Thursday, October 25, 2007

Silver Lining - Hughton Gone

I'm beyond delighted.


Anonymous said...

Ok ok we all did get our wish for Hughton to have left the building.....but lets not forget he was a loyal servant of the club for about 20 years. lets not denigrate him to the point where he himself becomes disilusioned with our club. Yes in the end the results speak for themselves and hughton had to go but come on fellas he got in there and tried and he failed so lets just say goodbye to hughton in a professional manner and say goodbye to BMJ and thank them for their attempt at making our beloved club a world power again. Roll on Ramos and roll on Poyet...

onedavemackay said...

Silver lining indeed !
In fact maybe if Martin had booted him out and brought in someone who actually understood tactics he might still be in a job ?

No, probably not.........

And it's all very well getting excited about Ramos but he ain't Jose and there's no guarantee he will be any good either.

But of course as a Tottenham lifer I am an optimist !


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

its weird - i know nothing about ramos but for some reason im excited! maybe its just the fact that Ramos surely cannot be as inept in tactics as BMJ and surely he would have been watching lately to see his future team and how vulnerable they are whether they are in the lead or behind on the score board. Surely he wont let this happen in the the classic line goes...."dont call me shirley!"

Anonymous said...

20 years? make that 30!

Dignified exsit is correct though, and HH has shown himself up as scum as far as I'm concerned with this post, and he can join all the others on here and Vital etc...

I'll never click on a HH article again. Disgrace.

Thanks Martin and thanks Chris. Two men who are Spurs through and through and bleed blue and white, and forgetting everything whether successful or not they are the same as us and have the best interestes of the club at heart.
This shows some of our fans up for who they really are. It's like they would slag off Danny Blanchflower, Jimmy Greaves, Dave Mackay or any other Tottenham man if they had the chance to. Just a shame for them that those men never had the chance to manage Spurs isn't it, otherwise it wouldn't take very long for you scumbags and vultures to turn on what is basically the same person as you. Show some decency and respect, if you can. Or maybe just grow up and see it all for what it is. Nobody here is slagging off Levy or anybody on the board who are just in it for the money. Well you got what you wanted, Jol's gone andwe are a step closer to Levy handing over the club to god knows who for a tidy profit. Slag off real Spurs men, and back business men who will take the cash and run. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Houghton out, Dennis Wise's number two in

Anonymous said...

A new start - relief all round.

Sorry to see that greaseball Kelmsey still rolling round the directors box.

And can you believe David Pleat still referring to Shimbomba!!

Good grief


classicspurs said...

First,I like to take this opportunity to wish Martin Jol, a dignified man, all the best and thanks for giving this club something to cheer about for the last couple of years.
Now being a Tottenham supporter for over 35 years and being understandable frustrated to watch spurs not compete with the clubs that are riding high in the premier league I for one want to see players bought to this club who show FIGHT, COMMITMENT, STRENGTH and the ability to read the GAME. These players will wear the Tottenham Shirt with the sort of pride that players such as Graham Roberts, Steve Perryman,Gary Mabbutt,etc. Whoever they appoint as the New Manager will also require the bottle to be ruthless in bringing the best out of the players at his disposal. Come On You SPURS

Anonymous said...

HH your comments are a disgrace. The Chris hughton i remember was a first class full back and an ever loyal Spurs man. With this post HH you can also note me down as someone who will not take the time to visit this site again. Shame , you belong with levy kemsley and the other slimeballs.

dannyboy said...

Cheers Chris - happy shopping in the Brookfield Centre.
Top servant; however, like Jol, done what he could and came up short. Will make a good No2 for a smaller club somewhere. He's still a member of my dream Spurs of the 80's team!


Anonymous said...

What right have any of you pricks to an opinion? Try going to the fucking game instead of moaning on here. I've just got back to south London & I have to read your shit. Embrarassing Chelsea like crowd because of "fans" like you. Cunts.

Anonymous said...

clive allen and alex inglethorpe in temporary charge. the club says jol and hughton asked to stand down. official site statement.

Anonymous said...

well i'm glad its all over and we might be able to move on now, i thank jol for the good things he acheived with us and wish him well in the future, but we lost again tonight ffs, all spurs fans need to stick with the club and whoever the new man is, no 1 is more important than the club its just a shame that spurs seem to handle everything so fucking badly. Ultimately 1 win in 10or11 really aint good enough, they were an absolute shambles at newcastle and the bottom line is we are bottom of the league (euro as well) and everyone genuinely believed we had enough about us to really be doing something this season at the start. I hope its ramos ,people will say whats he done blah blah but the answer is a damn site more than mj(won 2 ueafa cups got seville champs league)people will say what did he do before that? and i would suggest that he laernt how to be a winner! he can improve players imo and loves atacking football, made for us .lets move on
tottenham til i die,coys

Anonymous said...

To the self righteous plonker who said that we have NO RIGHT to comment on here unless we go to a game....what sort of moron are you. just the regular moron or are you one of the new and improved abramovich type morons. I'm on the other side of the world you stupid peasant donut muncher and so i cant fly in and out to watch the games. And since when does it become compulsory to go to a game to then "be allowed" to comment on a match involving my beloved spurs! you are an absolute joke and a tool. go and live in friggin south london ya moron, support your "south london" teams and leave us spurs fans to whallow in our own seld pity. I hate peasant ass*&^%s like you...

Spidey said...

While these are dark days at Tottenham, i would have been a lot more depressed had Hughton survived this whole episode.

Martin, your time was up, thanks and good luck.

Hughton, time for you to go, take care, goodbye.

I just hope they already have their replacements as good as signed, and i hope it all happens sooner rather then later.

Onwards & Upwards, COYS

Death said...

Good Luck Martin, goodbye and thank you for the good times …. we'll all try to forget about the bad :-)

It was always going to end up like this, the board come out of it looking inept and amateur while Martin Jol retains his dignity and credibility although sadly missing out on Footballs 100 Best Tacticians list.

When the board got caught out in the first place they had two honest and decent options: a. back the manager to the hilt(and mean it)
b. admit that they had placed him in an impossible position and sack him

Instead they seemed to commission Jonathan Aitken and Jeffrey Archer to devise their strategy of honesty and openness, behaving like the worst type of slimy spineless backstabbing politicians…. Saying one thing only to do the opposite.

Even if Martin Jol had taken the club as far as he could and had to be replaced the manner of his dismissal can only be described as disgusting, Levy’s nausiating smile at the second Getafe goal said it all

There was no shame in the way we lost the game but there was shame by the bucketful at White Hart Lane tonight

Anonymous said...

Harry, I'm not liking this. Not one bit, instability isnt something to relish, and slating Hughton when you have no i dea the input he's had on a coaching level is wrong. For all you know he could have been coaching the attackers with BMJ coaching the defence.
Hughton was a class player and to somehow try and say you're glad he's leaving is trying to make him into a scapegoat for the 11 men who go out ad play shite every week.
Looks to me like our club is rotten to the core at the moment, and someone has now just peeled away the skin to reveal the extent of the damage. Ramos? more likely to get Ronald MacDonald.

Anonymous said...

pathetic, a man who has been part of the club for some 27 yrs, and this is the respect you give him.

Another man who successfully led the side to successive 5th positions - name another Spurs manager to get anywhere close in recent times.

And you lot are celebrating. Along with the smarmy Levy and backstabbing Kelmsley.

And you know little about management in any sense of the word, not just football management, as when you undermine someone's authority in the way Levy and Kelmsley have done, you reap the results. How convenient for them they can pin the blame on Jol.

So now we're going to get a guy who can't speak English, in about 9 months time, in the meantime we become the laughing stock of other clubs, fans and anyone with more than 2 brain cells.

I assume JolsgoneMental will now be Ramoshasgonenuts, or LevyJustWantsToSellTheClub.

I really despair of you guys and that you are so called fans.

Anonymous said...

Surely Damian 'Twat' Commoli should be in the firing line after all he is the one he buys the players and He was the one who bought Bent. Good Luck BMJ and Chris Hughton. Get Lost Commoli and Levy

Anonymous said...

To make up for the humourless twats who won't click on this fine site again I'll click 3 times more often. ner ner na ner ner


Anonymous said...

Credit to those who have posted respectful comments here. To those who have written rubbish about CH they clearly have little idea of the role he has played at the club.

He deserves to be wished well in all his future exploits and thanked for tireless service in more ways than people writing here will know.

I for one am looking forward to a new chapter, not for those of you who have little or no knowledge of football but for these men.

Anonymous said...

I agree much respect to BMJ and Chris Hughton. But surely something needs to be done about Commoli who used to be an Ars*nal man is becoming more and more powerful. Get Him Out

Anonymous said...

HH your a disgrace!Martin Jol and Chris Houghton! i wish u all the luck in the future

Anonymous said...

agree that they mugged it by getting caught out and undermining him but it happened.. and after that, short of having a time machine what could be done , we were losing every game ! i feel for the bloke, but for the good of Spurs after the board fucked up he had to go, what would you prefer go down? The bloke is now minted and could maybe get his dream job at ajax(his main love!)dont put individuals before the team/ club mate or you are a martin jol fan rather than a spurs fan ,if a player that you loved left you would be gutted but you would move on! so for the love of SPURS please all Mj fans move on and get behind the boys like never before because if you really want us to do well there goin to need our support more than ever now at least for a few games, dont send us into an even worst position(hard to acheive)to prove some point for a bloke that will be sipping malibu's on a beach come tommorrow evening
SPURS til i die

Anonymous said...

I have followed Spurs for 30 years, and cannot recall feeling as disillusioned as i do now with the whole club. When Levy restructured 3 years ago it seemed that he had the best interests of the club at heart, but he and the board have shown themselves to be thoroughly incompetant and untrustworthy. Why would any potential manager want to work for that bunch of backstabbers? Jol did a good job at Spurs, was a decent and honest manager, who made you feel good about the club. Right now, i am disgusted with it. Good Luck Martin and Chris. You deserve better.

Anonymous said...

yeh this article really is just trying to use hughton as a scapegoat, both martin and chris hughton gave their all for the club, chris even has his son playing for our academy, they're both yids. and yet we treat them like this? leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth

Harry Hotspur said...

What a load of old rubbish.

'Never going to click on HH again' and his equally pompous pal.


Hughton,the patron saint of bleeding hearts. Give me a break.

Loyal servant my arse. Good riddance to a man who was a great asset as player in a different age and mutated into a cancer that transcended too many dynasties of mediocrity.

Write your fond farewells on my wall but don't bother me with crocodile tears or whine about the other graffiti.

That's the fee.

Anonymous said...

Lads football is and always has been a cut throat business, Jol was treated badly by spurs but he aint the first and he most certainly wont be the last ,thats just the way it is unfortunately, its great to be compassionate as a person and i feel for jol but people come and go from football clubs and the only constants are us fans so lets not all bicker and have a silly mini civil war umongst us, because thats the worst thing that could happen now, I was there tonight and if word hadnt of got out about mj it would of been yet more boos at full time as it was half time! ive said it before i'll say it again we all need to move on now as 1

Harry Hotspur said...

And to those who claim by suggestion to know or appreciate more of Hughton than me?

Point to his good works.

Our defence has been an unmitigated cock up for a dogs age.

Remind me again, what was his position as player?

His position was less tenable than Jol's was.

To the sane.

Anonymous said...

I will forever be indebted to Jol for what he achieved for Spurs, and what we go on to do in future because of our squad and club profile is thanks to him.

But Chris Hughton, however much a Spurs man through and through, is not good enough. He has been a model of mediocrity for his whole coaching career. Just because he loves the club does not mean he should have a job, otherwise I'd be applying for the managers job.

If we're gonna sort this whole fetid mess out, we might as well scratch the lot. Let our new manager bring in who he likes. The only obstacle I see is this Sporting Director role - what a load of rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Ian S said...

I loved Martin Jol, and Martin Jol loved me, but sadly...

Daniel just loved the money
Kemsley just loved himself(frequently, from what I've heard)
and Comolli, of course, will always love Arsenal

What was it John Lydon once said? "Ever feel you've been cheated?"

Almost the final insult from a board that are totally lacking in class, timing and awareness of "that football thing" that they should choose to sack our most successful manager of recent years just before an important
European tie, with his final uncomfortable moments played out in front of thousands of fans at WHL and thousands, if not millions, of television viewers. Mere days after announcing the millions that they had made from his cup runs and the standard fleecing of their fans. They could not even bring themselves to allow a shroud of "mutual consent" to give some dignity to the man and the moment.

I believe Spurs fans are planning to adopt Mr Cocker's "Running the World" (changing the last word to "club" no doubt) as the official new anthem....

Right, now I've got that oput of the way, and hopefully cheered some of you up with a rousing song, I must admit that I am glad we have finally bought this saga to an end, for Martin's sake as much as anyone - his position has been untenable for weeks. Let's just hope the idiots running our club pick a worthy successor...

Anonymous said...

Disgusted with all this crap hanging over the club, we need to get rid of the Board and Commolli, but we can't can us by the short and curlies, they've got my beloved Spurs and we can't do f all.

Well, I refuse to spend a penny on Spurs merchandise for the foreseeable future as a form of protest, and I won't be going to games until next season. That's about all I can do, hit them where it's most important to them, in their big fat wallets.

Yes I'll still be listening on the radio or watching in the's still my spurs :(

But I'll be damned if I give a penny more of my hard earned dosh to those fuckwits.

Anonymous said...

Paul F said...

Its just business! Wouldn't matter if Chrissy H had been at Spurs for 130 years - he's not doing the business. As a teacher, if I don't get the best out of kids, I would expect at best, demotion, or at worst, the sack. Everyone is employed to do a job and being a 'nice bloke' has never been a job requirement on any application form I've ever seen. Levy is (apparently) a Spurs fan just like the rest of us and to be honest, if I'd given BMJ £100m, I'd sack him as well! Kemsley, as rightly stated by the vast majority, is worse than dog shit. He's a fat, arrogant arsehole and we must remember that he is leaving also - and good fucking riddance to him. We were all singing Levy's praises when Spurs were winning and let's be fair here - he doesn't coach the team, he pays a ridiculous amount of money for someone else to do it. If they fuck up, which BMJ and Hughton have, he has the right and in my opinion, the duty, to replace them.
Good luck to both CH and BMJ in the future but I for one was getting sick and tired of telling my boy, 'perhaps we'll win next week' after travelling to every home game and driving home afterwards extremely pissed off with another bloody defeat.

Anonymous said...

pardon my ignorance but levy selling the club to make a tidy profit is a good thing isnt it? why am i reading people who obvioulsy have no idea about business (this is business people, not football - dont forget that) say that woe is me cause now jol has gone and levy will sell spurs for a tidy profit?

Whats wrong with that?

Logic dictates that for a business to be sold at a profit it means that it is worth more on the open market than what that person paid for it in the first instance.

Now for a football club business to be worth more means they are receiving more money from the fans, from the fa, from sponsors and reducing their costs. Then the value of the business is higher.

I say all power to you levy to do so and i truly believe that you are doing the right thing here.

Mate you employed BMJ and all the players, unfortuntely especially after tonights performance you cant sack the 11 pathetic players from tonights performance but you can sack the coach who manages them.

Remember people, what has been forgotten here is that the players played woefully tonight. In a perfect world they would be sacked and BMJ could then work with players that - as is written in HH past players comments - people who would "walk through a brick wall for the club". These tossers are not putting their all into their careers cause they know they cant be sacked like BMJ has now been.

So moral of the story is Levy is doing the right thing for the club and has done the right thing in asking BMJ to leave but the MOST IMPORTANT thing here is the players should be sacked or lynched, whichever comes first, for their woeful performances not just tonight but more recently.

Lets not forget that we have just lost a UEFA cup game at home and have we heard from any of the players as to how sorry they are for their terrible perfomance? no of course we havent cause they honestly dont see themselves as the problem. contracts should be re-written and if performances like that are offered by the players they not only do not receive their tens of thousands a week but should have to repay money for wasting the clubs time and money...

COYS with Ramos in charge!

Has anybody thought of any Juande Ramos songs?

Anonymous said...

Got news for you: it's not Ramos but Klinsmann, the new boss. The negotiations are on for almost two weeks and he'll provbably start next Monday. Big changes are ahead (FINALLY) for Klins only accepts the job with full powers and for two years without chances of changes. Got it? DOn't say I told you first!

frontwheel said...

Thanks Big Mart. Thanks Chrissy. Best of luck.

You were good but not good enough. You have been treated badly, but that's what happens in most industries nowadays. People are no longer people, they're commoditities.

As a normal 9-5er, I have respect for you both and know you have deep feelings for Spurs (especially Chris), just like I have feelings for where I work.

Listen up all you people who are crying for them:

I might just get laid off anytime soon (through no fault of my own) but I'm not going to walk away a millionaire.

So those that cry for BMJ & CH. Stop a second - they'll be fine. They can smell ambre solaire already.

PS Mart: Are you taking Hans Segers with you? Please?

PPS: whose blue & white army am i singing to on Sunday? ('cos it'll be just as loud.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry people, i hate to burst your bubble but i doubt very much if its going to be Jurgen K as coach.
I live in California near newport beach and i go jogging every morning and lucky me gets to see Jurgen and his trainer klaus jogging there too regularly.
They are extremely friendly people and after introducing myself as a life long spurs supporter he loves it when i catch up (jogging and panting) to talk spurs stuff. He is way to busy with personal stuff to take on a coaching role in England especially as his wife is comfortable here in the sun! (not much at the mo though...) Would love to see him as coach but my personal opinion (after begging him myself to take on the role after our loss to the goons) is that he either plays his cards very close to his chest or more likely he is telling the truth and he is genuinely too busy to take on such a demanding role. As he put it to me the amount of research to take on a managerial role these days means you need about a 2 month period to research the club, its players, its board and the requirements in terms of personnel and the like. He said he cant commit to a few days never mind 2 months to research a POTENTIAL managerial role...
Sorry but back to Ramos we go me thinx, although i would gladly give up jogging with him in the mornings to see him on the sidelines looking after the prince, lennon, keano and all our other untapped potential....
COYS boys - never lose hope :)

shanemac said...

Farewell Boss Martin Jol. The years have been short, but the games were long.

jolsgonemental said...

who is chris hughton?

Anonymous said...

HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame that Jol's gone really, he was gonna take u to the Championship! Wrighty7

GRAZZA said...

South London - I was there am i allowed to comment? In fact ive got a season ticket and am on autopay, maybe i should be allowed to post in Gold Font? i wouldnt want to without your permission?

By your same twisted logic shouldnt you support Palace anyway?

Everyone has the right to an opinion.

bueller said...

Am a bit sad today. It was inevitable and had to happen I guess.

Still a massive shame.

And all this 'delight' is a bit misplaced if you ask me. What do we really think the next manager is going to do?

Did an excellent job. Over-achieved in our first 5th place finish and has probably under-acheived since then. Still a good manager with plenty of integrity and humour.

Harry Hotspur said...

There is a breed of fan who is
Unble to simply take his 'client reference' number and exist.

They are burdened by the need to be 'better' than you & me.

Hyacinth Bucket, they crave the Captains Table.they spend all day on forums polishing the testicles of ITK's with virtual silk hankies.

A fortnight ago they would've shaken
Hughton by the hand publicly and sought to advance themselves in some minor way with him.

They are, of course, rubbish.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

The board need to make it a multiple silver lining and also out Comoli, Segers and that fitness twat.

I am pleased for Allen and Ingelthorpe. At least we might see some young blood now.

Sad for the BMJ as regards the shameful way he was treated since the start of the season but moving him on was absolutely the right decision.

How sad was it to see us totally outplayed (and especially out passed) by a team third from bottom of La Liga? Be in no doubt, we have a mountain to climb.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

PS: Didn't Berbatov make it obvious last night? Running around, chasing the ball and making tackles.

Anonymous said...

Allen has seen first hand what Taarabt and Boateng can do, could be good for them.
Just hope we have the new man (whoever he is) installed quickly!

Anonymous said...

HH you are a joke, refering to Hughton going as a "silver Lining"

He's THFC through and Through, more than can be said for you

GRAZZA said...

Segers gone as well, confirmed on the official site.

Harry Hotspur said...

'Harry your
a joke.'

In hindsight it's dreadful news Hughton has gone.

Yours sincerly,


onedavemackay said...

All you "Hughton is Tottenham through and through' types. Of course he is and so am I but that does not mean either one of us would make a good coach. But he had his chance he did not crack it and he moves on with a few bob in the kitty and still in tact as part of our history.

Not a bad result for the boy.

Anonymous said...

Hughton will not even get offered the Irish job.

No disrespect to our cousins over the water, but he's been lifting a salary off Spurs for years now and has only succeeded in assisting a long list of managers who didn't come up to scratch.

All this loyal servant crap is wonderful, but doesn't win cups.


JonA said...

Amazed at the love-in thats resulted for Jol and Hughton.

Yes, we can thank Jol for our best premiership finishes and yes, we can thank Hughton for a distinguished playing career, but surely we are looking to WIN things and it became clear towards the end of last year the two of them were not up to that job.

Now all of a sudden the majority, want the board to go.... why? because they have approached someone who they believe can take us to the level we aspire too, or for making the biggest war-chest available to any Spurs manager!

With hindsight the only mistake they have made, is not replacing the manager pre-season.

Anonymous said...

So finally, Jol Vamous, welcome Juan Ramos!

It had to come, and we at the Lane look forward to the final conclusion of the advance of the Spanish Main.

This time no Walter Rayleigh as the Conquistadores sail mightily up the River Thames. With total and complete conquest of the evil Emperor Wenger expected following the ruthless overthrow of his underling King Jol.

The invasion of European shores to follow!

Harry Hotspur for Coach! COYS!

Anonymous said...


you menan Berba was happy cause jol is gone'
or what?

Anonymous said...

"Every cloud has a silver lining", eh? Not a saying much used in Hiroshima, me thinks.
Hughton's deficiencies as a coach seem evident, but, without over indulging in our typical living-in-the past Tottenham tendencies, let me take you back ...
It's April '83, we are hosting the Woolwich Nomads (who, earlier in the year, had turned us over 2-0 at the Reading Room). We win 5-0, finish fourth in the league; they trail in 11th. Oh, and a full back bags two of the goals. Step forward, Eufa Cup winner Christopher Hughton.
Sentimental tosh? Maybe - but show some deserved respect.

Anonymous said...


What will happen to your name?

Will it change to...




Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jollys gone. But to cheer us all up, check this out!

Anonymous said...

As a player & servant, yes, Hughton deserves respect........ part of the coaching staff, he is just not good enough, SIMPLE AS

He done this, he done that, BLAH BLAH

HE WAS ALSO PART OF THE SET UP FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS, through all the crap, so he aint anything SPECIAL IS HE??

I'm Spurs through and through and so are the many thousands who attend WHL week in week out, but i wouldn't want them or myself in charge and i for one am glad Hughton's FINALLY GONE.

Hoddle was the ultimate Spurs legend but couldn't do it as Manager either, ITS ABOUT RESULTS

You Romantics make me laugh, i'm glad YOUR not in charge of Spurs

Martin Jol will always have a place in my heart, but time to move on, so gooodbye & good luck Big Man

Hughton & Segers can both DO ONE