Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur: Bent - A Very Good Buy

This chap appears to have Sat Nav technology in his boots.

Much of Benty's goal scoring footage has him demonstrating an ability to find the net from invariably difficult angles. The ball is hit cleanly and always with pace.

Bent's physical presence makes him an absolute handful. The thought of him flying into the six yard box come Tottenham winning a corner is pretty exciting. Let's hope Jenas can get himself organised so he's not wasting his time...

Admittedly these show-reels rarely dwell upon a player's ability to knock the pigeons off the stadium roof, but all in all I'd say we've bought ourselves a bit of quality. A traditional centre forward in many respects, strong, good in the air and with a deft enough touch to mark him out from the herd.

His addition will provide a contrast of style to that of our existing strike force. One that now must look pretty horrible to just about every team in the country. Each man, on their day, is as ruthless and stylish as you might wish for. As a side note, I propose dropping Keane just marginally deeper, only marginally mind, behind whoever our front paring might be and play with effectively three up front.

As per a comment on here yesterday, the prospect of Defoe and Bent functioning well and this pairing being adopted by McClaren is mouthwatering. The England coach is a Defoe fan and if he can get Jermain and Darren to play off each other... wow.

Bent could cement Tottenham's attacking desires.

If Mido had got his act together and not degenerated into a spoilt slob, it could have been him.


Anonymous said...

well said

Paul said...

I know this has nothing to do with your story Harry, but checj this video out Shunshuke Nakomora He looks class and can play right across the midfield and is left footed Steve Perryman says 'this guy is so good he can open a can of beans with his left foot'

Andy said...

Well lets hope he turns out good...our mouths waters when Defoe Mido Keane Kanoute Rebrov first signed for us but now not so...

Fash said...

Could be the next dominant strike force of the premiership and of europe. Yorke/Cole/Solskjaer/Sheringham is one that sticks out as the last really famous quartet of effective premiership strikers. Use Berbatov/Keane and Defoe/Bent properly in league and cups, well be winning something. Bent and Bale have been great buys, to take it to the next level, and to really challenge for the top, we need Drenthe, Van der Vaart, Kaboul, Davies and Sneijder! Going to be very interesting.

joff said...

Harry, I agree it could be Keane behind Berbs and Bent in some games, particularly at home. But I can't see that Lennon could fit into that pattern as well - it would need to be 4-3-1-2, ie a solid 3 behind Keano.

And I reckon to Bent to start every single away game - his physical strength, pace and hold-up play will be crucial in those games. Maybe all 3 or maybe just Berbs and Keano in home games.

sean k said...

we nd 2 go all out to get royston drenthe this kid will destroy in the premiership pay anything wages inc the quality of crossing tackling passing is what we need and we know it and so must our board.

sidyid said...

You spout some garbage and most of it under anon to give the impression people agree with you.

Bent is at best a championship player and why you are backing him is beyond me!!

It's a Spurs thing!

fatdancer said...

agree with bent in away games, as Berbatov can be quiet at times away from the Lane. still need quality playmaker but a solid 3 of Jenas, Zakora and Tanio with Keano given a more free role at home could be interesting, leaving 2 out of Bent, Defoe and Berbatov up front.

Anonymous said...

I think Bent is a quality addition to the strike force, and he really wanted to come to us..I hope we can hold on to Defoe, and then will have a quality 4 prong attack, which is what we need, as there is bound to be injury and suspentions along the way, especially with a hopeful 60 game + season. With Mido out & Bent in , squad is now stronger.

Anonymous said...

how can people keep referring to bent as a 'championship player at best'!! The guy is a goal machine!! he was top english goalscorer playing for a poor team like charlton!! he is proven prem material and i think he will be class next season!!

Anonymous said...


harry just delete that prick's comments will you? he hasn't got a fucking clue and no site wants him.



Anonymous said...

The way he skinned Melchiot for strength and pace in that clip is exactly what we've been missing. Defoe's got the ability to occasionally break away with a good first touch but he sometimes lacks the strength to shake the last defender from his shoulder. Keane and Berbs, although always a pleasure to watch, use an over-reliance on trickery and creativity to break through which is all too often muted by the quality of defence in the top 4. 16.5 million was definitely too much to pay for him, but lets face it, if he was called Bentinho we'd reckon we got ourselves a bit of a bargain!

Not too sure about the whole 4-3-3 formation. Lennon's too lightweight and Jenas gives the ball away too much meaning we'd be easily exploited down the flanks.

Beach_bum said...

I still think that the buying of Bent was partly due to the delay and hesitancy of Defoe in signing a new contract.Last season the team scored more goals than they have for a long while.Surely,with the amount of goals let in last season, it is in defence where the team really need strengthening.

Beach_bum said...

I still think that the fact that Defoe was hesitant to sign a future contract with the club caused Jol to sign Bent.The spurs offense scored more goals last season than they have for many years.They also let in a substancial number.Surely the money wouid have been better used
in strengthening the defence

Joe said...

Surely a 4-3-1-2 would work? usual defence (but with Bale) with Lennon on the right, zokora/huddlestone in the (defensive) middle, tainio/malbranque on the left.

that leaves Keane as supporting striker (falling back to midfield when required) and Berbatov upfront with Defoe/Bent.

I know i've seen a lot of anti-Steed comments on here before but I reckon there's a plenty more to come from him and to me that formation looks cup winning.

Anonymous said...

traditional centre forward ? The age of football is no longer the mid 1900's. We need Berbatovs and Keanes, not traditional centre forwards. If he can offer nothing more than a OAP from the mid 1900's, then wtf did we pay 16million

Anonymous said...

This video just backs up everything i have ever said. Bent offers us nothing more then defoe does. He is a forward who relies on good feeding from midfielders who can feed through a nice pass with pace and landing on a penny. This is what spurs lack, and is why defoe looks crap most of the time, Defoe is the exact same as bent, he relies on the ball being played for him, so that he can just out run people. Bent can not, will not, and never has been able to create something out of nothing like berbatov, keane, and even defoe does it once in a while. Bent is simply over priced, and over rated. I strongly believe that Jol didnt pick him, Atleast thats what i like to believe. Like chelski and shev, If bent doesnt perform, do you think we will just sit him on teh bent, and let 16million go to waste? i dont think so, Bent will cost spurs alot more then 16 million, he will cost spurs their 4th spot and champion league football. He will prove to be the Shevo buy of 2007.

Harry Hotspur said...


I can't see into the future, but I do find myself more siding with 12.35's comment,"Defoe's got the ability to occasionally break away with a good first touch but he sometimes lacks the strength to shake the last defender from his shoulder."

This is another reason to have another type of striker at our disposal and BMJ knows it.

I can understand your scepticism, but do you really think he's that similar to Defoe?

Bent is not, repeat not a caveman, but he does offer a less sophisticated contrast to Berbatov (who doesn't?) which will prove invaluable.

Shevchenko was a disaster because once he hit the Arrivals lounge his touch turned to that of a carthorse. Drogba was being serviced by the same players and is a legend.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know why Spurs are currently training in a giant marquee?

NinjaYid said...

I had my doubts initially but having looked at the videos and read widely, I've changed my mind.

He's two-footed, deadly accurate, he doesn't take more than a touch to set himself up, he's got fearsome pace and strength, and works like a Trojan. The kid's only 23, so he's still learning. Once the Spurs technical team work on him for a few months he'll sprout wings. All those people saying he's one-trick pony, you're going to eat your words.

If we sort out the left wing situation so that he gets service from both sides, I reckon he'll score 20 League goals this season, and by next May he'll look like the bargain of the year.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what anyone says about Keane is overhyped in the Prem. Never scored more than 15 goals in the Prem before EVER. He would not get into any off the top 4 side because he is not good enough. Bent is faster, taller, stronger and scored more goals than Keane and Defoe in the Prem with the likes of Jason Thomas, Matt Holland, that Danish winger and the dude who's knocking off Danielle what's her name supplying him. Imagine what he could do with Berbs, Lennon, Bale ( whoever the lefty is). It's a no brainer !!

Anonymous said...

Any news from Berbatov?

Anonymous said...

To the person who stated berbatov is quiet in away games have you been watching away games!! for sure he started off slow but scored goals and played well away from home in the uefa cup and he got better as the season went on in the premiership and his superb goals at fulham,wigan,middlesboro,charlton prove this.I think bent will be on the bench next year as him and defoe as backup for berba and keano,but you could well see them all playing with each other except for defoe and keano.As for our left side problem there is only one man for the job in my eyes Wesley Sneijder from ajax great with both feet plays on the left is a playermaker can tackle can dribble good from set pieces the lad has everything if we can get him we would see a player that will improve us vastly a truely world class player,if not would like to see nene from celta vigo,or drenthe from feyenoord but these players in my eyes are not as good yet as sneijder...coys!!!

Summerspur said...

4 40

Your dead right mate, it is a no-brainer and you are perfectly qualified to make that judgement!!

I think we should take it a step further and swap keane for Mathew hoggard.

EL said...


Yeah, his dad's got a new car and his sister's had her hair cut.

So, we're about to buy nene, oubina, wilhelmsson, diarra & swp. My my we have been busy. We'll probably end up with some out of the blue purchase no one was expecting but it makes fun reading anyway.

Harry, this would be a good time to make one of your legendary predictions. You've been right about at least one defender & a striker, could you please do your best to regale us with a midfielder of some sort?


(I haven't forgotten about that in-depth finance/transfers article).

Pedro Morgado said...

The supporters of SC Braga won the award for thebest choreography of portuguese supporters in game against Tottenham. Thank you.

COYS said...

The 16.5M spent shows the commitment from the board to their player policy. Top British talent:
England need Spurs in the Top4 so that this talent can be exposed to CL football. Le Arse player policy is detrimental to our national game. Whether Bent cost us 8m or 16m it does not matter, provided we get a couple more players in the places we all know about and top4. I believe that we will do it next year. I do not need to debate the formation because this will differ depending on the opposition and the state of the game. What is clear to me is that Bent offers us a new dynamic and one which we can use tactically to either see out a game or boost the attack when we need to come from a losing position.

The future is bright the future is lillywhite.