Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur On Tour: The Robbie Keane Interview

Orlando Pirates Rob, Welcome back to South Africa. How are you doing?

Robbie Keane (RK): Thanks man, I’m doing very well and it’s a pleasure to be back here (referring to South Africa) after my first visit back in 2003. So this being your second visit in the country, what is your overall impression of South Africa?

RK: South Africa is a beautiful country with excellent facilities and has extremely friendly people.

I have also realised that there is a lot of improvements being made to the infrastructure of the beautiful stadiums. There has also been a big improvement in the hotel facilities – they are magnificent, and very good for tourists. What do you know about Orlando Pirates?

RK: (laughs) Apart from being the club that made us chase our own shadows in the 2-1 loss in 2003. I know that Orlando Pirates are one of the biggest clubs in South Africa, and they believe in youth players. Pirates also have a unique style of play (referring to the Tsamaya’s and shibobos) – it can be dangerous if executed properly. What can the supporters expect to see from you on Tuesday when Spurs face the Mighty Buccaneers?

RK: Honestly, I wouldn’t like to predict the outcome of the game but I can proudly say is that we have assembled a totally new team and I am one of only three players to be retained from the squad of 2003.

I wish both clubs all the best on Tuesday night, unfortunately one has to fall and it wont be Spurs (laughing). Cape Town weather is very similar to that of London. Do you think that will suit you better?

RK: Yes definitely, but I must point out that it wont be a walk in the park because Pirates has a very competitive squad and I doubt the players will want to disappoint their passionate supporters.

So we expect a fight, as you know that the players would also be going out there to impress our technical team in an attempt to win a contract overseas. So how do you rate the South African supporters compared to others you have played in front of?

RK: I love the South African supporters, they are very passionate and I think they come close to their European counterparts.

I particularly like the sound of the ... ummm ( the vuvuzela?) Yes that’s it. That instrument seems to encourage the players more.

There is no doubt in my mind that South Africa will host a successful World Cup in 2010. Finally, how do you feel about conducting these kinds of initiatives (soccer clinic)?

RK: I think they are great. We had a lot of fun with the kids today – some showed skills that could make them professional players one day. Rob, thanks again for your time and all the best for the future.

RK: Thanks my friend.

*Stolen from our good friends at Orlando Pirates. com*


Anonymous said...

Robbie Keane has definitely improved since he moved to Spurs, but I think Berbatov & Bent will form the no.1 partnership this season. I think Jol will try out a 4-3-3 as well in some games, with Keane maybe playing in the hole or on the left.

Anonymous said...

Greart classic picture, but get rid of that Fcuk music!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another dull interview with a footballer.. Bring back Cantona!!

Anonymous said...

That's it, I'm off to bed.

Harry Hotspur said...

9.02 - The bloody noise/music was from the sniper game at the foot of the page. Dumped it. Apologies - I tend to have my laptop on mute...

Anonymous said...

thanks for dumping that bloody music harry, it was honestly shocking...

mike said...

henry is no flop mate!!! he just nver managed to win the carling cup and copa america

Anonymous said...

any info on this Danny Rose guy we just signed?

EL said...

Thank you Robbie 'corporate luvvie' Keane for the S.Africa tourist info.

Thank you Harry for removing the shocking aural ads.

Go on the Spurs!