Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Four To The Floor

Well it's all kicked off at The Lane. Fat Fwank has had a piece of Jenas, Terry took time out from urinating in pint glasses to knee Berba. Woodgate rose MAGNIFICENTLY to head in his goal. Then Essien's classy finish beat Robinson.

Berbatov scored, which is always good news for his agent. There was a slight delay afterwards as Mitka dropped his Dunhill lighter so Riley together with his linesmen helped comb the six yard box for it.

Joe Cole scored twice. Tom Huddlestone came on and committed a couple of daft fouls, lost the ball, simulated a foul, then redeemed himself with a sweet sweet strike. Keane's goal was the last equaliser of the night. Twenty yards out and what the Germans call Wunderbar. 3-1 down at one stage, Tottenham ought to have won, not nicked it, 5-4.

Ashley Cole isn't a very nice man. When not dismounting stinkers to vomit halfway through cheating on his long suffering wife, he's busy playing the man not the ball.
His dissent to Mike
'Wet Streak Of Nothing' Riley only served to remind ALL WATCHING what an abysmal shirt to wear the Chelsea one truly is. How spineless, clueless cretins like Riley can remotely claim any competency whilst being openly ridiculed by a wannabe thug like Cole is beyond me.

Highlights are HERE.


Tottinghams said...

Yep, Ashley Cole has just reminded me, and the entire footballing world, for that matter, just what a tossser he really is. When he got booked he looked for all the world like a petulant 12 year old.

John Terry is a Dog.

Fat Frank is Fat.

Keano is a Legend.

Anonymous said...

telling it like it is. ohh y didn't Berba score

dannyboy said...

So that's 2 games against Chavski; 1 win and 1 draw. The tide is turning? They seem to have a mental block with trying to beat us these days!

coys and well sodding done.

Anonymous said...

The Hudd was outstanding and looking better than Jenus. He's looking slim and will be awesome next season. 2nd best game of the season after the CC CUP FINAL.

BimitarDerbatov said...


where to start..

best game of the season so far..

Chelsea supporters must be embarrased to support a cheating, ref berating bunch of so and so's..

here's my player ratings..

ROBBO: (4.9)
good save from a drogba free-kick but other than that not up to standard..

top class.. no doubt about it.. a right-footed, less attack-minded, Scottish Gareth Bale..

WOODY: (8)
likewise top class

KING: (7)
fine.. this one in 3 games thing is beginning to worry me though..

CHIMSY: (6.5)
gains marks for a having a very good game, similar to the City game.. loses marks for being (arguably) caught out for two goals..

LENNON: (5.5)
seems to have caught a severe case of "Jermaine Jenas Backwards-Pass Syndrome"...but improved slightly late on

laughable..i can't wait to hear how people will try and defend this performance.. let me guess "he has the potential to be great" well he's had this "potential" for about 6 years ain't gonna happen..

ZOKORA: (6.5)
dare i say it he was actually half decent tonight.. still patently not good enough though..

STEED: (6)
same old, same old..

only gets a high score for that strike.. other than that it wasn't his best day out..

get's 10 marks initially for having to suffer through Robbo's hoofs up field coupled with John Terry's knee in his back..Get's another 10 for dropping back and showing Jenas, Zokora and Lennon how to pass the ball acurately and cut open a defence..but sadly loses one mark for that painful last-minute miss.. oh if only..

BENT: (0)
correct me if i'm wrong but i actually think he didn't touch the ball once..

Darren Bent was outstanding today..scored 4 goals and was at the heart of everything good about this Tottenham seems that at 17 million Tottenham have got a bargain for their money..

BIG TOM: (4)
was utter shite today..sweet strike for goal aside.. he constantly gave the ball away after coming on, gave away stupid frees, a terrible dive and consistently failed to beat the first man with his corners (not the only one mind you)
potential? sure...but....

Some further notes..
Ramos once again outclassed that eejit in the Chelsea dugout..or rather Grant outdone himself..

Grant used Martin Jol tactics tonight(remember the Cup QF last year anyone?) in taking off Joe Cole (chelsea's best player tonight) in place for a central defender. and then taking off Kalou (an attacker) for Ballack (a midfielder). all this in a hope of protecting the lead.. and then panicking after Robbie's goal and throwing on Shevchenko..JR must having laughing to himself..

Their left-back (i refuse to mention his name) is everything that is wrong with football.. all joking aside, Chelsea fans must surely be embarrassed to have a "person" like that in their side..

Mike Riley wasn't much better for failing to send him off, not for the tackle, but for the clear lack of respect..

anyway..all in all..Pride restored after the City game..for that alone well done lads..

BimitarDerbatov said...

anon 11.24... is there another Tom Huddlestone that i haven't heard of??

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anybody but me criticise Zokora? He is absolutrly shockingly awful. Why does he get picked? Chimbonda too for that matter. He has to be on his way out, so play Gilberto or O Hara. Zokora has to go though, I cant take it anymore. I watch everything he does and yes I credit him when he does the odd decent thing, but 99.9& of balls get past him, he has no idea when to step out and make a challenge, the list goes on and on. Its getting painful watching us for me, because I cant take my eyes off of just him, and I'm constantly left scratching my head and wondering "Why is it only me who can see this?" Please Ramos stop playing him because it's ruining supporting Spurs for me, and please please get rid of him ASAP. I've never disliked one of our players more than that quite literal "waste of space".

Anonymous said...

Great goals, but bad defending on our part.

ROBBO: On the way out of our club. He should nor punch but catch the bloody ball! Could be blamed for the 1st three goals. Not helped by Riley wrongly giving a free kick that led to the 1st goal.

Chimbo - played out of position, and it showed.

Zokora - Not good enough very poor - gave little protection tto the back four and must be heavily blamed for us letting in four goals.

Lennon - some nice touches, but keeps laying off the ball rather than taking players on. Not good enough at this level.

Jenas - Not sure about him, possibly unfit!

Bent - Rubbish in the air, and not good enough on the floor. Totl wast of £16M + £73K per week.

We must replace all of these players in the nexrt transfer window.

EL said...

Berbs' last minute miss was more shocking than the scoreline. I'm not the sort of idiot with no grip on reality, who states, upon seeing a player screw up a shot, "I could have put that away", but on this occasion.......

Nice to mess with their dream of pick-pocketing the title though.

Portsmouth is to be one of my few visits to the Lane this season; let's hope it's not one of our 'back down to earth' matches.

What odds a defoe hat-trick?

EL said...

And what's all this nonsense I keep seeing about Bent being on 73k or whatever?

Give over!

frontwheel said...

Most things have been covered.

Like Robbies wonderful strike, Hudlestone's wonderful strike,
Berba's wonderful strike at the end and Cudducini's (sp?) wonderful save.

And we've heard all about that ex-goon cunt who's not satisfied shagging the world's first good looking geordie...

...but did no-one else witness him (it?) flicking the Vs to the Park Lane?

What a cunt.

PS I love Woody. Legend after three months.


onedavemackay said...

12.01 You must be joking re Zokora I am one of many on this blog who cannot understand why we bought him why Ramos keeps picking him and why he is still here!

And El. Get off Berba's back. I think you'll find Cuducini was very lucky. Name a better striker than him who's played for us over the last 30 years and it's not just the goals he scores he creates so many chances.

Anonymous said...

keano, why dont u take a free kick son, better then jenas trying to recreate that old trafford goal again. oh and lennon have u forgotten how fast u are, stop cutting back with that modifyied cryuff turn, fucking kick it down the line and do someone, i fear for your future son.

frontwheel said...

Well said Mr Mackay, Berbie does a lot more than just score goals. He just doesn't make a song & dance of it. I love him to bits.

Jared said...

Whats with all the hate for Bent?

He's scored in the previous two matches (spammers and man city (even if it was incorrectly disallowed)) what more do you want?

He's not Keane or Berbatov, but who is. He keeps getting given 20 or 30 minute run outs and your all expecting him to set the world alight. Fact is, Bent is a proven goal scorer, had the most league goals for an Englishman the last two years in a row, and because of his extortionate price tag (not his fault) your all jumping on his back because he's not as good as Henry or Ronaldo. I'm not saying we should drop Berba Or Keano, but I just don't think its right to slate the poor lad when he hasn't been given a chance.

fw (pissed) said...

Confucius say: 'for every Rebrov there is a Berbatov, for every Rocha there is a Woodgate.'

I love you Spurs for nights like this.

onedavemackay said...

Exactly frontwheel. All this bollocks about his sulks etc. is so annoying he just oozes class and in so many games he is working as hard as anyone.


EL said...


I'm not on his back, just telling it how it is. He may be a superb striker but a shite shot's a shite shot. I'm not pussyfooting around ol' twinkletoes' fcuk-ups for no-one. If it had been Bent, I imagine we'd never hear the last of it. Take another look at it; he's edge of the 6 yard box; he has the entire goal mouth at his mercy with the keeper practically on his line dead centre; he has around nine foot of room either side of the keepers outstretched arms in which to place the ball; he puts it three foot from the keepers head, at shoulder height!

As shot's go, that one can only be described as diaphukingbollicle.

Apologies to any misty eyed Berba sensitives who may have been offended by this opinion.

Great goals, great game, great highlights Harry. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many blinkered spurs fans??? Anyone who plays his heart out trying to do something positive in a Spurs shirt is alright by me. Hutton was a prime example of this last night and deserves his plaudits. But for all those who slags off Zokora, Thudd, Malbranque and Lennon, at least last night they tried and fought for the shirt. By every players personal standard that we as fans expect, I would have to say that Thudd and had a great game and would have been my MOM if he played the whole game. He change the game in the 2nd half and played the linking role in the midfield for the strikers and caused all sorts of probs for the chavs. He was constantly looking to go forward and tried to create something. Jenas did nothing in the 1st half, probably injured, and we all know he passed sideways and backwards and has 1 good game in 5, but it was a good shout by Ramos. By the same token, Berba had an average game by his high standards but did put in more effort than norm. I can't understand why Spurs fans are giving him 10/10 when others are getting slated. If he was as good last night as some say, he would have won the game for us with that 1 on 1 in the last few mins. Also, the chavs 4th goal was because Berba tried to flick the ball on in our half and got caught out and didn't chase back, yet no one is slagging him off for that. Don't get me wrong, Berba is the one player that could step into any side and not look out of place, but I honestly do not think he was the best Spurs player out there last night.

Sorry for the incoherent rant, but it is getting so frustrating being a Spurs fan, not only because of our teams inconsisitancy (i'm use to that after all these years) but by all the idiots that say we should get rid of 3/4 of our 1st team because they are not good enough and ridiculing Spurs players. How many more 40 mills do ENIC have??? If these players are so shite and Jol was clueless, then how the hell did we get 5th place in consecutive seasons. Please engage your brains before you let your fingers wander and FFS, support our SPURS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

all we lack are left footed players, why doesnt ramos play o'hara and gilberto? great game tho if only berba scored

Anonymous said...

Any one for Cudinci to come in for GK?

despite it not being a game for GK last night i though he looked pretty good and would be cheap.

Really good compo for Robbo as he's better but not a great deal better which could give great compo for places.

onedavemackay said...

Is anyone else fed up with Chavski players the Goons and United's lot surrounding the ref and pressurising him into not giving Red cards ?

Cole's tackle last night was absolutely atrocious it was a Red card in anyone's book. The FA need to stop this crowding the ref stuff and reduce dialogue with the officials to the player concerned and the captain.
The rugby boys show how it should be done.

Anonymous said...

We lack left footed players? Bale, Gilberto, O'Hara, Assou-Ekotto.

I don't think we've ever had so many left footers at the club. Just need them fit!

Anonymous said...

Three times down, three times level against a CL team. Against Chelscum - a team that grinds the opposition down and protects leads. Not a bad achievement, that. The 4th goal made it feel like a victory. A 5th would have taken me to a place more pleasant than an extremely pleasant place.

In my head I keep going through that final opportunity for Berbatov. The one that would have made today - already cheerful - ecstatic. It's like a song I can't get out of my head... if he'd lifted the ball a fraction higher... if he'd shot lower... if he'd done ANYTHING slightly different. I can see it clearly. The ball hits the back of the net. We win 5-4. Famous victory. Legendary night. Heroes one and all. Happy, smiley faces.

Ah, well - at least Berbatov only has himself to scowl at for not scoring.

That lad Ashley Cole needs something to soothe the savage beast within. Maybe a course in Anger Management or Needlepoint. Nope, he's not fit to wear the shirt - the England shirt, that is.

The club shirt fits perfectly.

9.37 Anon

doug said...

Quote of the week from Avram 'I'm checking in at the job centre' Grant...

"I didn't see it but the referee was very close and I saw everybody jump on him, including the Tottenham bench.

"I know when we are doing this everybody says we are not behaving right. We have a lot of respect for referees."

He manages to get Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson into one sentence... TAXI!

BimitarDerbatov said...

anon 7.48..

i respect your opinions but if you think Big Tom was that good i implore you to watch the highlights again.. i agree with you he has the right ideas and he tries to go forward as often as he can and granted he got a nice goal.. but last night was certainly not o ne of his best nights..not by a long way..

also it was Aaron Lennon's miscontrol that lead to the 4th goal.. a misty-eyed Berba sensitive.. i accept your appology!!

Toxic said...

"EL said...

And what's all this nonsense I keep seeing about Bent being on 73k or whatever?

Give over!"

Yeah the 19th highest paid player in the world wouldn't be on that piffling amount, more 95k a week

laughable..i can't wait to hear how people will try and defend this performance.. let me guess "he has the potential to be great" well he's had this "potential" for about 6 years ain't gonna happen.."

Spot on that man.

Anonymous said...

Interesting which direction the boo boys want to vent their frustration towards... but for now I'll simply take issue on one bimitarderbatov's take on the proceedings, and respond.

bimitar: "also it was Aaron Lennon's miscontrol that lead to the 4th goal"

Hmmm, he tried to knock it back to Berbatov. Whether the ball was misplaced, or whether Berba himself simply failed to control it, what stood out for me was Berba's now standard jump up into the air, tilt his head skywards, and leave it to the rest of the team to chase back.

bimitar again: "BENT: (0)
correct me if i'm wrong but i actually think he didn't touch the ball once.."

Will gladly correct you here. On more than one point. Firstly the suggestion he didn't touch the ball once. Actually, he tapped the ball back to Keane (?) who then threaded the ball back to Berba right at the death. And we all know what happened there, don't we? Good save - or perhaps we'll say "FFS! He should have buried it... how he didn't score is beyond me... he's shite, get rid!" Alternatively, watch the replay again. Cos' a certain D. Bent is free, screaming at Berba to square the ball back to him rather than have Dimi take the shot himself, which of course, Dimi does.

Additionally, pay attention to first Thudd's goal, then Keane's. I'll start with Thudd's. If this ball is not on it's way in and is heading wide left of the post, who's there to tap it in? Perhaps if the goalie gets a palm to it, who's there to tap it in? Darren Bent.

Now for Keane's goal. I suggest you watch that replay also. Darren Bent makes an excellent run, dragging Carvalho with him when the ball is floated over. It hits Carvalho on the back (cos he's chasing Bent) which came back for Keane to score that fantastic equaliser.

A player of Bent's calibre brings valid contributions to the game, and clearly played a significant part in our comeback. So how's about we leave Bent alone... he should be commended for having the patience, ambition and dignity to persevere and continue to give his all when required. The same could not be said for a certain Jermaine Defoe.

Furthermore, let's not forget, if your/our hero Berbatov had not been in an offside position from the free kick, Bent would have scored our equaliser against Citeh, and not have it chalked off for Berba's lack of awareness.

Anonymous said...

Great post that man.

BimitarDerbatov said...

anon 2.02

we'll have to agree to disagree on the Lennon pass/Berba miscontrol.. i watched it again and i suppose you could call it either way..

but the rest of your post is just laughable..

now if i'm hearing you correctly you are trying to tell me that yes i was wrong..that Bent did indeed touch the ball.. so from what you've said that means he touched the ball ONCE in 22 minutes.. and you also said that this was in the lead up to Berbie's chance. so worse again it took him 22 bloody minutes to touch the ball..

now on to your next point... OF COURSE Berbie should have scored that was NOT a good save by Cudicini but rather a poor finish from our 21-goals-so-far hero..

and so to your next point that Berbie should have squared the ball to Bent?? from 12 yards out in front of the goal?? are you seroius?? i had a good laugh at that one..

and as for your next had me in stitches..what you are saying is that IF Big Tom's shot is parried that Bent will score.. so you're now crediting him for things he hasn't done?? i nknow he's taking up a good position but FFS you're really clutching at straws now.. here's one for you.. what if Berba's last minute shot was parried back out to him and he put it away at the second attempt?? by your reasoning i guess i can go ahead and credit Berb with the 5th goal and rejoice in a magnificent 5-4 win for Tottenham..

and on we go to Keane's goal..if you think that Darren Bent made an intelligent run in bringing Carvalho out of the equation...well.. i don't know hat to say to you.. Bent was running after the ball.. if it wat true that Bent was making this intelligent run.. then he would have had the magnificent forsight to know that Zokora's hoof was going to rebound off Carvalho's back and into the path of Robbie.. if he has this forsight then he's worth every penny..

you go on to say "A player of Bent's calibre brings valid contributions to the game, and clearly played a significant part in our comeback"
Calibre?? define that for me please.. if Bent played a significant roll in our comeback then Berb's was surey monumental.. he did actually score if you think back hard..

oh and Berb wasn't interfering with play against City so the linesman f*cked up..

the only part of your post i agree with is the fact that Bent should be commended for his patience and perserverance..

i can't wait to hear your response..

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.02 responds...

Look, I am simply pointing out that Bent did contribute. I agree it is laughable to think that Berba would not shoot... I also would perhaps be more critical of Bent had Berbatov squared the ball for "our" Darren to blast over, or hit it straight at the keeper.

I also direct you back to your own post...

"BENT: (0)
correct me if i'm wrong but i actually think he didn't touch the ball once.."

I corrected you. You ASKED to be corected so I honoured your request. You WERE wrong! I also took the time to point out that a) Bent made good runs, and b) put himself in good positions. I also asked that Spurs fans such as yourself might like to view Bent's contribution in a more positive light. He didn't ask that Spurs pay that much for him, Charlton did. Spurs complied with Charlton's valuation/thrashed out a deal which was agreed upon by both parties.

In the days of over-inflated price tags I'm a tad dismayed that fans of our own club choose to go the sensationalist tabloid/Sportingo route and slag off our own players on this basis alone. Is he really supposed to? It is (the irony of it)a cheap shot.

Regarding the Citeh "goal" Bent scored... with a quote.

"If he's not interfering with play then what's he doing on the pitch?"

I believe that's a quote from Bill Nicholson.

The offside laws of the modern game are open to interpretation. And can a linesman on the near side of the pitch tell if Berbatov is one foot either side of the far goalpost when the free kick is taken? You must be a genius to make that (from the touchline) observation. The decision could have gone either way. I simply am pointing out that had Berba stood in line with the last Citeh defender, and not two yards in front there wouldn't have been a decision to make, good or bad.

Look at Bent's record. He was playing for Charlton in the Premiership. In two seasons he scored 31 goals in 68 league appearances. Playing for Charlton!!! He was hardly blessed with good service there was he, yet he still has an admirable scoring record? Wayne Rooney managed to score 30 goals in 71 league appearances for the same period. Playing for an obviously much better team.

If you really want to know how many times Bent touched the ball, watch the game again, or subscribe to Opta or something. To give Bent a zero is retarded, and you know it.

To date he's scored 4 goals for Spurs in 9 starts. If he only gets 20 to 25 mins (if he's lucky to even get that much of a run out) every now and then as a late sub he isn't getting much of a chance to add to his tally is he? Still, let's work with the stats (based on him starting games). If you were to multiply these stats by 8, he would have scored 32 goals in 72 starts. Not too dissimilar to his record at Charlton, or Rooney's for the same period, is it? Only I would suggest the expected yield to his starts ratio would likely be greater because of that very fact (he'd be starting) and playing 90mins more regularly, and also playing with players who would give him a better level of service. Assuming Berbatov does occasionally square the ball to him, that is ;-p

That of course is only going to happen if the Keane - Berba partnership is broken up (through injury I suspect, or during heavy fixture loads, cup games etc. of which we have no more this year).

And since the aforementioned are such an effective duo together I really don't see quite what you expect Bent to do. To fail to give him any credit for running, challenging, putting himself about or putting himself in the right positions when he is brought on is also idiotic. His presence alone gave the Chelsea defence something/someone else to think about. Opportunites are created through movement, nuff said.

As for your request for a definition of "calibre"...

calibre (def.) a degree or grade of excellence or worth

Therefore, I am suggesting he is of a higher grade than some people here and elsewhere seem willing to give him credit for.

I also would like to thank Anon 2.17 who seems to think my points were in the main at least, valid, unlike yourself.

I can only conclude that he probably understands the intricacies of the game more than you.

Jared said...

Thank you 4:54, you've said everything I wanted too and laid it our far better than I could of. Irregardless how about we stop berating players and start supporting them?

BimitarDerbatov said...

BimitarDerbatov responds!!

"I can only conclude that he probably understands the intricacies of the game more than you"

i doubt it.. but that's neither here nor there..

look i respect your views and i agree with you to a degree..

but zero is a valid if, ok slightly extremist score for a player who played for 22 mins, touched the ball once and, make no mistake about it, DID NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMEBACK..

why should he get higher score?? for giving Chelsea "something to think about?!" seriously??

no one is questioning his scoring record at Charlton but that DOES NOT entitle him to have a higher score than zero when all he has done is *see above*.. so based on last nights match alone i think i'm being reasonable enough..ok maybe i'll bump up his score to a (2)

now as for his prospects in a Spurs shirt..they really look bleak you would have to admit.

assuming Berba stays in the Summer..and i for one think he will..that will leave us with Berb, Keane and i'd imagine one if not two new strikers.

picture this.. Berbatov. Keane. David Villa. Darren Bent.

pick your starting two and tell me who comes on as sub if need be..

Bent has proven himself to be patently not on the same page as the rest of the strikers.. he's not tricksy enough to carve something open for himself (goal against Boro this year the exception) or his team mates.. straight lines is all he seems to be able to operate in in order to get goals (goals against Wigan and West Ham).

love the Bill Nick quote by the way..

shanemac said...

unfortunately, we're beyond the point of evaluating players based on stats alone. you have to actually watch a player to determine if he's got the skill set to help the club when it comes to playing the big matches, against major competition. all you have to do is watch bent play a few times to see that he only has two things going for him. he's fast and and he's strong. his first touch reminds me of a ball hitting a brick wall. he's clumsy in possession. he's got zero vision, so he doesn't create goals for others, like berbatov and keane do. if he's our replacement for berbatov, then we will be west ham. he might be a bloody nice chap, but he contributes very little when he's on the pitch. we could keep him to play against relegation fodder and in early rounds of cup competitions, but he's salary is too ridiculously bloated for that. my heart bleeds for him that he's being paid too much, it really does. but that's beside the point. it's not his fault that he's not good enough (he looks like he's trying his best, bless), it's damien commolli's fault for signing him for so bloody much. let's end this pointless discussion, thank darren for being a good sport and not whining and not throwing his shirt to the ground and not embarrassing himself when he was out clubbing (a la ledley) and wish him well with his bright future at Bristol City.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.02 (4.54) again,

Jared, thank you for your support.

shanemac, I agree we should be grateful he's a good sport, and not embarrassing himself. Bent will never play for Bristol City though. He is clearly too good. He does seem to display awareness, I already mentioned his pass back to Keane, and his great positioning when Berbatov could have given us an unlikely comeback win in the 93rd minute. I guess you don't want to acknowledge that being in the right place is a quality determined by the players awareness, or vision? Nothing wrong with being fast and strong, either... just ask Sir Les.

bimitar, regarding your opinion that Bent's prospects in a Spurs shirt look "bleak", I imagine he's more likely to be at Spurs next season than both Berbatov, and your fantastical pluck from the Spanish League, David Villa!!!

6 years ago, we were linked with Morientes every transfer window, until he went to Liverpool. The past two or three years, it was Fernando Torres' turn to get linked with the mighty Yids. We even had people doing mock ups of the Chocolate Brown strip with TORRES plastered on the back. Intil he went to Liverpool. It is a fcuking joke how many of these players we are linked to. This is completely misplaced optimism.

As is your suggestion that a player of David Villa's standing and market valuation would be prepared to share bench warming time with the strikers already at our disposal.

I honestly think it won't happen unless Berba or even Keane are sold (perhaps you could include Bent there too, but I think we invested enough in the lad to suggest he'll stay, and the club won't want to suck up potentially an additional 8 million pound loss over a year from what we paid for him, to then spend 20 million on his replacement). Unless you went to the Rebrov School of Business, in which case go ahead...

Additionally a club would be more likely to sell one of the other two on account of their ages i.e. future longevity, and (in Berba's case especially) valuation, in other words, an offer comes in that's too good for both the club and player to refuse.

In truth, and in a little time I think you will find Pekhart gives us our fourth striker. He is both young enough and without an ego as yet, which would make him grateful for the opportunities to be on our bench. Added to this it does not create the further problem of having another "top class proven expensive International striker" throwing his toys out of the pram because he is not starting when he was the first choice at his previous club. Jermaine Defoe again springs to mind.

Because when you say David Villa, I picture a striker who will not come to our club and settle for having his place on our bench. Therefore he will not come unless at least one of the others makes way.

And it seems to be well documented by people here, yourself included bimi, that our real problems stem from midfield and defence (goalkeeper included). We have sought to improve defensively. We will probably bolster that area again this summer. We will definitely be getting a better goalkeeper. So, how much money do we have left after that and where is it best spent? Midfield anyone?

The defence for Messr. Bent rests.

Anonymous said...

HARRY - sorry for the off-topic post ... but is there ANY way you would consider changing the dreadful FONT on your fantasic site? C'mon man -- this is 2000-and-bloody-8. Surely, there has to be a font whose size and design are more conducive to reading. My peepers aren't even that old, but it's like squinting into the sun trying to read anything on here. I had really hoped your recent changes were going to include an overhaul of this obvious problem and am dissapointed it remains. PLEASE Harry, improve the FONT and all will be right with the world, or at least this blog!!!!

BimitarDerbatov said...

when i say David Villa i just mean someone of his calibre..

anyway as Shanemac said..if Bent is our replacement for Berba...We are rightly f* know it, i know it..we all know it..

i understand that you want to defend Bent as much as you can but you could worse than pick a different game than last night in order to do so..

i see Ipswich were looking to take himn on loan by the way:,17033,8705_3327387,00.html

BimitarDerbatov said...

also... remember the golden rule.. Is he good enough to get into any of the top 4 sides in England?? and if not why should we settle for anything less??

The same logic applies to most of our midfield..

Anonymous said...

Why is Lennon not picked by Capello for England? He appears to be running up a blind alley very very quickly.....I hope he has not unearthed in some dark corner at WHL the spirit of Jose Dominguez.....

Sydney Wale

Anonymous said...

re: person shocked at David Villa mentioned

BBC said he wants to leave La Liga at the end of the season so it stands to reason a spanish manager would be linked with him and Liverpool have no money...

this summer could be very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Lennon, the once and future cameo king?

Is this his make or break phase? - The point where we see a talented young man push through an invisible barrier and step up to higher and greater things?

- Or the moment we witness him fail to rise to the task, and watch his undoubted potential diminish?

He is popular, and fans are reluctantly becoming sceptical, but the tide of his favour has turned a little, as it is evident that his progress has somewhat ebbed. I do hope for him that his career at Spurs doesn't also ebb.

Come on, Aaron. Trashley Cole has issued an apology - an event so unusual as to suggest the laws of physics are collapsing, and that you can finally start delivering that missing end product.

9.37 Anon

EL said...


You had me at; "FFS he should have buried it".

Please give yourself a name and stick around.

BimitarDerbatov said...

i agree EL... welcome aboard mysterious stranger...

Christopher said...

To whoever Anon 2:02 is...

thank you sincerely for saving me the effort of trying write as succinct a summary of certain players contributions to the game rather than jumping on the ever increasing bandwagon of over critical pillocks.

a lot of people obviously base their comments on highlights and highlights sadly are liken to watching the game high, whilst shedding very little light on actual events.

Mysterious Stranger said...

The anonymous writer (2.02, 4.54 etc.) chooses a name! :-O

OK. I submit. I have made many posts here before, and true, they have been anonymous. If only because I have been too lazy to post under a name. As a Spurs fan like the vast majority who post here I already feel like I am on board...

But, in keeping with the spirit of the blog, I will comply!

And, in a nod of respect to bimitar, I shall indeed be further known and post from now on as Mysterious Stranger ;-)

With regard to Anon 10.07 - I never said I was shocked. Sure David Villa is open to a move (it's a way of putting oneself in the shop window). I merely pointed out that we have been continually been linked to these Spanish strikers for years, none of these rumours have ever come to fruition. And he would not settle for a bench role in our current squad, so someone would have to make way. I also pointed to the money being better spent elsewhere, assuming the striking options do remain the same for next season.

Also, it's a reach to assume that Liverpool won't have money by the summer. I understand DIC (read into that Sheikh Mohammed) have not given up on their bid to buy into LFC. Sheikh Mohammed usually gets what he wants, and money is no barrier. Hicks and Gillett probably know that too. Here's an anecdote regarding the type of person he is.

Darley, Sheikh Mohammed's bloodstock operation sends an agent to enquire about the price of a promising juvenile racehorse in the US. When the owner asks for "a staggering $60m", the agent does not even bother to respond. Then Coolmore, bloodstock business rivals, step in and do a deal. On hearing this, Sheikh Mohammed is said to have enquired, "Why didn't we buy that colt?". When the agent replied that the owners had wanted $60m, the Sheikh - so the story goes - fired back: "So, why didn't we buy it?"

Now lets say DIC do strike a deal with the Yanks - given the Yanks unpopularity at Anfield and the aforementioned "deep pockets" of the Ruler of Dubai what do you think will happen?

a) They won't spend.
b) They will spend and they will spend a lot.

"it stands to reason a spanish manager would be linked with him and Liverpool have no money..."


Yeah. It stands to reason that lazy "journalists" can speculate wildly about any number of possible new signings, the transfer window system actually now gives this rumour mill far more time than it truly merits... probably further aided by greedy agents trying to market their "wares" for the approaching window. How many of the countless players we were linked with from La Liga, since Ramos took over, have actually joined? Just look at the last transfer window. Did we even dip our fingers into La Liga?At this point it's just pure speculation. If you trawl back through s(h)ites like Sportingo et al you'll probably find 30 or 40 La Liga players that have been linked to Spurs! Are they all coming?! Obviously not.

The last transfer window proved to me beyond any doubt, if you really wanted to know who we were interested in, which rumours had ANY truth in them, there was only one place to find out.

Harry Hotspur, take a bow.

P.S. bimitar, you know it was a cheeky approach for Bent, and I was aware of it. Apparently Bent was deemed "in our plans".

Anonymous said...


You still taking bets on a Defoe hat-trick?... ;O)

9.37 Anon

BimitarDerbatov said...

welcome mysterious stranger.. i anticipate manys the long verbal battle with you over the coming weeks and months.

with regard to the possibility of Spanish players.. i feel as though the "Ramos Factor" will almost definitely persuade some top quality La Lia players to the Lane..

sure enough as you said, we didn't see any such activity in January but as Ramos rightly stated at the's difficult to get the players you want in January...

Still expect major changes in Summer..

Mysterious Stranger said...

Thankyou bimitar!

I hope we won't be battling, as you put it, though we may disagree over one or two things; players' contributions etc.!

And of course, I would be very surprised if we don't get rid of some of the lesser lights, enter into the transfer market and make some acquisitions. Whether they be Spanish, Argentinian, Cameroonian or whatever, and from whichever league they currently ply their trade!

I'm just not one for the endless linkage which happens outside the window to potential signings - which 98 times out of 100 is pure drivel.

Hence my nod to Harry in my previous post for "keeping it real", so to speak.

If Anon 9.37 wants to back Defoe to score a hat trick against us tomorrow BlueSq's price is 80-1. Quite amusing really.

You do get your money back "if" he doesn't play of course... and since he is not allowed to due to the "take him on loan before we actually buy him" farce at least you won't be out of pocket ;-)

Anonymous said...

Twas but a joke re Defoe. :O/

Still, as he's not playing, it'd be a nice touch if he warmed our bench - for old times' sake.

Where he sat, there's probably a brass plate with his name engraved on it.

9.37 Anon

Mysterious Stranger said...

9.37 Anon

Forgive me. I suspected it might have been, but it could be read either way IMO.

Anyway, I for one am not disappointed he won't be seen skinning our back four... unlike some crazy guy on another site who asked Spurs fans "How upset are you that Jermaine Defoe can't play against Spurs?"!

Yeah, I was really looking forward to seeing Pompey's best striker threaten our goal, now he's not allowed to I think I'm gonna slit my wrists - the thought of Spurs' task being made that little bit easier brings me to tears :-D


dannyboy said...

I for one am glad Defoe isn't playing tomorrow. He's the prem's in form striker 6 in 6; just shows what he could do given a run and having confidence shown in him. Shame his loan was made permanent.

It seems Judas has picked up an 'injury' as well, keeping him out tomorrow. What odds him being back for their next game? The bloke has no bollox.

coys - I predict either 0-0 or a goal fest in our favour.

Anonymous said...

mysterious stranger...

Agree about Defoe. And if the loan / sale was negotiated by Spurs with these consequences knowingly in mind, I send my schadenfreudic salutations.

Most probably not, but what a comical stitch-up that would be.

Re Bent - Credit to him for coming to a club potentially as a 4th choice striker (and for less money than Spam was offering, allegedly). He wasn't to know that Defoe would leave - although he might have been forgiven for expecting Berbatov to depart before now. Still, he's applying himself to his task.

If DIC get their paws on Liverpool and give Benitez the flick, then maybe Torres will end up a Spurs player after all.

Highly unlikely and speculative, of course, but if Trashley Cole is can say sorry, then stranger things can happen...

Nah. The humbling of Trashley should suffice for now.

9.37 Anon

Gardagami said...

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