Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Wigan Athletic Predictions

I'm going out on a limb here and predicting a win. By at least two goals.

No rocket science employed, just a combination of JR's first league home tie, Berbatov staying 'til at least Thursday week - subject to his Aunt Dolly's say so ...

And there's poor old Wigan's current plight. No first choice goalie and 'born again England striker' Emile Heskey injured.

Frank Barlow, Football manager says...

"Everything's got to be controlled because as soon as there's a sign of losing control mentally, you'll take a massive knock on the field,"


"We're not looking for miles, we're looking for inches,"


"Football's such a game of ups and downs"


"Little things make such big differences that you should never, ever go with any other feeling than thinking you can win the game. If you do that, you're beaten before you start."

Both of today's managers are studying English a a foreign language.

Anytime scorer Kev Boateng 9/2
Spurs to win by two goals 11/4

Here's my selection:



The Prince



Anonymous said...

tainio is shite

Anonymous said...

I think we'll see Chimbo instead of Kaboul with Stalteri at right back.Also Jenas in the middle even tho you don't like him and Malbranque instead of Tainio.

shanemac said...

i agree with your selection entirely, Harry, except it would make more sense to me to have malbranque and tainio in the middle and taarabt on the left. the prince hasn't been convincing, why not give Adel a chance? he was inspiring in those games he did play, and he's got some meat on his bones so i think he'll be able to withstand some of the tough premier league tackling for an entire match. I would love to see him today. if jenas and zokora are the two starting centre midfielders today i'm going to pull out my hair and officially let the seeds of doubt be planted in my mind with regards to the existence of juande ramos's spine.


ps. i just saw the unveiling of tutankhamen's face on the bbc, and it instantly reminded me of benoit assou-ekoto. weird?

Anonymous said...

Good call considering our injuries. As for Dawson and Kaboul? Ouch! Tanio shit? At least he gets stuck in, ala Bill Nicks, 'If only we had 11 Johnny Pratt's out there!' JP had heart if little else and never sulked, and we'll never forget the howitzer he scored against the Gooners! And don't knock Ramos' selections when he has to work with others peoples signings, he'll make the best of it. HH for president! COYS!

Anonymous said...

Chimbonda Dawson Kaboul Lee

Lennon Boateng Zokorra Tarabbt/Mal

Keane Berbatov


onedavemackay said...

Frank Barlow comments are hysterical maybe he could become our official spokesman?

Why not Tanio as the defensive midfielder, at least he gets stuck in with Steed in the middle of midfield ?

Apparently, "Crimewatch" are doing a special on Ghaly soon

Harry Hotspur said...

Agree (what a suprise) with the John Pratt comments..

TT has served up some naff games but I think not as many as JJ.

He does play with heart and whilst that often isn't enough it's a welcome sight.

He tackles like a trooper and against Wigan, he won't struggle.


nickspurs said...

I hear those t*ossers at the mirror have an exclusive with his aunt dolly tomorrow.

I do think Kaboul should get a go at CB. Dropping him once as 'rotation' is fine, twice will kill his confidence and we don't need any more players losing that.

I'd also like to see the lad taarabt get on as a sub (hopefully when we're 2 goals to the good though...

I'm going for 2-1. 2-0 up, Wigan pull one back and then an uncomfortable last 20 mins as per usual. Berbatov to score both and release a half-smile.

RobbyK said...

Only Keane and Malbranque are playing anywhere near form so they gotta start. As for the rest...Jenas feckin annoys me but, for some reason he looked half the part on Thursday and I suspect he knows that if he doesn't produce he'll be out in Jan and who would have him at the mo?...Wigan? Jenas to score against them today.

Anonymous said...


ekotto king tut


love it.

Anonymous said...

you're pushing Kevin 'Ponce' Boateng to score at 9/2? u really are a lemon Harry

Harry Hotspur said...

I may well be a lemon, but calling our Kev a ponce is a bit strong...

If you have watched him play & I'm sure you have, he does give every indication he's capable of 'scoring a goal'.

I'm having a couple of shillings on that now just to spite you.

dannyboy said...

sounds like jenas is playing a blinder. maybe he reads my posts! come on son - hat-trick today if you please; but no doubt some of the doubters will say 'it's only wigan' so I'll say it before they do :)


Harry Hotspur said...

It's only Wigan!

Who cares mate, great to hope at least that JR may be unlocking JJ?

Looking forward to the highlights for the first time in a while...

Vinny said...


Maybe it was MJs fault for not getting the best out of JJ afterall...;0)

I hope so anyway, as it would be one less midfield signing we'd have to make, but he's got a lot to prove before we start jumping to conclusions, as has Zokora and the Thud.

Yeah it is only Wigan, but 4 goals and a cleansheet is comprehensive enough to suggest the magic Juande may be beginning to take effect.


Anonymous said...

So, Berbatov is back. This proves form has little to do with the body and a lot to do with the mind.For the first time since the 13th May he played. He was everywhere and did it with excellence. He deserved a goal, but it will come, as the rest is ok. If that's not a fighter and a leader I don't know what is. And as Ramos said, that's what he has to be.In the end Ramos was pleased.

So, was it the pressure? the stick from the media, the fans and the bosses? was it pride and survival?was it Ramos's baby food? or did his ex-wife stopped being ex? or did the gods forgive his hubrys?Only he knows, and I don't think he'll tell us...

dannyboy said...

anon 7.20

I think you'll find only Nemesis knows and I'm sure he'll turn up like a bad penny and enlighten us, sooner or later ;-)


jolsgonemental said...

judging by his performance today and the pic in the bbc match report i reckon Ramos has Jenas on steroids.

YPL was a bit rubbish today but other than that a very good performance all round.

even Berbatov looked relatively interested.

4 games 1 conceded.

jimi jazz said...

Take a look at the home losses column for the top 6 teams right now. Pretty telling, I think. Time to reclaim the Lane, chaps.