Monday, August 13, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton: Prematch Prattle

Everton travel to London with a pretty comprehensive win in their rear view mirror.

Arteta and Osman are causing more trouble as each season unfolds. They will be looking for any disarray in the the Tottenham camp and to snatch all three points. After all, that's what they did in the corresponding fixture last term when we came out weak willed and wanting.

From the excellent comments left on here today, Tottenham's woes are pretty identifiable. BMJ needs to pick a team that can at least feign width. And pick a team that can produce some open space for it's midfield to move about in.

But above all, he needs to be brave.

The fans want endeavour and they want the embarrassment of riches that is our strike force serviced and unleashed.

Another run out for the young buck Taarabt would please thousands.

The fannying around with the strangely limp pre-season 'campaign' aka Orlando Bloom's Pilate's Class, Grays Asthmatic and St Patrica's is over. Tottenham have to buck their ideas up and play some proper football.

There are two inherent dangers in tomorrow's game. Everton's zeal and Tottenham's inability to get their act together. Let's hope we can show some shape and show some spark.

Tottenham need to put their clog down and accelerate away from mediocrity.



Philip said...

Evertonian here. I´m happy you have respect for our players but I think you´ll be a different proposition all together playing at home. You´ll go for the jugular first 30 minutes, if we buckle, you´ll be home safe 2-0 early 2nd half. If we hold out, it could go either way.

San Diego Spurs said...

Can we please sack Chris Hughton? Can anyone else explain why MJ's deputy isn't someone with more cutting edge and an ability to PUSH Martin to have more courage and sanity in team selection.

Please explain to me how this man still has his post. I know he has been a loyal member of the club, but we need someone to help pack some power in Jol's fists. Right now it's the same old strategy that has been around for YEARS!

He was here as a player 79-90. Then as a coach since 1993!!! He has been here since the 70's! By now you would think if he was class he would be managing a team on his own . We need a young HUNGRY 1st team coach. We need a strategic thinker and if Jol can't do it on his own he needs a deputy that can. Why is he still here?

Please advise.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I hope Dawson plays, we'll lose if you doesn't

Anonymous said...

agree with u philip cos playing @ home is our biggest strength and mainly its cos of the tempo, its jus a shame MR.JOL wont employ similar tactics away cos dats wot is gona cost us 4th cos its to NEGATIVE. Harry any transfer rumours u kno of??? Davies, Taylor?

Anonymous said...

I agree with my fellow Evertonian Philip in that Spurs are strong at home. Until last season's great win at your place, our recent form was terrible at the Lane. We need to be alert from the start, as you'll be looking for a rebound and good home start. We were lazy at times in defence against Wigan - backing off, allowing too much time and just plain falling asleep (Hibbert - why is this guy still in the team?) Will need to be sharper. Would be happy with 1-1, but I fear 2-1 to Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Evertonian here. Respect to Spurs, as is the norm for us "older" Evertonians. I remember many a footballing treat between us in the 60's through to the 80's (don't mention the 10-4, though!)

Philip says it all. On your day, at home, you could get at us in the first 30 mins and we could be in trouble. The longer the game goes on, the more we may get into it. 1-1 is my prediction, and we'ss both be battling for 5 and 6 this season (you have a chance at 4th, so good luck)

Harry Hotspur said...

Greetings to the Toffeemen..

I think if Spurs turn up, we'll have a great game.

3-2 to the Tottingham?
2-3? Ouch. . . . . . . . .

Gawd knows.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that some of you evertonians are a little concerned over your defence, I am mightily worried about tomorrow's game! I felt that a lot of teams at the weekend looked better than I had expected and that fifth place is going to be a tough battle. Our problem is that our midfield signings of the past years just haven't lived up to their promise. In fact all bar Lennon have failed to improve (excepting Carrick of course). When we signed Zokora and Malbranque, for instance, I was well excited, but have yet to see them post consistent displays. Hopefully, Zokora will adapt and become the player we thought we were signing, but I'm fed up waiting for Jenas to materialise and hold out little hope! I feel that if we had gone for Petrov at the start of the transfer window, we would have got him, but that he got miffed being thought of as next best and went for Sven's charm offensive. I think that Spurs were afraid of his fitness levels, but I think with Taarabt and Bale waiting in the wings it would not have mattered if he only played half the games. Quality on the left flank for most of the tricky games would have been invaluable. That width on the left would have won us saturday's debacle. I wonder if the Petrov cock-up is partially to blame for Berb's sulkiness. However, it was only one game, away in the north, which are games we don't traditionally like! We have to get behind the players tomorrow and give them a chance to respond. Any booing of our own players would be resigning ourselves to faliure, even if it is Jenas! When all are fit, I'd challenge any to beat our front and back options, maybe then Ledley could fit in nicely as a holding midfielder allowing our flair midfielders; Taarabt, Lennon and hopefully Boetang to let rip! COYS
'shelf 16'

dannyboy said...

anon 10.09

have to disagree with you mate; you don't play our best player / centre half as a holding midfielder. King has publicly stated he hates the role. Just need the players bought to play that role to sodding do it - who IS meant to be our holding midfielder by the way? Answers on a postcard - failing that post 'em here. Aaaaahhhh, do I spot a flaw ?!?!?

Greetings Toffeemen; hope you have the raving hump like we did Saturday!

For what it's worth, would like to see a midfield quartet of Routledge, Jenas, Hudd and Taraabt with Berbatov and Bent up front tomorrow. We might let in 4, but if we score 5 who gives a shit ?!?!?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you dannyboy, would be a crying shame to play Ledley as holding M, but if we don't buy someone soon, can we rely on what we've got there to protect us against better attacks than Sunderland! Did you see Reading? How long could we endure that? With Kaboul and Daws behind him, I fear this could be our only option! Especially if you take the defensive quality of our other midfielders into account. Agree with your selection for tomorrow, but would be worried about Routledge!
"shelf 16'

shanemac said...

Did you see Routledge play last year? he was wildly erratic and completely ineffective. forget poor, he is a destitute man's lennon on his good day. I also rather disagree with taking keane out of the starting eleven. he's the only player who shows real intent out there! if anything let berbatov view things from the bench for the first hour and surprise defoe by letting him play from the start (yes, yes, i hear you bemoaning starting the two short men up top together, but fuck it, it can't be any worse). Also ffs light a fire under jenas by leaving him off until late in the game if not for the whole bloody affair. i'd like to see taarabt, hudd, tainio, and malbranque from left to right in the midfield. also why not let rocha and kaboul pair up in the center with gardner on the left? keep your heads up, lads, we're not out of this yet.

Anonymous said...

just read this:
Jol said: "There was a good sign in the dressing room because they were all blaming each other. The most important thing is that we pick ourselves up because it is a long, tough season."
When has players fighting in the locker room and blaming each other ever been a good sign? I hope this is just a case of Jol not expressing himself properly in english.

jolsgonemental said...

0-1 to everton

some nonce will pop up with a goal in the 87th minute to punish us for trying to play out a boring 0-0 containing game.

and tomorrow we can all shout at that dutch cunt some more, for sucking all the joy from supporting our club.

jolsgonemental said...

also as a side note I am flogging my ticket for tonight. cant be arsed to spend my evening figuring out how to get to the lane with the tube all fucked up just to watch that shower of shit. i dont miond losing but cant live with dull. I am going to stay in a look at porn.

somewhere in lower north i think but probably in outer mongolia if our ticketing system has anything to do with it, didnt book it myself and havent bothered asking what turned up but i looking for around 30 . it wil be sat next to a fat bloke unfortunately.

Unless i sell it before, one of you fuckers can have it if you want.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post questioning Chris Hughton's tenure at Spurs.
Why is this coneman still here ?

He even survived in the background when John Gorman was assistant to Hoddle.

I'm sure he draws some lovely sketches but what can he seriously offer to the club?

Anonymous said...


Just read in that the guy reads Paulo Coelho (that's the Brazilian astral master mumbo-jumbo bullshitter) BUT doesn't believe in Astral signs!!!

Great I feel the season is on the mend: no astral signs, just the astral bullshit. Harry Potter has got competition!

Vinny said...

Seems a nice idea, but not enough ball winners/workers in that midfield.

More balanced IMO - Taarabt Left, Jenas and Zokora centre, Malbranque Right.

Taarabt and Malbranque can switch sides to confuse the opposition also. Huddlestone can come on for Jenas if he is playing shit.

Berba n Bent up front,
Keano just behind.
Malbranque, Zokora and Jenas behind.

Whatever the formation...don't play like a bunch of tarts, just f*cking win...COYS!

Sara said...

Please can we start a petition to sack Hughton? I really feel like he is the missing link. We have the players, we have the manager, we need a tactician as our First Team Coach.

This is what he had to say about the match tonight. It could have been written by anyone of us. No meat. No real strategy. No solutions. Obviously, he wouldn't share the secret tactcs here, but for god's sakes please get someone else in.

Sack Hughton please.


Chris Hughton runs the rule over Everton before tonight's Barclays Premier League encounter at the Lane.

EVERTON have real stability and that's one of the great strengths of the club. They are a good, tough outfit, hard working with good quality in the team with the likes of Phil Neville, Mikael Arteta and Andy Johnson.

If I look at their performances last season, it was very much back to where they were a couple a years ago when they finished fourth and qualified for the Champions League. I think they are quite confident again.

I don't expect many changes from the side that beat Wigan on Saturday with the only player that might come in Phil Jagielka, who they signed from Sheffield United, a versatile player who can play centre-back, full-back or in central midfield.

Having said that, we expect them to stay the same so it will be Tony Hibbert at right-back, Joleon Lescott, Joseph Yobo and Alan Stubbs.

Lescott did ever so well at left-back for them last season and they've kept him there, but with the signing of Leighton Baines, who isn't fit, it will allow them to play Lescott in his more natural position of centre-half. Yobo has done well for them and Stubbs just keeps going, a solid player and a good footballer.

Tim Cahill is a big loss for them in midfield. If I look at the options they've got in the wide areas it's Leon Osman and Arteta, they can vary which way they go and centrally, Lee Carsley and Neville. I know Lee Carsley well through Ireland and he's another reliable player and of course Neville can play in a few positions.

Up front it's Victor Anichebe, big and strong and a good partner for Johnson. James Vaughan is a young lad who has done well but is injured while of course James Beattie has now moved on.

We're back at home and one thing we've always been able to do is bounce back from any disappointments. This group of players will be very determined, especially with how we played at Sunderland on Saturday. Everyone has felt that disappointment and no-one more than the players. They realize if we want to finish where we want to finish we have to pick up the results we have to pick up. We're back at home, a big crowd behind us, we've two games at the Lane and we have to look for maximum points.

Vinny said...

Sara - it does make me laugh when he describes players of doing "ever so well". It's that and "unbeleivably well" seem to be the buzz words to summarise everything. guess it's kind of being political, glossing over things without saying too much.

However we've got to give the management a break as they're obviously not gonna discuss exact tactics all over the net. But I can understand these fluffy overview looking pointless to you.

Hughton is a Spurs man through and through - I give him respect for that, so guess he has weaved himself in there over time and seems there to stay, unless a new regime came in with a strong character and his own ideas.

Clive Allen - a true Spurs legend would be an alternative, but can't see them changing for the sake of it unless CH left of his own accord.

richie g said...

the team selection is all to cock, we need danny murphy and ghaly obviously lol

The Gooner said...

4th? Martin Jols Arse you will....

Anonymous said...

3-1 down at half time. ABSOLUTE FUCKING DISGRACE.

Anonymous said...

What a f*cking mess. And NOW WR?


jolsgonemental said...

I have been saying Jol fuck off for months

and apparently I was in the wrong.

Anonymous said...

So much made about the front 4, 2 matches in and the only goal is scored by Tony-G! Shocking. What the hell is going on?

What's Kaboul's injury? Can't believe our luck at the back. Davis must come for sure now.

Keane on the right, Steed on the left was a poor choice.

Time to give the young hungry players like T-bat, Hud and Routledge a go.