Monday, October 22, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Fans Furious!! It's All An Illusion!

No two ways about it, the problem goes beyond the fantasy call for King.

Dawson was comparatively poor. Why was Lennon on the bench? And what is going on that Berbatov looks so demotivated????

Awful awful awful.


Anonymous said...

No balance, cohesion or motivation.
We look like a pub team, in fact worse than that, we dont even look like a team.
I havent a clue what the problem is, but we need it sorted fucking pronto.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov on the bench, Whats that about?

Anonymous said...

And Defoe left in London, Jol is an idiot

Anonymous said...

Shite I tell yee! The thing is, it's been like this for nearly two seasons now. The team have been clueless and the cracks have been plastered over. Jol has to go and should leave for the good of the club. Lets see how much he really loves us?

Anonymous said...

Why not piss Berbatov off, and then let him go in January?
Seems like a great idea !!!!
You've really lost it now Martin my old son.

Anonymous said...

Is it me, or does jen-arse give the ball away every time he touches it or passes it? He is shite! And why does he still take corners/freekicks? They never end up anywhere useful!!! Crap!!!

Anonymous said...

we should have started Bent tonight.

Oh we did, might aswell not have as he was rubbish.

Bale gets injured, who comes on the wonderkid Tianio and leave that guy with no pace Lennon on the bench. JJ was awful again, i have always tried to back JJ but cant do it anymore he was sh!te. Where was Hudd?

Thought Lee was are best player by a mile, thats saying something, would call for Jol to go but who do you replace him with?

Anonymous said...

Jenas, Malbranque, Tainio, Bent just good squad players if that

Anonymous said...

Jol has lost ot. He is making bad decisions picking the team - why oh why bent? And also who are our coaches? Because we haven't learnt a thing at all about defending attacking or even playing like a team!! It is so frustrating being a spurs fan - the worse thing is that we thought we were going to well this season, but instead it is Man city with that bloody swede. I have got three tickets for the next games and i'm thinking of not wasting my time!!!

Anonymous said...

I was a Jol fan. I am now not a Jol fan. It has taken some time to convince me. But I am convinced now. Berbatov on the bench and looking totally pissed off. Lennon on the bench, Defoe nowhere to be seen, Jenas in the team, Huddlestone where? Robbo INJURED, my bollocks. How fucking hard is it to pick a team for Tottenham. We aint talking Doncaster Rovers. The man is a wanker.

onedavemackay said...

Whatever BMJ thinks or says the players know he is on the way out. Love him or hate him his position has been made impossible by the ridiculous behaviour of the board. Something needs to be done but we are now between a rock and a hard place.......if Martin goes who is available ?

Anonymous said...

I don't know who coaches our defenders but whoever it is, get rid of him/her/them! Jenas and Zakora are good players at best but we're not going to get anywhere if they are our best central midfield pairing, and no, Huddlestone is not the answer. Any ideas?...anyone?

Vinny said...

We played with the cohesion and class of a 3rd hand robin reliant.

We played with the courage of the scared little boy in the playground that everyone picks on and can't handle it no more.

Tactical balls up AGAIN with 2 of our only creative players on the bench - Berba and Lennon...beggars can't be choosers Martin, you have to use these 2 with the current lack of creativity problems.

Team looked beyond recognition from the last 2 seasons not even premiership quality until a 10 or 15 minute spell...shock horror that was when Berba came on and showed how the ball can be contolled and passed and lead the line much better.

Then it all goes completely tits up again when invisible pussy man Jenas cannot make a decent challenge on Milner who stabs us in the heart and shoves Jol's pre-match silly comments up his arse.

I then see Jol post-match mumbling incomprehendably saying stuff about cutting out the rubbish yet he says we looked great when Bale was on - for fuck sake he was only on for about 10 minutes!...and then has the gall which I can only put down to embarrasement to say Newcastle aren't fantastic anyway! fucking idiot, Sam Allardyce just totally outwitted you and still kept his dignity not once slagging off Spurs.


onedavemackay said...


tottenhamtony said...

Totally Predictable result & performance - shapeless - gutless - no leadership - crap Jenas delivery - Chimbonda out of position ( new improved contract - why ) - Bale off replaced with Tanio , why Lennon - 21 goals conceded in 10 games - one league win and it's nearly November - Jol will not resign as it's all about money
I could go on and on but I am totally pissed off.

Harry Hotspur said...

(Common Sense FC) 1

Martin Jol
(Repeat Offender Bumbling Oaf) 0

That result in full..

1 - 0.

Anonymous said...

If we can keep Berbatov beyond the end of this season, I'll consider it a success.

Harry Hotspur said...


I hear your pain and will endeavour to heal!

What joke mate. We're in schtuck here...

Anonymous said...

Ive said it before and I'll say it again, We have a soft centre like a rolo! Jenas is shit, Zokora is fucking shit and a pint of milk turns quicker than Hudd. Tainio is no better than any of them either. My fingers are crossed that Getto kid is half decent and I pray to God almighty that a miracle happens and Ledders returns!

Barton would have been a decent buy for us...

Jol must go.

Glad the Setanta panel gave Robbo a grilling today, was nice seeing him squirming in his seat... now he knows how we feel weeek in week out!

Harry Hotspur said...


Have to agree mate. the absence of supply to our front line is no longer funny.

Jenas was abysmal.

Cack fact.

Harry Hotspur said...


dannyboy said...

anyone know the way to wolves, port vale, sheff utd, west brom???
at least we'll have the best stadium in the championship. win uefa and will we be the first championship side to defend it? is it allowed?
jokes aside - what the fuck was that all about? gutless, spineless, lacklustre, not a clue.
ive said it before jol - show me your fucking bollox, cos youre whimpering like a kitten who's lost his mum. did anyone else think he was gonna burst into tears on Setanta?

coys? pah

sydney wale said...

All appears to be rotten in the borough of Tottenham. Jol is dying the slowest death ever to the point where it has become tragic. Someone needs to end his misery.

The bell invites me......
Hear it not Dutchman, for it is a knell
That summons thee to heaven or hell.

onedavemackay said...

Of course BMJ will go but somebody please answer the question who comes in ?

Anonymous said...

Whatever Spurs do now they will be slated! Press, pundits, fans etc... fact is something has to give and quick. Jol must go now. but who replaces???


Anonymous said...

Told u, u was gonna get beat! Ha ha! Berbatov wants to leave, thats why he looks pissed off. He regrets not going in the summer. U all said u fancied 4th this season, if ur lucky ur come 4th from bottom. Wrighty7

jimi jazz said...

park lane spurs:

100% agree with you, mate.

Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking that the team's mind was on the UEFA tie with Getafe this Thursday. That's why Berba and Lennon didn't start. The whole team seemed to stay in first gear, playing it cautious (apart from Bale who got injured for his bravery). I'm gutted by tonight's score, but does anyone else think that had we played on Saturday, we might have got a result because the tackles wouldn't have been shirked, the passing would have been crisper and players like Berba, Lennon and DEFOE (remember him Martin?) would have played?

I STILL think we can get out of this and I also think that there is a realistic chance of UEFA Cup football next season, but they need to pull their fingers out quick, otherwise we're knackered!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind losing 3-1 at St James's if we played well, but that was a shower of shite. We couldn't make the simple passes, yet we thought we could pull of delicate little chips and back heels (Messrs Tainio and Keane).

Bent was awful, Bale's gonna be a massive blow if he's out for any longer than a week and Dawson was at fault for two, possibly three, of the goals. Positives?? Cerny didn't really put a foot wrong, despite conceding three.

Sorry to say it, but it's time for Martin to go I think - after Blackburn. Mutual consent. I look forward to seeing him in the stands cheering us on. And I don't mean that it any kind of snidey way. I don't blame him in all honesty. Comolli was behind the Bent deal, Levy was behind the Carrick saga. Jol can only use the players he has. Admittedly, the players he has are quality and should be playing quality so some fault must land at his door...

So, who will replace him? Someone who can instill some defensive capabilities. Lippi would be good, Capello great, Klinsmann fantastic. Chances? Slim.

Proper piss.

Ze Prince

PS. It's no longer enjoyable watching Spurs, I agree. But to the guy who started with "I was a MJ fan. Now I am not a MJ fan": you're the "WANKER" mate. If you were ever a fan of him, you wouldn't call him a wanker. Even if we got relegated it wouldn't make him a wanker, just a shit coach. I personally think he's neither.

Anonymous said...


The time has come for the players ALL of them not just a few to stand up and be counted. Play for us or ship out.

To keep conceding when we do and in the mannor we do isn't BMJ's fault. These players earn more a week than most if not all of us earn in a year. Knowing how to defend and when to defend should be in built... The manager shouldn't be there telling players when to do that... Maybe under 8's NOT this overpaid bunch of losers.

Like most Pro's now days it's about money and Wags NOT ! the football....NOT ! the fans and NOT ! the club......

wewantboobs said...


wholeheartedly agree mate. weve seen enough tits on the pitch, now harry, put 'em on your blog :)
is the only thing to brighten my night.

Anonymous said...

this might not br popular - but why not George Graham until we can get a permanent high calibre replacement

Anonymous said...

Pointless. Utterly pointless.

Pointless Dawson. Abyssmal first touch. Abominable awareness. Sloppy, sloppy marking. Where's his attention?

Pointless Chimbonda. Ooh, it's on his left foot! Better manoeuvre it onto his right foot, because he can't kick with his left! Ever. Tappy, tappy, manouevre, manouevre. That's it. Complete player, he. Well, half of him.

Pointless Malbranque. Huff and puff, dart and dash. Storm in a teacup. Ineffectual. Touch, tap, accelerate.... then lose it. Track back. Get shunted aside. No presence. No point.

Pointless Tainio. Kick and clatter, punt and pass. But pass to whom, to where and to what end? Run forward, run back. Look busy, do little. Pointless.

Pointless Jenas. Has everything going for him: young, tall, athletic. Should be great by now. Bottles it. Rises to the occasion about as frequently as the ice-caps melt. That should be soon, allegedly. Don't count on it. Greenland will turn tropical first.

Pointless Zokora. Stretch and strain, leap and lunge. Drive headlong into a cul-de-sac. If he rode a bike like he plays football, every time he braked he'd plunge over the front wheel. Used to be a good player, so they say. Must've been a while back now. Lost in the mists of time.

Pointless Lennon. Quick, quick, run, run. No control. Kick like a girl. Has been sussed. Stuck in time, frozen in development. Speed not enough now. What for those chunky little legs if they can't thump the damn ball into the net once in a while? What for that pace without craft? Just a sprinter with a ball.

Pointless Bent. Pointless, despite pointless service from pointless Jenas and pointless Zokora et al. Conjure something from nothing, lad! Deliver us a £16.5 million wondergoal! Hell, no! Just run aimlessly around and get coralled into corners.

Pointless Keane. Flick, blame, shout. Over-complicate. But don't do the simple thing. Ooh noo! Not. The. Simple. Thing.

Pointless Berbatov. A Rolls-Royce engine stuck in a Ford Fiesta. By which I mean Spurs are the Fiesta. The engine can really move but the chassis can't. Class of his own. No wonder he's pissed off. Realises he's in a pub team. He's painting Rembrandts and the rest are drawing matchstick men. Even the coach. That's what makes him really sad. Really really. And us. He knows it's hopeless. So do we. And pointless.

Pointless Spurs. How deep does the sickness go? How can a club have parts that are greater than the whole? Most of these pointless players are - in reality or potentially - good, or at least not all bad. But, as a team, they suck. They don't just suck, they blow. Then they suck some more.

Is there a Midas touch in reverse operating at White Hart Lane? Does everything that's gold turn to base metal? If not, why doesn't Jenas grow, Lennon ripen, Dawson mature, Zokora develop? Why must Kaboul's exuberance be his undoing - and that of Spurs? What corrosion is eating away at the fabric of players' confidences and abilities? And why are their reactions so slow, their movements so languid? Why is their thinking so sluggish? So often the simple ball forward into space is withheld. The moment passes and, inevitably, momentum is lost: the ball goes sideways or backwards. So often we lose out in 50-50 challenges, or even challenges that are 60-40 in favour. So often our players get caught in possession. Does Time move in slow-motion for a Spurs player? While he's got his foot over the ball - either pretending he's Colossus or else totally perplexed over what to do with it - some whippet from the other side nabs it.

Pointless: another game which illustrates the redundancy and sheer incompetence of the current coaching team. We aren't even treading water: we're sinking.

Oh, and pointless putting Cerny in goal until he's equipped with a proper defence. It wasn't his fault he let in three. No wonder Robinson looks a nervous wreck.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

I've been saying for aeons that it's our defense as a TEAM that sucks and not our keeper (Robbo) and I'm getting sick of saying it. Cerny had about as much chance as Robbo usually has to keep a clean sheet tonight.

Maybe the dickheads that are always so quick to jump down Robbo's throat whenever we concede will FINALLY start to realise this. This includes YOU Harry!

Newcastle had 20 odd shots on goal and a fair proportion were outside the box with ample time/space to pick a spot. And as for the goals....Don't get me started!

I'll say it once again, we need a holding midfielder, preferably 2. Hudd is shit, Zokora is shit, Tainio get the message.

As for the pricks that always blame Jenas for our midfield woes, you might as well blame Keane or Berbatov or Bale or Lennon or anyone else that DOESN'T play the fucking holding role! It's not Jenas' job to hold, he's an ATTACKING central midfielder. Get it?

Berbatov has been shit for the past 3-4 games, Lennon has been shit pretty much whenever he's played this season. What's the big deal with leaving them on the bench?

Should fucking well leave Dawson on there for a bit too, he's sucked as much as any other Spurs 'hero' this season, if not more!

If ANY of the aforementioned were playing for Man U or Arsenal, they'd have been LONG dropped - or even sold off! I don't give a fuck if they played well last season - Whoopeedoodaa!

Of the few things I've read that I agree with, is that Defoe should have been in the squad, probably should have started.

Other than that, bunch of no-fucking-idea arseholes, the lot of ya!

There, got that off my chest!

Vinny said...

Thanks Harry...common sense is a good word to sum it up.

The problem with Jol he is trying to over complicate things, shake the team up with some squad rotation and at the same time appease players like Bent by giving him a start ahead of Berba, who fair enough ain't scoring and is looking slightly moody, but is by far the best leader of the line holding the ball up wise, which is one of the most important parts of the team, as without that the ball just keeps going back down the other end putting us under constant pressure. If he absolutely had to start Bent then Keane should have been sacrificed, and Berba could have played in the hole to begin with as he is capable to link up with the midfield.

However, time and time again it has been Keane and Berba that have looked the best pairing and I didn't see any need to change that especially in times when points are hard to come by.

Lennon - yeah he is not firing on all cylinders (who is?), but he is the one and only senior player that can skin a defender and cause confusion in the opposition box with his pure speed alone which is one of the most important assets of a premiership attacking player. Our return to form last season coincided with his return when we were having the same lack of width/creativity problems and given a few games to get his fitness and confidence back he'll be ok, but he needs to play in order to get that match fitness and confidence.

I can understand what Jol was trying to do at the beginning though when Bale who has been our most quality player this season was on the pitch so he tried balancing the otherside with the slightly higher workrate of Malbranque who tracks back also (but was completely lost tonight). But once Bale was crocked, he should have switched Malbranque to the left and brought Lennon on the right - very simple, no major tactics there, however he instead made a negative move and brought on another central midfield battler in Tainio. Problem was between him, Jenas and Zoks they they thought the ball was a hot potato and at best were just jumping into challenges fruitlessly, without any of them being able to hold onto the ball for more than half a second and giving absolutely no width.

Anon 11.58 - what a good idea of yours, yeah let's just sell Berba and Lennon and then the rest of the premiership will really be shiting their pants with what's left, not to mention how boring we look without them and how hard to come by these creative players are in transfer windows having their pick of champions league teams.

RobbyK said...

Gotta stick with Martin. He will come good. Me wonders how much say he had in the summer signings. "You want a what Martin...a centre've got 34."

Word is, and a good word, that Riquelme is coming in Jan. But, if MJ lasts that long (and I'll never forget who we were before he came along), thats a big gamble for a player who could either become a legend (even at 29) or a major spanner in the works.

COYS - 3 on the trot coming up

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who believes Bale was 'done' on purpose?

I mostly blame the clubs' buying staff for the mess we're in. Should have bought a midfield captain in the summer. Midfield last night had not one player of real quality in it. Puts huge pressure on the defence and gives the forwards fuck all to do.

It looks hopeless at the moment but don't despair completely, only 3 points separate us from 13th place and from there it's just a win or two to the top half and the beginings of a fight back.

See where we are on january 1st. If we're bottom 6 then, my desparate hope that Jol will turn it around will have finally evaporated.

It's now that supporters show what we're really about.


Anonymous said...

You can't blame Jol that our centre midfielders are rubbish every match. We need new ones.

Anonymous said...



start getting the drift,hh?


GRAZZA said...

9:37 Anon, surely the greatest post this site has ever seen?

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Whargwan Spurs? We should have never sold Carrick...regardless of the amount of dosh we got for him...'big' clubs rarel sell their best players to their rivals in the same league..Zokora is a totally pile of shite, and in my opinion has always been...Carrick has more talent in his left bum cheek then Zokora


Anonymous said...


"Maybe the dickheads that are always so quick to jump down Robbo's throat whenever we concede will FINALLY start to realise this. This includes YOU Harry!"

So, its the teams fault that Robbo cant catch a cross? palms easy saves to feet of strikers, dives half an hour too late, shifts body weight all wrong so is flat footed all the time?

No-one doubts robbo is a class act but he is going through a very very bad time the last year! He needs to lose some extra poundage and get down to some serious hard work on the training pitch! get focused! The nervousness has spread through the team starting with him!

We are fucked lads completley fucked! we dont even have the players to turn it round! even if ledders came back tomorrow, he's not a miracle worker and we shouldnt pin all our hopes on him.

Fucked I tell you

Anonymous said...

I've copied that illusionary picture and I'm going to spend every minute of every remaining spurs game for the rest of my life staring at it. Saving myself money, sanity and a lot of heart-break. COYS!