Monday, October 15, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Latest

Farewell then, Ricardo Rocha? Hardly, but the allegation is that he's Benfica bound.

And I can see the logic. For only a few million he was a punt that didn't come off and he probably knows it himself. He could be repatriated without any great loss of face.

It's easy to dwell upon that howler against Arsenal, but other than the odd gaffe, he failed to significantly add anything to the back four and that's the truth.

For a club with lofty aspirations of a 50,000 plus stadium and CL footy players that are 'just about alright' are not the answer.

One of the hallmarks of a team that wishes to genuinely compete with the big boys both domestically and abroad has to be it's rearguard. Rocha, Gardner and formerly Davenport are all beneath Lee and Stalteri in my book and they are second tier themselves.

Robinson has problems of his own without putting a Portuguese dwarf and a frequently bewildered basketball player in front of him.

If the Russian or a good class of left winger can be sourced then a back-line of Bale, Dawson , Kaboul and Chinmbonda will make us look half good.

And so to King. My pet hate. I'm sick of the cobblers from the club and the die hard Herbert's who insist upon propagating the myth that it's nothing much more than a head cold and he'll be back full time, forever, in a week or two. (I thought it was just gout). In the never ending interim we left Captain-less and ever increasingly clueless.

The answer? Lose the mend and make do attitude towards the defense and get shopping. Whether Rocha stays or goes.

As a footnote, we appear to have done something right and demanded an excessive amount from Chelsea for Chimbonda."Both clubs may discussed without finding an agreement,” he told 'L’Equipe'. And what are the Daily Mail up to with the old 'Levy To Offer Bigger And Better Deal?' Do I smell a charm offensive eminating from The Lane?


Anonymous said...

Here, here.

I would have Jap Stam as he fills two problems with one very dutch stone.

A. he is a cracking player
b. he is a leader and my god we need one on the pitch

grazza said...

Slightly off topic but how much would it cost to get Pedro Mendes back from pompey to anchor our midfield instead of one of the current crop?

Did he leave because he couldnt get in ahead of carrick or did he fall out with Jol?

What is the ACTUAL, FACTUAL latest on Ledders or are we still being subjected to rumour and hearsay?

jimi jazz said...

screw it, let's just ask lawrence dallaglio to stand next to dawson and look tough and weathered.

vinny said...

Around the time we signed Rocha, Lucas Neil was available from Blackburn for less than Rocha. With his premiership experience and leadership/fighting qualities along with his versatility to play anywhere along the back 4 would have made better defensive cover I feel.

Lately Curtis Davies was available, and with age on his side could have made good long term centre defence back up and insurance against Ledley...but we missed out again...grrrhh!

robbyk said...

I dont think its primarily our centre backs that are our problem. I love watching Chimbonda attack but cringe when he's marking in a defending corner or free kick (and the opposition target his marking), and Tom Hud aint ever gonna chase back when a team counters (with that electrifying pace of his). We need our wingers to cover our wingbacks and vice versa.

Oh and a sitting midfielder to organise it.

COYS God bow your head to Robbie Keane

shanemac said...

vin, we didn't get davies so we got kaboul. I think he's done pretty well for himself thus far. anyone we sign now will just be cover for dawson and him. Rocha's not great, but it's not like he's going to lose us the match when he's playing to give someone a rest. surely the problem doesn't lie with the who we have at the back at the momment but rather how they are organised (read: how they defend against set pieces).

shanemac said...


onedavemackay said...

Why did we buy Rocha ?
Why did we buy Bent for 16 million but not Ashley Young for 8 million ?
Why didn't we buy Petrov ?
Why did we let Pedro Mendes go ?
Why have we still not bought a tough tackling midfielder ?
Why did Robinson not attract attention from the Goons or United when he was leaving Leeds ?
Why does every HH blog throw up at least one, would be English Teacher ?

ps Hope the punctuation is correct

Anonymous said...

whats the point of onedavemackay?

Vinny said...

Although my point is I would have preferred alternative back up to Rocha, I do agree with your point that the chemistry is all wrong with some basic's of defending, along with a lack of agression (where Lucas Neil would have been handy). I don't agree with your point of Rocha not losing us games though as he we mostly have looked vulnerable when he has come in as central defensive cover. When he plays left back he's been alright, nothing special though, to sum him up average at very best.

The main problem seems to be a problem with new players not gelling quickly enough with the established guys. This was the same problem we had last season where lack of coordination/communication between the new and established players cost us too many early games which ultimately cost us a decent enough chance of a top 4 finish at the end of last season.

Admitedley all round injuries have crippled us at the beginning of this season, but with most players back should not be an issue anymore, maybe with more luck we will finish off chances of winning like we had at Liverpool from here on. Lack of confidence and the Jol speculation obviously don't help either.

Also, we always seemed to be hyped up pre-season by the press only to be knocked down as swiftly as we're talked up, it's Jol's job to make sure the players don't believe their own hype and ban em from making these annoying claims in the press eg "we're gonna beat Arsenal" etc and just get on with doing their talking on the pitch.

I do believe all round we are still too much of a soft touch right through the core of the team, too easily rattled by teams like Everton etc who play us with a point to prove like we're not deserving of our media hype - rightly enough, cos we're not till we have shown it on the pitch.

It is obvious to everyone that the centre of the park is clearly lacking quality, but all round I feel so far we've have played like a bunch of primadonnas who've been rattled by the rough and tumble of premiership reality where the basic principles of the game need to be mastered first before our flicks n tricks alla true Tottenham style are able to flourish.

onedavemackay said...


I'm not sure there is any point to me but as Des Carts
almost said "I think therefore I am Tottenham".

GRAZZA said...

"Also, we always seemed to be hyped up pre-season by the press only to be knocked down as swiftly as we're talked up, it's Jol's job to make sure the players don't believe their own hype and ban em from making these annoying claims in the press eg "we're gonna beat Arsenal" etc and just get on with doing their talking on the pitch"

Exactly, thats how West Ham carry on and now we have started...

Anonymous said...

This 'defending from set peices'/'The manager can't organise' garbage is starting to annoy me now.

Yes the manager has a responsibility to get the side organised which he is doing, we have heard it many times.

Now please if you will, imagine you have ever played the game before. Once the corner/free-kick is taken, it is entirely up to the players to win their individual battles.

I will give you the general defensive shambles as I think the manager and experienced players have more input to that situation but defending set peices is simple. Every player does their job. We all have to do it when we play on a Saturday or Sunday and it's time the Spurs players start taking responsibility.


Anonymous said...

the only thing is that i dont know bout you but i dont come up against teams that have been practising corners all week etc, i come up against blokes that have been pissed or stoned all week or on a building site n that! so they do have to be organised better than they have been at the mo by the manager but also agree it basically comes down to the players to not lose thier man or miss headers more practise maybe?

Anonymous said...

also a big part to play in our crapness at set pieces is def Robbo imo, Terry,pissinabottle n that even look edgy with him behind them. He comes when he shouldnt ,dont when he should, hardly inspires confidence. how many times do you see robbo in no mans land pattin the back of the def that just bailed him out and trying to act like he had it all under control? i can only think hans(still a good name for a goalie) just bangs balls over with no pressure like his warm ups at the lane as his set piece training

Anonymous said...


No fair do's, I don't have Joleon Lescott towering over me from set-peices.

But the same principles still apply don't they? One voice doing the organising. "bty, you have the fat one, bueller, you do do the bald one etc etc etc". If the bald one stole a march on me a headed past our now apparently hapless goal-keeper, I would know it was my fault and I would take responsibility. "Yep, sorry chaps, won't happen again". Yet individual errors cost us like this every week and the manager gets it in the neck rather than the players.


Anonymous said...

Yeah i agree ,its down to not losing ya man at the end of the day,but like i said before Robbo is having a big part to play , if Trev the old boy who plays in goal on a sunday with me kept coming for things n missing n staying on his line other times we'd all call him a c**t n he'd fuck off home, saying that we all know trev s not gonna be coming for crosses he's too old to fucking jump, but least we know what he's gonna do!

Anonymous said...

Trev sounds like a legend. Play him just off the strikers.


sydney wale said...

As that great defender of set pieces Tammy Wynette would say;
Stand by your Man

john said...

no, just kidding

Anonymous said...

Trev could easily fill robbo's boots, i keep telling him its not too late for him at 54!

Vinny said...

Bueller, bty,

Can I play too?

I still play a great centre-midfield general role and told a mate that I'm a cross between Steven Gerrard, Andrea Pirlo and Gennaro Gattuso...

He said fuck me Vinny...I told my colleagues at work about you being a cross between Gerrard, Pirlo and Gattuso and they all said your mate Vinny must be an amazing player we want to go n watch him play lmao!!!

Anonymous said...


We definitely have a central midfield berth open for you. As long as you have those players attributes in this manner....

Gattuso's looks
Pirlo's red boots
Gerrard's diving ability

If the above is the case, you're a shoe in.

Anyone else who wants in on the Harry Hotpur x1 (Harry is obviously skipper, centre forward, penalty taker) then please explain who you play like.

I, myself have Dimitar Berbatov's attitude at 1-0 down when someone has given the ball away cheaply coupled with Julian Dick's right-foot.


Anonymous said...

obviously meant Julian Dicks'......


GRAZZA said...

Not wishing to blow my own trumpet but i have:

The Discipline and Commitment of Moussa Saib,
The Golden Boots of Timothee Atouba,
The Flair of Steffen Freund,
The Goal Celebrations of Jose Dominguez,
The Injury record of Darren Anderton,
The Pace of Jason Dozzell,
The Crossing Ability of Ruel Fox,
The Deadly finishing of Milenko Acimovic,
The engine/athleticism of Stephen Clemence,
The Popularity of Tim Sherwood,
The First touch of Didier Zokora,
The Dead ball expertise of Jermain Jenas,
The Looks of Christian Ziege,
Steve Sedgeleys Neck,
And the Geographical Awareness of Nick Barmy.

If theres a lot of competition for midfield generals then im happy to go sticks as i have been told my goalkeeping skills are a combination of that of Bobby Mimms & Barry Daines - expertly coached and nurtured by Frode Grodas with the application in training of Ian Walker.

Anonymous said...


You had me at 'Not wishing...'


GRAZZA said...

You thought i was $hite until you saw i had Steve Sedgeleys neck though didnt you?

Anonymous said...

It was the popularity of Tim Sherwwod that impressed me the most.


Vinny said...

No sorry mate but I have,
Gattuso's big penis (thats what he told my missus anyway)
Pirlo's finger nails (his mother tells me)
and Gerrard's thieving abilities - I managed to steal myself a hubcap in Kirby, now howabout that doing the scousers on their own that surely qualifies me ahead of anyone else in the current Spurs team hahaha!

By the way, love your bad attitude and your crap right foot...your in playing on the right alla MJ's tactical book matey.

Love it, your skills sound quality, your in son, you must be worth signing at 2.2 pence, which is only 0.2 pence more than me!...a bit much but your one for the future.

Come on you Harry Hotspur XI!

GRAZZA said...

Deal - I'll have my agent arrange the transfer of the 10% signing on fee you now legally owe me.

I'll have my medical in the John Hartson memorial medical centre at Spurs Lodge.

Pleasure doing business.

Anonymous said...

Stick me in goal :-)

I've got Robbo's catching ability coupled with Jens Lehmans cool head.


bueller said...

This team WILL win medals.

Anonymous said...

Losers medals.


Vinny said...

I have the negotiation skills of Daniel Levy and the stinginess of Alan Sugar...f*ck off 5% is your agents's lot!...0.11 pence commission and that's it.

Wilson can be ressie keeper back up for Ol' Trev, for when he's had a couple too many whiskies at half-time.

Can't wait till we have a completed squad list with our positions and attributes listed alongside lol!

Cooooooome oooooooon yooooooou Aaaaaaarry 'otspuuuuuuuuuuurs!!!

bueller said...

As long as you don't have the patience of daniel levy vinny we'll all be alright

Vinny said...

Sorry I meant Grazza regarding the deal.

And by the way, since I have Jewish-Italian blood in me, I will be turning up in my old Fiat Cinquecento.

It was a bargain and lives up to it's initials;


Being a pub league player-chairman can be quite profitable I tell ya...:0)

GRAZZA said...

Harrys got the winning experience we need, albeit in the 5-a-side form of the game. Here he is doing a "Laurent Robert" at the Grundy Park 5-a-side tournament this summer:

bueller said...

There is never any need to post links like that. Never.

Going to be sick.

Anonymous said...

Just aswell I didn't fall for that one grazza



Anonymous said...

i'm def in boys im a strong centre back who can read the game like doherty,i've got the calm head of gardner and i play for the fans like ghaly ,withought blowin my own trumpet i often get compared to Stuart Nethercott,tellin ya boys id be a top class addition!

Vinny said...

Your crap!...congratulations son your in!

"calm head of gardner"...if so you'll do nicely now go n cut the f*cking grass!

dannyboy said...

What sort of blog is this degenerating into? boo hiss I hear you cry. I wonder what sort of player Jolsgonemental is ?
Personally, I can put a pass on a sixpence, can't tackle and score spectacular goals; the God, Glenn Hoddle anyone ? ;-) How I'd love him in the team right now, coupled with Tony Galvin on the wing, Ossie and Ricky. Now THAT was a midfield. And Graham Roberts behind shouting 'thou shall not pass'. My oh my.........

Harry Hotspur said...

I think you've got one of your own Solo In Acapulco holiday snaps muddled in with any of me... lol.

Here's a nice one of me divving up HH ad revenue with a business associate. I'm the one in the Dunhill mohair on the right, obviously.

Harry Hotspur said...

Proper order there Dannyboy. What an era. What a benchmark for us to have mate.

Harry is weeping openly, mumbling something about Garth Crooks, a volley to die for and a wistful burst, almost under his breath, but just discernible as ... 'We'll take more care of you... Archiba...'

Harry collapses but his Hill's Angels nurses catch him and escort him from the room.

dannyboy said...

....and to complete the set - Perryman, Hughton ( loyal 1 club careers, ahem, in Hughton's case time to go? another story...) Miller and Milija Aleksic. Wahey!
I'll tell you what - that team would piss all over our current one. How many current players would get in the team of 82? I'll tell you - none.
Hairs on neck now on end; pass the smelling salts and send the Hills Angels nurses round H.

Oh Boy

Harry Hotspur said...

I can only spare you two blondes and a brunette.

Keep an eye out for a Bob Todd's ghost pulling up outside yours in a Vauxhall Verruca in about an hour...


Brineyno9 said...

On another departure, a few weeks ago I suggested that Paul Kemsley was a disruptive influence and should be despatched.One of your regular listners thought my comments were ill thought through (his tone was only slightly patronising). I suggest a light pesto sauce would be a nice accompanyment when he eats his words. MUG

GRAZZA said...

damn it i cant get the link Sir Harold!

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