Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur: Premiership Ticket Fiasco

This is simply by way of an update, which incidentally I will not hesitate to repeat!

So the club has done away with your option to choose your own seat.

How do you feel about that?

Their argument is here.

Here's mine...

It is the club's responsibility to offer customers who want seats together that service, not mine. I'm not prepared to sit in a random seat in order that anyone else gets to have the choice that I consequently lose as a result.

THFC perhaps need to establish just what percentage of seats are sold in groups oF two or more and hold a proportionate % in each stand accordingly.

I wouldn't have an issue with that. That would deny me selecting from these seats but I am not the Queen(*good line, JGM) and am happy to pick from what's available.

I want EVERYONE to have SOME choice. That is in arguably fair, no?

I took the slow sign up figures yesterday down to it being a Sunday - but Monday is Monday - so stop mucking about and hit the link and get on with it!
Anybody would think I was asking you to pay full price for a Replica Shirt!!! Come On... Assert yourselves!



Anonymous said...

If u come and watch Spurs does it matter where you sit ?

Give us inside transfer news instead.......

Harry Hotspur said...

No problem.
We're signing Terry, Tevez, Taylor and Tim Brook Taylor.

Now sign the bl**dy petition and stop acting the goat.


Anonymous said...

Well said Anon, this is a typically brtish attitude, "I cant go on my own because I'll have noone to talk to"... What about the person to your left or right who are there for the same reason you are, to watch the mighty spurs!! Real fans will just be happy to be there, I for one have had to settle for a single ticket before and had many an interesting discussion with my neighbour about how well so and so is playing or who BMJ should take off etc. etc. I understand the need for parents with kids but for the rest of you, the best choice of seat is obviously the armchair at home. COYS!!!

DannyMackay said...

And again I feel compelled to suggest that perhaps a litte inconvenience is worthwhile for the benefit of those fans who want to bring children and thus need seats together.

where is the solidarity with those fans? Or is football just another consumer purchase to Mr Hotspur?

Yid87 said...

anon 8.58 am, you've missed the point. if we book this way, only by seeing the blocks, that is to make sure the tickets are bought next to each other. THFC's problem was that there were too many empty single seats. personally, I don't care about sitting alone but if I want to blow my money on a seat in West Lower I'd want to make sure its near BMJ and the tunnel or whatever, otherwise I'd be happy in North or South

G said...

Good morning all,

Why bother! There's no real problem with this proposal and it does solve a real problem. So there.


Harry Hotspur said...


Hi there..


I want some class of choice for EVERYONE.

A little bit of choice for you, a little bit of choice for me.

The newly adopted system fails the fan who wants to choose their seat whilst gives a minor advantage to say the likes of your goodself who isn't that fussed where he sits as long as he can get three seats together.

The technology exists to placate everyone and all that is required is WILL on the part of the club Implement it.

THFC need to treat the fans as valued customers and not eager cattle who don't mind what spot we get in the field just so long as we get a blade or two of grass once we're let in.

EL said...

Hasn't someone already made the point that the Odeon cinema chain have a softwear system which deals with both issues successfully?

Harry Hotspur said...

Oh yes...

DannyMackay said...


I don't have kids - and when I was one and went to WHL with my dad there was still terracing - so I appreciate I'm not the best person to argue the club's case on this.

However - I tend to think the club should treat us fans as a familly rather than as customers. Sure customers should get what they damned well pay for. Thats the point in being a consumer. We certainly don't go to tesco and buy the food we don't like the taste of.

But within a familly we all have to accept a little give and take. My favourite meal might not be lasagne but my wife loves it so we have it from time to time. (simple example I know).

You might want to be close to Jol - but many people want to take their kids and don't get many chances to do so.

perhaps a practical option might to be split the blocks into quarters so you could specify the quarter of a block you are happy to sit in (eg block 53, front right).

mark langton said...

I don't go to any games I watch those that are broadcast on tv and that's enough for me!!

Anonymous said...

SPURS V TORINO (Saturday, 4 August 2007 2:00PM)

Area Row Seat Value
7 11 167 £25.00
7 11 168 £25.00

Subtotal £50.00

STH Waiting List Fee
Booking Fee

Total £52.00

Just for anyone wondering how your seats are displayed to you see above (HH). You dont get to see where exactly your seats are other than what block you're in, row and seat number. These details are provided on the same page that you make your payment.

I much preferred the other system as you could get a decent idea of the view you're going to get. Doing it this way means you're completely in the dark and could end up with rubbish seats.

Anonymous said...

hold on, this is only a problem if you are not a season ticket holder, but just fancy going to the odd game as a member.
quite frankly, if that is the commitment you are prepared to show, why the hell should you get the ultimate choice of seats.
if you have a problem, get a season ticket and you can sit in the same seat every match.

Anonymous said...

buy a season ticket and stop moaning. you fairweather fukkin fans. you go to 3 games a season and think the club owes you a living!

Harry Hotspur said...

12.07 & .13

As presumably you're the same person....

I hope the stripper's good - the comics are sh*t.

dannyboy said...

oh well, looks like i may be able to take my young daughter to more than one game, now a fairer booking system is in place ?
what do you think mr hotspur?
does it really matter where you sit if you're a grown up? I just don't want to have to sit 6 rows away from her - shes 10 for fecks sake.


Anonymous said...

HH - you having a laff !?!

This is pointless chat. Buy a season ticket u tight ass yids or shut the funk up and get on with it. It's a mans game !!

Margin said...

btw - I'd like to stress I completely disagree with the "only season ticket holders matter" sentiments expressed by some anonymous posters.

All spurs fans whatever commitment they are able to make (lets face it - time and money are issues even in our modern era of plenty)

Anonymous said...

12.07 - What a twerp. 'you go to 3 games a season and think the club owes you a living'. Did you see any non season ticket holders campaigning for this system to get introduced? No! The club decided to change it, not us, so go and complain to the right people you fool. 'Fairweather fukkin fans'...up yours.

Harry Hotspur said...

1.12 anonymous

Given the illuminating points you made in what was an intellectual 'tour de force' of a comment I am forced to admit it...

You're 100%right.

I'm taking the petition down and publishing an immediate retraction of all the daft words what I did writted.

Or maybe you're a pilchard.

Can I have some time & get back to you? Cheers.

jolsgonemental said...

dannyboy, in the past why didnt you just get tickets for two seats that were next to each other?

ticking two adjacent seats was beyond you? was it the highly confusing concept and you rather the task was automated?

Harry Hotspur said...

dannyboy - I can only say it again mate, I want choice for everyone.

A little bit of choice for 'multiple' purchasers and a little bit of choice for 'single' purchasers.

You absolutely ought to be able to buy two seats together.

I too ought to be able to buy a single seat.

The technology exists for us both to do this but some numb skull at WHL has taken the lazy man's option and lumped us all together.

Hence the in-fighting!

If you hit the petition link and read some of the comments you'll see several refer to the technology and the likes of Odeon having a system which allows customers with different needs being able to exist within the same vending system.

Summerspur said...

Of course fans must have the right to choose where to sit when at times paying in the region of £60 for a ticket. There is for sure the technology and know how to do this, but the point that a lot of you are missing is that clubs treat fans as a necessary evil and could not give 2 hoots about our views.
Were shareholders or supporter's groups consulted? no way !!

I thought the paxton was now the family stand. this system should have been run there for a year but truth is now the UEFA cup honeymoon is over the board don't want the embarrassment of banks of empty seats in front of TV cameras, in the prawn sandwich stand, on a cold November night when we are playing some obscure Polish mining town.

dannyboy said...


because, dickhead, by the time they went on general sale, there was hardly ever 2 seats together. If there was, Spurs wouldn't have changed their policy and we would't be having this pointless discussion in cyber-bloody-space.
I'd love to have a family's worth of season tickets, or membership, but I haven't.

Simply, the sodding ground aint big enough!!


dannyboy said...


Your quote, 'I too ought to be able to buy a single seat.' Erm, you can - with either system.

I'm confused.


Harry Hotspur said...

dannyboy -

Under the new system I can STILL buy a single seat.

Only THFC tell me where it will be.

That sucks.

I can understand the sense of relief if a customer needs two or even three seats together and actually gets that choice.


But the technology exists to quote us all happy - to an extent.

Ultimately, more seats will solve the riddle....... but more seats will only ever be funded by us punters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish I had a 'Drenthe In The Bag' piece to run!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Summerspur = genius

Anonymous said...

harry's right and anyone with half a brain ought to sign up. the season ticket holders ,if genuine, on here are full off shit.

equality- eternity - fraternity

c'mon yids........

Anonymous said...


Thanks for getting the petition up and running!!

Going to email "" and ask them to include a link on their site ... We need to get everyone behind this one!!!

Anonymous said...

How's about you get behind the club and stop all negativness !! The season is about to start and for someone who both likes and dislikes this site this is so pointless and negative. I have to agree with the bloke who said ''fairweather fukkin fans'' LMAO and I have to laugh at the guy who said ''up yours''(poor sod). It shows the good and bad side of Spurs fans in general.

sean k said...


will we please for the love of god sign a decent left winger!!!!!! if we don't ill go mental!!! how is our central midfield supposed to operate when they look left and no ones there. every player that played on the left last season drifted inside, that didn't help!!find us some info on kevin prince boateng if u can please a video perhaps? youtubes empty i checked.

p.s you shouldnt worry so much about choosing your seat, your lucky enough if you can actually get a ticket for one!!!

at least the stadiums full!!!
(boro,blackburn, and wigan would kill for our support)

Anonymous said...

HH. I signed your petition so will you tell me any decent boozers in london showing the glamour game against the mighty Irish. Im on Brick lane

Anonymous said...

Also HH, there is no left winger arriving at the lane. No Wesley either. Im disturbed and amazed we are entering another season without a left arm. What would we do if Bale bottles it, just stick Tainio on the wing and give the ball to Lennon

Harry Hotspur said...

5.12 Brick Lane.

One of my fave spots in the smoke. 12p beigel anyone...?


My best guess mate is to revist the pubs I unearthed back in November that were (ahem, cough cough) broadcasting Irish Setanta...

Here's the page....

And here's a list.

Pakenham Arms

The Fest

The Grove

Hogs Head

The Larrik

Turks Head

New Rose

Artillery Arms in Old Street

As ever, call the pub ahead and check they ARE going to show it.

Given the 'nature' of the broadcast, if you are able to walk thru the door to ask, I'd do that - it also will encourage them if they're thinking about it...

As I remember it that piece was great, people getting quite excited , comments flying in at tea time, landladies get snowed with calls from HH readers galore!!

Hope you get fixed up, mate.

Thanks for signing up too.


Summerspur said...

Hey guys lets stop bleating about a left winger. It would be crazy to adopt a system with 2 wingers. the big 4 don't concern themselves about it.Wingers are in essence an attacking player. Scoring goals last year wasn't really an issue. Imagine having 2 Lennon's tracking back and getting stuck in. Lennon is to the tackle what that crazy bobbit woman was.

My major concern is our system and at times our mind boggling tactics. you can throw countless millions at over rated/hyped players but it does not always equate to success. I really think we need to address our movement and pace of the ball. the scum are as we all probably know excel at that. We seem to struggle to open up big teams and break up their play. Guess that's why their big i suppose.

EL said...

I remember games in which having no width right across the board was a problem. Some teams would put two on Lennon and deal easily with our over the top or through the middle attempts.

For the love of god let's get a proper left winger!

Or does Jol intend to use Bale & Chimbonda as wingbacks with Lennon in the hole?