Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tottenham Away: The Sunderland Photos

A man under seige - well on a few Internet threads, in the real world there's a little bit more perspective. Not much more, but more...

None of the men behind the goal are vegans

A particularly ugly citizen's arrest

Anytime is a good time for a Mick Jagger face pulling competition

This could have taken at an match that was interesting to watch

Err running out of captions...

Sir Tony Gardner, shortly before the angry mob bayed for his blood

Sir Roy Of Gravyshire is never far from home, even in England

A rare shot of Berbatov not scowling

Uh oh, that's only going to make him scowl


Anonymous said...

lehmann is a cunt, no doubt. Unfortunately, so is jenas.

Anonymous said...

We had better beat Everton and Derby, if not we will be calling for Jol to be sacked for wrong team selection!!!

Jol must not play Stalteri, Gardner, Tainio, Malbranque nor Jenas.

Stalteri was to blame for the cross coming in for the Black Cats goal!! Play Phil Ifil instead.

Gardner is simly not good enough. Play Rocha instead, if Dawson is not fit!!

Tainio is rubbish, and never fit for two running games!! Go out and urgently buy a left winger. If not expect more of the rubbish Tainio.

Malbranque keeps coming inside (not good enough at this level), we need a winger i.e.Routledge!!

Jenas - too much running around with no purpose, and is over rated!!! Play tarabt instead.

Hurry up and get Kevin-Prince Boateng into playing!!!

SPWH16(606) aka Will said...

Nice pics harry!!!

Loved the captions...

Too right about wanting Gardner's head! Couldn't head a damn thing (well he could, but you get what I mean...)

EL said...

So that's what 40 million buys you; a midfield comprising if Tainio, Jenas, Malbranque & Zokora. In a perfect world, the last 2 would be squad and the first to would be anywhere else.

If Jol doesn't start to bed in the young talent soon, we might find ourselves struggling to make the top half of the table never mind top 4 which barring a miracle I believe even at this ridiculously early stage looks highly improbable with the emphasis on ridiculous.

Great quote from Jol; "the midfield needed to be more creative and they weren't". No shit big man but you picked the fuckers.

Unless he starts playing Taarabt & Boateng and they turn out to be as good as their press, or Levy digs even deeper and brings in a highly qualified L winger & playmaker before the end of the month, I seriously suspect that with so many other teams having strengthened this summer, we're going to slide very badly backwards.

Hopefully I'm just being hysterical and it'll all turn out nice again but I'm just so bored of this shit.

Go on the Spurs.

Sorry, rant well and truly over.

Anonymous said...

Typical Fucking Fickle comments as usual..Ok losing to Sunderland was a disappointment, but it was the likes of Zakora, Jenas and Tanino that helped us to 5th last season. Losing isnt the end of the world, yes we should be winning these types of games. I personally hope this result has given the players a kick up the arse..

Kaboul Looks class!

Anonymous said...

"So that's what 40 million buys you; a midfield comprising if Tainio, Jenas, Malbranque & Zokora. In a perfect world, the last 2 would be squad and the first to would be anywhere else."

idiot...£40 million went on a striker, 2 defenders and 1 young midfielder...

Anonymous said...

Great pics Harry! Too bad about the result. To those calling for Jol's head already... please. Give me a break. It's so called "fans" like you that give the club a black eye.
Some perspective?
The makeshift def. almost held out until the end, but without 3 of their back 4 starters in King, Daws and whomever may be Jol's preference at RB, they came up short. Oh yeah, our Spuds were also missing Lennon on the right (and as has been written about ad naseum, needing a LW!).
One could question Jol's decisions in leaving out Routledge, T-bat and Rocha (who had til this point played in the aforementioned RB position). But Malbranque, Tainio, Jenas, Zokora are each more than capable. Along with our front line, they should've been more than enough for Roy Keane's prawn eaters.
This begs the question, why weren't they?
Not motivated? Didn't want to win their opener? Are they upset with the skipper?
Who knows?
They themselves no doubt know they failed to deliver on this occasion.
Clearly, despite the mountain of money splashed about this summer, the desired standard hasn't been reached quite yet. Then again, it was only one football match.
The first one.
I'll make the players a deal.
I'll promise to get over it if our lads in lilywhite promise to make me.
Waddle's Mullet

Anonymous said...

Sunday, August 12, 2007 8:28:00 PM +00:00
your a complete twat!!!!
and clearly havent got a clue!!
malbranque was the only one creating anything in the first half for us before he gave up hope and tainio is solid and without jenas you can take away 13 or so goals from last season! absolute nob jockey!

jolsgonemental said...


lets get this zakora and tanino in the side then!

EL said...


"So that's what 40 million buys you; a midfield comprising of Tainio, Jenas, Malbranque & Zokora. In a perfect world, the last two would be squad and the first two would be anywhere else."

"Idiot... £40 million went on a striker, two defenders and one young midfielder."

That was my point.

Re: 11.14pm.

What we saw from midfield was beyond a bad game, it was woefully inadequate. Other teams have strengthened remember. What was good enough for 5th last season probably won't cut the mustard this one. Seeing utter shite as utter shite is not fickle, it's a natural response to very apparent circumstances.

However, it is indeed early doors, there are indeed many good quality players to come back from injury and Kaboul is indeed shit hot. It's not all bad but do me a favour with these bumbling bad starts.

Go on the Spurs!

EL said...

Re: 1.59am

I appreciate your backing of 'our boys' but I disagree with you generally. (I won't call you a twat coz I'm not one)

I would agree that every one of last saturdays midfielders would, in a very good Spurs midfield, play a decent enough role and carry their own. The problem comes when they all play together. They are not the right sorts individually to combine into an effective unit

Football teams are like music groups. Five musicians of average musical ability can make a fantastic band. And five top session musicians can make a rubbish band.(I know, I've seen both). It's all about chemistry and last saturday's midfield didn't have it. Despite the fact that it was not made up from four completely useless players, last saturday's midfield was, sadly, useless.

So who's in charge of the chemistry set?

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

Spurs fan through and through....Gutted about the defeat, we must look ahead, but agree with earlier comments, STALTERI CANNOT PLAY!!! ( I am a canadian and I know that!!)

Anonymous said...

Oops -- don't know why I kept typing RB when I meant LB -- dislexia perhaps?

Waddle's Mullet