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Tottenham Hotspur In Crisis? Not Really, Harry's Backing Jol

Harry's backing Jol.

But Jol has to be brave.
There appears to be no end of (fellow) arm
chair managers who disagree. I cannot even indulge their suggested fantasies... Ramos, Queen guitarist Brian May, Lippi, Cherie Blair...who isn't on their crackpot lists.

Jol has been slated and in part with good reason. Especially when compared with other managers who aren't established 'top flight' men themselves.

Harry Rednapp and Steve Coppell for two...
I think Redschnapps is a an adept all round manager. I don't know if he's blessed with an stella IQ, but he has a great 'footballing brain' and a truly effective rapport with players....

Coppell has proved that he has a tactical ability that is so good it can actually transcend the quality of the team. The weathering of the unrelenting Man Utd attacks on Sunday was extraordinary. Even with ten men he commanded his troops with the savvy of a winning Napoleon.

Jol, is not as good as either of these two men.

He is the best since Burkinshaw and to dismiss him as just that would be unkind, but not untruthful. We are a work in progress, but such a high profile one that Jol has to protect himself and us by making sure his learning curve is brief.

Just as it took him months to realise his substitutions were woefully slow, he is now perhaps, realising that 'botching together' a team that 'might contain and attack' is NOT A PLAN.
I back Jol, but he has to be brave.

This is not a damage limitation exercise, this is football.
I genuinely believe that if he threw some hungry youngsters into the mix and lost matches, he'd get an easier ride.

Wenger was handed SO MUCH SLACK for adding (in actual fact very few) youngsters to his first squad. At at time when he had little choice but do otherwise. Ars*nal's so called B Team my ars*. Jol too needs to take stock and adapt.

If Jol trys to reheat Tuesday's dog's dinner of a team then most diners are going to refuse to pay...


Anonymous said...

Nice one harry bout time we have something to read slighty positive, i still have faith in jol and our backroom staff. i still believe their is at least one maybe two additions to come to our sqaud. it is a marathon, ok an awful start but lets hope its a wake up call all round. One thing i am fed up with is players that are all talk eg jenas - shut the fuck up and prove it onm the pitch!!

Anonymous said...

well said H. we still have the quality that has yet to get a look at the bench for different reasons, such as taraabt, boatang, bale, king, daws & lennon. we can still get 4th, if we're 2 points behind utd at the end of the season i think we'll be chuffed.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Harry. Have a sneaking feeling that Taarabt is the man / boy for this occasion - he seems to have few tricks up his sleeve and with Zokora / Tainio as his midfield minder could spark our attack. With Bent and Defoe set be in tandem this weekend it's time to be brave.

Anonymous said...

As anon at 8.20am says, we're 2 points behind Man U (are their fans calling for Fergie's head given they're already 4 points behind Chelski and The Arse after spending £50m this summer?) - or 6 points behind the premiership leaders if you like. Would we take that come May? I think so! Yes, MJ needs to be brave - but we also need a cool head. Calm down, and back him!

onedavemackay said...

Spot on again Harry.
Brave is the word. Brave enough to admit we need a goalkeeper who can catch crosses. Brave enough to admit that our most effective holding midfielder is Tanio and brave enough to pick our best two strikers and only have one other on the bench.

Anonymous said...

Best since Burkinshaw. That's about right, which shows our great clubs woeful record in signing managers. Depressing. After soooo looking forward to this season to start, now I can't wait for it to end! Trouble with Jol, is apart from self-love is his stubbornness towards picking his favorites. After Roy Keane sorted out the absentees who missed the school bus, with a meet where I imagine he let them know just who are you taking the piss out of? they learn't to toe the line. Not with Jol, sacked Kanute, which lost us last years UEFA cup, last minute sickies at West Ham, twice let go 2 goal leads in the domestics last year. Great management? Who are we kidding, ourselves or the Ars? No more excuses please! The board, not Jol, have recruited a great squad, backed up Jol with £40 MILLION to help bring success to our club. Then with great ineptitude Jol goes and leaves out talent such as Routledge, who surely could have done a job until the return of Lennon, no-where to be seen! And who the hell sanctioned the signing of the fading Murphy after he had turned us down already? Madness! Oh well, bags of football to be played yet, hopefully we can bring in a charismatic coach such as Klinsman! Anybody know where the 'Sold-Out' signs for Derby have gone? Lots of disgruntled fans returning tickets? I know the board will have noticed! but roll on saturday, I for one will be turning up, but not with the spring I had just one short week ago. COYS!

Anonymous said...

Good call. Jol has his tactics pretty much the same for every game (which when it is perfected in spells really is excellent (the Bent goal via Berbatovs pass and the Taraabt back heel against the Pirates for instance), the only thing is when this is countered by other managers he has no response, if he was being brave as you so well put it, like playing Taraabt (who it seems is paying for his lack of discipline for distributing the ball) when we so clearly need him, and i believe he will come into the frame over the next month then things will turn around soon enough. Dont't forget the darkest point in the night is just before the sun comes up. Spurs 5-1 Derby and a 3-2 win against United if Dawson is back to bring us back to normal and to stop COYS fans harpooning the man who has stopped us from being mediocre.

DannySpurs said...

I still cant believe people are asking for jols head. great point made fergis is defending champs and no-one is calling for his head and they spent more money than us. i know we shouldnt hve any excuses but look at the injuries get all those guys back and the defence tightens up get lennon back and we get the pace and wake berba up and we'll be awesome. He does need to be a bit braver and incude the youngsters but all those calling for him to be sacked should f**k off and support a fulham or Derby where their comments will be more innept!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good post Harry, I cannot understand why we are being so negative, yes the last 2 games have been woeful (same as last seasons start) but we recovered. We have an injury hit back line and less than adequate midfield at the moment but when some key players come back (Bale, Lennon, Dawson, King, Berbatov)we should start firing on all cylinders and our love affair with Jol will be back on track. Get Matty Taylor in, he will be hungry as he is a Spurs fan and will want to play his best week in week out and wear his heart on his sleeve. Another benefit of this signing is we can then play Lennon on the right where is more effective!! Regarding the Derby game get in the Prince and Thud and drop Jenas so he can sort his head out and maybe get some muscle so he does not fall over the minute someone brushes past him. There are simple solutions so come on Jol be brave and try something new!!!

jolsgonemental said...

JGM's backing Tottenham.

Anonymous said...

My fellow yids, Please turn to my page. I am like you a battered and bruised yid going to every game no matter where and seeing us play with no wingers/crossers. with a 3rd string defence and robbo ah robbo why dont you command that box of yours, you could be so good!

But please listen. We love Tottenham Hotspur more than anyone else. When I saw MJ in pictured in the Metro today after talks with Levy, I was hurt badly. All succesful managers have been at their clubs longer than MJ has at spurs.

We expect more always, we always have, but lets face it, if ever our club has needed us its at the lane this weekend against derby. if the team come out expecting us to boo, you all know we will play rubbish and everyone will blame eachother.

If you have it in you, which I know its hard, then please sing to the rafters and chant MJ's blue and white army so that all the TV's, all the scummy arsenal fans and anyone else can see we are defiant. And I haev enouogh faith to say we can turn this around.

MJ has to stay for the sake of the season and long term success. weve only spend big to keep up with the big boys and we can be as good as them. come on the spurs

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, H. Time to get behind BMJ and the team on Saturday. Surely, Taraabt has to be involved?

London_Guy said...

We are undoubtebly the worst fans in the Premiership and deserve everything we get. We have always been the same and I even remember in the 60's when the Double Team broke up and then knives came out for Billy Nick.

Two games into the seasons, two bad defeats and instead of getting behind the players AND the manager, what are we doing, looking for scalps! Come on get real, we are not suddenly a bad side and neither were we a great side, but given time and support and backing we can be.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you 100% Harry,Jol has to take the rose by the thorn and use Taraabt and KPB (if fit) for tomorrow's game. Something has to change the team's overall performance if we are gonna start winning matches again. Derby are tailor-made for young and hungry players wanting to prove their worth for THFC. Sadly, this has been lacking in our first 2 horribly inept performances. So come on Jol give Jenas et al a swift kick up the arse, Stop telling them how good they are, make sure they do it were it counts, if not then replace them. Our squad is full of quality. I don't want any excuses at 5pm tomorrow, just 3 pts and aperformance to be proud of.


Anonymous said...


jolsgonemental said...

win, lose, draw, lose, sack.

celebrations from spurs fans.

boos from jol fans.

Adam said...

Good post H. Good to see some people talking sense. Im sick of the Jol out brigade and those who panic after 2 games of a 38 match league season, its a marathon not a sprint and the cream always rises to the top.
I'll be at the lane tomorrow singing my heart out. COYS

dannyboy said...

do you realise that if manusa lose and we win we go above them? are they in crisis? are people calling for ferguson to be sacked? get a grip all you doubters.

a BIG win is reuired tomorrow against what SHOULD be the divisions whipping boys. KPB is not playing tomorrow due to match fitness and thats from Jol on a very good BBC radio interview.

I want to see Thud, Taarbat and Routledge start tomorrow with Bent and Defoe up front. Keep the faith and JGM - go home to the Emirates.


Anonymous said...

Let's just get behind the team and BMJ and make as much noise as we can down the lane on Saturday. To encourage the team and scare the oposition. COYS!!!!!

yi said...

Mind you what will we do if it all goes tits up!

Vinny said...

Tomorrow is a must win...end of...I'll take a 2-1 scrape through win to lift morale. The squad and younger players must play their hearts out despite many key players being out injured. I am backing them to overcome the odds.

Anonymous said...

I thought you all could take a look at this amazing latter that was put on another fans site who is meant to be on board, make up your on minds if you thing it’s true?.

Andrew, as I know you are always in the chatroom, can I provide you with the current position please.

Re Ramos, Klinsmann etc - We are not negotiating with any managers about the replacement of Martin Jol at this time. We are an ambitious club and it is a realistic ambition that we should look to CL qualification, so anything that looks like we may not make it is bound to lead to speculation and we fully expect that. No manager's future is decided on one or two games and it is insulting to suggest that this board would do that.

Re Martin and Damien - they have a good working relationship - the football management board works - no player comes into this club that Martin doesnt agree to - it would be ludicrous to suggest that money would be spent on players Martin did not favour and whom he would not then play, Damien has brought talent to the club with Martin's approval - and we would not have players like Berbatov and Bale without him to mention but two (there are obviously many more).

Re left position - always difficult as evidenced by the fact that the majority of prem teams (Liverpool a notable exception) play a right footer on the left. We have Lennon, Malbranque (who played a blinder on the left yesterday) Bale and Keane. So we have many options and yet we will still look as depth is a key factor of the squad.

Please let me know if any rumours running amok that I have not answered here - will be happy to! best regards,

I will be posting it elsewhere, but wanted to put it on SC first. This comes from someone who is on the Spurs' board.

Please do not be petty and argue over this as if it were some titbit of transfer ITK information. It isn't. You can take it to the bank.

The club is not about to sack Martin Jol. Please calm down.
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