Monday, November 12, 2007

Tottenham Are Better Than Duran Duran: GOALS ON FILM

It would appear that Jenas, temporarily anyway, has confounded his legions of unconvinced detractors yet again. A pair of cooly taken, welcome goals and a performance that hints at the quality his die hard supporters assure us is there.

El, in an earlier blog is right however, we'll need to see this class of contribution more regularly than every dozen games or so.

Elsewhere Berbatov looks menacing again, not just to home fans wanting a sign from the Messiah. And Benty strikes home a ball that looked about twenty times harder than the one he fluffed on Thursday. Funny old game.

Wigan were easier fare than I had thought, but no shame in that. We need to sharpen our teeth on something as we embrace the thankless task of chasing all the points we squandered since the season started.

video captured by funnyvosoccer


Woden said...

Live in South Korea and watched this live on:

Every Spurs game is watchable live throug this address. Spurs in Korean is 토트넘 or maybe type 'EPL' into the search. To get the TV player up click on the little blue telly next to the little green one, this brings it up (it doesn't work on mozilla). When Spurs are playing type into the search and you wil get em, they access any satellite who is showing Spurs (I seen em on Italian, Dutch and Korean channels).

We have little Young-pyo to thank, he is a legend over here...I don't have the heart to tell em he is crp!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers Woden.

Afreeca is notoriously difficult to get working.

I think we have a few games on the bounce now that are available by more conventional routes, but come the next one that is 'off the radar' I'll 100% give this a go.

Live streaming has all got a bit 'hot' of late - any chance you might email me any additional instructions like software I might need to accomodate this stream?


sydney wale said...

He's not crap Woden, he is a proper battling full back in the best tradition. Well played Wipey! Proud to see you play full on every game.

jolsgonemental said...

he was shite yesterday tho.

too close proximity to Titus Bramble perhaps.

Woden said...

I know he's not crap, but would rather not have to play him if I 'm honest.

As far as I know you should be prompted with a link to download any software needed for the matches...maybe the connection isn't as good when outside Korea because the matches I seen from here have had not problems really...

GRAZZA said...

JGM was right to give Titus a dis-honourable mention.

He was gloriously, comically bad yesterday.

Wipey didnt have his best game yesterday you could even see he was frustrated with his own performance at times, struggles without Bale in front of him imo.

jolsgonemental said...

Some lovely flighted cross field balls right onto the head of that bloke in the west stand from Titus.

you cant buy that sort of quality.

GRAZZA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GRAZZA said...

Newcastle did for about £8 million plus £35,000 a week!! Lovely bit of business.

All - What was the last official word on King? (i missed the boat on the thread below) If we arent satisified i suggest a bulk email from every visitor to this site - exercise some fan power.

"Dear Sir

Would the club please address the issue of our Captain, Ledley King's Injury on the Clubs Website by way of an official update.


Mines going now to:

Not saying we'll get the truth but it will certainly give us an indication of how likely their story is as and when dates come and go.

dannyboy said...

King is knackered. Cover up methinks. Time to move on? Sigh. The King is dead; long live the King, whoever that will be.

GRAZZA said...

I am airing on the side of scepticism (no change there eh angry anon) but just want to see what the official line is.

berbasgoneschizo said...

Guess what? Berbatov has just arrived in Bulgaria and told the journos there he has nothing against the media. All the media. In Bulgaria and in the UK.So, who wrote lies? Who was unsettled by what?And who was fool enough to believe him?


What a pathetic joke!


jolsgonemental said...

what a paradox.

the media have been lying about berbatov telling the media they were lying. In which case Berbatov has been telling the truth. or lying.

Or alternatively Berbatov is lying about the lying. In which case is the new quote about the media a lie?

cant wait for Berbatov the Musical.

or alternatively Nemesis has got confused. again. and is making stuff up. again.

Gotta love Bulgarian Utd fans.

jolsgonemental said...

nemesis. please be my enemy. i will call myself nemesis and everything, to labour my point. please dont ignore me and find me strangely sad.

wrighty7. please be my friend. i am really lonely. please dont ignore me and find me strangely sad.

bipolar man? a one man good cop bad cop partnership?

I am so glad I am a Tottenham fan.

daytripper said...

I am absolutely loving watching Berbatov play for us. His display yesterday was the best I've seen by a player in any match in any competition since watching Zidane in the World Cup 2 summers ago. To me, he is the only bright spot in an extremely disappointing season.

It's too bad that the only players we have that can feed him the ball consistently, in dangerous advanced positions, are not playing right now (Bale, Huddlestone). Against good defenders, Robbo's kicks up the pitch get cleared easily, and we don't get to see Berbatov's brilliance.

Woden - I like Lee because he works his tail off every match. When he played on the right for us, he was confident and dominated. On the left, he gets skewered by even the weakest opposition and is useless offensively.

Harry Hotspur said...

Berbatov On Ice

Directed by Mel Brooks & Cheryl Baker.

Starring Michael Ball as 'Mitka', Zoe Ball as Zoe Ball
and Cannon & Ball as his mother and father.

The protracted non story of a man battling his inner demons and the North Circular.

Tickets all priced at £169.95 plus vat

Concessions £159.95 plus vat

jolsgonemental said...

Les Miserable.

EL said...

In defence of Bent from his detractors: His goal was superbly taken, from his first touch, to his defender beating pace, to his clinical finish, which together made a difficult chance look easy.

If it had been executed by 'enry, rooney or drogba, I suspect the commentator would have been in raptures about the display of effortless no-nonsense elegant world class finishing.

More of the same please.

Harry Hotspur said...

Also starring Pam St Claire as 'Nemesis' and Terry Nutkins as 'Berba the United years'

GRAZZA said...

Well wadda ya know!! a response...

"Dear Mr Learner

The Club have made a considered decision not to publicise the exact
details of our players injuries or provide updates. The reason for this
is two fold. Firstly, the players are covered by the same medical
confidentialities as you or I and publishing such information does
breach that confidentiality. Secondly, publishing such information can
provide opponents with vital pieces of knowledge of potential starting
line ups and tactics and as such, we do prefer to keep any announcements
to the bare minimum.

With best regards"

EL said...


"Berbatov - zidane/world cup etc".

Where can I get some of what you're on?


Your post is interesting and I feel compelled to ask on what basis you believe King to be 'finished' and that there has been a cover-up?

Anonymous said...

As I said in another post:

I have to say that I was extremerly satisfied with the display on Sunday. I reqalise there is more work to be done as better sides will be able to exploit us more than the poor showing by Wigan, but it was all smiles in the crowds.

Well done Tottenham.

Maybe it was all about the team playing in a manner that mean't JJ could be at his best, so there was no worry about him sitting back as much as normal.

As always, they showed that on the break they need to be quick which I belive is our strongest form of attack with the speed they posses in the side.

Darens goal was well taken and he took it that well i think his head is now sorted and not looking like a guy where his confidence is lacking. Rather more like a guy taking his chances when they come.

That all said, they were all well taken chances.

Anyone that had odds like many around me pulled in a few quid as well with odds of around 20/1 for a 4-0 win Spurs.



jolsgonemental said...

Leslie Grantham as Emil Dantchev.

Brian Blessed as the 'brother'.

And Kris Akabusi (Akabussi/bussy?) as Darren Bent, as they share a face.

Harry Hotspur said...

Gazza, good work old boy,

Fascinating response from the same organisation that has a 'team news' section on it's website...

Dannyboy, the man with the bedside manner of Himmler:

May I reserve the right to run the headline, ' King Knackered' ? Lol.

GRAZZA said...

No worries.

If the club were straight down the line then the response would be entirely valid, its not totally without merit admittedly, but as you say, they publish team news every week and have even given updates and timelines for Ledleys anticipated recovery??

dannyboy said...

Lads - the truth hurts!
Harry - you compare me to Himmler? Just what you saying pal?! I'm a Yid!!!
El - gut feeling. He's been out too long for a bruised foot.
Next ?!


bueller said...

What on earth is the club talking about with their response?

Confidentiality breaches? They must literally breach it every week then.

Nonsense. We're not after his iffy disease record, just an update on why our club captain hasn't played all season and has struggled for most of last season too. I am still not sure whether all the injuries were connected etc.

Still, never mind.

Bent and Berbatov to start against West Ham.....

Harry Hotspur said...

The pr at WHL largely consists of the disembodied voice of a man in an office (locked from the inside) occasionally shouting 'Tell them I'm not in'

This statement may be rubbish, but at least they put some thought into it.


Summerspur said...


Reminded me of one of those lumbering creatures from international its a knockout

can just hear stuart hall now

Harry Hotspur said...


onedavemackay said...

Re Berba the musical. You forgot to mention James Gandolfini as BMJ and obviously Chuck Berry to play Zokora with Carol Vorderman as Commolli. Levy is more difficult to cast............. Jeffrey Archer ?

JJ has plenty of talent but when we are up against it he vanishes.

Anonymous said...


you are the mental

why do you insist on me being Bulgarian?

why do you insist on me being a liar?

maybe because you're so blind you can't see your own dick

if indeed you have one

and you can't read:
Berba was lying about the media,
the media never lied about him

and now go back to the asylum



dannyboy said...


are you for real ?!
YOU think JGM is a twat ? LOL

onedavemackay said...

Nemesis. You need to understand that Harry runs our asylum but jolsgonemental is our chief consultant and if he says you're confused and a liar, YOU'RE A CONFUSED LIAR !

Harry, maybe we need to change this patients' medication ?

EL said...

Leave his medication alone. Chemical coshes are illegal anyway and his constant half-baked self-important rants are cathartic for him and therefore a positive expressive outlet for his narcissistic asperger like Berbatov fixation.

The trick is to repeatedly deny his perceptive misinterpretations firmly but without repremand.

He should slowly pull out of it over the next two years or so.

(With apologies to JGM for the psychobabble).

dannyboy said...


....or you could just simply punch him in the face? Oops, Himmlers here again at the bedside !!!


Harry Hotspur said...

It appears that Nemisis has taken on the mantle of Miggs.

'Multiple Miggs' from the next cell............ What did he say to you?

Anonymous said...

i never thought i would agree with Nemesis on anything but he is right about one thing - jolsgonemental is a TWAT, a complete and utter TWAT!

jimi jazz said...

re. the play
boys, it's got to be alan rickman playing berbatov. think a cross between hans gruber from die hard and snipe from harry potter.

bueller said...

jimi jazz, I like your hans gruber likening. He certainly has the soave yet deadly characteristics.

Nemesis, I can't believe how obsessed you are about Berbatov!!! It must really hurt that we have got him. Shame.

sydney wale said...

Of course for Juande Ramos you would have to locate the priest from The Exorcist. Daniel Levy could be played by the little bald bloke from Benny Hill although Levy is too ridiculous to portray with sufficient accuracy.

jolsgonemental said...

who could jonny Vegas play I wonder?

jimi jazz said...

ha i love the idea of ramos as the exorcist. maybe he could exorcise the devil from ledley king's legs and robbo's head.

Anonymous said...

Vegas as Kemsley, perhaps?
Gollum as Levy, my preciousss?
And Reggie Kray as Comolli?
(For the last, check this out:
- uncanny,eh?

Anonymous said...

"jolsgonemental said...
who could jonny Vegas play I wonder?"

Harry of course.

Summerspur said...

Sorry to sidetrack here guys but i want to issue an apology to wrighty17.

we have been hard on him, but i thought it was a terrific gesture by francenal fans last night, even considering there tendency to surrender at the first opportunity in wartime, to hold a full 90 mins silence for remembrance.

hats of to ya.

jolsgonemental said...

I think it was nice of them to build a whole shrine for quiet contemplation.

France was particularly badly affected by the war of course, for the whole 3 days until they surrendered.

Why isnt the French national flag white? It would make the whole surrender business so much easier.

Harry Hotspur said...

It is very easy to laugh out loud, then smile smugly at the class of comments posted by both SUMMERSPUR and JOLSGONEMENTAL.

What a total joy this blog can be.................... :)))))))

sydney wale said...

No wonder there was friction between Comolli (Ronnie Kray) and Jol (Tony Soprano), there could have been an eruption!