Sunday, February 24, 2008

BIOYC! Carling Cup Predictions

My Indian spirit guide, Dave, says 3-2 to the Tottenham. Whilst his info is historically ropey, I can't argue against him. This game has neutrals everywhere interested as the likelyhood of goals galore is somewhere between very high and a bang on certainty.

Seemingly universal hate figure Mark Lawrenson says 2-1 to Tottenham. Sir Bobby Robson thinks Chelsea will 'edge it' as we won't have anything on the bench to change the game should they go ahead. Well, Bob, no one would blame you for looking at Bent and scratching your head, but this is rather conveniently overlooking the plethora of players in the first team who do know where the net is.

My bet is King to score at anytime at 16/1, both teams to score at 8/11 and a 3-2 win which comes in at around 55/1.

My team:
Zokora Hutton King Woodgate
Jenas Taarabt Malbranque O'Hara
Berbatov Keane
My guess at Juande's:
Zokora King Woodgate Hutton
Chimbonda Jenas Malbranque O'Hara
Berbatov Keane


Anonymous said...

Hutton King Woodgate Chimbonda
Lennon Zakora Jenas Steed
Berbtov Keane

Cerny, Tanio, Huddlestone, O'Hara, Bent.

2-1 to Tottenham.

Sydney Wale

Anonymous said...

Haar i know we've improved under Ramoes but i still cant believe you think we'll beat Chelsea with 10 men?

Anonymous said...

On Route.. Now !


hossam of the hotspur said...

You must be confident Harry if you think we can beat them with ten men.

Hutton Woodgate King O'Hara
Lennon Jenas Huddlestone Malbranque
Berbatov Keane

Harry Hotspur said...

I'm consistant. I'll give me that....

Anonymous said...

I love that old Faces of Wembley footage. Curious how Berbatov looks similar to Gilzean. The same tall, languid, elegant figure; similar face, too, in some ways.

Today, I see us skimming over the turf like skaters on ice. I see the ball as a laser-guided puck, pinging from one Spurs player to the next.

I see Spurs players running with incontestable speed and stamina throughout the game. I see 11 Lilywhites thinking as one unit, knowing where each team member is and what he wants.

I see the ball sticking to Spurs' feet, as if it didn't want to be anywhere else on the pitch. I see it moving swiftly and smoothly along golden threads, from one Spurs player to another.

I see Spurs' shots rocketing onto goal, with quickness, power and accuracy. I see our craft, speed and directness confounding our opponents.

I see our players enjoying themselves. I see them thriving. I see them gliding through the opposition as if with greased sides. I see them as ghosts, appearing out of nowhere to bemuse and perplex.

I see Ramos, the matador, use his players like swords, going for the jugular. I see clearly Spurs players scoring. I see the ball billowing the back of the opposition net. How many times? I see one, two... three... Four? Collectively the boys can do it. Collectively we can will it. Noise, thunder, support. Will it. Believe it.

I see Spurs triumphant. I see Spurs victorious. The phoenix is rising and Spurs are on fire.


9.37 Anon

Christopher said...

I'm going for a 3-1 win with Chavski scoring first, simply because I think we'll do better fighting back than sitting back.

Hat-trick for Berba anyone?? 66/1?

Harry Hotspur said...

Silk & Dynamite....

Chirpy said...


Hutton Ledders Woody Chimbo

Lennon Jenas Thuddlestone Steed

Keano Berba


Can't believe you're still banging on about Taarabt. If his hype is to be believed then he should be playing every game, however the glimpses we've had of him don't warrant his inclusion today surely. Personally I think he has a long way to go, particularly team-contribution and attitude wise.

Christopher said...

Robinson (provided he doesn't hoof the ball EVERY time)

Hutton King Woodgate Chimbonda

Steed Ohara Jenas Lennon

Keane Berbatov

Cerny Steed THudd Tainio Bent

Fuck defensive subs, just push and run.

Anonymous said...

anyone know when we are likely to see Gilberto???

Harry Hotspur said...

I really don't know if Taarabt is an answer. But I do like the idea of 'A' Taarabt...

I'd like him given two or three games so we can get a proper look. If he's pants I'll glady campaign for his deportation/ execution.

Simon said...

I'm staying up for this one ready to watch a sunrise over Brisbane with the sound of the Spurs fans ringing in my ears as ledders lifts it aloft.

Now all I need os a good p2p stream......