Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Hear Harry Here!

Here it is folks, another platinum clad opportunity of a lifetime to annoint your ears with the silken ramblings of the Internet's Numero Uno Tottenham pundit. A man who makes Richard Keys appear by contrast, a considered intellectual...

With comment on today's Derby as well as a good grouch over the public relations train crash(es) at WHL there's something for everyone, especially those not expecting too much.

Football Fancast is great. An innovative idea that Niall & Co are expanding upon with a new big fancy site being developed as we sit here gawping at our screens.

Might I recommend you get stuck into i tunes and avail of the free subscription?

Lastly, don't forget the FFC question of the week. 'What are Martin Jol's 3 favourite album's of all time?' Navigate your brain through a cornucopia of shameful suggestions and somewhere amongst 'The Best Of Europe' and 'Joe Dolce Live' you'll discover what the large Ducthman has blaring out of his Campervan windows.

Wingsh. Daer band daer Beatellsh couldaf been.

Listen Now!


andy said...


Bit of an emergency, wife's 40th birthday today and have had to give up my ticket but am still hopeful of finding a boozer in herts area to catch the game on a moody satellite? Anyone know any pubs showing it?


jolsgonemental said...

wifes 40th could have been that unexpected surely.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know anywhere showing it in the west london area??? please let us know!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of places in Eastcote - try Captain Morgan's opposite the station.

Anonymous said...

anyone know if theres any websites showing the game on the net????