Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dos Santos Bid Looks Iffy.....

Great to see Spurs Odious AT LAST sharing the wealth with us regular fans....

Archibald is an unrelenting good source of information, but what their lead article doesn't share is that two other clubs are also very much in. Considering I get lamblasted for pandering for hits, I have to say I'm at least curious to know why they didn't see fit to share ALL the info.
Obviously old habits die hard at SO.... Oh to be part of the in~crowd... Oh I am!

"We are after him big time from Barca.

Chelsea in for him 2 as are AC milan

they may release him on loan

Ramos to use agent in Spain to try and get him

15m Euros


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you couldnt be original if you tried mate!

Anonymous said...

HH the Kofi Anan of the Spurs it.

Anonymous said...

we should do all we can to get this geezer. We need players like him to be able to progress. Did anyone else see the Zidane article from the daily mail? what bollocks

mike10 said...

Harry your 98% spot on with your transfer info and if we get this kid it will be great. Do you know anything about us getting Jarque of Espanyol or any other CD for that matter.

p45 said...

The saddest part of Harry Hotspur's so called "exclusive blog" is his total disrepect for other forums/boards.

We are all Spurs fans at the end of the day, why can't we share info and give credit where it's due?

Tell me "Harry", a new year, new resolutions and all that, why do you have to be so bitter to other Spurs sites?

Harry Hotspur said...


Cheers. I am hesitant to 'run' anything that I don't feel is genuinely good stuff.

The Jan window is a modest looking affair for Spurs (and lot's of others that said) but I shall keep'em peeled!

Harry Hotspur said...

p45, please. SO's 'inner circle' nonsense is the OPPOSITE of sharing.

So your words are wholly disingenuous.

I credit when and ONLY when it is due.

Bitter? No,
Grumpy - sure.

Who is to tell the Yid in the street WHAT they are allowed to know? Get lost! Tell me all!!!

Anonymous said...

10.07 Anonymous Whats with the Harry in inverted commas or have you completely run out of ways to try and undermine a bloke who clearly spendt every day on Tottenham? Cheers Harry "" for all the work mate.

p45 said...


inner circle?

Geez you make SO sound like some sort of freemasons outfit which it is not.

Info between FTL/COYS/SO and other Spurs forums/sites is reciprocally shared and credited, you know that.

Come on, new year, Spurs fans together, this inter-forum bickering is childish nonsense.

drop me a line if you want to build bridges or keep them apart

mike10 said...

Second that 10.07. Harry the good thing is you dont feed us a load of shit,you seem to get transfers for us yids spot on and usally break the news a week or 2 before the player is holding up the shirt. BENT, KABOUL,BALE you called em, well done and keep up the good work. Fuck the others

Harry Hotspur said...

p45 I shall mate.

Let's see where we get...

Harry Hotspur said...

Easy Mike, trying to build not burn here son, LOL....

Are you are an SO plant!!!?

Only kidding.... I do appreciate your comment.

EL said...

Robinson must go.

Dawson possibly close behind.

An experienced playmaker with a mountainous presence HAS to be found.

Remember that 'great English' spine we had? Well turns out it's arthritic and fast crumbling.

Jenas & Zokora would be lucky to make the villa, everton, man city or portsmouth first teams.

What the fcuk's happened to the team that scraped two 5th places?
Was jol really that good? Is Comolli really that bad? Why can't our most expensive player ever, get a game? Why IS he our most expensive player? Why can't the current Uefa cup holding manager prise a fullback out of the scots league? Why, when young talent in other teams are going from strength to strength, do ours seem to be stuck in a time-capsule? Why can't we beat a disinterested mid-table B team?

We truly are a mismatched clusterfcuk of a side and we've spent how much since the end of last season? Including the Ramos contract?


You will be, after next weeks episode of,


Harry Hotspur said...


How dare you infiltrate this blog with top notch footy chat.

EL said...

p45 seems to be confusing Spurs blogs with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Fcuk him and his masonic brethren.

BURN that bridge Harry. This is no time for namby pamby love ins.

He slates you, and then wants a cuddle? Bollocks! He can't have it both ways.

Gay bastard.

ps. I've nothing against bastards.

Anonymous said...

"I am hesitant to 'run' anything that I don't feel is genuinely good stuff."
Good stuff like Arshavin, Emanuelson, Wilhelmsson, Petrov and a million other of tottenhams new recruits that harry has assured us of.
Sort your blog out Harry cut out the bullsh*t you mug.
The people that comment you saying "wow harry your blog is so amazing because you told us that one or two players that were obviously going to sign for us would sign, surprise surprise... did sign! about half an hour later"
wow harry you must have some amazing sources!

Harry Hotspur said...


Wow, a real cyber tough guy.

OOOOOOOOOOoh best I pack up and ask my Daddy where I ought run to.

You're right. My Wilhelmsson, Petrov exclusives backfired.


As..... you made them up.


Anonymous said...

"Sort your blog out Harry cut out the bullsh*t you mug"

lol, h proof this the best! take care & god bless.

Anonymous said...

I watched Dos Santos play last night against Mallorca and there wasnt much to watch.

I appreciate he is a wonderkid but he is still a kid. Any youngster who practices everyday with the likes of Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto'o is going to learn stuff and become incredible.

To be completely honest, if Dos Santos comes to Spurs, he will not become half the player he would at Barcelona.

Furthermore, Dos Santos is an incredibly attacking player and is that what Spurs need right now? Up front he is too young to knock out the likes of Berbatov, Keane and Defoe (sorry Bent) but he could maybe replace Lennon on the right. However he doesnt seem to have a defensive brain cell in his immature skull, so this will leave Chimbonda(/Jenas) very exposed at right back.

My vote: Screw Dos Santos, concentrate on getting a worldclass defender with that 15million Euros that has been mentioned!!!!


chit said...

well i was in barcelona a few weeks ago and caught barca playing stuttgart in the final round of the champions league group stage. i've to say that dos santos looks the real deal and is very much the rich man's aaron lennon. he's more in the mould of cristiano ronaldo than ronaldinho..if ramos can get his hands on this kid..if only..

lisbon67 said...

Evening all something worth a watch

nothing dodgy

Check out our rivals chairman’s new plan a brand new stadium at a cost of 700 million but no word on how he is going to pay for it. Ohh and his company is 650 million in debt Add to this the Mutton story and the press up here lap it up. Anything to take the spotlight away from the hoops. Ohh by the way we have just extended the contract of one of the best goalies in the world.
Life is good being of the bhoys

lisbon67 said...

Just checked oot who your Chimbondas agent is the despicable Willie MCkay. You can bet he is flogging him to everybody. Ur pal who knows much