Stranger said...

9.37 Anon,

Of course, I've complimented you before, but I think you deserve another pat on the back for some more sterling work!

As far as this Torres etc. may have to be sold story goes, I personally think it will be very unlikely. At least, in all probability Torres won't be sold this summer. Apart from the aspect of the current debt incurred by the club, and the bickering between Gillett and Hicks, it is quite clear to me that there are a number of options available to them, in either the short or long term.

The fact is the date that really matters regarding repayment is July 2009. So they have over a year to solve this. By then I am pretty sure that one of, if not both "owners" will have sold their stake.

It stands to reason that in all likelihood this simply paves the way for DIC to step up their interest again. My first ever post as Mysterious Stranger contained my own views on DIC, in this previous thread. Whether the rest of my post(s) are agreeable or not, I am unmoved by my opinion on DIC. Liverpool certainly have some problems, but they are definitely solvable before the club becomes insolvent!


Harry Hotspur said...

I think most humans with an IQ in double figures AREN'T clicking on those works of unimitigated cunning that are those infected links.

But of course I delete them on sight anyway....

dannyboy said...

Has Berbatov been sold yet ? ;-)

Mysterious Stranger said...

Very cruel Harry, I can't believe you are suggesting my IQ is less than double figures - especially after I explained my logic for clicking previously... ;-)

In response to dannyboy:

Has Berbatov been dropped yet?! If not I fully anticipate a desperate Wigan victory. Since Berbatov appears to have nothing to prove... and Wigan (unlike the aforementioned Vulgarian) appear to want to play Premiership football next season!

GRAZZA said...

Mr Berbatov,

There is no doubt in my mind that my saturday afternoons may be affected for the worse should you choose/be prized away from Tottenham in the summer, my thoughts when walking to the ground often turn to your equally skillfull and charismatic displays although i sometimes cant help that believe your faux-modesty may be all to easily replaced by someone who may not be blessed with your sublime touch and skill but with a heart the size of your agents mouth.

Did Carlos tevez bemoan west hams plight last year? did he throw his alice band to the turf in disgust? did he wave his arms in the air at every missed placed pass? no I'll tell you what he did, he dragged a sorry bunch of mediocre bunch of jokers from the brink single handedly and ultimately he moved on, forever a hero. a legend. a saviour.

Had you possessed that stomach for the fight to match your wonderous ability, we too may have viewed you in the same light.

I just cant help but feel that when you go, despite the fact that it probably goes against my better judgement and may well be unwarranted, it may well leave a bitter taste in my and too many other peoples mouths.

But as 9:37 so brilliantly illustrated, why would any of this enter his mind? the damage to football was already done by the time a young berba was watching one of the great strikers turn out for Little old Blackburn Rovers amidst the sky strikers, the giant sumo wrestlers and Richard Keys' day-glo suits.

I still feel obliged to thank you though Berba, as the bloke next to me reminds me every week "F*ck me - he's the nuts"

Anonymous said...

What annoys me is, that down the lane, if the ball bounces off his arse and out of play, everyone claps and says "ooh, unlucky berba, nice try" whereas if say Jenas or Zokora farts in the wrong direction they are blamed for us losing, Berbaov wanting to leave and the middle east peace crisis.
I'll not sing that sulkers name again until he signs a new contract, preferably one that involves the public flogging of his "ex" agent.

Harry Hotspur said...

Mysterious Stranger old boy, I can't forsee a scenario where I'd have a pop at you. Apologies for the poor wording.

More me exasperated at the schmuck that feels the NEED to construct such rubbish and post it here...

Harry Hotspur said...


You to me exemplify the average Yid in the street.

I'm sure you'll post again and perhaps with a name because people with something good to say frequently do. And welcome, by the way mate.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Hazza, I've probably commented on every article here for the past year, but rather than use a name and be associated with my opinions on other matters, id rather stay Anon, and not have my thoughts on one matter affect another. case in point Mr Bimitar Derbatov (no offence mate) This way i can start each article afresh without people associating my newest opinion, with an older one which they may (probably do) disagree with.

Mysterious Stranger said...

No apology needed Harry. My reply regarding the IQ thing was somewhat tongue-in-cheek! I appreciate your suggestion that you can't forsee a scenario where you'd have a pop at me. Though a couple of others here perhaps would!!! I guess if I had remained anonymous I could have the benefit that Anon 21.28, 23.14 has in doing so!

Grazza, fantastic mention of Tevez btw. Absolute commitment last season. I previously dismissed the suggestion Fergie would want Berbatov any longer, he may have been interested last year, but he got Tevez instead. And I'm sure, along with the fact he has Tevez, the less positive aspects of Berbatov's pitch behaviour witnessed this season will have seen Fergie scrub him from his "to buy" list. Are you reading this Dantchev, you pr1ck?! No Man U payday, so you'd better find a European club for him...! And I'd vowed not to talk about Berba again...

No pre-match prattle either! The season is well and truly over, then?!