Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tottenham Draw At Fulham: Photos

Kiss me quick or lose me forever

The winner of Fulham's Mad Frankie Fraser LookyLikey Competition

Martin Jol, Football Manager

Whoooa, Tommy Tommy...

Second bicycle extravaganza of the week

Bale on the ball

More leaks than a Welsh grocers

Jol prepares for shooting

Fantasy football is a b*tch. Who else sold him this week?

One of six goal celebrations

It's that man again, mother...

Great success

A disguarded Spot The Ball Comp picture

Happy times

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Anonymous said...

Robbo must be dropped from the team - England are serioulsy looking at dropping him and so should we.

Look at the replays of the goals that looped over him today, and you will see that he was too far off his line!!!!

He also had that bad positiong for the Nani goal, in the previous Man U game!!!!

Anonymous said...

5 games, and only 4 points. Totally unacceptable!!!

The Board must sack Jol, and give him a one way airplane ticket back to Holland.

To be 2-0 up, and 3-1 up, but draw 3-3 is just not on.

Expect some imminent news that Jol will be sacked.

Anonymous said...

6:20 stop being silly mate, wot manager is gona cum in now????? let JOL do his job n stop being so impatient. evyfin wil click into place in 2weeks. trust me. we'l also have bent,lennon n BAE bac wiv KING soon after that. KEEP THE FAITH

Anonymous said...

This result was sickening. The deep sitting suicidal antics have cost us yet again, and to throw away a two goal lead against shite like Fulham?

This was almost as bad as last time we had a game that was just too easy - Newcastle last season, anyone?

We were shitting all over them, and they had pretty much given up, but Spurs, afraid of winning, refused to kill of the pathetic Newcastle team and handed them a lifeline. Two, in fact. Which is exactly what happened today.

I don't know who's fault it is, and I frankly don't care, as long as it gets SORTED OUT.

I'm not standing for any more of this shite.

Anonymous said...

How can we keep the faith when LLWLD? Relegation stats!!!!

Anonymous said...

And 40M spent, and bugger all to show for it!!

Anonymous said...

again we drop points after dominating the game and again after jol making changes to team.why take keane off, and why bring on daws for 6mins.he makes the same mistakes time and time again

Anonymous said...

they are relegation stats but its only the start of the season so we hav nufin 2 worry about @ the moment. 2week break is a blessing in disguise. i hope ENG drop ROBBO so he can sort his head out

Anonymous said...

We need dawson to play with a centre back who will stay fit. Its been reported that ghaly was suprised by the amount of running he saw at birmingham maybe thats why we let so many late goals in bwcause our players aernt fit enough.

Anonymous said...

I don't care who we have to come back, I have just got back from fulham and we were so much better than them it was unbeleivable but until jol realises that we should continue to attack instead of hold on and give away countless corners and free kick around the box and invite shots from all angles we will always let in late goals Fulham didn't ever look like scoring until Jol made his stupid substitutions and negative tactical changes it can be no coinsidence that this keeps happening to us whereas Arsenal scum always score in the last ten mins

Anonymous said...

last season we didnt concede a single goal in extra time. Today we were good, fulham just took their chances and rode their luck. If things in football even themselves out over a season then we are due a lucky winning streak like no other anytime now...

Anonymous said...

f@*cking hell i cant belive this shite sack robbo he is crap give another keeper a chance he is to blame for the majority off our goals conceded that boy is not worth the hassel

as for jol i was for him keeping his job but im not so sure at the momment to negative in tatics

Anonymous said...

jols negative tactics cost us every big game last year and countless others like today same old mistakes ,when will he ever learn, if hasnt by now he never will, i was ther today and it was him that mucked it up, we were tottaly dominent and toying with them and looking like a good team, but jol's watch alarm must of gone off tellin him it was negative time and the team starts playing like were rochdale or someone clinging on in a cup tie, f***in disgrace , i go to a lot of games and its just the same old thing with him ,Gutted , although ive seen this since last season, a shame we got so many blinkered fans that have been taken in by the con man, you cant always be unlucky ,jol always asks for it by inviting other teams on to us and dont say its the players ,ive never seen him on the touchlines telling them to push up, on the contary he throws on a defender, IT DONT WORK MARTIN grow some fuckin nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its not Jol's fault we sat back and defended (poorly).
weve always done it, and probably always will.
its like a spurs tradition.
like does anyone else notice we rarely win our own throw ins?
our throw ins always end up in oposition posession.
its a spurs tradition, but not one i like.

but the main point is if you want to come top 4, u dont throw away 2 goal leads against anyone.

doesnt matter if its fulham or chelsea, you shouldnt do it.

i hate do admit it, but BIG teams dont throw away 2 goal leads.

remember chavski in the cup last year?

3-1 up and coasting, and we drew n then lost the replay.

its wot happend from having an inexperienced team with no real match winners.

we dont have any players who kno how to win the big games like we had in davids.

have any of our players actualy won anything worthwile in europe, international or domesticaly?

i cant think of any, but if anyone thinks of one that has, let me know.

but gooners next game, i think we can be confident from our performances, and we should give them a really good game.

maybe hav 25 shots on target and 89% posession and draw 1-1?


Anonymous said...

jol gets on my tits, again he's blaming everything but himself,"we need to defend better " well thats a new one isnt it? 1, everyone that has ever watched spurs regualy knows that we are rubbish at sitting there and defending leads so why do it , ther was no need we'd pissed on them all game whats so differant to the last 10 mins , we could of scored a couple more goals with the space theyd of left pushing on , but no lets have no outlet ,bring on another def and make it the alamo! they could of been defending the last 10mins but jol always has to give the other team a go and hand them the initiative
2 if the players are rubbish at defending Throw ons ,set pieces, surely mr jol, you are the coach ,what have you been doing for the last 2 years? stop blaming the players and look at yourself, id say n sort it out , if not he will be gone and ther will be nothing the blind little jolly baby fans can do about it, n we might be able to get somewhere, fuckin sick of him, i go to every game and i know im in the minority but i hope n pray the board also see this shit happen time and time again

Anonymous said...

well ive watched spurs since the 60s and it isnt something weve always done, if anything in the past we lost games by not sitting back n defending audere est facere n all that, i was there today n i didnt see jol on the touchline sayin why you dropping deep ,push up!! y does these thing happen when he brings an extra defender on , that says to the team try n hang on, all the games you mentioned were all times jol has done it before and he doesnt learn, he could of kept em going and pushed em up if he wanted , he always trys to defend the last 10 mins and 9times out of 10 we come unstuck

Anonymous said...

at 3.1 up would wenger ,moanio or fergie, benitez crapped themselves and brought on an extra defender? jol thinks he's managing someone like wigan and much more of this he will be!

Anonymous said...


lovely curse! working wonders!

it really hurts to score three and draw.

and Berb scores and still no win.

I wonder what does he have to do to stop this.

and Jol forever an idiotic shit

curse. lovely curse, give the boy what he deserves

it's PURGATORY, right, H?

told ya!


Anonymous said...

Having seen a great performance at Old Trafford last week and listened to another sound performance against Fulham on 5 Live this afternoon it sounds like we were robbed of the points. Unfortunately this is the Board’s point about Martin’ management.

A game we coasted through has been given away. Two reasons, we cannot defend and secondly because we make silly substitutions. In our efforts to placate all the strikers Robbie comes off and Defoe comes on. Once again this changes the game and we end up on the back foot and the wheels come off.

Martin, How many more times? We all love you to death but you sometimes do your best to put your neck in the noose.

Get people in from Monday to sort out our defending and the goalkeeping. Those responsible for coaching these areas are proving to be as inadequate as they were last year and we cannot prosper to the levels required without rapid improvement. Phil Thompson sits on Sky Sports each week talking a lot of sense. Talk to the man and lets get the talent we have demonstrating it instead of looking at their boots as they leave the field.

Football is all about loyalty and it is a great quality but there comes a time when hard and tough action is needed to make the man we, the Spurs fans, believe Martin Jol can be for our club.

Take it Martin for your own sake and for all of our sanities.

Going for The One

Harry Hotspur said...

No Nemwasisnonsense it's not purgatory, it's football.

By the by, what team do you follow?

Anonymous said...

jol is shite and robbos worse

Anonymous said...

oh, H, I thought you knew:

I follow Berbo; or perhaps he follows me. I call the shots and he gets a bad spanking when he's a naughty boy. And he has been very, very naughty for a while.

So, he's getting what he deserves.

Got it?

You should have let him go.

Told ya!


Anonymous said...

"Its not Jol's fault we sat back and defended (poorly)."

Yes it is. He's the manager. He tells the team what to do.

Anonymous said...

All of you idiot who called for Defoe to start (including Comolli) satisfied no????

Defoe should not be anywhere in the team...he contributed nothing....Jol doesn't want to play Defoe in place of Keane...but idiot like comolli, ian wright and 54% of so call spurs supporters want the inclusion of Defoe...make a lot of noise publically...what you got from Defoe was a crumbling team...

Anonymous said...

Long Live Martin Jol!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

2nd post.

You tell em.


Anonymous said...

Errr... cock up, I meant 3rd post.

Anonymous said...

Oh for fucks sake we heard all this ranting last year about how shit we are and how we're going no where with Jol. We'll settle soon and become much stonger in defence, the goals will keep coming and the points will roll in. Momentum. We're on the cusp of it. Stop the panic and get behind the lads. We'll be fine.

A win against the goons could start us on a roll.