Thursday, January 10, 2008

Arsenal vs Tottenham: The Player Ratings!

So it was against a 'Reserve Side' or 'Wenger's Kids'. I make no apology for stating now, I'm bored. You pull on the shirt you play. If Uncle Wenger wishes to pull a twist and play his very best available eleven for the return leg you won't hear yelp from me.

We play the CLUB we are obligated to within the confines of the numerous competitions blah blah blah... It's beyond OUR control who anyone fields, yes? So If Gooners wish to accelerate bragging rights or establish in advance damage limitation, good luck to them.

In the words of a wise man, looked like he'd been our number one choice for years. He looked at ease. His saves were excellent and in particular his positional play far improved upon from previous games. Cerny is not just a sub, he's quality. Robbo needs to re-earn his spot. I believe he is capable but have no qualms over 'second' in command.

As Grazza said again..., nothing came down his wing. Clearly JR has guided him in the art of defending and consequently he remained largely in that position. Mmmmn... go figure, we looked much much better in that dept.

Much improved. Daws has had a turbulent time of it of late. Some pretty forgettable games. The addition of King was a huge boost. And why wouldn't it be?

What a performance. He was sweating up in the warm ups, but boy did he stand the pace. All the old traits, all the old reasons to marvel. Calm, thoughtful, immaculate touch and a presence that exuded confidence. He really was outstanding.

I thought he had a great game. Another spy who came in from the cold. Well done to the racist w*nkers at The Emptycrates for the heckles. We who love football salute you. Ars*nal, you really are TOILET.

Tremendous performance. He was physical, technical and bloody unlucky not to score. Steed has done nothing but give his all for the badge since he was first asked to look after it. Gawd Bless Yer Steedicus!

Not my MOTM either, but clearly a 'good' game. The goal was unexceptional, (nasty Harry) rather an expected execution ~ but what was evident to me was all his excellent closing down all over the park. His duff pass ratio was (nice Harry) virtually nil and certainly less than... Berba's.

A better showing than some of late. More crosses would've been welcome, but you can't have it all. His desire and pace were wonderful to see.

Yes, there were some faults in his performance. The corners weren't historic. No he ISN'T our saviour, but what we have here is a man with talent, wit to take instruction and the will to step up and give his all. My gut instinct is that Jamie is a professional footballer and one who enjoys wearing our shirt. Back him.

Another 'not good enough' performance. Harsh? This lad oozes ambition but comes across as... shackled. Does that make sense? I really feel there is a dynamic player in there but we're getting less than the full deal. Come on Ramos. Give him the neccessary nudge, sir.

A good game. Negatives? His touch let him down when he was through that time, but he knows that, so why linger? A good game, my only thought is that he could've caused more trouble.

Where do you start? Watching the recorded coverage this morning even the Speak Your Weight Machine that is Ray Wilkins melted and was cooing over his every move.
It was hilarious. Ray questioned a pass - "If the Bulgarian INTENDED THAT..."
After Raymondo had obviously had a chance to see it on the video again... " What we're seeing here is a master at work. Dimitar is quite an extraordinary talent. A pleasure to watch."

Mmmmn. Didn't like the Barnet and didn't like the miss. Could've probably coped with the former without the latter.


Tottinghams said...

Agreed, *most* of them played their socks off. Really gutted not to win when the performance really warranted it.

And about the racism thing - what do you expect from gooners, eh?

dannyboy said...

Just the 1 comment from me, regarding O'Hara. Watching on Sky Sports, what spoke volumes was in about the 25th minute; when he dribbled to the half way line, was looking for someone to pass to, no-one available and lost it, whoever was out of shot (Keane? Malbaranque?) got an absolute roasting from the lad! In my opinion, that one moment made all the Spurs players look up and changed the game - we dominated after that. Like Harry rightly says, the boy won't be our saviour but he has bundles of talent and is one to watch; in the side on merit. A big well done to Ramos for continually playing him, after selecting him in the 1st place. If Jol was still here, do you think he would be on loan at Millwall or sold to Colchester for 100K by now ???


Anonymous said...

We were fantastic . We closed them down and out played em. We must be cursed by gypsies or something they just seem to have an indian sign over .F**KING LUCKY C*NTS.

Harry Hotspur said...

On his way down the A Dozen to Colchester, mate.

Raf_THFC said...

A real performance of heart, grit and determination - and plenty of skill.

Raised my spirits tremendously, Ramos, you are the man.

Spot on with your comments Harry.

Anonymous said...

Harry sorry mate i know your not discussing transfers but have you heard sissoko has gone to juve tonight and werve signed tiago

Anonymous said...

Good analysis Mr H (nice anon). Don't always concur but my guess is you throw stuff in to get us yapping anyway mate (nasty anon).

Loadsa positives and as you say let'em f*cking bring out their 1st team. We ain't sh*t.

frontwheel said...

Very positive game.

Sorry Robbo, but enough's enough. Everyone loves you but we can't carry you. How many points have you cost us this season?

Cerny was pretty good, made saves without dramatic 'look at me punches' like you know who.

Ledders: Absolute hero, although I wish he'd had a shot at the end of his magnificent run down the middle.

Daws: Played well (because he's next to King).

Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeed: Bossed it but needs target practice.

O'Hara: Impressive. Under JR's wing who knows what he can achieve? He gives hope to our Pekharts etc.

JJ: Got involved for once.

Berba: What can I say? Fluid poetry.

Keane: Below par, but I still love my boy.

Wipey: Goal really wasn't his fault. Shit happens.

Aaron: Meep meep, where's he gone.

Boateng: Jury's out. might have been a major waste of money. Prove me wrong please. Well done for keeping the same haircut as last week.

Which leads me on to...

JD: Just get a tattoo reading ' I like looking stooopid' on your forehead and then:

a) save money on haircuts that say the same

b) put those easy ones IN!

Oh yeah, ChimWonga: Adequate but F.O. if you like.

Overall: Excellent. Play like that & (with rub-of-green) we'll beat fulham reserves on Sat, Reading and the woolwich at home.




Harry Hotspur said...

10.04 Never apologise to me!!

No I haven't, mate. Tiago, you say,eh?

Anonymous said...

i think that was the best i seen spurs play this yr arsenal looked shooked

and it was one of the best game ive seen Jenas play, jenas and Berbs was the dogs Bxlloxs

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see merson having a hissy fit after the match saying that we could'nt even beat the arscum kids.Totally embarassed himself what a C*NT.

sydney wale said...

Lucky Lucky Arsenal.....what can you say? More fire in the belly for the return and I think we can get over them. We can match them in most departments and with a bit of luck we can do it!! All in all, I'm upset that we didn't finish them off but it's still all up for grabs and makes the game at the Lane something to look forward to. Stay fit Ledders!!

(Bring It On Anytime You Cads!)

onedavemackay said...

In truth all the starting 11 played well. Impressed that Ramos is strong enough to drop Robbo, I think Cerny has warranted more starts and if BMJ had dropped Robbo earlier we all might have benefited. That was certainly a much stronger game from JJ but the one who took charge in the middle of the park was O' Hara as dannyboy said.

However, more important than the result is the fact that we seem to have a manger who sees attack as the best form of defence, brings out the best in his players, is brave and knowing in his substitutions and tactically is absolutely top drawer. I commend him to the brotherhood of Hotspur.


Bring em all on we ain't scared of anyone!

Anonymous said...

With King back at the heart of defence we looked much more solid. Dawson started to play like we know he can and Cerny looked secure and experienced. This gave the whole side a spine to build on. Steed is a revelation this season, Jenas shut down well but his distribution is still poor.Lennon showed sparks of his old pace but still has some way to go to get back to his previous form.OHara has a real spirit and passion to his game and the fact that he does show emotion in the middle of the park is great. He will mature and get better and I think he is a real prospect. Keano made some good runs but should have put at least one of his chances away. Berbatov was majestic and strokes the ball around with such finesse.He is the epitomy of what I always loved about Spurs... their class and swagger. Defoe needs to sign a new contract, get his hair sorted and start to win over Ramos if he wants to truly stay..

Ramos looks the part and could be the best manager/coach we have had for a long time. I cannot see him excepting Commolis choice of player if it is not what he wants and that has to be good news..

I would love to see a quality cb and two tricky technically gifted midfield playmakers from Spain who can open up spaces for our front players and who can be acquired at a reasonable cost.

Anonymous said...

The tide has turned and that's the end of the Arsenal luck. We will beat them at WHL. However, now that Ramos has dropped Robbo, he needs to do the same with many more chances can he miss?

Harry Hotspur said...


Nice work.

EL said...

Superb round-up Harry.

Dannyboy, I noticed the 25th minute O'Hurrah moment too and it sent a tiny tingle down my spine. The boy's got the heart of a Roberts.

I also couldn't help noticing that ray wilkins managed to say of the goons, during the opening 15 minutes, "they really are great to watch", no less than 4 times in around a minute and a half. I don't remember him saying it once for the rest of the game however.

Call me a reactionary but that Defoe missed sitter at the end was the last straw. I like the fella but it's time we moved him on. Fresh starts all round.

Agree with keeping Cerny in.

Disagree that the tide has evidently turned. It'll take a bit more than this but it's a useful start. The tie is by no means ours as some seem to think. Do we ever learn?

Ramos has yet to show that he and the players are able to produce this sort of performance consistantly enough to be considered even close to the top 4. If we can comfortably win the next leg at home, the goons will undoubtedly claim that all we've done is improved enough to beat their 2nd eleven. And they'd be right. It could though be the momentum generating step forward we were all expecting at the start of the season.

Come on you Spurs!

Anonymous said...

I believe half the trouble with our defence has been the lack of confidence in Robinson. Dawson is a wonderful defender but has been looking very average because of Robinsons' 'scared rabbit' performances. Ok Ledley is back and he will always instil a calmness to any team but when your keeper doesn't know if he should come or stay, punch or catch, you are going to get uncertainty. If Chimb wants to go...let him go...Lee is ok but not a top four defender. I like Cerny but I think our number one target has to be a keeper you can believe in.


Anonymous said...

Arsenal were without 10 first team players in either half.

Spurs were playing their best available XI, bar Bale and Zokora.

You lot shouldn't be praising the dross Comolli and Co have assembled for the performance last night.

If you can't be an Arsenal side shorn of Almunia, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini, Rosicky and Adebayor then when can you beat Arsenal?

21 games and counting.

Anonymous said...

We may not yet have better players at Spurs than the Arse, but on the evidence of the last two encounters we are starting to play a more effective brand of football.

We have a better manager as well..

So 2 out of 3 means we have to start beating these bastards right!
By the law of averages surely!

4 Ever Hopeful said...

4-1 would have been about the right result on the balance of play and chances.

Big mistake to take off Malbranque and no surprise that subsequently their goal came from that flank.

King was great but clearly is not fit. Looked overweight?

Lee had his best ever game for Tottenham. Such a shame that luck little cry baby had to go and score at the end.

Defoe was an absolute waste of space.

Unlike all the pundits, I never really felt that Jenas and O'Hara dominated but they sure did a lot of closing down.

But best of all was seeing Robbo sititng on the bench with a face like a smacked arse. Hats off to Ramos.

I think the second leg will be a repeat of the Chelsea 2002. We are going to give them an absolute tonking.

GRAZZA said...


im still angry about Walnutt. When will i ever get over it? WILL i ever get over it?

dildo said...

my hi point of the game was when o'hara made walnut kid injure himself.

jenus had an off day being crap

i dont believe how any striker wud mis a sitter like defoe did.

great to see our capt making that run.

continue like this, we are definitely in the finals.


Anonymous said...

"I believe half the trouble with our defence has been the lack of confidence in Robinson."

Robinson's trouble has been a lack of confidence in a Kingless defence.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to watch the game tomorrow, or even better anyone got a spare ticket???

Anonymous said...

goon twat: Ramos wasnt in charge of the league game at our place and the one at yours with your BEST team we should of least of got a draw,should of won the other night and hopefully will be 3rd time lucky for JR! just you give it the bigun while you can mate Jol/rioch Wenger/Ramos catch my drift?

Harry Hotspur said...



Chirpy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chirpy said...


I've always somewhat revered those that have the courage to face their inner demons; However, Merson's 'the semi is Spurs final' comments were childish (“Twat”) and forced me to temporarily suspend this.

Also, the manner in which he delivered this gem to camera got me thinking; Being reminiscent of other drunks who I've had the misfortune to discuss the Arse* - Spurs 'special relationship' with. Then, lo and behold in today's thelondonpaper, beacon of truth that it is, I read that the very same toothless crack-whore (no disrepect intended, if you like the pipe or need extensive dental work) has been ejected from his 'luxury' apartment in the Midlands for non-payment of mortgage - having blown the money on drink and gambling.

Respect fully dissipated.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Paul Merson is some pr*ck alright...