Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Getale CF: Half Time Harry

So. In a nutshell.

Steed looked good.

Defoe done well.

Berbatov could do well.

Chimbonda is mess.

Huddlestone is having a go.

Zokora worse than invisible.

Jol struts like an expectant father.

The boos are half hearted.


dannyboy said...

Park Lane Spurs said...

Yeah I'm watching it. Our defending is utterly woeful. If Getafe get their act together in the second half we're in trouble. Kaboul and Chimbonda are shocking. Huddlestone smacks of a player who hasn't kicked a ball in anger for a while, although he is at least trying to release our forwards. Big Tony Gardner has turned on his ankle and left the pitch on a stretcher. Dawson came on - hopefully he won't have a game like he against the barcodes.

My thoughts are already drifting to Blackburn on Sunday. If we defend like this against them, Tugay, Pederson, Bently, Santa Cruz and McCarthy will rip us apart and totally embarrass us

Anonymous said...

Any truth in the reports about Jol, Harry? Is Ramos the man!?!

Anonymous said...

they just said in the tv studio, before they switched to the game, that news has reached them to say
levy has agreed compo deal with jol and that ramos is next manager ??????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

I really hope that the reports are true

i.e from ITV 4 that Jol has agreed severence deal to leave our club. Good riddance - we are currently playing like a relegation team.

Plus we have going to get Ramos, but can he speak English?

Harry Hotspur said...

New post up chaps.. had about 5 emails to say it's right.

GRAZZA said...

Good Riddance? you twunt.

Agree he had to go but that is totally out of order, allow the man some dignity.