Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Russia vs England: Full Colour Snaps & That

England expects banana skins...? The goals and indeed the performance against Estonia was soft. It came back to haunt us and quite simply, it looked like Russia not only wanted it more, but they played more cohesively. I take no delight in the loss, rather wish someone had the ability to make England equal the sum of their parts...

I had a lump of draw in me sock lads... ohh b*ll*cks.......

Tommy Steele, England Manager
Hello young lovers

Knights Templar? Shirley Temple & her younger brother, more like..
Nearly got it


Spot On

' Inbred Toothless Muck In Engerland Shirt Waring Shocker'

Hosepipe ban you say....? I laugh in the face of hosepipe bans...

'Armpit farts' failed to sufficiently put off the Russian penalty taker...

Arshavin, or Arshaarving as Ray Wilkins opted to call him...


Anonymous said...

Two points:

1. Arse shaver looks like a very handy player indeed.

2. Heads up lads, Sammy Lee's on the market! Harry Hotspur XI boardroom (whoever you are) get your skates on!

Anonymous said...

Robbo is rubbish for England and rubbish for Spurs!!!

And we rightly no longer sing that he is Englands no 1. He should be dropped from both the England and Spurs team - a clear liability!!!

His problems stems from not catching the ball, and not pushing the ball around the post for a corner (instead giving the other team nice easy chances for goals).

What is the point of goal keepers like Robbo who cannot catch the ball or push it around the post for corners?

He is no use to England or Spurs, and is now regular making the sort of excuses that Jol has being making about why we cannot win games!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon - 7:53

Just settle back down on your porch with your banjo and wait for your brothers to return from their piggy squealing trip to the woods ya damn inbread gooner!

Anonymous said...

Rooney was stupid to pull on the Russian's shirt, it was a definite foul albeit outside the box. It should'nt have been a penalty. The 2nd, Blobinson should have pushed to the ball into a safer area not into the danger area. Although the defence was static in clearing the ball after the save, in his defence. This is why Wenger doe'snt buy many English player's. Because they are shit. Wrighty7

Anonymous said...


robbo is the best goalkeeper england have got!
prior to the russia game the last goal he conceeded for england was v croatia. thats 9 clean sheets in 10 & 19 in 21 i believe. correct me if im wrong but that is the best qualifying campaign by any england goalkeeper....

his form is not good at the moment for sure but class is permanent & he`l come through this bad patch...

jimi jazz said...

what do you think will happen first, ledley coming back from injury or robbo returning to proper form?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8:16,

That is why England and Spurs let in goals - Robbo is rubbish - he must be dropped or even sold to a lower divison (not premier) club!!!!

Anonymous said...

championship? huh..

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that Gerrard blamed Robbo when it was him -- missing a huge chance, and an inept performance again -- that cost us the game. Lescott showed that he isn't ready for international football, especially at the highest level.

Lampard, Crouch and Downing were awful when they came on too. Clueless performance once again.

Anonymous said...

England aren't going through, but neither will France.

bueller said...

Jimi Jazz, I obviously hope that they both happen very soon.

But I just cant see either happening.

But then I am very down this morning. Not because of England. I just hate my job.

Your moniker has made me decide to listen to some Clash on my ipod at lunch.

RuSpurs said...

I think Rooney was in offside, like a penalty (may be) wasn't there. But to win can only one. It's a pity that both teams (together England and Russia) will not take a part on Euro 2008.
England lost the game because after first goal they thought this match is over and they are winners. Too early.

C'mon you Spurs!!!

RobbyK said...

Yeah Robbo spilt it, but what ever happened to the defenders following up. It's a cardinal sin not to be the first to the ball...muppets.

Unfortunately that one mistake by a spurs player (anyone see Gerards poor passing?) will give that camp, one-pose-on-the-sofa, anti-Jol, anti-spurs, toss pot Lawrenson ammo to diss spurs on footie focus.

Why do spurs players have to lay golden eggs just to avoid getting lynched by the BBC football has-beens, there were 11 men on the pitch (if you can call Sol Cambell a man).

Anonymous said...

i don't understand what's going on. since when has a full stretched diving save been seen as a cock-up just because it fell at the feet of a forward? This has happened many many times before but this is the first time I've seen it described as a goal keeping error. Robinson did his job, the defenders didn't if anything.

I suppose if you're already down they'll que up to kick you.

Anonymous said...

I wondered a while back how long it would be before there would be enough ads at the top of this blog to completely fill my screen. bingo

I'm now counting down for the full two screens worth.

go on Harry

Anonymous said...

Fills two screens worth for me but Harry gots to get paid!

jolsgonemental said...

missed the game didnt bother with the highlights. bunch of tossers.

Was Robbo to blame? A few off hand remarks in the papers suggest he could have done better. All very matter of fact, as if it is standard procedure now.

useless goalkeeper.

At least I wont have to suffer the ignomy of 'supporting' a side containing John Terry and friends next summer.

Anonymous said...

Blobbo was part to blame for the 2nd. Could have done better to push the ball away but the defence did him no favour's by reacting slower than a tortoise would. U Spud's have had a result though, Blobbo's out of the Newcastle game. U might only concede 2 now. Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

Who is this Wrighty7 chap?

Go away.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.23 (3rd post down) I'm not a gooner. Make the mistake again and I'l force you into an Arsenal shirt and tie you to a lamp post on Park Lane during gameday.

Anon 7.53 aka Wilson

jolsgonemental said...

wrighty7 is lonely.

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Jolsgonemental said...

Wrighty, Remember that loneliness is very common. Almost everyone feels it at some time. It is not a defect. It is something that can be changed.

It is a sign that important needs are not being met. Changing the situation may involve finding and developing a circle of friends (ideally real friends Wrighty), but it may also mean finding ways of learning to enjoy your times alone; to use them more constructively and pleasurably because the reality is that you will be alone for the vast majority of your lifetime.

Do not wait for other people to visit you or speak to you. Try to talk to other lonelies you sit next to at the Emirates or during half time breaks, these are desperate people too and are likely to respond favourably. Say hello, or even just smile , at people (not children wrighty!) you pass on the staircase or elsewhere, maybe in college or in your workplace if you manage to find employment.

Try to put yourself in new situations where you will meet people with interests in common, like Star Trek, Frenchmen and trainspotting, often such losers can be found wearing red and white around the North London area. Choose activities that you are genuinely interested in and enjoy (not the night garden wrighty) - societies or sports or voluntary work.

Do not, however, over-extend yourself, filling your time with too many things just to avoid being alone such as posting desperately embarrassing pleas for friendship on a Spurs blog.

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Try not to be too critical of your failed efforts to be popular, you are not a Yid and cannot expect to sustain a life nearly as successful and fulfilling, remember these people are living demigods of wit, charm and intelligence, dont kid yourself that you will ever attain such heights, be satisfied with what you CAN achieve. You are special too, in your own way.

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Respond to others and their interests (but do not feign an interest you do not feel).
Some people are more at ease in groups and others in 'one to one' situations. Consider your own preferences and 'style'. Find others with similar outlooks and interests.

Anonymous said...


Outstanding pillar of wisdom.

Heed his words, for they ring true.

Anonymous said...

When Lehmann reportedly injured his achilles it was too easy to suspect it was a diplomatic ruse to drop him. I can't help wondering the same about Robbo's calf.

I'm not privy to inside knowledge, and maybe it's exactly what it appears. Does anyone here know?

If the injury is genuine, Robbo can use the opportunity to withdraw, regroup, and consolidate without the indignity of being dropped.

Whatever he's achieved in the past, he now looks permanently ill at ease, like a man bullied, intimidated, nervous and under siege. If he were a fireman (and I were his boss) I'd tell him to take a holiday.

As a fan, it's difficult not to feel a sense of relief that Cerny (presumably) will keep goal meantime.

That said, the second Russian goal could've been prevented had the defenders' not been comatose.

Anyway, maybe the Bears were hungrier than the Lions. The lions have grown lazy on £50k a week. Or is it £100k? I start to lose consciousness when I read of thugs earning more in seven days than I'll earn in seven years.

And that's just basic wage. Basic.

And how does McLaren prattle on? Always with the same pre- and post-match buzz-words that touch on the lowest emotional common denominators: 'Commitment, ability, potential, big-game players, winning mentality, experience, hugely impressive, looked sharp blah blah blah'.

Cheers, Steve, but try some analysis, insight, exposition. Or telling your players not to treat the ball like it's a bomb and hang onto it for a while.

Meanwhile, what news of Arshavin 'signing' for Spurs? Did he, didn't he? It occurred to me that his recruitment might be a deliberate palliative for Berbatov - two Slavs together - after we neglected to sign Petrov. Could it persuade Berba to stay?

I dunno. Just a thought.

BTW, Harry, don't go moving to the States to focus on your business and property interests. Your work here is not yet done, sir.


9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...


;O) It's funny because it's true.

And not uncalled for. As Homer himself might say - "But Marge! We're laughing AT him, not WITH him.'

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

I have to ask because I don't know.

Do players get paid by the FA for playing for England?

Anonymous said...

Some genius posts.......

Anonymous said...


i believe they do