Friday, November 09, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur: Thursday Night Highlights!

Better late than never.. My thanks yet again to the incredible who produce the goods that others don't. Kehl Kehl captured the footage.

And to the clown in today's The Sun who insisted in focusing upon Berba's lack of celebration, let me tell you, I don't care if he skinny dips in condensed milk or starts doing George Formby impressions after he scores. I just want him to score.


Anonymous said...

Cheers H. And 101. And Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Thanx H for coming up with the goods again

Woden said...

The reason behind Berb's lack of celebration is, IMO, because he is a perfectionist and he had just missed a gilt-edged opportunity when the defender blocked his first shot. He felt that although he had scored he had still let himself down by not finishing it earlier...

wildbilladitorf said...

spot on!

Anonymous said...

Who's this new Number 9 we've signed? Berbaton? High hopes for the feller. =P

Anonymous said...

this is something new - malbranque crossing with his left. and being good at that too.

ramos effect then?

Anonymous said...

Great to see that Steed was the provider for both goals

dannyboy said...

Harry delivers, yet again; well done my son.

Steeeeeeed is quickly becoming an important member of the team, never mind squad. Lesser opposition granted, but nonetheless. Great to see subs early as well and not minute number 85! Getting there. Massive game Sunday.


berbasgoneschizo said...

that goal was one off

to keep him under torture



Anonymous said...

nemesis you twat. do you sit here all day and night waiting to comment? it must be 3am in bulgaria. what a dickhead. i reckon ur wrighty7 in disguise. nob.

Anonymous said...

Baby food! News of the day is baby food. Everyone who knows his footie knows Ramos feeds his boys baby food.I thought he was already doing it.It's the magic potion. Bring on baby food to turn crying babies into men.

Harry Hotspur said...

Nemesis you ae getting up everyone's nose mate. Your comments are now 100% 'voices in my head' territory.

Being Bulgarian, it's possible you could provide some useful info for us all now and again. Instead you have degenerated into a shop soiled amateur dramatic Magic 8 Ball.

Get a grip?

Anonymous said...

he's not here to make sense, he's here because he gets no attention where he lives and was probably bullied at skool. I feel sorry for him, it must be horrible.

just let him get it off his chest but completely ignore it

shanemac said...

I hate that I'm even looking for this, but Berbatov clearly did smile after his goal. I'm so sick of reading in the papers and online about how he sulks and is moody. For Christ's sake he's a bloody footballer, not a television variety show host, so who cares if he's not overly ebullient? I think we're pretty much playing to keep him. If we could salvage that from this season then we're still in good shape for the future. Go on the Berbatov - Keane partnership: the only thing that's going right for us this season.

COYS, forever.

onedavemackay said...

Following on from his agent, Dad and Brother just read that Berba's Mum says he is definitely seeing out his contract. Now whilst I believe his Mum maybe his sister could get in touch just to confirm it. We'll then have the full set.

Nemesis has obviously been let out early and is not taking his medication.

Anonymous said...

Oy tosspots dont compare me with that Nemesis twat! Im a class above him and all u Spuds so do one. By the way, you're all boring. Wrighty7

hossam of the hotspur said...

Wrighty, I have only been reading this blog for a few months but you must be 7 1/4 by now

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, they know all about me!


I'm a nob, a dickhead, a twat?

I'm mental?

Let me enlight you, ignorant idiots.
Who told the media his father coached him and behaved like a 9 year-old " all I want is to make my parents happy" moron?
Who uses his family to let the media know the things he cannot tell himself?
Now his mum is telling the truth but his brother and father were lying?

If Berbatov is so good, let him show it, cause all we've seen since he came back from holidays is SHIT. Was it the media? Bull!!!He's just like bloody Mouninho everytime he made a mistake looking for excuses, blaming the others and faking conspiracy theories.
No wonder when the mask falls he goes schizo.
And now chew on that!


Anonymous said...

Got your point, Nemesis. The guy is a fake. Let's hope he learned his lesson.
The Mirror has got two good pieces about Berbs. For one tells us that Ramos is not buying his bluffs as Jol did. As it is, soon he will be benched and sold to a minor club. That's why he had to change strategy and his mum was now the last resort to back the new approach.The second is asking the obvious question: why does he think he's so good if statistics show he's only average? It all happened last year, he wasn't like that before. Was it only our media with its hype? Don't think so. I believe he played a dangerous game and got beaten at it. Let's hope he comes back to Earth and realizes he's as good as he was in Germany, back to his old self. He's no better than Spurs and truly not good enough for Man U.

Vinny said...

Dear oh dear...I see the usual nutcases have been let out for the day!

Shane Mac made me laugh though;

"For Christ's sake he's a bloody footballer, not a television variety show host"

Classic line mate!...true in a way though, we have to accept the man Berbatov is an introvert...but so what as long as he's committed 100% to the cause.

The days of characters like Gazza are long gone, so we shouldn't be too hard on him if he looks like a miserable git and fails to give each of us a personal phone call to tell us how he really appreciated our support!

Harry Hotspur said...

I haven't read any words of wisdom from his mother but the 'article'with his brother was a tour de force of embarrassment.

My first question has to be is Berba's brother's bird Yoko Ono's stuntman? My second is did he do the interview in exchange for food?

There was something decidedly sorry about the whole tone of his words.

All a bit Borat.

onedavemackay said...

Apparently Borat says he's staying as well .

Harry Hotspur said...


So that's a chicken and 2 litre tub of goat fat for every male over the age of 8 in the village.

A weight off my mind.

Anonymous said...


I chewed and it tasted as shit as it read.

You can't cook.

Try again but bake it for longer.

much longer.

flopberbasgoneschizo said...

Ah, where was I?

Yeah, cooking, as suggested by the idiot above.And guess what? It worked. It took much longer, as long as the match, and it was not the 'hat-trick'. It was a hat full of shit.

You ask for it. Now chew on it. He can't score. Not, if I can cook it.Thanks for the help.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and as a final courtesy of yours truly here, now he goes back to mum, dad and little bro (and other darlings)to see his national team being kicked out of EURO 2008.

Looks like the cooking is international!!!