Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tottenham's Sick Parade Announced

YP Lee has a shoulder injury but may well be rested as a precaution for Blackburn.

Robinson is still working on his calf strain.

Bale is gone for up to ten days. Which is miserable. No break in the foot but severe brusing.

Riccardo Rocha and Ekotto still out.

The official party line is that Ledley King is back in training within the next few weeks.
Bale aside, the real issues ahead are the tactics and the performances. I demand (?) Berbatov starts and gets a goal. I don't care if this lot are the equivalent of Yarmouth Ladies and we've got Arsenal away next up.
I want to see Spurs show US some vital signs!


Anonymous said...

Whats new harry, just coping stuff from spurs offical website. How original?

Anonymous said...

Why dont you write something about mark Hughes?
Oh I forget you already have (earlier today), copied it off The Independant.

Harry Hotspur said...

5.24 Where in the name of fuck am I supposed to get team injury news from you pilchard?? Exchange & Mart?? What Fridge Magazine?? Idiot.

5.31 Same IP, sh*te IP hider, try buying a good one. I don't take the Indo, and when I do steal I generally credit. Oh and Mastermind, the Hughes story went out YESTERDAY which makes you triple the can of p*ss I presumed you to be. Idiot.

elk said...

lol let him have it h.

Anonymous said...

Agree about Berbs. He needs to start scoring and if IF we don't beat this mob up tomorrow then I cannot see having him as a super sub as a viable plan. The league has to be the priority of course, but by the same token we need a shot in the arm from our next performances. Bringing him on after 70 minutes because Bent hasn't done the trick AGAIN isn't a plan. Bringing Bent on at 70 minutes because we're 2-0 up is.

Perry Edant said...

Just on the first two comments, it might be an idea to engage your brain before posting. Credible injury news always comes from the THFC site.

This blog's piece on Mark Hughes was published yesterday.

Also you spelt Independent and copying incorrectly.

jimi jazz said...

hahahaha let em have it harry

Anonymous said...

We are rubbish right now

- Dawson at the back is not the rock anymore. He was to blame for two Toon goals.

- Zokora cannot defend. We should offload him at the 1st opportunity

- While we are off loading rubbish players, include the ineffective Darren Bent.

- What's happened to Ghaly (Jols quote that he contributed to most goals last season)????

- Defoe whould leave us! Criminaly not been used (Class above the crap Darren Bent)

Taninio - What is the point of him?

Jenas - a false pretender.

If we lose at home to Blacburn on Sunday - the Spurs board must sack Jol!!! And install Clive Allen as caretaker manager.

Anonymous said...

harry why dont you admit the fact that spurs are going backwards. New manager, new chairman and half the team is needed. And if you think you are so cleaver why are you not the spurs managent you c**t

Anonymous said...

We did come so close to beat liverpool the other week.. Jols needs one more chance.

Harry Hotspur said...

8.12 Anon

Well done on the one point you got right.

I am so clever. Well spotted.

On the other vitriol, you might take a deep breath and decide if you actually support this Club/Team.

You want a new manager, a new chairman and to replace half the team.

Would you also prefer them to play in blue and and get Samsung Mobile as sponsors?

You would've had more credibility as a heckler if you'd just posted 'Harry you c*nt'.

perry edant said...

8.12 - This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

You spelt clever - 'cleaver' and management has three m's, but I'm not telling you where the one you missed goes.

dannyboy said...

never seen harry so riled; go on son, give 'im both barrells!!


Anonymous said...

a bit disappointed with your diagnosis, hh. berby dear is...depressed, right? jol said so: he treats him like a moron, well, and maybe he's one. he should be washing cars. that would make the sad, sad, lonely boy go away for good.I said it before, he needs a good shag!

of course you'll beat getafe( it's like derby or worse ) but not blackburn: they are the ones who are going for the top four.

Harry Hotspur said...

These self appointed cyber prefects need a good old fashioned blast of abuse! The last blog on The Shelf was riddled with know alls telling him what he could and couldn't think.

In real life they keep a lower profile to avoid public humiliation... and occasional tooth loss.

Harry Hotspur said...


Here's as close as you'll get to philosophical on here from me.... teams like Blackburn only go top four when teams like Tottenham go wrong.

Having said that there is always an 'interloper' / 'cuckoo' in the top five.

Usually a grafter, like Bolton or sometimes Everton. This year it'll be Newcastle or the born again Manch City.

Anyway, whatever you do it'll hopefully be with Hughes in situe. I'd prefer him to learn his trade with yourselves before he makes a muddle of a big team (!) which may well pan out to be Manch United.

sydney wale said...

Is there some sort of curse on left sided players? A symptom of inbalance in the Tottenham Universe? Things could get messier.....

Harry Hotspur said...

Is a curse still a curse if it's self inflicted ... ie playing AL on the left? :(

RobbyK said...

Headline in the Sun today "Harry: Get Berbatov out" and for a split second (about the time it takes spurs to concede a goal from a corner) I thought they'd finally begun to quote you.

Get ready all you doubters, the resurgence begins tonight. Me bets me best cheese that Bent starts scoring tonight and carries it on against Blackburn on Sun.


jolsgonemental said...

harry, why are you getting second hand injury news?

Show some pro activity, smuggle yourself into the physio room, get your hands on those bruised feet and gnarled knees and give us a first hand assessment.

And please stop posting about topical subjects relating to Spurs. Thats fucking crazy talk. Everytime Spurs play a game almost without fail there you are posting a new thread about it. Dont think we dont know that the Independant have also reported on it as well.

Most people come here for the ads anyway so cut the Spurs chat out will ya.

Anonymous said...

'Orrible 'Arry only wants us to let Berbatov go 'cause the cockney git knows that when we finally get it together, when the stars are back in alignment or whatever and Jol takes his egotistical, jealous, fat, stupid, Dutch and now millionaire ars back to that Gouda cheese farm he comes from, Berbatov will be flying! Harry Hotspur for Coach! COYS!