Saturday, April 12, 2008

Danchev's Transfer Showdown With Levy

'In this life, one thing counts...'

The pint sized parasite that is Berbatov's agent, Emil Danchev has announced his rat like intentions to square up to Daniel Levy in the coming weeks over his 'client's' transfer value.

Now a date hasn't actually been set as he said he'd be seeing Levy on either the 16th or 17th of this month. I'd imagine the phrase, 'It's Danchev on line three, Mr Levy' is greeted somewhere between 'Tell him we've ceased trading' and much sighing and rolling of eyes at WHL these days... 

Making EmilOfIt was larging himself this time on Bulgarian Talk Show 'Ring Free' declaring..."We have twice given up talks about Berbatov's new contract and this is due to the fact that Tottenham are unwilling to fix Berbatov's transfer price, which is needed."

The Penny Polishing Pimp continued...
"Tottenham start to become too small for Berba. He is 27 years old and he needs to win trophies. It is high time he was transferred to a club that regularly plays in the Champions League." 

Emil Danchev is 4'10".


Dan said...

little shit. I would like to crush him underfoot.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck are you going on about ?

Too much milk in your bottle this morning has fucked up your mind.

Anonymous said...

berba to go now. hes had his time. piss off berba.

Wilson said...

Got a feeling he's gonna have a cracker today :-D

Anonymous said...

Berba will become a cancer that will take over our whole team if his loyalt is undermined by his little shyster of an agent. Either Dantchev gets the boot or Berba does.

Anonymous said...

last season dimi was without doubt player of the season and this year he will be second to Robbie Keane in both the goalscoring charts and player of the year award so technically Mt Danchev you Cunt maybe we should be looking at cutting berbas wages and giving it to keane!!

also how refreshing it is that we never here keano talk about "bigger clubs" or "more money" infact does anyone even know who his agent is????? well done Robbie

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I assume Keane is with one of the big agencies, whereas Dantchev probably has players like Milenko Acimovic on the books. He needs one big transfer to retire on, I just wish one of the boys at Spurs would pull Berba to one side and tell him to get a proper agent.

BimitarDerbatov said...

that's because nobody in the top 4 would want Robbie..

i really hate this Dantchev lad..really hate him..

Anonymous said...

buggerov bigger than thfc
dont think so

Anonymous said...

If the remark about Spurs becoming too small for Berba genuinely reflects the player's sentiments, then a simple logic applies: Berba will have become too small for Spurs.

Such an attitude is anathema to the full-hearted philosophy of the sainted Bill Nick, whose commitment to the club was all-embracing:

"It's been my life, Tottenham Hotspur, and I love the club."

"I always said that it was an honour to serve Tottenham Hotspur and I feel the same every time I walk back into the stadium."

Spurs too small for Berba? He won't, then, declare (like GRaham Roberts) that he would run through walls for the club.

Sure, times have changed. N17 doesn't mean much to a Bulgarian. Life and the world have moved on.

But if Berba is cut from the same cloth as his agent we'll be well rid.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

danchev is a little turd in a big pond...would be cool to put the little bast*rd in his place!!! As for berbs, if he wants to go then let him!!! you ain't bigger than us son!!!

fantastic when he's got the ball, lazy at best when he ain't.

he should take a look a keanos work ethic!!!

Anonymous said...

Danchev you little c*nt. I hope you contract syphilis from your wife.

Mysterious Stranger said...

"Calm down dear, it's only a commercial..."

If the right money comes in, let him go. Full stop. It's not as if Berbatov has stayed entirely silent on the subject, himself. AC Milan, Man Utd? Let him go and ply his trade in Italy I reckon. Since he's a bit of a lazy, though skilful bugger... it'd probably suit his game. And at least he wouldn't be playing for Ferguson.

9.37 Anon - a voice of reason again.

Anonymous said...

sell him to Milan rather than utd even if its a bit less money ,it will show what levy really wants to achieve ,we can't sell good players to teams in the same league as us Fergie doesn't and neither should we.He is a very good player but plays for himself rather than the team, his agent is just a grubby little nut sack that should just fuck of and die but its berba that employs and pays the geezer and i'm sick of him to be honest ,sick of the way he plays amazing whenever a transfer window is looming(wait for our last couple of games) sick of the way he moans at the rest of the team but gives it away just as much,sick of the "is he staying or going story's" which he never rules out point blank, sick of him and his sidekick thinking they are above our great club i'd never heard of him before he joined us, if JR can swing it to bring in someone like David Villa or someone of known quality i will be more than happy

dannyboy said...

on todays showing we'd be lucky to get a tenner for him. lazy, moany, whingey, no fight or passion, done little for the cause. see ya berba. at one point in the game, zokora passed a bit too hard to him and almost knocked him out with the ball; the crowd loved it!!

Jared said...

DannyBoy are you serious, he was our best player by a country mile. I know I'm not the only person who thinks this because he got man of the match. Granted he was shit in the 2nd half but so was the whole team, in the 1st half he was tremendous, his assist was sublime.

You appear to be watching the games with your 'Berbatov Out' blinkers on and I'm guessing the 30,000+ fans singing his name might disagree with you.

I don't understand how you can offer blind devotion to Jenas, but offer nothing to Berbatov?

The game was a farce in the 2nd half and we were lucky to draw, it was embarrassing being pulled apart at whim by those useless bastards. Steed had an off day, Lennon played well and broke up a load of their attacks and cleared off the line(!?) Hutton and Woodgate were dependable as always whilst Dawson did his best to go from sensational to shambolic and back as much as possible.

I was so proud to be a spurs fan after the 1st half and then so embarrassed after the 2nd, game of two halves and all that. Bloody cliches don't make me feel any better.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the match. From what I gather, it appears another game which Spurs started like lions and finished like lambs.

What's the deal, gents? Are we no longer interested? Half-time bottlers? Are we easily adapted to? Or are certain individuals easily adapted to?

Or were Boro just good?

I know Spurs are still a Ramos-Poyet work-in-progress, but this was a home game, FFS. Dearie me.

9.37 Anon

dannyboy said...


That's the reason Berbatov should go - he chooses when he wants to play. When it's not going his way, he gives up. He's nowhere near a legend, because they give 100% commitment 100% of the time. Yes, he made the goal, lucky as it was, but apart from that?
And in my opinion, Dawson was man of the match, by a mile. He was back to the Dawson of old, totally outstanding.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Sublime skills and all that but he is not a team player. I say cash in on him.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Dannyboy you're an absolute joke..i mean absolute joke.. i can tolerate, even agree with you a lot of the time but this is too much..

first you say he was useless then you acknowledge that he actually played well and then use that as a reason for him to be sold..

i mirror jared's sentiments when he wonders how you can show Jenas such devotion while constantly slating our best player..

there was not one whinge from Berb today and you know it.. he worked REASONABLY hard and you know it.. done little for the cause?? how about a world class assist for starters.. and get this... he even smiled today which aparently in this day and age is a neccessity for a world class player..

and Hutton was my MOTM by the way with Daws coming in a close second..

here are my ratings & thoughts:

CERNY: (7)
again..he inspires a lot more confidence than dodgy kick, one almost blunder but for quick thinking, one good save and all round good command of area..

HUTTON: (8.5)
absolutely excellent..going forward and in defence.. my MOTM..he's already more productive than Lennon down the right..

DAWS: (8.4)
just missed out for MOTM in my opinion...but it says a lot about our second half performance that our two best players were defenders..

WOODY: (7)
solid...nothing out of the ordinary but isn't that what we want to see from our defence..

very good..some brilliant defensive headers..hope he stays next year despite his past...surprised he got subbed..

LENNON: (6.1)
in the game a lot more than recent weeks..a slight improvement..and i mean SLIGHT..

JENAS: (6.5)
was decent and out of the game if i'm honest..

ZOKORA: (6.5)
about the same as Jenas..

STEED: (5)
bit of an anonymous day for our Steedy..

BERB: (7.5)
again at the heart of everything that was good about Spurs and was delicious in possession but admitedly has a lot more to offer...

what's gone wrong?? has he been found out?? i'll give him benefit of the doubt for now..

BIG TOM: (4)
shite.. misplaced passes, caught in possession

worse..i fear another dud here..

BENTY: (3)
touched ball twice..gave it away twice..

other than that there's not a lot to say... brill first 60 minutes, shite remaining 30 minutes.. i fear some of the players may have checked out early for Summer holidays..

oh and did i mention Stewart Downing scored.. FFS...

Wrighty7 said...

Berbatov is class and if u Spuds wanna start competing with the Arsenal's, United's, Chelsea's and Liverpool's of this world, he is the type of class player that you are going to need. HOWEVER, it doe's seem that maybe he head is being turned and its obvious his muggy midget of an agent is behind this. He is a great player to watch on his day, but there are days that he seems to not bother turning up.

Wrighty7 said...

By the way Harry, fancy doing a link swap?

Wrighty7 said...

Only joking! Ha ha! ;-)

Harry Hotspur said...


Bubbeleh, I already have....

Jared said...

Personally I'd have gone with Lennon as MOTM, he was everywhere today. Literally. Everywhere. He ran his little heart out, broke up a lot of their attacks before they started, scored a goal(ish) and made a goal line clearance. Not bad for our diminutive little winger, his best game in quite some time.

Now if we can just get Berbatov to show him how to that over the shoulder cross....

BimitarDerbatov said...

Welcome back Wrighty!! Good to hear from you..

and surprisingly i agree with you there..

dannyboy said...

derbatov, ya little prick. The fact your name is an anagram of his stropiness speaks volumes; and you call me biased ?!

Listen; he was whinging throughout and you know it. The guy has got skill, I've never disputed that, but only when he chooses he wants to play. We need players who give 100% all the time every game; he's not a team player. Enough is enough. Stop twisting my words, smell the coffee and wake up.

Tell me - when he's gone do you go with him ? Will you be on AC Milan's blog next season ? I f*cking hope so.


dannyboy said...

"I earned the right to be in the team and fought every game to be in it." Graham Roberts

How Berbatov could learn from this legend.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Tell me..When Jenas is gone next year will you be on a Bristol City blog??

name-calling aside Dannyboy..i have no problem with your point of view being that we should get rid of Berb.. that's absolutely fine, a legitamite view-point....

but what i do have a problem with is your attitude lately (kind of ironic seeing as we're talking about attitudes) which seems to be that you will add fuel to the "Berba must go" bonfire no matter what happens or what he he played well today and that's that..

i can't stand the smell of coffee..

Harry Hotspur said...

"Just remember one thing my son - no-one is bigger than the club. The club will be here long after you go. Us supporters ain't mugs (well, not too many!). To end - if you don't want us and our club ain't big enough for you, then f*ck right off." Dannyboy

Anonymous said...

The name on the front of the shirt is more important than the name on the back....

RB 2008....

Dan said...

Only Spurs fans can fall out with each other..... makes me sad.

dannyboy said...

Dan - who's fallen out with ech other ? I just think bimitarderbatov is a prick ;-)

Debate is good.

Marc said...

If Berba wants to go, then let him go! In todays transfer market we can get at least £30 million for him and that will easily cover his replacement. I remember the same feeling of dejection when stories about Carrick leaving us surfaced. He was soon forgotten, so will Berba!!


Oh and if we sell, sell him abroad, then we havent got to watch snippets of his sublime skill every Saturday!!!

BimitarDerbatov said...

ah Dannyboy...can't we just be friends!?

you're alright really.. ;-)

onedavemackay said...

When Berba says he wants to go I'll start believing it.
We've had his Mum, Dad, Brother, Auntie, Milkman, the bloke next door, Alice who makes his hair bands and of course his Agent.

Me I'm waiting for the horses mouth to start working.

It's just as well he doesn't read this blog or he 'd have gone already !

dannyboy said...

How do you know he doesn't read this blog ?!

Bimi - any Spurs fan is a mate of mine; one big happy family ;-) It's like being married - always let her think she's right, but you know that you are really !

Jared said...

DB how come your convinced that he wants to leave spurs? I can understand why he'd want to, but he hasn't come out and it yet.

If you think that his desire to leave is symbolised by a lazy approach to our football, then we need to worry, because using that theory our entire starting XI are off in the summer.

What worries me the most is that now Ramos is making excuses for them 'its hard to motivate players when there is nothing to play for', how does 40k a week and 30,000 fans screaming their name not motivate them?

shanemac said...

carrick was soon forgotten?!?!!?! it took almost two years to get over losing him! our midfield still has no shape without him; his replacements have been absolutely shocking.

dannyboy said...


When have I ever said I'm convinced he wants to leave? I want him to leave because he's not a team player, adds a negative attitude which can quickly spread and it makes sound commercial sense. You can't tell me Ramos wouldn't be able to replace him? Who had heard of Berbatov before we signed him, other than Bulgarians? Toodle-oo.


Jared said...


I wish I shared your optimism that world class players willing to join mid table teams grew on trees, but I don't. Berbatov was fairly well regarded before Spurs, but I don't think anybody expected him to adapt to the premier league as fast as he did. Unknowns do not cost £11mil.

If you're trying to say bad tantrums = bad team players, where's your campaign for Keano to pack his bags? He has been known to throw the odd hissy fit too.

I dream of a spurs where every player gives 100% and would run through walls for the club, but we currently only have two players in that mold (O'Hara and Dawson) and they're rotation players at the moment. Woodate and Hutton have potential but seeing as they've been here since Jan I won't be jumping to conclusions. Keano, Lennon, Jenas, Malbranque, Huddle in fact every one of our attacking players goes missing more then Berbatov, but they don't draw the same criticism?

I respected your views on Jenas, defending him when everyone else was happy to jump on the poor boys back, I guess you just wanted to jump on Berbatovs back instead.

pompeyyid said...

I’m with ODM on this one. Fact is we don’t really know what the situation is regarding Berba. Is his ipod currently set to repeat play “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” by the Clash? Or is Lena Fiagbe’s version of “Can’t Smile Without You” his earworm of choice? Someone asks whether you’d like to play for one of the genuine giants of European Football, alongside Kaka, then the least you’re gonna say is “I’m flattered.” Otherwise, it’s just cut ‘n’ paste journalism and agent’s pimp-posturing prattle. Either way we’ve got 4 months of this crap to “debate”.
But, let’s examine the Milan option for a moment. They are largely an aging outfit in dire need of a massive overhaul. There is a strong rumour that they’ve already agreed a deal for Ronaldinho. If true, Milan’s real priority would then be in defence – where they require long-term replacements for Maldini and Kafu. And, crucially, they might not be able to offer Berba the holy grail of Champions’ League footie either. Having lost to Juve last night, they currently lie 5th in Seria A – four points off the final qualifying spot. They’ve an easier run-in than Fiorentina (who may also become pre-occupied by their Uefa Cup games vs Rangers), but Milan’s hopes are similar to Everton sneaking past L’pool.
Would Milan’s failure to qualify for Champions’ League deter DB from signing for them? It didn’t stop Franck Ribery joining Uefa Cup bound Bayern Munich this season.
Another thing to consider, other than the high fee Berba would command, is Dimi’s presence as a magnet to attract other talented players to us. Think about it. You are a top class creative midfielder; Levy & Ramos are courting you. Why come to N17? They give you obvious stuff about living in London; joining a club with a proud history; the attacking philosophy of the coach; etc. But the trump card: your passes, your efforts, will feed a world-class striker. And we’ve also got Darren Bent ;)

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if there's a copyright on the titular honour of being called 'Big'?

I see there are rumours of Sven getting the boot at Man Shitty at season's end and being replaced by Big Phil Scolari.

Surely Big Sam will have something to say about this. And what about our Big Tom? How many 'Bigs' can a league and hack journalists support?

It seems to me that, in yesterday's match, our midfield must have failed to seize the initiative. I didn't see the game but I've seen enough to assume that we probably lacked guile and vision and that area.

Authority needs to be stamped, otherwise it will be stamped upon you. Intelligence has to be applied. Surely we have players who can recognise where traffic is coming from and marshall it into dead-ends? Among other things, isn't that what coaches are meant to teach? Why isn't it happening?

Ramos cited a lack of concentration over 90 minutes as the problem but, seriously, how hard is it as a player to understand that simple requirement?

We try to impose our play on teams and, for a period, succeed. They respond, adapt, and counter, and we fail to respond to their response.

If we don't watch it we could get a good kicking in the last four games, considering the opposition.

9.37 Anon

shanemac said...

it must be said, real quality from jared, pompeyyid and 9.37 anon.

Matthew said...

s I see it, Berbatov is a brilliant player that goes without question. He is not THE brilliant player. Every player has their price, his has been documented at £30mill. If we were to sell him for £30 million then so be it, that gives us £20 million to replace him with another world class forward (i.e David Villa) with £10 million left over to sort out other positions in the team.

This would not make us look like a small club, Juventus were not a small club when they sold Zidane to Real Madrid. The money was right. If a club offers £30 million he will be on his way.

Frankly, he is brilliant but I dont like the way the management has to pander to him, when he is not playing well he never comes off, it is always Keane that is sacrificed - This for me is not on, this only happens because Keano loves the club and would never demand a transfer due to being substituted - anyone think the same of Berba??

poyetothepeople said...

I have written in the past of Berba being God. HE is!

All of us Spurs fans know deep down that a time would come when Berba takes his rightful place at the very top of the footballing world - who could possibly deny a talent such as him that?

BUT we all hoping that the 'rightful place' could be achieved with our beloved Tottenham!

This season was meant to usher in the new dawn...and failed miserably. Poor signings, poor media relations, poor management of Jol, poor midfield, poor balls to Berba and co and all has gone not according to the script.

There is the matter of the Carling Cup but in truth our midfield stinks. We cannot bring our strikers into the game with cleverness, deftness, game-breaking...a bit of magic.
and THAT is why Berba is ultimately leaving in my opinion. I mean it's one thing not making the top six but quite another not even being given decent service each and every game on the pitch..If I were him I'd have kicked one or two M/Fs teeth in...probably Zokora(but I'd be a bit scared).

Sad as it is to say Berba WILL go, hopefully to Real, or Barca or Milan more likely from all recent hype (ie Manure).

The thing I find vexing however is HIS rotten attitude: as if he is beyond the team, better than anyone else(which he is but need he say it?) ungracious and primadonnaish.Its galling to us Spurs faithful that one of our crown jewejls has that amount of disrespect for the club to make the sort of public utterances he has.

I suspect Poet and Ramos have had enough too! Ramos encouraging bids for him in the press - no doubt dreamin of a continental style, technically gifted midfield consisting of the likes of Modric, Gerrano, Quaresma, Riquelme et al - as he bigs up our estranged Berba. Poyets post-match dig at Berba too was pointed - 'we can't play a passing game for 90minutes' (excellent i thought aimed at Berbs).

HE is a great footballer but NOBODY is bigger than the mighty Spurs. Ramos and Poyet wont allow him to get too big for his boots it should be.

Perhaps I sound like a doomed, jilted lover when I say: "Berba we love you but please f*ck off post-haste! Before all the good memories are tainted by your persistent bleetings about other clubs"

Ramos will replace him anyway and soon he'll be forgotten..and new heroes uncovered..

come on you spurs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Berbatov is bigger than spurs, easily...

Dantchev has benn seen around the Emirates, we don´t want him but he´s definitely leaving spurs!

Anonymous said...

Good research above, pompeyyid. I notice Shevchenko's being linked to AC Milan now. With Ronaldinho supposedly going there, would there be enough space and money in the kitty for Alice Bandatov?

I suppose our conjecture and debate is largely redundant, as our star forward's future depends mainly on what he wants. Were he to stay - and were we to recruit a quality midfielder or two - the whole dynamic of the team could change, along with his attitude and perspective. Suddenly the whole world and his horizons would open up for him - and for us, too.

I can't believe Ramos wouldn't welcome the player's decision to stay but, by his standards, he hasn't had a great season. If he's had enough and wants out, then Spurs will be in the fortunate position of being mightily recompensed, making both parties happy.

Doubtless, plenty of fans will find it a wrench, but at the moment the cake is all icing and no sponge.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

how long are you gonna wait for berbs to say he wants to stay/ leave?when he's wearing someone elses shirt! how many opportunities does the bloke need ffs! every interview he gets asked and everytime he leaves the door ajar.He could of put an end to it all if he wanted ,you say about his agent,brother sister etc but they are all people he could easily shut up if he really wanted, the bloke aint got the bottle to come out and say he wants out and probably never will so don't hold your breath , berbs is a very good striker but a nobody before us, was hardly a top striker or champs league regular or a world renowned name and news flash there are plenty of other players can stick the ball in the net, get a good midfielder or two so we can properly control games and even adequate strikers will get us enough goals. I'd love him to stay but at the mo he undermines the the other players, when we win its berbatov and when we lose were not good enough for berbatov .it aint the fucking berbatov show!

Mysterious Stranger said...


Interested how you think a team with the likes of Luke Young, Downing (who I don't think should wear the Spurs shirt but I'll give him some credit - he was yesterday's MOTM), Alfonso Alves, Aliadiere, Arca, Boateng etc. deserve the label "useless bastards". They are a mere 5 points behind us in the league. Middlesborough got to the UEFA Cup Final two seasons ago... hardly the trait of an entirely useless side.

If Dannyboy was watching the game with "Berbatov Out" blinkers on I guess you were watching it with "Boro are shite" blinkers on, too.

And please stop with this obsession with league positions being such a major stumbling block to signing decent players. If it was that much of a problem Jay Jay Okocha wouldn't have signed for Bolton when he did, Alves wouldn't have signed for Boro, Woody and Hutton wouldn't have signed for Spurs, Gamst, Bentley to Blackburn... to name a few.

No-one is saying "world class players willing to join mid table clubs grow on trees"... but I'll put my faith in those concerned to do their hardest to make joining Spurs a sufficiently attractive proposition to these types of player.

Agree wholeheartedly with Matthew regarding the non substitution policy of "our talisman" when he isn't playing well, or putting in the effort. And IMO playing well for one half Jared definitely doesn't get you MOTM awards. MOTH, maybe. But it's a whole match he's playing out there, FFS!

It's going to be a long four months... (apologies in bimitarderbatov in advance for the long post!)

Mysterious Stranger said...

* apologies to ;-)

Jared said...

Mysterious Stranger,
I must apologise I didn't realise you took every word literally. My reference to the 'useless bastards' was an attempt at humour, they're obviously not useless they're in the premiership afterall. That said, when I see middlesborough at home I expect 3 points. When I watched the first half I expected 3 points, we put a show on, we were great. Then we collapsed again. The roles reversed and they dominated us the way we dominated them, I was bitterly disappointed.

As for your 'world class players go everywhere' remark, well non of the players you listed are world class, yeah some of them are really good, but thats not world class is it. A world class player can get into any team. I didn't see AC and Man Utd offering deals to any of the nice chaps you mentioned, and they won't as they're deemed not good enough. Maybe in a few years times somebody will come in for Hutton or Alves, but they want to see if they can make it in the premiership first. Maybe we can sell Hutton on too if he's good enough, make a nice tidy profit.

Regardless If he's leaving there's nothing we can do about, I just don't understand why you're all so keen for it to happen. Who will replace him? David Villa is not the same player as Berbatov, he's more of little man like Keane, that doesn't work, remember Defoe, two little players don't work well. Thats assuming Villa would come to us, rigid pay structure and no champions league football and all that jazz.

More to the point is this

"Another thing to consider, other than the high fee Berba would command, is Dimi’s presence as a magnet to attract other talented players to us."

PompeyYid is right, Great players like to go teams with other great players, not to teams who are selling theirs on. I can just see Deco drooling at the thought of being able to play link up football with Jenas, or through balls for Bent (both players I like and rate, but hardly world class are they). Quality attracts quality.

Anonymous said...

if what you say is completely true how did we get berbatov in the first place ? or is it us that have now made him "world class" some credit must go to all the other "average" players that we have surely ,look at his last goal i would of knocked that in! i agree to a point and would like him to stay but at the same time spurs won't collapse if he goes and the world won't end and i'm sure our manager with his reputation could lure one or two little gems to the lane on his own

Mysterious Stranger said...

Jared thinks I said...

"world class players go everywhere"

Never said that. Besides, Jay Jay Okocha was every bit as good as the next man in his prime. So what if he didn't play for AC or Man Utd? One of the best ball controllers, and could conjure up something out of nothing. Gamst not world class? Not far off it. Bentley not world class? He has way more potential than most. He's miles better than most of our midfield, and probably will be considered world class in one or two years time. Alfonso Alves? The Brazilian striker - not world class? Top goalscorer in Holland, not world class? OK. You're right.

Why are you mentioning Deco? He'll be 31 yrs old by summer. Bolton signed Jay Jay when he was 29. Those two years count. Still, back to Deco, who has played less than 15 games all season for Barcelona. Whose "injury" earlier this season was apparently let slip by one of Barcelona's bigwigs to be a shit attitute in training? Yeah let's get him. Just what we need. a 31yr old with a shit attitude. Still, he has an attitude, that'll complement Berbatov. You know how to spot the talent... shall we sign Ballack and Shevchenko too?

See, I want us to buy talented players, young enough to be good in 2010,11,12 - not some stopgap "big name" whose only got one or two years at best, "injury" permitting.

Take Daniel Alves, for example, Sevilla got him when he was 18 yrs old. He's now 24. Is he considered world class now? Yes, he is. How did AC, Man U, Real Madrid et al miss out?! Come on... tell me?

Either way I'm with 9.37 Anon who said he'd rather have a house made up of silver than one made with one gold brick.

And if we signed Bentley, you would be eating your words.

You throw names like Deco into the mix, and I'll spit them out faster than you spat mine out.

BimitarDerbatov said...

no no don't apologise mysterious stranger...keep up the good work..

even if i don't agree with EVERYTHING you say (but most of it i do..)

Harry i think your next article should be entitled "Berbatov: Discuss" because no matter what topic you put up we always end up talking about the same thing..

Anonymous said...

It's generally assumed that a campaign has already been planned to recruit new, targeted playing staff to THFC. Yet Ramos himself stated only a short time ago that we need only several additions to the squad as he sees it. Does he sincerely believe we’re not too far short of top four quality? Maybe. I'll happily admit he's eminently more qualified than I am at juedging talent.

Bu his statement came as a surprise to those of us expecting to see wholesale changes to the squadin the summer. This expectation is due, no doubt in some measure, to the fact that it's easier to get excited about an unknown future potential than a known quantity. We thrill at the prospect of Modric but not the reality of Jenas. To some extent the expectation is also (and, as fans, justifiably) due to what we recognise or perceive as squad deficiencies.

Ramos’ words may just have been a way of deflecting the issue. Why give the plans away, after all? It’s hardly the policy of a good general to broadcast what his intentions are, and to make known whom he hopes to co-opt into achieving them. Even so, I’d guess that any current players deemed surplus to next season’s requirements will have already been given a courteous nod to go and look for property near a new club. Robbo, for example? There may be exceptions. Some reports suggest that Ramos is still equivocating over Lennon. On the strength of the Boro game, the lad appears to have pulled his socks up a little.

More recently, Ramos suggested that a club’s success is largely contingent on the strength of its budget. I’d agree with him to a point, beyond which I’d say that money doesn’t guarantee silverware.

So which of his statements reflects his genuine opinion? Or is he just performing manoeuvres in front of the media; tossing stones in the water to see what ripples they make; saying one thing to achieve leverage here and another thing to achieve it there?

I’m guessing that, when the transfer market re-opens, Ramos will rather twist than stick. But how big will the budget be? I’m inclined to think he’ll have more authority than Jol in the selection of new recruits. But he’ll naturally have to work within financial parameters. So, is the sale of Berba a necessary ‘evil’ to raise funds? Or are sufficient pounds, shillings and pence already set aside? Would Berba's staying - welcome as it might be in many respects - compromise the number of new 'building blocks' we could purchase? I hope not. I'm tempted to think that Levy, having invested heavily with Ramos and Poyet, is prepared to invest considerably more to realise the value of his (and our) project.

Then again...

9.37 Anon

Dan said...

Changing tack a bit, did anyone else see Wenger crying after the scum lost at ManUre? Ha ha CLASSIC, what an absolute wanker!! Blaming myriad refs for poor decisions as the reason you did not win the league?? DISGRACEFUL!!! Bloke should go back to running his kids home in Jersey ASAP!!!

Anonymous said...

After all the boasts of winning the PL and CL it comes to this. Nothing. After pride cometh the excuses. Too bad, so sad.

"If you don’t win anything, you have had a bad season." (Bill Nick)

It gets me thinking, though. You need to be mentally tough as a team to recover from wasting a year's hard work. (Sure, nothing's wasted if you log it as experience and an opportunity to learn, but we're talking of trophies here.)

You need to be mentally tough as a fan, too. Just witness how relegation demoralises a club's community; likewise, how promotion enervates and lifts it.

So, I wonder... for all our talk of achieving CL status, are we (the players, the fans) mentally prepared for the inevitable lows that come as part of the package?

Bill Nick would say, "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low."

He'd be right, of course, but failure has consequences. The deep sea is inviting, but it's safe in the shallows.

9.37 Anon

Jared said...

Mysterious Stranger
"See, I want us to buy talented players, young enough to be good in 2010,11,12 - not some stopgap "big name" whose only got one or two years at best, "injury" permitting."

So you must be estatic with our purchases of Kaboul and Boateng, two potentially great stars. Throw in Taarabt 'the next Zidane' and we'll have a cracking team one day. Oh wait, Kaboul an Boateng have been lambasted on these boards everytime they play, as for Taarabt, well he has potential but it'd be lovely if he passed to his team mates once in a while.

If Alves was truly world class why did no other teams go for him? Are Middlesborough a more attractive prospect? or is more likely that the big clubs consider him risky. Same goes for most of the other players you mentioned. Bentley went to Rovers because he was an Arsenal reserve, not because he was a world class player who decided to take a step down. Bentley is a great player, potentially world class one day, and that is why Chelsea and Liverpool are apparently in a tug of war with him. I think we have a very different opinion on what qualifies for world class.

I mentioned Deco, not because I want him at spurs, but because he's the latest 'superstar' to be linked to us. I've never said we should be the next Chelsea and buy mercenaries, but you can keep putting words in my mouth if you like.

In an ideal world, Spurs would have an amazing team of 20 year old capable of making a push towards the top 4. In the real world we have to mix our talented youngsters with some experienced world class players. We keep buying these youngsters and expecting them to turn into the next best thing, but they don't. Lennon, Huddle, Dawson they were all brought young in the hope they would become great, when they've merely turned out good.

You can argue with me all you like, but I'm still going to say that we should keep Berbatov. He is our best player and I can't comprehend how some of you people refuse to acknowledge that.

dannyboy said...

"He is our best player and I can't comprehend how some of you people refuse to acknowledge that."

Jared - you are missing the entire point; none of us who suggest it may be better for the team if he goes, are denying the guy has class, he has. But, and this is the crux, not often enough, he sulks, is not a team player, is negative and it makes sound commercial sense to sell him at the right price. EVERYONE has his price and no-one is bigger than the club.

Thanks for 2 years fairly good service Berba, now do one.


Anonymous said...

jared "if alves was truly world class why did no other teams go in for him" the same can be said for berba when we bought him eh?
Don't think anyone has questioned his ability on here either mate

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I think we have said the correct points... it is the agent who is the bad apple, but none the less, we cant have people like that at the club. If we can 30m or more for him to go overseas, and we can bring in Villa or someone similar for 15-20m then its not bad business. My worry is that we would lack a target man, as Villa & Keane as a partnership would not be an aerial threat.... wondering whether a cheeky bid for Crouchy as well might be a good bet!

Also this talk of Lennon on the cheap is worrying, if he went then ok, he isnt reaching his potential, but why panic sell? he is worth more than 4m (figures mentioned this morning) - would be a better back up for RW than we could buy for that money... would be livid if we were foolish enough to sell for that price.

I do like N'Zogbia though, he is class, and having very good friends who are at the toon every week, they think he will be world class. My worry with him is his Chimbo like attitude, could see him spitting his dummy and not being committed!

Jared said...

This is my last post on the subject (doubtful).

Why should we consider getting rid of a player that other top teams would welcome with open arms? If Man Utd, Barca and AC are all interested in him doesn't that suggest he is worth keeping?

Since when has he thought he was bigger then the club? Give me a quote where he has said spurs are too small for him (his agent, brother, uncle, dog walker don't count). Why does he think he's too big for the club, more importantly why do you think he think he's too big for the club? All he has said (over and over again)is that he is flattered by interest but he is currently happy at Tottenham! No commitments and no false promises, to anyone.

Yes, he gets frustrated, moans and tantrums to a certain extent, and I'm sure thats all some of you see when you watch him play. If that's all he had about him the other major teams wouldn't be interested. It's always a mistake for teams to sell their best players, the rest of the team usually struggles.

Saying he hasn't played his best this season and we should sell him for it, well thats an accusation that can be leveled at the entire team. He is our star player, nearly every attack we make involves him touching the ball at some point.

If we lose him we will miss him all of next season. It'll be the Carrick situation all over again. We make a load of money, buy in sub par replacements and then spend all season asking ourselves who on earth thought Zokora was an equal replacement.

Anonymous said...

The thing is his agent ,brother,sister etc do count mate .berba pays his agent to do His bidding, if he wasn't happy with what his agent is doing why hasn't he stopped him or sacked him? the answer my friend is that his agent ,brother ,sister etc are doing what he wants!
I repeat he is a very good player but if we had someone of real quality in midfield ,keano and even benty +an addition would get us enough goals,of course if we cash in on him the money has to be spent wisely but with Ramos there now i think it would be and if we need to sell 1 to get 2 so be it.keano showed how easy it is to put these sort of story's to bed if you really want to last week after roy keanes comments.We don't need a sulky not give a fuck berbs come the start of next season if he hasn't been allowed to move. if he really wants to stay he needs to fuck off his agent,shut family members up and come out and unequivocally state he's staying with spurs, will he ? what does that tell you?

shanemac said...

The service that Berbatov receives is so unbelievably poor, it's no surprise to me that he looks irritated on the pitch. He's a giant among dwarves out there sometimes, and that has nothing to do with being "bigger than the club", which you all fret and whine about all the time, it has to do with being much, much better than the other players on the pitch. Obviously he's an ambitious man, who isn't at age 27 in this game? Would he really be the same player if he just didn't care and was complacent with the shocking play around him? And it's not as if he doesn't give credit when it's due. In the Blackburn match, after tapping in, he ran straight over to Jenas to give him credit for his effort. It's also no coincidence that Keano is having his best season this year playing full time alongside Berbatov. The man is absolute quality, the likes of which we'll not see again for a long long time at the lane. Honestly, that's the player we HAVE to keep to make a move upwards. Keeping such a clearly limited player as Darren Bent only solidifies our role and image of the great pretenders.

shanemac said...

that should be " the great pretenders."


shanemac said...

bottom line is: I'm with Jared, bimitar, et al.

Mysterious Stranger said...

Jared said:

"Great players like to go teams with other great players, not to teams who are selling theirs on. I can just see Deco drooling at the thought of being able to play link up football with Jenas, or through balls for Bent (both players I like and rate, but hardly world class are they). Quality attracts quality."

Jared then said:

"I mentioned Deco, not because I want him at spurs, but because he's the latest 'superstar' to be linked to us. I've never said we should be the next Chelsea and buy mercenaries, but you can keep putting words in my mouth if you like."

And I never mentioned Ballack and Shevchenko in reference to them being "mercenaries". I mentioned them as signed at aged 31 or more in the context of stopgap "big name" signings.

You are putting words into your own mouth (and mine it seems). Stop mentioning people we are being linked to on Sportingo, to use them in YOUR discussion point regarding quality attracting quality then! Cos 99% of these "transfer links" will be BS. Perhaps you should develop your own opinions on potential signings than regurgitate something you read on a two bob site. And think about the players mentioned and their merits or faults. Age, potential, contribution (both in terms of quality and longevity).

bty quite rightly compared Boro's signing of Alfonso Alves to our signing of Berbatov, in response to your "if Alves was truly world class..." remark. So I needn't pour further scorn on that one.

Bentley did indeed leave Arsenal, he handed in a transfer request because he wanted regular first team football. Is that a bad thing? Are you seriously suggesting if Arsenal really thought highly enough of him as a player they would keep him regardless of the player's unhappiness and desire to further his career elsewhere? No, they chose to cash in rather than have a talented but unhappy player sulking and not giving 100%.

Which brings us nicely to Berbatov. Yes, he's great, talented etc. (something I think you forget we do acknowledge here). But he is also frustrated, and does not bring harmony to the team with his tantrums. If he wants to fulfill his ambitions and thinks he'd be better off elsewhere in order to do so, do we keep him, or do we cash in? The Bentley comparison (circumstances surrounding his transfer) should provide you with a clear answer.

If he wants to go, Berbatov goes, and we cash in. And we use the funds to strengthen the team without him. Whether you like it or not. And I can't comprehend how you seem to refuse to acknowledge even that. To me, life without Berbatov won't stop my being a Spurs fan.

Dannyboy said:

"EVERYONE has his price and no-one is bigger than the club."

Quite right too.

Mysterious Stranger said...

shanemac said:

"Keeping such a clearly limited player as Darren Bent only solidifies our role and image as the great pretenders."

Darren "how many starts?" Bent.

Comes on after 70 minutes and almost singlehandedly gets us the points against Pompey. After Berbatov had done what, exactly in that game? Give the lad a bloody chance! More ridiculous than the fee we paid for him is that we have fans like yourself continuing to knock a guy who has consistently made an effort, despite being a regular bench warmer. You think he gets to shine favourably when he gets brought on after 65 minutes, to play in a 4-3-3 formation that clearly Spurs can't do very effectively with the midfield as it is?

Tell you what, let's sell Bent for an 8 million pound loss. Let's keep Berbatov and have him sulk come next January, as it becomes clear we'll still fail to give him CL football the following year. Because we did not have enough money to buy the quality players everyone wants us to get to "strengthen the team around our sulking talented talisman" Berbatov. Then he can go next summer for even less money, having failed to fulfill his ambitions again. Sound like a good plan? Great, then that's settled.

Anonymous said...

fergie won't buy berbatov after being totally un impresed with his attitude this season he showed an un willingness to fight for jol,age,price,lack of pace all factors but mainly attitude .He only started playing again when he'd got over the fact he didn't leave in jan,fergie doesn't tolerate such chancers no matter how talented they are(neither does Ramos!).Barca or Milan or stay with spurs and do something special next year and stop casting "flattered" eyes elsewhere eh

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever wondered why no top club in Spain ,England ,Italy or even Germany when he was playing there ever wanted to buy Berbatov? It is because his attitude stinks and several of his ex coaches have said this, at the end of the day he isn't someone you would want in the trenches with you!Tottenham gave him a great platform and stage to perform on and he has shown the skill and talent he undoubtedly has ,however it has also once again highlighted his attitude as a problem ,he was looking to move on after a year and picks and chooses the games and times to perform, he is a manager sacker of a player and a bad dressing room influence with his negativity,sulks and demeanor and this is why contrary to what his agents and newspapers say there may not be the bidding war that everyone expects. If Tottenham get offered a lot of money for him they should bite their hand off and if not maybe he should look at himself and lose the negative attributes!

Anonymous said...

5:15 - Shhh!!!

I know for a fact that his attitude is exemplary. This, coupled to his undoubted skill make him an exceptional asset, and any team able to shell out £40 mil for him would be getting him cheap at the price. Ahem.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Sorry - 15:35. Doh!

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

No one disputes that Berba is a class act - as a player and as a 'personality'.

But the bottom line has to be about what the player wants. We can't press-gang him into service. If his heart is elsewhere, then his heart is elsewhere. If he wishes to leave and find success and fortune elsewhere, then we can do all we sanely can to persuade
him to stay, but we mustn't compromise our football integrity and principles. And are we so
devoid of talent - on the pitch, on the training ground, in the board-room - that we can't cope without him?

He won't be persuaded by the lure of London life if he's not already familiar with the capital's attractions. So do we offer him a king's ransom? Doubt it. What about undertakings to make a serious attempt on football's 'Mount Everest' - the top four? Been there, done that. Promises of a fish supper? Didn't work for Sammy the Seal.

Point is, we have to be pragmatic and look reality square in the face. If it takes wild horses to keep Berba at WHL I'd rather have the wild horses playing for us.

But, in terms of finding players to replace him, I'd say it's important to consider the function of a team. I wouldn't credit Adebayor (for example) with more individual talents than Berba (different, certainly), but he has done well this season because he is part of a greater whole. The sum of the (admittedly superior) parts is what makes a team great, not having one part greater than the whole remaining sum.

What we lose in Berba we will gain in other players who, cumulatively (by offering a clearer parity in quality) will take us forward. To lump all of our aspirations onto one player is like an unrequited love which blinds us, not just to the reality that there is more to life than the object of our adoration, but that that object doesn't actually love us in return.

9.37 Anon

Wilson said...

That's right 9.37 he is a role model and puts even the likes of Keano and Ledley in the shade with his fighting spirit and willingness to do his best for the team. 40 mil is a bargain I say.


frontwheel said...

With regard to the people on here stating that Berbatov is our best player:

He's not. Our best player is having a rest for the last few games of the season.

Wilson said...

AC Milan board members do read this blog, right?

Wilson said...

frontwheel, you comparing Ledley King with Berbatov? Lets compare Kaboul with Bent while were at it. Think about it mate.

shanemac said...

Mysterious Stranger,

But let's talk about Darren "I can also be judged by my performance on the training ground; o'hara got his chance, why didn't I? probably because Ramos can see how shit I am, because even Martin Jol did, and did i mention that I also have the touch and control of a legless mule?" Bent.

Letting Darren Bent have a long run of games is a waste of everyone's time. He's not top 4 quality (that's the ultimate goal still, right?). Fine, he's had limited time to play, but did you see him when he was on the pitch? One good effort against pompey aside, he's been absolutely shocking!
And I'm not quite sure where you've seen these "tantrums" of Berbatov's. I see someone having to track back to play the creative role because we have a plethora of chronically inept midfielders. Who wouldn't be angry about that then? When you've got aaron bloody lennon doing the same cut out, cut in move he's been doing for two bloody years (i mean, he's got what he's going to do written on his fucking chest), and then losing the ball or hitting a low cross into a defender's legs. Don't get me started on Zokora. He defines "chicken with its head cut off".

Tell you what: let's keep Darren Bent, sell Berbatov for 20 mil (we'll not get more than that), replace him with a few 20 year olds you've never heard of before, because we couldn't seriously attract the top names that could properly fill the void. Let them muck around for a few years until we realise we've got a team of Hossam Ghalys (or did he not get enough of a chance either?) at which point we'll remember fondly those years we finished 5th in the league and won the league cup the year after. And the kids will gather around the fire, and mother will make us some hot chocolate with marshmallows in it, and we'll tell them about how we were once the fifth best team in all of England, and we once had a great player by the name of Dimitar Berbatov who used to frolic around with Keano and score lots and lots of goals and we almost made it to the CL, but we could've, oh yes... we could have. what's that? why isn't he here anymore? well, it's all mysterious stranger's fault.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov signed a 4 year contract (with a club side option of 2 more)
He knew we weren't top 4, so why is that suddenly a proviso now?
If thats his attitude he can feck off.
We bought him to get to top 4, not for him to wait until we get there then start playing.

Anonymous said...

shanemac how can you disregard so many valid comments and then just blab on about Bent?
Bent aint had a chance considering he has been playing the last quarter of games if lucky and we all know we aint been creating/dominating games in that part of games esp lately.I think i'm right in saying bent scored more than keano or berbs last season in a shit team that got relegated, how would berba of got on there? Don't be so quick to judge its quite possible you could be eating your words and singing Bents name next year (look what Ramos did with Fredi)and just because some spurs fans say a player which lets face it has wanted to do one since last year can do, you start cussing our other players.Whats with that mate? Least that one wants to be with the mighty yids and even turned down more money to do it!

dannyboy said...

Not too many comments from a certain Mr. Hotspur on this most important debate, eh, H ?! ;-) Get off the fence son, where do you stand ????

By the way, Villa for 20mil, Crouch for 8mil; leaving 12mil and Keane / Bent = not bad business methinks !!!


Anonymous said...

Also mate whilst your supping your mug of cocoa remember that we almost made the champs league the year before berba joined not after even though 5th! I can't believe that you really think that its just him thats any good all of a sudden i thought only people that looked at spurs from afar in geordie land etc that thought that.Your so pissed off at people saying if the moneys right do it,yet its people like you that allow all the rumours and scaremongering to go on as its you thats more likely to read a berba going headline ,shit your pants and buy the paper etc giving the slime ball bulgarian licence to never commit to us, always leave the door ajar and generally fuck our club and its fans about imvho. You then go on to bitch about players that havn't even been on the pitch ,in all honesty how can you really make a judgement about someone that never plays? the announcer at the lane has had more pitch time than bent.Lennon needs to improve his final ball but is still young and half a bad season you'd have him out as well,tell ya mate wouldn't fancy him running at our fullbacks next year! keane and berba's service can't of been that shoddy this year either considering the goals we have scored and i don't exactly remember too many from the halfway line solo efforts from the pair either ,i'm sure you will agree that defending has been the prob ,not setting up goals and a good def mid is def needed, a good team will always beat an alright team with one player that regards himself so much better than the others and if losing him enables ramos to mold his own TEAM then i'm all for it

Harry Hotspur said...

Dannyboy you big bully!

My take is certainly as one wise man who remarked on here earlier........

The name on the front of the shirt IS greater than that of the one on the back.

Doesn't mean I won't be heartbroken if he goes. So much of what he does/ the way that he does it embodies why I'm Tottenham.

Que my 'merely a custodian of the shirt' line, but it's hard to watch some of 'em go, nevertheless.

I'll never forget the sign at The Lane in relation to Sol, which read, "We hate you so much because we loved you so much."

I'm pretty sure Berbatov won't be barracked with 'Berby Is A Bender' is similar should he quit and then return as an away player...

But what does get up my nose is all this wanky 'Danchev' business whereby even the toughest of us are having our heartstrings randomly tweaked by a manipulative little toad looking for a few extra quid.

And the 'maybe there's something being lost in translation' quotes from Bulgarian sources.... that's rubbish.

Anonymous said...

If Berba himself would come out and give it some of Keanos "i'll stay at spurs as long as they want me" then none of us would be having this discusion so maybe the agents doing what he's told and what he's paid for(still a shitty little nutsack though!)

Anonymous said...

Or смет, боклук, отпадъци, глупости, безсмислици - as they variously say in Bulgarian.

9.37 Anon

Mysterious Stranger said...


When that tantrum throwing (yep, I said it) talented striker with no stomach for a fight (he only plays well when things are going well - have you noticed?) goes it'll be all my fault. Because I refused to mollycoddle him and praise him repeatedly, even when he's been a waste of space. He absolutely went missing before Jol went this season... something you seem to wish to turn a blind eye to. You must have a short memory. And how is it you deny the tantrums, like they were a figment of our collective imaginations, then justify them two sentences later? Please explain.

If we kept a national squad player (on merit I might add) in Bent who did indeed score more goals than Berbatov last year (playing for a shit team, but that didn't stop HIM giving 100%) who has only just turned 24 years old, and sold "our best player, the great Dimi" who maybe wants to further his career playing for a better team - that'll be all my fault!

I would anticipate, if Berbatov were to go to a bigger, presently more successful club he will play well there. But that'll as much be because the "chips won't be down" so often, so he won't need "the stomach" to fight, to encourage his team mates (not that he will, but then he probably won't have to either) as anything else.

Additionally you make excuses for Berbatov due to our "chronically inept" midfield?" So why not the same "let off" for Bent during his 20 minute cameos? Usually with one less "chronically inept" midfielder on the pitch too, I might add.

I guess us flogging a perfectly good striker who wants to play for us, for half what we paid for him makes sense to you?

And going all out to retain the services of an ambitious, disillusioned (and basically gutless when the chips are down) Berbatov, finding ourselves not able to sufficiently strengthen the side in key areas in the upcoming window - thus leaving Berbatov to "do one" either in January or the summer of 2009 for even less money - will be your fault?

Cast your mind back as you reminisce by the fire. We finished 5th in the league two seasons ago before Berbatov had even kicked a ball for us. To date we have managed the same, and lately worse with him, playing a "team game". There is no "I" in team. If only Berbatov knew it. Enjoy your hot chocolate, with marshmallows.

dannyboy said...

So, Harry, you got me confused ! Sit on the fence and you get splinters in your arse mate !!!
Me, a bully ?? Nah (unless you're called bimitar ! )

Anonymous said...

I've got it: sell Berba and use the money to tempt Harry Rednapp. Portsmouth are a tiny club with no money but they are miles above us in the league and they're in the FA Cup final. They must be doing something right. And at least 'arry can speak English...and with the right accent.

I am dreading a summer "clearout". Followed by a year or two of "well the new squad needs time to settle down..." followed by sacking of JR by new Spurs owners, followed by...

Two years ago we were a tummy bug away from 4th place...why all the need for change? Grrr...

GRAZZA said...

Bimitar said "that's because nobody in the top 4 would want Robbie.."

Funnily enought this actually came up in a discussion i was having recently about Keane making 250 apps for Tottenham, for me its the major contributing factor in how hes reached that milestone. Would he be there if Man Utd had come knocking? Hypothetical but doubtful imo. Undoubted achievement, but not a top notch player for me.

Is it worth going to anymore games this season after Saturdays dross? Discuss. 25 marks.

Anonymous said...

Already got tickets.... so yes...

GRAZZA said...

me too! I was considering auctioning them for charity so at least something good might happen ;)

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I only have tickets to Liverpool as I'm away for the Bolton game (thank god)

Wonder if Ramos will pull a BMJ and grab the mic after the 'Pool game.


dannyboy said...

"Is it worth going to anymore games this season after Saturdays dross? Discuss. 25 marks."

Grazza, you're as bad as the players! Would you be saying that back in August or September ? What a knob. You're either a fan or you're not. I bet you're one of these who leaves after 80 minutes to miss the traffic ? How many last minute goals, for or against have you missed over the years ?!


BimitarDerbatov said...

relax dannyboy..i think he was only trying to stimulate debate..

dannyboy said...

What is calm? I only do passion ;-)


BimitarDerbatov said...

if only Berba had your passion Dannyboy!!

Mysterious Stranger said...

To save the Italians out there any effort, I've translated all the above posts so they truly understand the meaning of Berbatov :-)

Berbatov ha pile di passione e gioca al 100% di tutti i tempi. Specialmente quando la squadra sta perdendo.

Per il prezzo di 40 milioni di Euro, sempre lui sarebbe un brillante affrontare per loro, una squadra come AC, Inter o Juve.

Come tale ci auguriamo egli rimane un giocatore di Tottenham Hotspur.

So that clears up the matter...!

Harry Hotspur said...

It's an emotional business.

Group hug.

Next blog!

dannyboy said...

What's Italian for 'dannyboy' ? I know I'm gonna regret asking that, Ha !!

Mysterious Stranger said...

Danny Ragazzo!

Next blog Harry? 100 comments and you want to move on? LOL!

How about one concerning the "let's cash in some more" :-/ ... new 2008/09 kits?

I've seen a thread on erm, ahem, "glory glory" about it.

I know you tend to only deal in "real" news though... but they were playing a guess the player game at this, erm, other site regarding the silhouette image on the official site.

I'd go for (as you look at it)... Keane on the left, Hutton middle, Lennon on the right! But more importantly than that...

Have you been made privy to any info regarding the shirts yourself, Harry?

GRAZZA said...

Wrong on every count Dannyboy.

But thanks for calling me a knob. I take it you dont generally walk round dishing out insults in person like you do on here? Otherwise you'd be on first name terms with the local A & E crew. Nevermind, you missed the point anyway so dont get too wound up.

shanemac said...

I just hope we remember the people who thought we would be better off without berbatov next season when the average age of our midfield is 20.5 and darren bent is slicing balls into the west stand.

Mysterious Stranger said...

Oh shanemac, now you're back... I forgot to dissect this gem.

"Darren "I can also be judged by my performance on the training ground; O'Hara got his chance, why didn't I? probably because Ramos can see how shit I am, because even Martin Jol did, and did i mention that I also have the touch and control of a legless mule?" Bent."

Darren Bent - Had niggling injuries at the start of the season. Jol was out on October 25th. Don't think Jol saw too much to be in the best position to judge. And he certainly didn't see anything in O'Hara, did he?

The majority of Spurs fans who have posted are at least open to the possibility of life without Berbatov. Reasons for this include his commitment (or should I say lack of), the financial gain, possible benefit this will have in buying players plural where needed, creation of a team that plays as one. Don't throw all your toys out of the pram if a) Berbatov goes and b) We do as well without him as we did with! You should read some of 9.37 Anon's posts. He provides a compelling argument. More importantly he is open minded.

Instead of slagging off players who are at least showing commitment why don't you start working on your blog?

As for your "I just hope we remember the people..." remark, seriously. Stop blaming everyone else. It won't be mine, 9.37 Anon's, Dannyboy's, bty's or anyone elses fault, and coming on here in 10 months time to slag us off if he does go and we aren't in a CL spot is hardly worth the effort. Because if he does go, whatever changes are made will have been made. You can't turn back time and say "If only Berbatov was still here... I told you so" because the chances are some of the players we will have bought to bolster our midfield, as well as up front would not be. There will be no proof as to whether we will or won't have done better or worse with or without him. And try to look beyond next season, if you dare. In other words, the bigger picture.

dannyboy said...


I don't normally mate, no, but for you I could make an exception ;-)


GRAZZA said...

Cheeky Monkey ;)

Actually i'll be honest, i left a game early once. But only to queue up for forest away tickets when i was about 16. Missed Alan Shearers hat-trick goal in a 3-2 loss that was so pants there was a half time announcement in which we were asked not to give the players too much grief.

That game remains to this day the only game i have left early and also the worst prem back four ever to take the field.

Edinburgh, Austin, Cundy & Nethercott. No surprise Shearer got a hat trick really is it.

dannyboy said...

There you go again, slating our players ;-)

Cundy - scored a cracking 50 yarder against Ipswich, Nethercott wore his heart on his sleeve, Edinburgh got Robbie Savage sent off, Austin good all round egg ! Nothing wrong with that lot mate, especially with Bobby Mimms in goal HA.


GRAZZA said...

Could you find room for Kevin Scott and play 3 at the back with Deano & Just as wing backs?

dannyboy said...

Tell you what - chuck in Terry Gibson and Jason Dozell as well and we would be cooking on gas !!!

GRAZZA said...

Gibson was before my time, i do remember however that i had a season review VHS when i was a whipper snapper (88/89 season i think) when he scored at the Lane when the commentator said he "bites the hand that used to feed him". Being six i was quite scared by this Terry Gibson bloke that a) needed feeding and b) bit hands off.

Now Dozzell, he was different class!

Anonymous said...

Dantchev is a grade-a c*nt, no doubt, but Berba could easily put an end to all this nonsense with any unequivocal statement of his committment to the cause.

In my mind one of two things will happen this summer. Either Berba will depart for foreign shores, or Dantchev will get fired out a cannon and Berba will stay.

I know which one I'd prefer.