Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jenas Says His Career Will Finish Tottenham

Well, of course, he didn't.

But that's certainly the phrase that has seen huge numbers of Spurs fans admitted to A&E with 'can't stop giggling problems'

Here's the facts. JJ currently sits 14th in the Actim Barclay's Premier League this season. He's our highest scoring midfielder still on the books. 15. 2006/07 season of course saw him make only 35 appearances...

I have been as frustrated as anyone with some of his displays. I will not remain a Jenas apologist forever. He needs to be played with the space and movement that will allow what he can offer to shine.

The worst combination is when Jol creates a jam packed midfield with no width and he deteriorates into a panicky five yard pass man. Absolute rubbish. That's where he loses possession and that's where his flapper schoolgirl half hearted chasing starts.

Ultimately, he's the master of his own destiny. Presumably he doesn't care for being booed and enjoys releasing a striker with a sweetly hit twenty five yard ball. It's up to him. And in the interim, as a supporter and not a loud mouth know all I'm backing him.

Word is he's in for £24,000 a week. Harry can think of more costly 'gambles' with much longer odds that never paid out.


adtheyid said...

I think Jenas should start worrying about his place. If Kevin "the" Prince Boateng keeps scoring (and creating) goals like he scored last night in the reserves, our JJ may have to warm the bench for a while. Watch Sky Sports News, KPB's goal was an acrobatic beauty!

Anonymous said...

I must admit I have been a critic of his for some time, but he is probably on a par with Zokora or Tainio. I would say the way Steed is playing this season so far makes him hard to leave out, but if Huddlestone isnt in then we have no-one who can deliver a telling pass. The midfield may well be our undoing this year. I hope I am wrong, but if we dont get another good quality midfielder in before Friday midnight, preferably one with a left foot, we may be asking too much for fifth place.

WookieD said...

"Jenas Says His Career Will Finish Tottenham "

Harry, you're right, I can't sop giggling at this headline and I too believe that JJ may well be the end of the mighty Spurs. LOL

Anonymous said...

Quality headline H.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Great headline Harry but not original. I used it on another blog yesterday at 5.39pm.

I had previuosly said that whilst Jenas does have a great engine, he cannot tackle, pass or hold the ball with any degree of comfort and thus he is at something of a disadvantage if he aspires to be a decent midfield player.

When I saw his name in the headlines yesterday I was hoping we had sold him, so reading that he will be around for another five years really makes me doubt that BMJ and the Board know what they are doing.

Harry Hotspur said...

4Ever - Have to say I didn't see your comment. You can guarantee I would have nicked it had I seen it ;)

Anonymous said...

Get off Jenas's case. He's been our most consistent midfielder over thelast 2 seasons much better than zokora or tainio.

Loud Mouth Know All said...

So much for ambition, having Jenas ponce about for another 5 years.

Top headline almost as good as the Telegraph's "England think ahead with Jermaine Jenas recall".

jamspangler said...

Jenas has pace energy passing and goals. Yeah sometimes he puits in a bad performance but he doesn't hide. I can't believe the stick he gets from some idiots who claim to support the team, grow up. Zakora and Tainio get no grief yet niether are good enough for Spurs. Could it be because they have never been subject to Sunday tabloid bullshit rumours? If you boo a spurs player during the game then you're a cunt.

Ross said...

jamspangler you are a nonce. Not everyone who doesn't subscribe to your views is a cunt.

Jenas DOES hide, very regularly he will go missing for 85 minutes out of every match.

And we 'idiots' who give him stick do not just 'claim' to support the team, most of us love the team with all our hearts, and can't stand to see someone showing a complete lack of interest and wasting a perfectly good starting berth in midfield.

Tainio and Zokora do not get the same stick because at least they try, especially Teemu, and both are regularly shown to have a much better array of passing than JJ. If this is not the case, it is up to Jenas to show us for 90+ minutes in EVERY game he plays, otherwise he has no place in the team.

jolsgonemental said...

good lad is jenas, he works hard is loyal, and comes across as a sound bloke. Unfortunately he is generally a bit shit.

i can see why jol likes him.

i say keep him in the side for the reasons above, we never achieve fuck all anyway.

better than supporting a team of wantaway cunts looking to catch the eye of ManUre, whilst still achieving fuckall.

Anonymous said...

The thought of watching JJ for another five years does my head in

Put steed in the middle where he belongs let JJ get arse splinters for a couple of weeks

EL said...

The trouble with actim is that 99 successful but ultimately useless back-passes and one failed forward pass still comes out as 99% completed passes which gives a high score but means sod all in terms of a playmakers overall effect on the teams goalmaking ability during a match. At least, I assume that's how it works. Anyone know any better?