Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Draw Again : GLOSSY SNAPTASTIC PICTURES

I don't feel that snide captions are apppropriate. We fielded a side that ought to have polished this lot off and whatever else happened, we failed.

Full credit to the Cypriots for ploughing on and playing the game. They can walk away from this heads held well high.

Harry's concerned.

Which equates to DEFCON 2 in the old money.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Keane; we're through. That's all that really matters. No-one knackered themselves fitness or injury wise for the much more important game at the weekend.

We still however generally look like a ragtag bunch of spare-parts rather than a solid unit. We need our first team to play consistantly for a month or two aside from better midfielders.

Not sure Thud's gonna make it. He certainly needs to be playing alongside a top central midfielder if he's to come up a notch or two.

Bale is just outstanding! I think he's as good a quality player as anyone in our squad except without the experience. I'm not sure even his fans realise just how special he is regarding skill, temperment, vision and attitude. It's scary to think what he'll be like at say 22. He looks at times like he could play as midfield playmaker let alone on the wing.

Anyway, night.

Harry Hotspur said...

All Hail the Bale

Anonymous said...

Robinson 5
Stalteri 4
Lee 5
Dawson 6
Gardner 3
Zokora 3
Huddlestone 4
Malbranque 5
Boateng 5
Defoe 3
Bent 4

Bale 7
Keane 7

Anonymous said...

The only thing more frustrating then watching that shyte was the C5 commentary

Stalteri should be shot

Gardner should be drowned

Robinson should be dropped

Liverpool will absolutely spank us

This is Jol's last game

And as for Keane saying aferwards that our main aim was to avoid defeat?!!

I want my Tottenham back

Harry Hotspur said...

If that Keane quote is true then the mediocrity brainwash is out of control.

Top 5?


simeone said...

Agree with fellow yid(First art)but think Thuds only young(like too many of our players to be honest)and is sure to emerge as a class act in the next few years,he needs to work on mobility(call it agility)and the rest will come. Bale is first class and has been one player that has been exciting every game.I love Jol and Robbo but seriously think they should be No2s at our club(Chris should still play a part of course)If we drafted a top keeper(not one for the future)and bought in a Jose for 2maybe 3 years with Jol as no2 he would learn how to be a consistant winner.

Anonymous said...

what's the keane quote that's being referred to?

Anonymous said...

People who insist that Defoe is a world class player and have the right to start in every game shold have watch the game last night.

Similarly people who slated Jol for not playing Boateng also should have reality check!

armchair manager!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Martin Jol is 100 x better than HH

anonymous said...

A slug is 100 x better than HH

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Extract from a FIFA managerial coaching course? What should you do in the following circumstances

Q1. Your goalie, who has barely had an error free game in a year, makes two absolute howlers and spoils your birthday party.

A. Easy. You make him f*****g captain for the next game.

Q2. A midfield player, of some inconsistency but on occasions quite skilful, brave and with an eye for goal reacts badly to a substitution and throws his shirt to the ground.

A. Banish him for life.

Q3. You have a massive first leg lead against a pub team so you bring a couple of youngsters into the squad for the second leg from a reserve team that has been consistently successful over the past couple of years and also add an expensive new central midfield signing.

A. (a) Start the new signing out of position on the wing and take him off before the end.

(b) Sit the youngsters on the bench all game and tell them they can have an ice cream at the end if they are good boys.

Anonymous said...

spot on

Anonymous said...

Jermaine Defoe...if he can't score against this outfit he will never score. He had more than enough chances so I don't buy that he had an off day or bad luck...not good enough....just look at his away goals record...worse I think than Iversen.

GRAZZA said...


Bale @ 22 = Bale @ Man U (probably)

Anonymous said...

Escaped from work to watch the second half in a dingey city pub. The only thing more depressing than the fact the Holsten was off was the absolute shite we served up.

Defoe was absolutely piss poor.

I cannot believe how awful Huddlestone has been recently. Is it me or is anyone else shocked he is keeping his place with this form?

Even worse than that was leaving it8 mins from the end to bring Taarabt on.

It really pisses me off that I find myself thinking we miss Jermaine Jenas when he doesn't play. I think he's shit yet I still acknowledge we miss him. That sums up our midfield.

None of them are good enough.

Bale played for what 15 minutes? Yeah he was still our best player. And he's 18. I am so depressed.


Harry Hotspur said...


Your mum.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, October 4, 2007 11:59:00 PM +00:00

Please explain why Chris Houghton should stay involved?

No room for sentiment in this business.

Anonymous said...

In the interview with Keane after the game he said he is sick of constant rumours/news regarding Jol and also said that the main thing was to not lose!

Bale is the only thing that is putting a smile on my face with regards to Spurs at the moment

As for those slagging off Defoe

What about Berbatov ?

He has been one or our worst players so far this season, why aren't you slaggin him off as well ?

And oh by the way Deofe DID SOCRE aginst these muppetts at home REMEMBER - TWO WORLD CLASS FINISHES

And tell me what the manager done as a reward again ?!!

Jol can fcuk off, once and for all

His constant crap yaaping is winding me up no end

'No one could have done better' 'i'm better than Mourinho'


ITS CLEAR he doesn't care for the club anymore but won't walk as he willnot get the 4m the club wil have to pay him if/WHEN they sack him

Bite the bullet and chop him NOW Spurs ffs

Clive Allen would do a better job imo, in fact I COULD

Hurry back Ledley, PLEEEEEEEEEASEE

Anonymous said...

Ledley ain't coming back mate.

jj = jenna jameson said...

you think ledley's going to right this ship? you're in for a huge disappointment mate. The only thing that can save us is that 16.5 million pound midfielder we signed over the summer. What's that you say? We signed darren bent instead? but the midfield has been our most glaring problem has it not? are we really still without an adequate replacement for michael carrick? Surely someone has to be held accountable for this.

Do Damien Commolli and Martin Jol actually confer over their respective personel decisions? Either Damien's bringing in the wrong players or Jol doesn't think the incoming players fit into his scheme. I'm confused. And frustrated. And bordering on depressed.

Anonymous said...

this website used to be one of the better, it is full of crap things from crap fans

Anonymous said...

care to elaborate on that?

Harry Hotspur said...


The old 'this site used to be good'
Sketch, eh?

Thanks for raising the bar with that exceptional insight.

I hope the stripper's good, because the comic's sh*t.

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand why Taarabt didn't start from the off. It was the perfect game to blood a youngster into the side. We were never going to lose the tie, he should have started. And when he came on, he looked electric. He actually seemed determined, and attacked the opposition players.

I watched the game and saw Kevin-Prince Boateng play. He looked pretty decent. I mean, I don't think any players really put any effort into the game apart from Taarabt, Keane and Bale when they came on, so it was hard to judge his overall ability. But he looks skillful and hardworking. Anyone else have any opinions on him?

Additional note. I've been playing football manager recently, and just when I thought I couldn't hate Daniel Levy any more, he stepped in to accept a bid from Real Madrid for Aaron Lennon when I didn't want to. C*nt.

Anonymous said...

good angle on Defoe here

jolsgonemental said...

who cares about our performance yesterday.

an irrelevent nothing game. I wouldnt read too much into it, if we had won 5-0 or got beaten it was all a load of bollocks.

You think a 1-1 draw in a tie we had already won was upsetting? Just wait until Sunday boys and girls.

which force of nature will come out on top? Tottenhams inept defence or liverpools Toothless attack.

A classic clash of styles. Surely Rafas biggest challenge yet if he wants maintain their appalling scroing record?

toothless vs inept.

I think inept will walk it.

jolsgonemental said...

Interesting to see Boateng in action. I can see why he is billed the new Hossam Ghaly.

jolsgonemental said...

lets hope he doesnt buckle under the pressure of such weighty expectations.

Harry Hotspur said...


I thought Liverpool looked good on Wed, bar the losing bit. And the being booed off bit. Toothless? Nah...

Anonymous said...

Nah I don't think they're exactly toothless. And at the state of our defending, I'm worried that Yossi B is gonna have a field day... if he plays. I'm not sure if Rafa knows his best team any more than any Jol does. Well, maybe he just edges it.

Anonymous said...


Please explain why Chris Hughton shouldn't stay involved.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone on here knowlegable enough to offer a list of exactly which players in our squad, Comolli is responsible for bringing in?

Love to know what percentage of them make it.