Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa HIGHLIGHTS!

Blimey. Eight goals. thankfully we got half of them.

Had we been allowed to play on for oooh, another five, six or sixteen minutes or twenty six we could've got a fifth. Probably.

Oh to have some tacics and a defensive coach.

Or at least a big sign saying 'We're gonna score one more than you - or at least as many'.


Anonymous said...

where art thou ledley??????

Anonymous said...

At 4-1 down, I was actually starting to think positively, optimistic about our future.. with a new manager. But then we went and bloody pulled it back to 4-4.

Sumal said...

Were Fucking Shit

sean k said...

the game that sums up our season so far good luck bad luck and no luck at all . . still we need to sort it out evryone can see our problems so they will have to be sorted out surely martin jol isnt responsible for every last detail. look at the facts i.e goalkeeping error (not his fault) defensive errors (many!!) he is partly responsible for who teaches them to defend well i want to know because they are not doing their job.
only other thing i can think of is a confidence problem also because im hoping this match will have changed because the reaction from kaboul at the end was real where as at derby the reaction looked like it was for show.
anyway lets get behind them COYS!!!!

Anonymous said...

9.48 Me too!

sean k said...

**** New Blog Suggestion ****

Is Martin Jol really the problem?
Could it be Chris Hughton?
Or are we just looking for someone to blame??

Because we've always had defensive problems and we've always had him (well seemingly!!)

Your Answers Please

Anonymous said...

A) Probably
B) Yes
C) Always

GEORGE said...

HH can you tell me how to get my website on newsnow

GEORGE said...

The season is almost dead. Its Uefa Cup or Carling Cup, we might as well be Middlesborough.We need to find some midfield quality but it will not happen

Anonymous said...

cheer up lads, taarabt will get some playing time sooner rather than later and the revolution will begin.

arn said...

tactics or a defensive coach?? open your eyes! robbo got to take the blame for at least two of the goals.
event though i dont like to say it, he is rubbish.

Harry Hotspur said...

George - submit your site, mate.

Anonymous said...

None of you knowalls have any idea why we're having problems. It's all conjecture. What if Jol's saying all the right things to the defence in training but the players are not doing as they're asked on the field?
Chim and Daws might be having trouble combining with the premiership new boys Bale and Kaboul. What can Jol do about the director of football having not aquired the better quality midfielders we so obviously need.

At some point I'm convinced they'll start to click. Beating liverpool isn't impossible. Stay positive.
Come on you Spurs.

Harry, any chance of some more completely gratuitous dolly-birds?

Nice one.

jGm, any chanCE Of sOMe MOrE EVer rEcepTiVe cOMeNts?

Harry Hotspur said...

2.05 Re Dolly birds.

On the case!

eplmatches said...

Watch highlights here:-