Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tottenham At Fulham: The Player Ratings

Robinson Arguably 3 shots and 3 goals 5.5

Kaboul More goals to come 6.9

Chimbonda Off day 6.59

Bale MOTM 8.0

Rocha Journeyman 4.59

Lee Fiesty enough 6.6

Dawson Welcome home?

Jenas Needed a wondergoal 6.59

Malbranque Flustered 5.3

Huddlestone Good tackling 6.2

Keane Didn't get with it 6.1

Berbatov Good stuff 8.0

Defoe Out of sync 4.1

Armour plated taxi for Jol
Thinks he's Mourinho with Jose's resources
Hughton Run But You Can't Hide
Harry demands to see his jotter notes,
then call for his head... regardless of what they contain


Anonymous said...

Substitution of Defoe was the catalyst of the downfall.

Jol was under pressure to play Defoe, from the public statements of Comolli & Ian Wright and from the Defoe fans club.

Defoe contribute nothing other than a few odd wonder goals. That is why he is never picked up to play for England.

Harry Hotspur said...

I have always championed Defoe but even I wonder where he fits in right now...

He can't be played before any of the other strikers and yesterday Jol admitted (with actions) that he has promised him more than the bench.

I would like to see him flogged off now while he is still worth something. He will not make the England bench at this rate and consequently his stock is plummeting. Levy's £14 mill est. was of course pants. If we were looking to buy him we'd offer £7.5 mill. The money into another defender.

Because King is finished/as good as/finished/ bored waiting for him to return/ sick of Rocha/ Lee and others playing out of position.

Que demands various for me to kill myself for not standing by our greatest player ever, the world's bestest captain to have ever graced the hallowed.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Get a grip.
King is doing nothing for us in the stand.


Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong i know Berbatov is class but iam getting hacked off with his inability to make runs off the ball and then the tantrum he throws when he doesn't recieve the ball. Robinson needs to lose weight and stop hoofing the ball to no one. Jol should never have brought on Dawson, our midfield was being over run so why we take off a midfielder is beyond me. Anyway hindsight they say is a bitch and it is easy to be an armchair manager but yesterday was just another disapointment after such a bright start. P.S the away fans were fantastic. coys

Anonymous said...

Not wishing to make excuses (I was absolutely gutted and threw all my toys out of the pram when they equalised) but I think the problem is a lack of experience of dealing with pressure. Lets be honest defending a 3-1 lead is not a terrible tactical decision. The problem is that bale, kaboul, dawson (when he came on) ,Thudd and even jenas are really young and there is no gerrard / viera / keane etc etc to stamp there authority on the game, get everyone organised on the pitch and instill a bit of steel. We genuinely have a soft centre but we have a lot of quality in the team, it just needs a bit of time. Jol has to be allowed to finish what he started. A decent result against the goons and we'll get a bit more confidence (please god!)

Anonymous said...

Think thats a little kind to Robinson who needs to be taught the basics of keeping. Even when playing park football you know if you stand off your line constantly its harder to keep shots out and you will get lobbed

And yet where is Robinson for the 2nd and 3rd goals. About 6 feet off his line in no mans land. How exactly can you be lobbed with an overhead kick, had he have been standing on his line he could have simply caught it, same goes for the second goal.

Perhaps its the goalkeeping coach to blame if he hasnt spotted it, whatever the case, he needs to be dropped.

The weakest link in our team now, when when he first signed he was the strongest. Time for a change

Anonymous said...

maybe whne dawson joined in, Kaboul should go to central midfield, and Dawson & Rocha as 2 CB....Dawson gave clue to everybody, particularly Fulham front rows that Spurs are going to play with 3 CB by showing his 3 finger to everybody to see. He should'nt do that.

Almost everybody blamed the defenders and to lesser extent the midfielder...How about the fowards player and the missed chance. Spurs should have 5 goals up by the 60th minute.

None of the goals are Robinson's fault. I hate people who 'scapegoating' somebody for nothing.

Anonymous said...

You are right about Keane- Apart from from making two goals and creating a couple of other chances he just didn't get into it.

Anonymous said...

i said it when we were winning our pre-season games and everyone was harping on about replacing the goon's 4th position, we are not mentally tough enough to do so! We are a young and INEXPERIENCED squad that whether we like it or not will take time to learn from its experiences. I said it then and i say it now we will not be champs league for another 2 seasons.
unfortunately by that time Berbie, defoe and possibly the Chimp will be long gone.
I can only hope that Jol either grows a left one or leaves as well by then.
Commoli, Jol and Levy have not brought in names that have experience instead have gone for youthful talent. Well with youthful talent comes accepting elementary mistakes such as what was done at Fulham. We just have to accept this and move on as this will happen over and over again when INEXPERIENCED players are put into a grown mans game.
We needed the steadying influence of a ledders, teddy or edgar yesterday.
COYS regardless though

Anonymous said...

Jol - get your tactics right, bring in a hardened central midfielder (losing patience with Thud who doesn't hack it when it matters) or get out. There. Said it. If you take off your best player, who provides an outlet, then go from 3-1 to 3-3, who is to blame? Doesn't take a rocket scientist......
Lose to Scum (perish the thought) and I reckon Jol will fall on his sword.
You've got the players Jol, you've had the investment. Man for man we have one of the leagues strongest squad; get the best out of them or do the decent thing.

Anonymous said...

I really hate the fact that people are always blaming MJ or Robbo. After the Fulham game I think the ones to blame are the players who missed a lot of chances and in particular the mistake that Chimbonda has done for not keeping the ball in play after he has received a pass from Malbranque.[referring from where the 2nd goal began]. It true that Steed pass wasn't the best but I feel that Chimb had all the time to keep the ball in play , but he chose that it wasn't important. From that throw we conceded the 2nd goal. Apart from that I would really like Spurs that when they are leading they will control the game not sitting back and let the opposition to dectate it. They must learn to slow down the game and let the other team to chase it and become frustrared

Anonymous said...

I think Harry's scores for RK may reflect the fact he didn't score which is what his position is. Striker... the asists were good but having just watched the highlights on Goals on Sunday he wasn't featured otherwise.

KiWeTO said...

Not robinson's positioning; its his lack of footwork.

the moment, he saw the 3rd goal, he jumped. But, given how slowly it sailed over his hands, he could have taken 1-2 steps before jumping.

Great reactions, but sometimes, he needs to think before jumping?

Oh, and yes, I agree. Stupid long balls don't always come off. Pass to the fullbacks. You don't see the top 4 teams do long balls from the goalkeeper that much.


Anonymous said...

Of course Berbatov is a spoiled brat turned into a fucking primadonna by the praising of the fans.
What else do you expect from a 'god'?


Anonymous said...

martin jol - 0.35

Anonymous said...

To Elk.

So a striker's only role is to score goals?

By that reckoning Berbatov had a poor game against Man Utd last Sunday and as a lone striker in a ten man team at home against Bolton last season !!!

Anonymous said...

None of this matters,all will be forgotten when we beat the Arse at WHL next time out

Anonymous said...

Levy & Co will sell the 'higly potential players' before they properly matured whenever there is chance to make some profits. Any manager will suffer from this kind of arrangement. Even, if spurs employed Mourinho, the club will not get anything other than constant moaning week in/out., and he will leve after half a season. Man U kept Giggs, Scholes etc for a long time to get the benefits. Arsenal were lucky because other clubs bought their players for crazy money.

But who are to blame....bussiness is bussiness!

Anonymous said...

Jol needs to go. Once again he mucked it up. It easy to blame the defence but can anyone tell me how many tackles were won in the center of the midfield. Jenas and Hudds combined must be the worst pair matched up in the premier league. Our best tackler sits on the bench and he is our quickest by far, yet he sits on the bench. For any dumbarse doesnt know who i am refering to it is ZAKORA. Furthermore I cannot believe we have extended Jenas's contract, what the hell is going on, the bloke is absolute garbage. Jol must go the guy is an abolute ediot with no clue on the game. Mr Levy do your job and be a man get rid of the useless twat, some of the best managers in the world are available, go and get them please!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

11.31 Berbatoc did have a bad game against manure.

He's paid to score.

Anonymous said...

Levy was correct all alone to try and get rid of Jol but made a mistake in the way he handled it..It is obviou that Jol is not going to make it.

You cant even think of Wenger,Mourinho,Benitez,Ferguson teams doing the same game after game,season after season.That is why they are the top 4 managers and Jol has never been a top manager because he is simply not good enough.

Jol is good for Middlesbrough,Birmingham,Fulham alike but not for a club with great ambitions and want to achieve.

Emotions has got no place in the running of a football club and the shrewdest people are the most succesful.

If Capello is interested i say go and get him if you want to achieve as soon as tomorrow but Koeman would be better choice for long term plans.

Jol must go..and NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jol, and Hughton, should be sacked with immediate effect: See,19528,11661_2702526,00.html

i.e. Kanoute hits out at Jol
Striker labels training sessions 'boring'

Sums up the incompentce of Jol, added with the fact of not preparing the team to be match fit - Sunderland (A: lost 1-0); Everton (H: lost 3-1) woefully showed a lact of match fitness

Now, Robbo has been seen to be clearly off his line for the last three goals to go in against him (by Nani, Smertin & Kamara).

Instead of subing of Keane who set up two goals (could Defoe do that absolutely not!!) he should have subbed Huddelstone.

Expect bugger all this season - mid table/ battling against relagation at best!!!

Totally unacceptable. Even Hansen on Match of the Day said that Jol's position is untenable.

Would Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal be as shite. Answer no.

The Board are probably in discusion with Jurgen Klinsmann.

So with no games for the next
two weeks, expect Jol to be sacked early next week by the Spurs Board!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im sorry , but after watching that game it really pisses me off after being depressed after the failure to hold on the a two goal lead twice, to hear all the spurs fans slatting Robinson AGAIN for the goals. To say he was out of position is bullsh!t. He only look's out of position because the balls looped over him. If he was on th eline he has a wider goal to save, where if he is 5 to 6 feet of the line the angle is reduced, it just unfortunate that both goals looped over him and under the bar, lucky bast@rds. Same with the Man USA goal he would have saved it bar the deflection og Tevez again lucky. Kep your heads up, were only 6 points of the Top whats that 2 wins n were back to normal. Think about the same results last year. First game of the season we lost to bolton Away, then we lost to Everton at Home, beat Shefield Utd at home comfortable, lost to Man USA 1-0, then drew at Fulham away. Its Exactly the same as this year. Keep the Faith COYS

Anonymous said...

It all goes back to the old feature of Jol. Why sit back with half an hour to go, putting all that pressure for long periods on Robbo and our defence? Jol knows the tactic doesn't work so why use it?

Defoe can't hold the ball up and I know keane's seen better days, but if thats the tactic Jol wants to play, Defoe isn't that kind of player, you bring him on to score goals not hold the ball up and play the posession game.

Jenas' 2 misses were poor, I think he knows the fans are on his back.

If we're not going to bring Taraabt on when we're 3-1 up (and let's face it, he would have pissed all over Fulham's shoddy defence)then when are we going to play him? 3-0 down?

Bale was a class act, looks an accomplished player already, and thats two fantastic games he's played. Suppose its a plus that two of our defenders scored. I'm not one for Jol staying, but as the board have completely fucked that up, lets hope he bucks up his ideas for the arsenal game.


Anonymous said...

Awful result for what was some of the best football I've seen us play in years. Why did we lose? 1) Robbo continues to have bad positioning, making him vulnerable to balls coming in from distance. 2) Defense begins with the midfield. You don't take a midfielder off (Steed) and replace him with a defender (Dawson) when you want to retain possession. He should have replaced Steed with Zokora, moved Jenas to the Right, and instructed Spurs to retain possession (meaning, tell Robbo to stop bombing meaningless balls forward in the hope of catching the Fulham defense sleeping. 3) His handling of the Defoe situation forced him to bring Defoe in, and take Keane out. He's wrong on both counts. Keane is very good at coming back into the midfield to gain and retain possession. Defoe and Berbs are not. Jol needed to keep Keane in and take Berbs off if he was going to swap strikers. In fact, I would have kept Keane and Berbs in and swapped Hudd out for Prince or even Tainio (I'm not sure who was available). My point is that to protect a lead, you must focus on retaining possession between the midfield and the defense and attack selectively, not sit back and allow the offense to attack. On the plus side, I thought Bale & Lee were terrific together. Kaboul looked great, and he and Dawson will make a great central pairing.

So should they fire Jol? I don't think that's enough. Since there are so many tactical issues here, you need to start with a new Manager and have him bring his coaching staff in. What CL-level manager would do that at this point in the season?? So I think we're stuck with what we have. I think we're good enough to avoid relegation, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

3-3 its a draw, happens all over the world and occassionally to proper clubs like barca or Milan. We played some great stuff and got robbed by a fluke. We demand attacking attractive football and thats what we got.

Anonymous said...

Team looks so much better with Bale. Looking forward to seeing Bent and Berbs

Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing relegation standard football.

Urgently wake up and realise we are a doomed team - can't see us picking up 3 points in the next few games.

Just accept that Jol should be sacked before its too late!!!!

Anonymous said...

Scoring and letting in goals -the Ardiles style of football - is just not good enough.

Sack Jol right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is very negative with comments, without any alternative suggestions. Not many anyhow, except sack Jol and drop Robbo. Fickle ficle fickle.
What would you do as an alternative? What tactics? What team changes? Answers on a posetcard. Let's start with Jolsgonmental?

Summerspur said...

Interesting to see you have joined the JOL OUT brigade. If you had sat on the fence any longer you would have had severe splinter issues going on.

You stopped short of naming a replacement, so i can only assume the normal thing to do in these circumstances would be to give the job to the number 2.

For years we craved euro football, we now have it. Are we moving the goalposts. Our improvement has been quite rapid, but that pace can not be sustained.

I am as frustrated as anybody with MENTAL MARTIN and his blinkered views and tactics, especially with malbranque but i would take the now set up over the last ten years any day.

I have a gut feeling we wiil beat le arse in two weeks, and my gut feelings are never wrong.

Harry Hotspur said...

Anyone watching the Arse vs Portsmouth?

3-1 at the mo'.

Wonder if it ends in a draw?

Harry Hotspur said...


69 minutes.

Wenger takes of VPervert and brings on Diaby.

Striker (on a card) for a midfielder.

Harry Hotspur said...

Oh, and that's with 10 men on the park........................

Anonymous said...


Jol has my 100% backing - for now. Haven't joined the Jol out brigade at all. Read my comments. What I said was if he can't get the best out of a good bunch of players, he should do the decent thing. Big difference to what you suggest mate. Just wanted to clear that up.


Anonymous said...

Stop talking about the Arse, and stop being in denial about our clubs dire position.

I very much doubt that we will get anything more than a draw with the Arse.

Completely unacceptable. Expect Jol to be sacked next week!!!!

Anonymous said...

Harry, have you pinched my hymn sheet? The comment about Chris Hughton is spot on. I fear he is behind our defensive work but bewcause he is a Spur i feel bad criticising him.

That's why I suggest a specialist defensvie coach.

Talking of Defoe he should really go. He needs to join a club who will base their whole attack around him. We know he'll get goals but his stlye of play is at odds with the team style. Whatever we say Berba and Keane have a relationship on the pitch as shown by Berba pointing at Keane after his goal. What it said was "us 2 are the ones" in other words i'll never get these opportunities from the others.

Even if Berba goes at seasons end and Bent comes in i still see Keane as the better option for a partnership.

Regarding Roob lets get real. He's only been Englands No1 by default and once foster gets fit he'll get picked every time. Remember when he flapped at the cross against Arsenal and cost us a goal in the 1-1 a couple of seasons back . Reasons, September sun and he foregot to bring his cap so went blind and got doen. Don't beleive me, why has he worn caps ever since for ealry kick offs at that time of the year?

Thing is he could be a fabulous keeper but he never will until a serious goalkeeper takes his head apart and rebuilds him. It could and should be done for his sake and for our defensive record.

Martin Jol - get the specialists in to coach defence and goal keepers before we have to make up new songs for your replacement.

Going for The one

Anonymous said...

David Dein is quoted in the Times as saying that 2 Premiership clubs are about to be sold and refused to deny that 1 of them was Spurs (he claims to have been approached by both clubs but refused because he is only interested in Arsenal). Obviously anything he says has to be viewed sceptically with his background but coupled with the ENIC share activity over the last few months it could be true. So perhaps the next big change will not be a new manager but new owners and if they are headed by Klinsmann what a blessed relief it would be for everyone. Jol could save face because he has been replaced by new owners, the Board could save place because they have not sacked Jol and we, the fans, could rejoice in a new manager who has some idea about tactics and the value of individual's a win/win/win.

Anonymous said...

Typical fickle divs some of whom have no idea about footbal. Just modern fans jumping on the prem bandwagon.

Yes I would like to see him dropped but not because of yesterday. His biggest mistkes were the Sunderland and everton games. all you balming him for yesterday are just fickle whingers looking 4 any excuse to whinge.

We were all over them yesterday and should have scored more. They were lucky a deflected shot and a lucky o/head kick. which looped like it did because it came off his shin. What tactics should jol devise to stop that (dont say put keeper on the line because no keeping coach will agree).

the luck aint with us at the moment. Another day we could have won 6-1 and then you would all be fickle again and praising jol as the best ever.

I see the young huddlestone getting stick now after most people were demanding he be played all summer. Get a grip and stop being fickle

Anonymous said...

On Robinson: cannot really fault him on a deflection (G2) but he's way at fault on number 3, even though the defense -- Bale, Kaboul, etc. -- should never have let the shot be taken. Robbo was out of position and/or he could have taken a step or two more to get to the ball -- it wasn't a screamer, but he leapt as if it were. Bad form.

This is last season all over -- goals scored, goals given up. Whoever bought Bale and Kaboule (Jol or Camoli) seems to think that scoring supercedes defense.

Spurs are crumbling; the season probably does come down to Arsenal in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

I was amazed that the on f in fulham commentator announced the maf's arrival and disgusted that we had a minutes silence for something that happenned to 2 private people 10 years ago! why not one for jill dando?

Anonymous said...

how does no one see the 3rd goal was robinsons fault hes a terrible keeper. he looks like he means to let it in.
Kamara hit it and he was already in the right position to save it so why did he dive, and if the ball goes up that high youre ment jump to catch itnot dive for it.

Anonymous said...

dannyboy cant admit he was wrong all along.

Because as the most outspoken opponent of my 'jol is a very shite manager actually' views, he will effectively be admitting I was right all along.

Personally I think this season (and subesquently our future ambition) is a car crash happening in slow motion and I dont think there is anything that can be done to stop it now. Who will step in a month into a season, and is worth getting?

Jol should have gone in May. Dont you think Dannymelad?

Anonymous said...

GRAZZA: Will somebody keep a count of how many goals we concede as a result of that braindead, grace jones lookalike chimbonda losing his man in the box.......Overrated poop.

Anonymous said...

Would everyone just calm down. It is a few games in and we have played very ell in the last 3 of them. Which team w
goes to OT and bosses them like we did. 2 of the last 4 goals against us have been deflections / one came off a shin / all the goals we've scored have been due to attacking superiority.
BMJ is feeling the pressure over the vastly inflated expectations this season (as opposed to last where we would have been happy consolidating UEFA football) though I have faith that he can live up to these.
Also, I dont see how people are criticising Berba - to me he is the quintessential Spurs player - a joy to watch. And the whole point about his movement is that it is not lazy, but highly intelligent though economical - as evidenced by the chances against Man U last week. His burst of pace is precisely timed. He'll be here as long as we can match his expectations (which is fair enough to me)

Anonymous said...

and i too have wondered why Robinson doesnt compensate by being caught off his line, by taken a couple of steps backwards and , you know, just catcing the ball.

Simple yet effective I think.

It is a sad but true fact that the goalkeeping position is one area we seem to be weak currently.

So same scenario as Jol, do we let him carry on, on the grounds that he is a top bloke, or do we put the success of Spurs first?

Robbo forever then Dannyboy?

Anonymous said...

and defoe.

I like him, thought that given time and a run in the side would be as good as anyone.

I appear to have been wrong.

Great finisher, shit footballer. no sense of team work or positioning.

Harry Hotspur said...

The hysteria builds.

Sitting on the same points as last year, having gone to OT and played actually very well.

Better than the mob that got stuffed at home by the now incumbent Champions.

I take the point about deflections in relation to Robinson.

Cerny in for some cup games?

Anonymous said...


No. I think you are very wrong. You don't sack a manager in May after finishing 5th for 2 years running, dragging us from the mid table dross we were used to. My position MAY have changed on Jol, because after another 40million invested, we seem to be no better off at present, same mistakes etc etc. If that is the case and he can't do better with supposed better players, then MAYBE he Isn't the person to take us to 4th and above. What I don't want to see is knee jerk reaction. The question I have, is how long should he be given? 3 games? Xmas? Exit from a domestic cup? Easter? End of the season?

Well, that's my tuppence worth.


Unknown said...

I have not been a Jol out man but I am starting to have my doubts, we just seem to be making the same mistakes as last season all over again. You cant keep laying the blame totally at the door of the players and quite frankly right now "Champions League, you are having a laugh!" is not too far from the truth.

I certainly would not ditch MJ at this point but, next season?

Anonymous said...

The Spurs Board will definetly sack Jol next week, because:

*They will not go back on their decision to sack Jol i.e the Seville manager affair exposed by the Newspapers

* We started the season complety unfit. Totally unacceptable.

* News that the training sessions are boring.

* Strange subs by Jol

* Played 5 games: LLWLD - relegation form. The one win was against a relegation (Derby) laden team.

* Robbo playing with no confidence, and at this rate will be sold at the end of the season for peanuts. We will no doubt poach Gordon from Sunderland when they get relegated!!!

* We are not competetive. Letting in more goals than in previous seasons.

Anonymous said...


if he isnt the man for the job now he wasnt the man for the job last season.

or are you suggested he was a good manager, but has got worse? Or are you saying Jol is great as long as we dont want to achieve anything ie. top 4 or cup finals in which case another man is. and always would have been, a better bet.

Please clarify.


Yes same position as last season. A Good thing? We achieved fuck all last season, never came close to challenging top 4, granted we overcame the mighty Port Vale and Southend in the cups but went out in each the first time we met a decent side.

What is encouraging about this season looking like a carbon copy of last? is that progress?

Anonymous said...

A disgruntled board; an inability to defend corners; dodgy substitutions; poor result against an inferior side ... but enough of Chelsea.
A tiny bit harsh on Rocha, Harry? He is, after all, a utility buy for the bench (cover for both CB & FB) and, barring injury, would not be a starter in most games.
Agree that Bale was our best player - but he should have been subbed in the last 10 minutes (the kid was completely and unsurprisingly pooped) - and most of Fulham's attacks were coming down that side at the end. But what a prospect - looks worth the money so far.

Anonymous said...

Jol must be sacked with immediate effect!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree agree 100%

Sadly, history tells us that once a manager slates his players in public -he loses the confidence of the team.

Jol is a dead man walking, and that is why he should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

All you 'sack Jol' twats. Turn your mind back to last May. With the exception of Jolsgonmental, you, we, all loved him. Now we should sack him 5 games in without yet having played his best team? Get a fucking grip. Hypocritical bastards one and all.


Gee said...

The biggest mistake yesterday was made when bringing on Defoe for our most astute player, Keane. You bring on a Defoe when you're chasing a goal not when you're defending a 3-1 lead. But Jol is under pressure to play Defoe. He should be strong enough to resist that pressure when necessary.

Gee said...

The biggest mistake yesterday was when the man who could hold the ball up, Keane, was taken off for a man who is purely a goalscorer, Defoe.
Jol is under pressure to give Jermain a game but this is not schoolboy football where he has to keep the parents happy.....he should be strong enough to resist the pressure. I think that after yesterday's lesson he will be.

Anonymous said...

Everybody, particularly Harry Hotspur and Danny Boy, must wake up and realise that Jol has clearly lost the confidence of the team.

Bad managers in any type of job, should not break the cardinal rule that they should not criticise their staff in public. It has to be done behind closed doors.

Jol has broken that cardinal rule, and must therefore be sacked before its too late!!!!

Anonymous said...

He hasnt lost the whole dressing room.

He has had vocal support from Jenas and Robinson.

By a strange coincidence the two players with the most to lose if a more astute manager were to join Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Just because we dramatically overpaid for a striker we expected other people to do the same. Now we are stuck with Defoe, whose best days would appear to behind him and we have to suffer the crazy appeasement policy of playing him in order to stop him doing a Campbell. To quote our erstwhile chairman it is a total shambles. From the board to the manager and through to the specialise coaches I would change the whole bloody lot before the choke the club beyond recovery. Only the groundsman is worth keeping.

By the way, spot on Jolsgonemental about Jenas and Robinson. If Martians landed tomorrow and were told Robinson was Englands goalie we could kill them all off while they rolled about laughing.

Anonymous said...

I sat with a few Fulham fans at the game yesterday and just wanted to say how proud i was of the awesome vocal support from the Spurs boys. The Fulham fans had never seen anything like it!! I cant tell you the pain i felt for the masses who for 90 minutes had given their all watched shell shocked as the ball looped over Robbo and with heads in hands headed for the exit.

Harry Hotspur said...

"Everybody, particularly Harry Hotspur and Danny Boy, must wake up and realise that Jol has clearly lost the confidence of the team."

Great soundbite.

Any danger of you backing it up?



That we are fannying around with the same points as last year etc etc is absolutely not an indication of progress. You're right.

And I'm so glad I never said it was!

However, Jose lost three points today ( against a curiously enterprising Villa) and no one is bellowing 'ORRF WITH HIS HEAD'.

History will judge Jol. Historical perspective is not achieved by a lynch mob clutching a cardboard sign with 'YOU'VE 'AD SIX GAMES - WE'VE GOT ROPE'.

By the same token Harry won't be backing Jol if we're still watching Harry Hill narrate our tactics come Saturday tea time at Christmas.


Anonymous said...

On the 'Jol has lost the dressing room issue' I assume this refers to the comments he made about 'blaming each other' and publicly stating that 'we mustn't concede easy goals'? If it is, then bang on Martin Jol ! I for one want to see that you have a pair of testicles - so get your strides at half mast and shake them all about for all to see (bloody metaphorically you understand before we get any silly comments.) Get animated on the touchline, show us you're up to the job and get the negative merchants off your back. Blimey - let's have the debate in 3 games time, unless he's gone by then that is......


Anonymous said...

The Spurs Board have no doubt already made the correct decision to sack Jol. Look out for news next week.

The next three league fixtures will provide further proof (bugger all points): Arsenal (H), Bolton (A), and Aston Villa (H).

Anonymous said...

Harry Hotspur and Danny Boy, you must understand that if Jol slags off the players in post match interviews - he will surely lose the confidence of the dressing room!!!

Just look at historical vids of managers over the last 10 years, who have criticised their players in public. The all got the tick tack sack.

The Axe will swing on Jol next week.

Harry Hotspur said...


Don't be daft old boy that's speculation on your part. Which you're entitled to...

But by your sentiments, The Job Centers Of The World will be thick with track suited deposed Monarchs.. come Monday morning...

Anonymous said...

"The Axe will swing on Jol next week."

What a load of cock.

Anonymous said...

I was of the opinion that I may as well get behind Jol, after the ramos fuckup and the fact that any decent manager wouldnt touch us with a barge pole just now. Having Jol must be better than having no manager was my logic.

I have changed my mind, I would now rather we have no manager than Martin Jol.

I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart I hate the fucker to an unhealthy degree. How he can write off whole seasons, this and last, in the space of three weeks of the opening game is a fucking talent the likes of which is rarely seen outside of West Ham.

I have never known such crushing disappointment supporting Spurs than during Jols reign. When we were shit nothing could be expected of us, but to watch good opportunities, good players, being undermined by one man is heartbreaking.

the cup exits, the arsenal capitulations, watching champs leaguie slip away from us trying to batten down to the hatches to Sunderland (officially the worst prem team ever) and fulham...

and now three weeks to crush any hopes of even challenging for a top 4 spot. three fucking weeks. the man is truly amazing.

Never has such a great squad achieved so little.

roll on a new manager, roll on next august.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of cock on here at the moment mate.

"Jol has clearly lost the confidence of the team"

[following a draw or loss against the goons]"expect Jol to be sacked next week"

To draw 2 examples of bigoted nonsense to your attention. I'm sure we all heard this same crap at the begining of last season and then again during that bad run of results two months or so before the end of the season.


Anonymous said...

'Ere Girlsmoangentle,

Are you working for Harry to drum up more postings by writing fervently & over-excitedly about the latest 'crisis' at Tottenham Hotspur FC?

If so, can I suggest you get a pay rise.

Keep up the good work.

PS. Crank it up a bit.

Harry Hotspur said...


That's the spirit.

Welcome back from the darkside of tolerance mate.


Harry Hotspur said...


With the greatest respect to all parties vaguely concerned..

HH ain't good enough to invent JGM.

The man is a stellar, class act. Hence your comment, so I guess I'm flattered.

Anonymous said...

forums are dead. this is better than good cheese and wine to me cheers mr hotspur.

Anonymous said...

The mutual appreacition socity between Hary Hotspur and Jolsgonemental is all well and good.

But, Jol will be sacked for:

* the lack of points

* not producing a fit team for the first few matches of the season.

* boring traing sessions according to Kanoute, and no fitness running according to Ghaly.

* strange tactics

* strange subs

* criticising the players in post match interviews -probably has lost the confidence of the players.

* quickly losing the confidence of us Spurs fans.

* letting in far more goals even though we have spent 40M

*Robbo looking rubbish, being off his line for the last three goals that went in against him.

All of these are serious issues that need to be ironed out, with the sacking of Jol!!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

* "Robbo looking rubbish, being off his line for the last three goals that went in against him.

Including an obvious deflection?


* criticising the players in post match interviews -probably has lost the confidence of the players.

I notice you now include the word 'probably'.


Sunderland have spent as much, so let's not get breathless over £39 mill.

What have they done so far???

Anonymous said...

Lack of points when? Hopefully at the end of the season.

Mate, you're pissed.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Harry

Anonymous said...

It is so visible Berbatov is miserable even after scoring. Any views?

Harry Hotspur said...

notyourwifemate said...
Keep it up Harry

Great name/comment combo

Anonymous said...

11.48 You clearly missed his rapport with Keane.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that Bale might be a relative of Harry's, because he was clearly our 3rd worst player and nowhere near MOTM. One great play and a couple nice runs do not make a great game. Did you guys watch the game or only watch the highlights? His defensive play for the second match was complete rubbish.

All 3 goals came about because Lee & Bale backed up to the goal box allowing Fulham to pitch a tent on their right. The 30 yard uncontested pass down the sideline and the resulting corner that led to the first goal would never have occurred on Steed & Chimbo's side. Their third goal came after a 40 yard uncontested pass down that side. There's not a team in the league that can string passes like that together, for 1/2 that distance, down our right side or through our middle. Lee and Bale are our fittest & fastest players - no f'n reason why they should be playing so negatively or be our worst defensive players.

Arsenal is going to kick our asses up & down with Bale and Lee out there on the same side ... and Harry will probably still give Bale MOTM.

Harry Hotspur said...

I Take your point, Daytripper.

My ratings are invariably inconsistant.

Bale's marks were bloated because I want goals and I want victory.

Bale has yet to fully master Jol
playing him as a combined left back & winger.Hence his disarray.

Kaboul was part of a wonky defense and I didn't 'mind' because he got up and menaced them.And scored.

team isn't sophisticated enough to play as elegantly as some might wish yet.Inc.Jol, hence his silly defensive plans when we're winning.Ask any Yid in the street and you'll get the same answer over and over - we should have gone for the throat.

When we are gelled, settled and a more cohesive, injury free unit we can afford to embelish our plans. But until then, it's about feeding our starving strikers and giving us something to cheer about.

Ideally we don't win every game 5-4, but I'll take it over losing 4-5.
Because we tried to contain. We are simply not up to the task at the mo'.

Harry isn't related to Bale. You can tell this as he don't have to grow his hair over his avoid looking like a taxi with it's doors open.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

JGM you cad!

We may not see eye to eye on all things Tottenham, but you certainly make me smile :-)

Any chance of a free credit card at extortionate rates?


Harry Hotspur said...

Now now, gentlemen, if I might just get your attention for a 'not once but possibly twice' (all lots must go) in lifetime timeshare opportunity in Porto Delboy near LevyBuncecia.

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Anonymous said...

A free ticket to white hart lane, a complimentary drink and a handjob off clare tomlinson!!?

And all we need to do is invest in a dodgy timeshare!??

Everyone is a winner. Bargain.

I love Tottenham Hotspur, Tottenham Hotspur love me. I feel so valued.

Anonymous said...


If sacking Jol is your idea of "ironing out" the problems, remind me never to let you do my ironing.

Anonymous said...

For a team so good at going forward and so bad at sitting back, why do we choose to do the latter with a lead?

ETP wrote a nice piece on