Monday, August 27, 2007

Tottenham Player Ratings - Manchester United Away

Robinson 6.2
He wasn't amazing but I'd have him over Van der Sar.

Chimbonda 7.25
Attacking, committed and attacking. In that order.

Rocha 6.58
I rarely have a kind word for this bloke, but he actually stood up well.

He's limited, but not awful.

Gardner 7.0
An extremely respectable performance.

Lee 7.1
Been missed has the little chap. Welcome back, please don't go to Roma. Cheers.

Malbranque 6.8
Cruised past Derby men. This lot weren't Derby.

Jenas 6.73
Ditto. His only real touch of brilliance was the stop against Tevez. I'll take that.

Huddlestone 6.74
Alright. Want him to score every time he plays. Therefore he let's me down.

Bale 8.2
Harry's MOTM. Epitomised the good things. Never gave up. Wanted it.

Taarabt 5.3
Came on like a hurricane. Then nothing.

Zokora 5.3
Got stuck in. But achieved naf all.

Berbatov 7.38
Threatening and hungry enough. Needed Bent?

Keane 6.8
Hit the crossbar and then hid.

Defoe 5.3
Took over Keane's anonymity.


Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more Harry, BALE was brilliant. Harry i fink u shud start a campaign AGAINST COMMOLI cos he needs to go cos his ruining our club and trying to get rid of our best manager in d last 20years. any news on transfers?? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! COYS!!!

DRUB said...

When will u guys wake up and realize what kind of garbage Jenas is?!!! He is total worthless as an offensive player with 0 creativity. he should make 5-8 runs at the defenders per game and open some opportunities for him or the forward guys but he does 1 in 5 games. Untill jol gets rid of him in favour of another guy with creativity we will go nowhere. Speaking of which Jol is worthless. basically we played with 2 right backs, 2 left backs, 2 center backs and Huddlestone and Jenas playing another 2 "forward" centerbacks. Man U. is a one man team these days and when he is out they are total garbage without a clue. But Jol cant get it and try to play for the 0:0. I wish we had a Ginola type guy to play with the kind of forwards we have today.... we need creative midfielders that can 'open up" defences a bit... ISNt IT obvious to everyone???!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Berba's comments today. IF he isn't committed then then he shold go next summer to another league and NOT a PL club. I doubt it will happen as Levy ad co have no balls. Come on Barca/Madrid; name a price...

Bale was outstanding and glad that Lee is back. We have missed him so I hope when he has a bad game, people don't get on his back.

Anonymous said...

Malbranque should get 3 out of 10, could not stop passing to the men in red or losing the ball trying to do his one trick!!

Anonymous said...

Think your rating for keane was high he did one good thing all game which was his first minute shot. and other then that he spent the rest of the time complaing about decisions that went against him. Was at the game and for me did play well at all

DRUB said...

One more thing regarding jenas and the rest of the lads. Its not that he has no talent. the problem he has is in his head. the kid is clearly suffering from total lack of self confidence and i bet a few more things. so are the rest of our defence and midfield. every time anyone got near them they got rid of the ball and usually gave it away. 90% of our game was about Robinson kicking the ball to the Man U defense. we need a couple of head doctors real urgently at the club working with the lads that we have. Jenas needs one just for himself and maybe we can see some of what he is capable of..

Anonymous said...

jenas is total crap, its got nufin 2do wiv confidence or his head, he has NO TALENT!!!!!!! i hope gets injured!!!! were is KPB????

Anonymous said...

jenas was the worst player for us but i think gardner and rocha did a suprisingly good job . well done bale keep it up and you'll b a star

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well done Harry - at last, Anthony Gardner has gained some recognition for a good performance. I think its absolutely ridiculous the amount of abuse Gardner receives. He is one of our longest serving players, has always shown commitment to the club and has played well so far this season. In my opinion, there is no reason for us to get rid of Gardner - he is a great player to have in the squad.

I have to say that I agree with pretty much everything here, especially Steed Malbranque. You are absolutely spot-on here. We cannot expect to compete with the best if we have players like Malbranque in the first eleven. He is too weak, lacks pace, loses possession far too cheaply, can't defend etc. etc. Surely Routledge or Taarabt deserve a chance instead? - they cant do any worse can they?

Anonymous said...

jenas plays at training match tempo, he has some talent but only enough for a mid table side. his worst problem is he has no guts, no passion.

Anonymous said...

ROBINSON- Stop punting the ball up field and pass it to your screaming defenders (Still looks heavy, play CERNY)
CHIMBONDA- Best right back in the league by far.
ROCHA- Did not put a foot wrong and is the type of experienced and hard hitting defender we need playing every game
Gardner- Stepped up well. You showed your true colours
LEE- you can play left back or left mid and do a good job against any team you like
Bale- For the first time in a long time our left side was our strong side with BALE and LEE there.
HUDDS- Good passer, shit defending. He is the reason NANI turned and had time to shoot and then put his hands up. Sorry mate you turn like a semi-trailer. Zakora would have made the tackle
Jenas- You must kiss Jol's arse day and night cause you are a wasted space on the field. No good tackles and no creativity going forward. You are shit.
Mals- You as a person have no personality and niether does your game.He is full of blanks and only shines against the shit teams. Needs to learn how to pass
Berbetov- worked extremely well and showed class. Only decent supply came from the left. Not from Jenas.
Keane- looked hidden but was doing Jenas and Hudds job since they were sitting that far deep, therfore Berbs was on hi own.
Defoe- Did not see anything
Zakora- worked his arse off and is a great tackler. I think he is the best defensive midfieleder we have and should be starting every game, only one problem he needs to learn off Jenas how to kiss Jols arse.
Taarabet- He is a central att midfielder not left or right.
Jol- Does not have the tactical know how to get to champions league football.Picks the wrong line up, does the wrong subs or subs to late, free kicks to chimbonda at the back post all the time and finally the main reason is because he picks Jenas all the time.

Anonymous said...

it was steed who tracked back and made the tackle and then put berbatov through

Anonymous said...

through for what. He was trying to pass to vidic, he made a mistake and passed it to Berbs. Bring on Routledge

Anonymous said...

Bagging Jol just shows how ignorant the average football fan is.
Some of you guys need to get you heads out of Roy of The Rovers and start dealing with reality.
Every stupid criticism logged here has ignored one very simple fact.
WE WERE PLAYING MAN UNT AT MANCHESTER. You idiots talk like we should win every game, can't help wondering how many of you play Football Manager and restart after every loss.............

Anonymous said...

Sorry I dont have time to play computer games, I have a business to run. I am not judging Jol over 4 games but his mistakes in the last two seasons with his tactical know how messed it up for us and champions league football. He does the same mistakes week in and week out. A smart businessman learns from his mistakes, he is not smart.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Roy, I think Roy Keane would be fantastic manager for Spurs.

Anonymous said...


Haven't the lessons of the last week or so taught all of us spurs supporters something????

i am sick of our supporters saying this guy has got to go or levy out or commoli out or jenas is crap.

HH i would like to put forward a concerted effort to stick behind the people at the club that i believe are all trying to make our club go forward. i do not think that Commoli/levy/jol or anyone that works at the club we all love, wakes up each morning and says "how can i screw over the club today" or "how can i screw over my teammates today".

What you negative spurs supportes fail to realise is that there is infact a huge amount of team spirit in our squad as evidenced by the manure game, and that this must be respected and protected from the dark forces of the media who in their vain attempt to sell newspaper advertising space try to outdo each other with "EXCLUSIVE" after "EXCLUSIVE" on how spurs are imploding and how they lack the guts and vision for the future.
This is a lot of crap and the sooner OUR OWN supporters start looking at their OWN team in a more positive light and supporting all at the club the better cause then the newspaper men will start to understand that NOTHING these despicable waste of air space people can say or do in their newspapers can destroy the team spirit that our club possesses.

I say to you all support Murphy, support Tainio and support all players that have signed on the dotted line and have tried however successful or unsuccessful they may be to make our club a better club.

I beleive the only people that should be disrespected are anybody that doesnt support our beautiful beloved club and the newspaper writers, blog administrators that obviously dont support spurs (that means not you HH!) and Ghaly (I cant forgive him for throwing that beautiful beloved shirt to the ground last year).

My club that i have supported for almost 30 years will only grow stronger and stronger if our supporters stick with the direction we are going in recently.

Jol as much as i love him and agree he is the best thing to have happened to our club in 20 years needed that kick up the backside and levy, commoli et all have also needed to see the love that all whl supporters have for Jol. Now that we are all on the same footing and all moving in the right direction lets stick the finger up to all non positive spurs people and dream the dream my friends - just dream the dream!

Martin Jols blue & white army
Martin Jols blue & white army...


Anonymous said...

Bale was superb i thought the other night. When we initally went in for him last year i started watching some saints games and i thought he looked a class above the championship he was playing in then and i told my fellow yiddos this that he would def shine in a spurs shirt. Im so proud to say we have Bale, the prince, lennon, kaboul, taarabt and routledge.
The future is bright the future is lillywhite my friends...

daytripper said...

HH, pretty much spot on, but your love for Jenas has gone to your head. I have to agree with Drub on this one. Yet again, another huge match, another 90 mins with him as a total nonfactor.

Also, the Bale score is too high, unless you completely disregard the defensive aspect of his game. I don't know if this was him or Jol's spineless coaching, but Bale sat back way too much and let Brown constantly run free up the right. Bale's runs on the break and in following up behind the initial attacks were terrific, but for somebody who's natural position is at back, your opponents right back should not have anywhere near as much freedom as Brown did. For all of Steed's shortcomings, his defensive game is solid and you never see much space for opponents down his side. In fact, it was the first time all season that Evra had no influence on a game.

Everybody is being a little tough on Keane. We basically played a 4-5-1, with Robbie having to play a midfield role. Bent would have been useless in the same role too.

flatters to deceive said...

i think one of the certainties in life is that you will overrate jenas's performance. what has he done to deserve your undying support?!?!? jesus christ, he was absent the entire match until that goal line clearance (and i would hardly call it brilliant, more like right place, right time). he is the single most frustrating player....... ever. it's not that he screws up a lot, it's that he does nothing productive at all. you could put 50 other players in the league in his position and get them to do the same thing.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Rocha's best game for Tottenham by a mile and could have been capped by a goal. Malbranque kept giving the ball away. Signs of improvement from Huddlestone. Hugely impressive debut from Bale, especially considering the opposition and venue. Major worry now about Jenas. I have been defended him previously due to his box to box efforts but he really was poor on Sunday. If you analyse it he cannot pass, cannot tackle and cannot hold the ball. Otherwise he is pretty much your ideal midfield player. A goal against Derby and a goaline clearance against Man U just isn't enough. He should be off loaded whilst we can still get a decent fee for him and then we should look at Kevin Nolan.

As for BMJ....well to use Napoleon speak, he just isn't a lucky general.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Nolan is awful. I think he scored 3 goals last year and played half the season up front.

It's not all about goals obviously but it's not as if he can pass either.

Anonymous said...

Monday, August 27, 2007 8:47:00 PM - Harry i fink u shud start a campaign AGAINST COMMOLI cos he needs to go cos his ruining our club and trying to get rid of our best manager in d last 20years.-

It's because he still works for the Goons, Wenger has employed him as an undercover agent with the intention of industrial sabotage. Wenger feels that with his Arsenal kids struggling to hit the back of the net the realistic option to guarantee they reach Champions league football is to destroy the up and coming Spurs squad. And they say Elvis is dead? Hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Chimbonda was MOTM for me not Bale. Best i've ever seen him play.

Spurs Wonderkid said...

Nice one Harry. Here's my player rating review:

Thought Hudd and Taarabt were more promising than you gave credit but otherwise agree.