Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It's not difficult to have blind faith in Ramos. As a wise man once told me, 'It's all about perception.' Juande's every bit the self assured Europhile. The housewives choice. All double espressos and a Mont Blanc pen. You'd imagine he probably smells nice. A mature version of Jose Mourinho, minus the Daft gene.

Easier still to see him delivering for Tottenham with his latest Nicholsonian quotes.

“Tottenham always play to win, whether we start 0-0, winning 1-0 or losing 1-0. We have no other type of football or concept of playing. We are going to play like we always do and nothing more."

"We need to create chances to score and above all to score early, so nerves do not creep in. We need to play with maximum intensity."

Maximum intensity? Sounds like a modern day version of..."If you don't drag yourself off the field exhausted after 90 minutes, you can't claim to have done your best."

"This Spurs side is good enough to go there and win by two clear goals. We have no excuses going into this game. We have to treat it as a final because we need to win, it's as simple as that." So Gus is an unforgiving mood. And rightly so.
The task before Tottenham is all of their own making. Harking back to Wilson's comment on here after the West Ham win, the team that won the Carling Cup indeed need to show up again. This tie is now hard work for all the usual reasons. And it will require every drop of commitment and focus from the entire squad if the deficit is to be overturned.

I totally agree with the tactics. Go out there and rattle 'em from the off. One of the reasons we beat Chelsea was that we didn't throw them the ball and ask them to show us what they could do with it. We seized the game by the scruff of the neck and never stopped forcing the issue. It was the same against Ar5ena1.

PSV are a technically profficient, thoughtful enough outfit who need to shaken up and charged at. I don't mean kicked, I mean dominated. They know victory is well within their grasp. And they won't be risking much. Spurs must not allow themselves to get stonewalled or worse yet caught on the break.
Our attack must begin with a back four playing beneath a sign marked 'CLOSED' and end with no nonsense quality service to the strikers.

"It will be very tactical out there, but for us it's simple. Go out there, score goals, and win the game.."
Gus Poyet

My team is:
Chimbonda Dawson King Woodgate
Lennon Jenas Malbranque
Berbatov Keane
They're on the 3rd page of sale goods...

...and Silver Hotspur did come in at 4/6...


Anonymous said...

Cerny instead of Robinson

That way catching the ball instead of punching it to opposition strikers or repeated poor positioning at free kicks

Jon said...

Nice quotes! How about putting Tainio on the last 20, if the match still is in doubt? He's been immense tackling and fighting-wise when put on late, imo.

theshelfer said...

Lord Harold,

your team selections always include at least one strange pick. Are you trying to start some conversation? I assume you have Chimbonda at right back, and ledders at left back? Ledders is class, but I don't think he is up to chasing up and down the wing all night. A back 3 may work with Chimbonda and Lennon/Jenas playing as attacking full backs and overloading the midfield.

Anonymous said...

why play woody on the right?
why not dawson? (genuine question, not being arsy!)

Raf_THFC said...

I think we may see 3 at the back, Zokora sitting in front, then our usual midfield and attack.

Since they play deep and have 1 up front, we don't really need to have a back 4 and Zokora. And of course, we need to win!

Will be very interesting to see what Ramos is planning. His teams generally do what Sevilla did to us last year - hit them hard and fast, disrupt their game plan, and then keep the pressure on.

2-1 to the Spurs tonight! [fingers crossed]

Anonymous said...

Harold - Just so you know, Juande smells of Sangria and Victory.


Also- pretty strange defensive team selection. I want YP out there, he will be geed up in front of his old club.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Jenas playing the right wing with Lennon down the left to throw the full back. The problem we has is that Zokora can be a very useful sweeper in front of the back four but lacks the playmaking creativity. Thud is the best passer we have and can dominate the midfield but is inconsistant. Jenas runs, tackles well, scores, produces some killer plays and can be the best player on the field... on his day. So central midfield is a little bit tricky. Midfield is where we need to win it. PSV killed us there last week.

jack spot said...

I think the vertical hold has gone on a few monitors out there.

King is CB in HH's line up and ChimpOnDaMake is RB... at least he only picked 11 ;)

resh said...

Chimbonda King Woodgate YP LEE!
Lennon Jenas Malbranque
Berbatov Keane

Harry Hotspur said...

The hon. shelfer ~ King's tucked in between Woddy & Daws mate! I haven't edited!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

COYS!! COYS!!!Its great to hear from You again HH its been a while.I agree with Gus poyet that tonight its no excuses we have to win tonight. I am dissapointed that Gilberto is not even in the squad tonight why is Tainio in line to play LB instead of him or Lee. And finally HH i am hearing that spurs are back in for Fred the Brazilian striker at Lyon any news?

cheddar_green said...

Yes i think Pyo Lee will play at LB tonight as this team isn't physical at all and he played in Holland before he came here so will no what to expect. I'm RAPIDLY losing any faith in Zokora as a footballer! Fantastic as a team moral engineer but cannot pass and gets caught in possesion. I won't even comment on his scoring 'ability'(?!?)

ivesey said...

As Nelson said, "never mind manoeuvres - just go straight at 'em!"

Anonymous said...

from ny understanding YPL isnt even part of the squad for tonight, as is Gilberto, , so you can count him out

Dannyboy said...

Well I have always thought that sticking Ledley in midfield along side JJ was the answer and playing Daws and Woody as the centre back pairing but the legging it around I'm sure would knacker him out.

Huddlestone instead of Zakora. Can't stand his mindless running about. Can't fault his enthusiasm but his passing is abysmal and shooting well... it's up there with the beloved John Jensen from next door. Stick in the Hudds he's due a long range blaster and this evening could be the night.

Mr. Ramos will either:

1. Start with Tainio at RB then switch him for Bent and play front three with Keane dropping slightly deep.

2. Swap Tainio for Daws and push Chimbonda to RW and then Lennon can play behind front two. So again three at the back.

However the game should hopefully be done and dusted by then.

Anonymous said...

Ramos wont change our system, he wont put Woody at left back either. Thats for O'Hara. We need to win, so i expect HUddlestone in the middle with Jenas, the rest pick themselves.

Harry Hotspur said...

Love love love the Nelson quote Ivesey!

shanemac said...

woody played some left back at leeds. think he could handle it quite well.

if we could roll zokora, huddlestone and teemu into one player, we'd have the best bloody midfielder in the prem. just think, huddlestone's set pieces, size, and shooting, zokora's endless energy, strength, and tackling, and tainio's tactical prowess, versatility, and level-headedness. if only.

Dannyboy said...

yeah but he'd look like a mongaloid

dannyboy said...

oi who's the imposter dannyboy?! get outta here.


Anonymous said...

chimbo, king, woody
jenas malbranque Hudd lennon
berba keane

Anonymous said...

Considering the fact they battered us down our flanks in the first leg, playing 3 at the back is stupid, verging on suicidal.

Dannyboy said...

Will you please quit with this 'imposter' talk. It is not ridiculous to suggest that there is more than one person with the name Danny.
We will be all singing from the same hymn sheet this evening so just chill with your outbursts.

Harry Hotspur said...

Pah, next you'll be telling there's only one Darren Bent...

dannyboy said...

the original dannyboy demands recognition - change your name to dannyboy2.

what a boring game.


Anonymous said...

Jesus... is that YP Lee aimless or what? Four times he's had the opportunity to play a man into the box and he's squared the ball back, or had the chance to take on the right back and erm, squared the ball back.

PSV defending well, referee shocking (PSV's twelfth man it seems). One of their players whose name escapes me commits three blatant (stopping) fouls in the first twenty or so mins, no booking. Jenas, one foul, in the book. Same goes for Ledley.

We'd better improve fast or the dream is over. COYSBTFPSVCs!

Anonymous said...

why oh why does Ramos bother giving that fucking waste of space Darren Bent match time?? the guy is absolute crap, his passing is shit, his finishing is shit, his running is shit!!! (He has got 12 mins to prove me wrong!!!) i'd rather have Postiga back up front...................

Christopher said...

give bent a break. i think hes been fucking brilliant past 2 games compared to the old option of defoe. give the guy a break.

that aside, as a youngster this is the first time ive see spurs play penalties and im shitting a brick.

as i speak!!!! get in robinson!!!! COYS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenas. Would say lamest penalty ever, the body shape just telegraphed where the ball was going. Trying to place it against a quality goalkeeper who had gotten close to most of the previous ones was nothing short of stupid.

Special mention for Chimbonda though. When I saw him going up to take that crucial pen I swear I already knew the end result. When a player who doesn't want to play for you steps to the plate what better way to guarantee your imminent transfer. Absolute f$cking w4nker.

onedavemackay said...

The difference was the goalkeepers but if Bent had done something with all the chances he got it would not have gone to penalties. Thought Chimbo had a pretty good night apart from the pen. and Zokora's best game so far. YOU READING THIS DANNYBOY/

doug said...

If I ever meet that commentator from Five I'll break both his legs... If he said once about that tw*t in goal, he said about fifteen times... When will these useless wastes of airspace ever learn about jinxing things!!!!!!

Did they NEVER hear Murray Walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doug said...

Also... I've stood by Jenas thick & thin but that pen made Gareth Southgate's at Euro 96 look like Berbatov.

onedavemackay said...

Robinson moved too early. The Gomez save from Steed was brilliant but we should have won it in the 120 mins if Keen or Berba had had Bents chances it would have all been over.

However, as a team we are starting to look like serious contenders with a really good keeper and another decent striker we could really go places.


doug said...

Just calmed down enough to have a barely rational thought... Zokora? Chimbonda? Where the F was Lennon? Surely he'd be above those two in the pecking order???? (well done Zoko though).

Thankfully Hutton is in next season & Bale will be back... Benty - Loan him out to Europe for a season so that he can learn some craft (we'll never get any money for him)!

doug said...

+ Taxi for Chimbonda

Anonymous said...

Jenass - fuck off, Bent - fuck off, Chimbo - fuck off, Robinson - fuck off, YPL - fuck off, Zokora - fuck off. everyone else - you can stay (but im watching you)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see all the 'fans' aren't jumping on the players backs after a hard fought game against a team who didn't play over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

On the web it says that Bent is on £73K a week - record signing.

He is rubbish, and a not to metion the other record signing in recent years i.e rebrov - both a complete waste of money.

If we ever want to be a dominat force in football in the Premier league and Europe i.e. European Cup, not the mickey mouse UEFA cup:

then we must not tolerate players who are simply not good enough i.e

*Bent - criminally the worst of the lot, with a bent striking foot, and a complete lack of guile in his play!!!!

* taninoa - lack of fitness!

* Lee-young - not good enough!

* Zokora - weak at breaking up play!

* Lennon - has no anility to hold up the ball, or stop oppostion players from stealing it from him!

* Robbo - lacking 5% of games. 5% too much!

As usual we need a major overhaul -lets se what £40M can buy us in the Summer - no duffers I hope!

Marc said...

i watched my 10 year old nephew play a match at the weekend and he managed to hit and score a penalty with far more conviction and determination than that arse Jenas. fair enough it against a 3 foot high ginger kid with braces and a limp but still......

I felt that was Jenas' chance to prove himself as a player, that he had matured and improved. He didnt.

At least now its all over, and we can start looking forward to next season. In the short time Ramos has been there he has proved himself to be nothing short of a genius and i feel that next season is going to be a big one for the club. We need to clear out some of the shit, bring in a few quality players and i then honestly feel we will push to become a top 4 team.


And chin up boys, its not often we can boast winning a cup, beating Chelsea in a final and beating Ar***** 5 - 1 along the way.

doug said...

A well fought game indeed and everyone did their bit over 120 mins... Anon 11.12 is right there... and as Marc said, there are so many positives to take from this season and the new 'Ramos era'.

I just hope that Comolli doesn't get left alone to pick a new striker... we could end up with Leroy Lita for £20m!

COYS and here's to finishing the league season with our tails up and a trophy safely in the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry mate but you are f**king awful and it is a crime to put you in the same team as Berbie and you can see the frustration in Berbie's face. 16 million quid ...... a joke!!!

He had two chances to score and fluffed both and adds nothing...... for someone playing to "force his way into the team" he offers us nothing... get rid!!

I heard on the radio that Ramos is tracking potentially six spanish players to bring in in the summer...... cannot come soon enough for my liking hopefully then we can hold onto the ball and retain possession for more than two passes. I thought PSV were there for the taking today and we should have wrapped the match up in normal time.

Robinson is IMHO a bloody useless penalty saver. PSV must have stuck the ball to his left about five times.... the save he made was to his left and yet he kept diving to the right even before the player had taken the frigging kick.... muppet.. get rid!!!

Thought Jenas went missing most of the evening..... Lennon is ...........well what exactly is he at the moment. He comes on in second half and does squiddly dit. He should have run them ragged but seems unable to go past players like he used to. He still can't pass , shoot or cross.

Chimbonda ............................... bye bye...... hope you enjoy the crack at Newcastle... you will need your leg warmers up their mate and your gloves and thermals.

Keano has gone off the boil and resorts to flicks and falling over but he is still our talisman with Berbie....

We have really missed Bale he adds so much width and attacking threat and can take a free kick..

Oh well thats our season bolloxxxed but at least Ramos can now concentrate on getting what he wants from Spain and if we can hold onto Berbie and dump the dross then I think we really will be an outfit to be reckoned with next season....

dannyboy MK1 said...

All you twats jumping on players backs. Yeah, I'm gutted too, but listen to you all. If Gomes hadn't have produced a world class save in the 120th minute, what a different reaction it would have been. Truth is, we lost the tie last week when we never showed up, even Berbatov. Gallant effort from all tonight, but alas it was not to be. Write with reason, not knee jerk.


Harry Hotspur said...

Rant? You can't handle the rant!

Yes yes yes we're all hurt, but the Pascal penalty was beyond anger inducing. I am f*cking furious with the useless c*nt.

Their goalie was even worse than Sir Flapalot, yet our boy could not even hit the 'target'. Beyond Angry with that retard.

Jenas? F*ck me, what a LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME go at it. Get this c*nt away from me, please.

Harry Hotspur said...

The HH Charm School is closed until H can get the 'painters out.'.....

Harry Hotspur said...

Hurt? I'm bleeding here.......

theshelfer said...

people always say penalties are a lottery, but in reality they are the time when a player proves if he has the bottle.

What is the probability that a goalie can dive the wrong way for all but one of the pens? Even Robbo must know he is on the way out.

Jenas has it all, but he is a choker. If he had half the bottle that the kid O'Hara has then he would be a world beater.

Chimbonda - I suppose he missed because he thinks that he should be on more money if he is expected to take penalties.

Anonymous said...

I recall Keane missing a pen recently, would you describe him as a 'bottler'. Losing on penalties hurts, but if you looked at the players it looked like it hurt them even more. Chimbonda had a good game, and his body language after his miss summed it all up. As Poyet said, to miss a penalty first you have to have the bollocks to stand up and take it.

I don't mind criticizing players over a lack of effort or skill, but dismissing them because they missed a spot kick is a bit rich. Plenty of world class players have missed penalties before and many will miss them after today too.

Bent had a good game, forced a brilliant save from the cartoon faced gomes and gave a good account of himself considering his lack of first team action. Why some of you think that we're going to get a world class striker to replace him and sit on the bench week in, week out is beyond me.

theshelfer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
theshelfer said...


I get fed up with hearing things like penalties are a lottery, and you have to have bollocks to take one in the first place. Well, that is bollocks as well.

Taking penalties requires skill and bottle. A bit more bottle and a bit more skill and we would be in the quarters. Instead, we are playing to finish in the top half. Did you ever think Berbs was going to miss his?
Ever wondered why England keep getting knocked out on penalties. Its not because they are a lottery, its because the other lot are better.

There have always been suggestions that Jenas and Chimbonda have something missing. The former does not make enough of his talents, and the latter is more concerned about money than glory. My point is that their misses tonight are just another piece of evidence that they are not the full monty.

As for Robbo, I don't think he is a bottler, he is just not good enough.

BimitarDerbatov said...

i'm going to wait till the morning to post my comments coz right now i'm just too upset and i might say something i'll regret..

good night to you all..

ChicagoSpur said...

I am an American so maybe I do not understand the game well enough. But when I try to look cool to my English friends when they ask why Spurs lost on penalties to a side that had only lost one other home game all year (to Real Madrid), if I understand correctly I am supposed to say:
Lee is shit;
Chimbo is shit because he missed a penalty;
Zokora is shit because he gives the ball away cheaply;
Jenas is shit because he missed a penalty;
Bent is shit because he is "bottler" (that will make me extra cool. Also maybe someone will explain how being "full of bottle" is good but being a "bottler" is bad)
Lennon is shit because he did impose his will on the game;
Malbranque is shit because he missed a sitter and he did not take the penalty instead of Chimbo.
Huddlestone was shit as his set pieces were terrible.
Robbo is shit because he telegraphed which way he was going on the penalties.

Did I miss anything? I really want to win the pessimistic loser award this week.

GRAZZA said...

Me? Gutted? Yes.

Proud - Yes.

Anonymous said...

At least HH agrees with me regarding the pen misses, Jenas, lame. Chimbonda, c#nt etc.

Seems we disagree regarding their goalie though. If he's "worse than Sir Flapalot" (the Dutch press think he's one of if not the best goalie in the world BTW) what does that make Paul Robinson?

Gomes dived the right way for all but two pens I think, Hudds and Chimbonda's. Obviously you don't need to dive the right way for that mercenary tw@t's "effort". He did all but save O'Hara's pen, getting hands to it, but the power in the shot was enough for the ball to go in off the post. JJ should have taken a leaf out of Jamie's book, and hit it as hard as he could. As theshelfer said "if Jenas had half the bottle O'Hara has... etc."

Still. Curious as to why Steed did not take a pen. Certainly why didn't he step up before the mercenary, at least?

Nice to see Zok finally hit the back of the net for Spurs. He obviously wanted to prove he could score, so he "scored" twice!!!

Now. About "our" keeper. Too many shortcomings (there's a height pun in there too). Dived too early most times (no doubt trying to make up for his lack of inches). Tried to do "a Dudek" vs AC Milan. Robbo would have saved the first pen by standing still! Simply not good enough. A taller fella for next year please. The type of goalie fans make banners for proclaiming their greatness etc. Did you see the PSV fans had made a banner for their goalie? I'd take him over Robbo any day of the week. Harry and I may disagree on this one! But I suspect he'll agree we need to replace "England's No. 4".

Anonymous said...

to beat PSV 1-0 at their gaff is a good result, however when it went to penalties i think we all knew what would happen.

fair play to chimbo for volunteering to take a pen, however where were the likes of steed and lennon.

surely players with an eye for goal should have stood up to take one before it got to chimbo.

Anonymous said...

Nice entry photo, HH. Here's a caption for it:
"Sometimes the gods let us shine for a while,so that our fall will be bigger when they strike us down to the place where we belong."
All's well that ends well for me.
The one and only:

Egg said...

Their keeper had the arms of an orangutan and the face of a rat with a large proboscus. We never had a chance as soon as it went to Pens and I am gutted that we could not win it in normal or extra time. As soon as we scored, you could sense that 1/2 the team thought that the job was done... I hope Berbatov gives us another chance although I fear he is sick of being let down by the retards that he is surrounded by...

Anonymous said...

"if Jenas had half the bottle O'Hara has"

Never going to happen no matter what his worshippers think, but Levy's pool boy will always be guaranteed his starting place.

Jared said...

Back the fuck off Jenas, his penalty wasn't the worst thats ever been made, it took a great save to stop it.

Sometimes I feel sick being a spurs fan as half of us seem to revel more in the defeats then the victories. We beat PSV at home, we would have scored a few more had gomes not pulled some amazing saves, and it seems half of you are taking the opportunity to kick the lads while they're down.

I'm all for ambition and going forwards as a team, but we also have to support the lads when mistakes happen. Every player went of their way and ran their hearts out last night (except lee perhaps), even Robinson had a good game. All they're met with is criticism and insults.
Blah blah Robinson is shit cause he only saved one pen...
Blah blah Jenas bottled his pen and struck it at a decent height for the keeper...
Blah blah Chimbonda is shit cause he missed a pen (no ones ever done that before, and lets forget he made a great assist)
Blah blah Bents shit because he missed a couple of chances (so did steed, huddle and berba, but we like them)...

How about well played lads, desperately unlucky but it wasn't to be. I'm utterly gutted that we're out, but I'm still proud of the lads last night.


EL said...

I think it's outrageous that some of you are slaughtering Jenas on the basis of a missed penalty, when he's obviously done enough to prove his lack of ability during the past two seasons. I know I keep saying it but it seems to get ever more evident that our current midfield is simply not good enough. They do well on some occasions, especially against a premiership side, when it's all hard work, tough tackling and breaks, but against a fairly well organised euro side we seem to be devoid of guile not to mention a fcuking litany of misplaced passes while under no pressure whatsoever. And what on earth is starting Thud at right wing all about? Leaving a proper right winger on the bench and playing a much slower central midfielder in his place during a game, in which, according to our manager, we needed to attack from the start, makes me seriously question Wendy's valuation of Lennon. I can only guess as to what he privately makes of the likes of Jenas, Zokora, Malbranque, Tainio, Boetang, Huddlestone, Taarabt and O'hara, none of which to my mind, are good or consistant enough to form a top 4 midfield between them. If we don't manage to aquire an extremely good left winger & ballsy playmaker in the summer, I think we'll again find ourselves struggling to make top 6 or 7 whether we have the new 'special one' at the helm or not.

And if that was the best the dutch league has to offer, they're in worse shape than scotland!

shanemac said...

not a misplaced word there for me. 100% agree. i commend the boys for their effort, which was often lacking lack season and the beginning of this one, but if the talent isn't there, there's not a shite in hell they or Juande can do about it. all our attacking play last night consisted of long balls from midfield up to the box where it pinged around a bit and sometimes someone got a foot on it. zero creativity. i cringe every time i see robinson hoof it up field. it may work sometimes against the likes of wigan and fulham, but for God's sake it cannot be our primary, secondary, or even tertiary strategy.

bottom line is that we need an complete makeover in the midfield. an infusion of artistry if you will. that means 2-3 proven players. i'm starting to wonder about lennon as well. perhaps it's the lack of talent alongside him that makes him seem incredibly one-dimensional, but he's not showing us much these days. hopefully splashing out on a few star midfielders, a new third striker along with a serious challenger at keeper will convince berbagod to stick it out with us. i'm not holding my breath, however.

i'd also like to give a happy fuck you to scots. i'm not sure what it is that has made you such miserable sods, but watching any sporting event in scotland in which an english side is playing any foreign side is just appalling. is there some alliance between the dutch and the scottish that i'm unaware of? some historical bond that leads you scream and shout in support of PSV Eindhoven? what in the world would lead you to support them over an english team? You're not fucking dutch, you're fucking British. it's bloody childish to bear such deep resentment.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm quite happy to accept a high degree of sporting anti-sentiment from the Scots, Welsh & Irish. Why turn down something we(the English) spent several hundred years earning?