Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur's Berbatov Speaks!!! Exclusive Interview On The Whole Man Utd Kerfuffle!!!

HH is as pleased as punch to run the interview below...

Not only is it a coup, but tremendous news for Spurs fans across the globe. Enjoy!

(This interview was originally published
today, 05.06.07 in the Bulgarian online newspaper Standart. Interviewer was Efrem Dimitrov.)

- Dimitar, this is the third year in which we meet during the spring; last year, you were excited about the start of your first season in Tottenham Hotspur, it seems now that you are about to join Man Utd.

- Now I am thinking about the return match against Belarus and after that I'll have a rest. After that we'll see...
- Still, are you close to United?
- Yes, in fact I am. They are now on the TV and I am very close to it. That's how close I am to them.
- Do you want to play in Man Utd?
- I am a happy man in Tottenham. The club gives me everything I need to feel nice with them, and I actually do. As to United, of course I like Sir Alex's team. Their style is attacking and pleasant to watch, and it coincides with my own style of playing football. Giggs, Scholes and Rooney are fantastic players and that fast guy Cristiano Ronaldo on the right side is a magician with the ball, he plays football from another planet. Of course, it would be a pleasure for me to play with these guys; they simply know how to have fun on the pitch.
- Have you been contacted by Ferguson already?
- No, I haven't.
- When will you be able to name yourself a United player?
- I think I answered this question already. I'm a happy man in my present club.
- How did you adapt to the your new team Tottenham Hotspur?
- I was warmly welcomed the guys accepted me as one of them from the first. I haven't felt isolated from the team even for a second. In the changing room at our stadium we have a sign which says: "There are no stars in Tottenham, the team is the big star." And this is what the atmosphere in the team is - we support and trust each other.
- Has fame changed you?
- I don't think so. Yeah, I like being famous, it's nice, but I haven't changed much.
- Let's come home for a while. Do you think we'll qualify for Euro'08?
- I believe we will. We have our chances, all we need is a little luck.
- Has the atmosphere in the team changed since Stoichkov walked out and Stoilov came in?
- The atmosphere is good, but it was good during Stoichkov's time as well. You see, now the coach is playing cards with the players... they are laughing, we groove together. My impressions of Stoilov are that he knows how to break the monotony of the training sessions. Obviously, he gained some good experience in the Champions League.
- What were Stoichkov's mistakes?
- I can't comment on his mistakes. He knows what he did wrong. Maybe he made too many enemies too fast and they turned him as black as sin. This reflected on the climate in the team. I can only say that Stoichkov treated the players well.
- Can you surpass him as a player?
- Hardly anybody will ever surpass Stoichkov on the pitch. He is the only Bulgarian who won European Champion Clubs' Cup with FC Barcelona, the Golden Ball of the France Football Magazine and many other football awards.
- Yes, but a possible transfer in United can be your trampoline to higher goals.
- For now this is in the sphere of possibilities. My goal for now is to score more goals for the national team than he did. I'm 26 now and I have a lot of time in front of me. If I play well, the cups will come naturally.



Anonymous said...

Is it superb news Harry?
Sounds to me like he loves United and can't wait for an offer to come in.

Anonymous said...

Well about ten days ago he was signing for them and we getting Saha & £37.50.

That's not happening THIS WEEK so I'd say it's pretty good news, small mercies and all that..

Groves said...

I agree, this doesnt sound good :(

Unless its a poor translation I read that as though he is saying he would be better suited to Utd coz of the style of footbal they play, he hasnt clearly stated that he will be a Spurs player next year!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm, I felt quite confident before this article. Now i feel like he will only stay 1 more season, that's what it sounds like

Anonymous said...

f*cksake, great.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't say it puts my mind at rest. The stories that he was about to sign for them may have been wide of the mark, but he basically said it would be great to play for utd but that he hasn't spoken to Fergie yet....can't see how that's superb news. Carrick was supposed to happy with us too, but it didn't stop him leaving did it..?

cheddar_green said...

It doesn't sound like that at all. Just beacuse he doesn't say he dislikes MU doesn't indicate he wants to go there. We all know he'll stay for another season and if we make champions league he'll stay and if not then he'll probably leave.

Anonymous said...

Agree - sounds like a ManUre luv in to me...so why 'great news'?

That translation software wasn't that good either!

Anonymous said...

i agree, doesnt sound as great as i thought. If we dont have a good season next year he'll be gone. enjoy him while we can i reckon.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he's staying this/next season, but it does sound like after that he'd want to try other clubs dammit. maybe after another season with Spurs he'll change his mind and stay with us forever!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't worried till reading this.

He extols the qualities of Man U and emphasises his aims and commitment to the National Team but seems to be a bit vague about his current club commitments...

I so so so so so so hope I'm wrong...

Also, the interviewer sounds like a bit of a dick...

Anonymous said...

sounds like a piss take interview to me, berbs is staying at spurs for the next season at least so fergie can kiss my pucka!!

Anonymous said...

archibaldsteve: Yes, but we still haven't signed a left sided winger.

Groves said...

Agreed - The interviewer sounds like a right wanker who only knows about ManUre

yidkid said...
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Anonymous said...

Check this link which is an interview on the papers website. There is no bollocks about Man U, and it sounds a bit more like the Berba we all love.


Anonymous said...

Berbs will be at Tottenham next season, that's for sure, but unless we qualify for the CL for 2008/09 (which tbh is a big ask) then im afraid he will want to leave and he WILL be sold (for a hefty sum, mind)

But hey, That's football.

Anonymous said...

So we go from Fergie putting a megabid in for Berba on the front of the Sun to Berba hasn't spoken to Fergie.

H, I'd say that was relatively good news.

I get the feeling that a number of you lot on here want him to say he's staying til 2020 and he hates every other club in the world.

That ain't gonna happen and you're children.

So what if he admires Ronaldo. So do I.

It's down to Spurs to get CL footy and keep him, not him to saty at Spurs until they do.

You lot want to wise up.

sean said...

Wheres that Bulgarian kn*bjokey who was on here saying SAF and Berba had done a deal????

And by the way mate, don't come on here saying he will leave one day. Most of know that.

Anonymous said...


Just read the other article (on Standart) and feeling better again...

Anonymous said...

its fake. I can't believe people have fallen for this.

Anonymous said...

The only fake on here is you.

What a sad bunch of tosspots. So he admires Man Utd?

Quick, let's have us a hanging!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The other article was printed BEFORE the Sun ran the £39 mill story. At least harry has passed on this morning's news.

I too am amazed by some of the responses. It is not Berba's job to run around pandering to nervous spurs supporters.

It's the club's job to ensure he wants to stay.

The racist attitude toward the interviewer sucks as well. Some of you need to grow up methinks.

Marin said...

You know, I'm a Bulgarian and read these kind of articles almost every day. It seems that everyone in Bulgaria (except Spurs supporters) wish that Berbatov leaves Spurs for some of the bigger clubs, which I found totallyout of order. Anyway, as most of the opinions, I also fee that he would leave if we don't go into CL next season or at least win a cup or two!!!

p.s. Cocksucker in bulgarian is pronounced duhach!!!

Anonymous said...

Just Changing the subject has your inside man got any news on Kaboul ? thought he was signing this week ? I think Berbs will give us another seasen if we dont qualify for the champs league he ll be gone.

Anonymous said...

Just read the other berba interview on the standart website, have to say it sounds a lot more like him, and a lot more promising, and this interview isn't even on the website....

Harry Hotspur said...


Anonymous said...

Both interviews are on the standart website, but the more I read HH's one, the more it seems as though he's giving credit where its due to Man U. In the other interview he stands by what he has always said about sticking with spurs who have been loyal. However if we dont qualify for champs league or win silverware then I think he might be off. He seems loyal though and not interested so much in whoever can pay him the most money

AllWhite said...

I think Mitko is loyal to Spurs enough and he is going to stay with us at least one season, but if we do not play CL football in 08/09 season he will leave.
So, COYS and fingers cross for break up the Top-4! :)
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

4 Ever Hopeful said...

It sounds as if Berbatov is being very honest. He is happy where is is and is not looking for a move but if the chance to play for Man Utd came along it would be difficult to turn down. In reality who could blame him? I agree that one more season is the best we can hope for. Champions League qualification is an absolute must.

Park Len Yid said...

"I get the feeling that a number of you lot on here want him to say he's staying til 2020 and he hates every other club in the world.

That ain't gonna happen and you're children."

Well said mate.

Anonymous said...

many here are a total hypocrites!

iy you're are to choose 25 ponds per hour job when you are now on a few pences above natinal minimum wages...with the condition that you have to dump your (not so beutiful) girlfriend which one that you choose!

if you're on 22k/week and then someone offer you 75 k/week, with the condition that you have to leave a great club....to another great club....which one you choose?
Who say that Berbatov have Spurs tatoo on his butt?

Wendell said...

Every footballer in the world respects Man U with good reason. You can't deny that their first team has some pretty amazing players in and fair enough.

The fact that he said this but still says he's very happy at Tottenham surely means something!

I reckon even with just Bale we could qualify for CL next season (at the expense of the gooners), and with further signings of maybe Kaboul, Bent or anyone of that quality then we should have no problem of getting CL place and maybe a bit of silverware along the way!


AllWhite said...

Well, maybe next year is our crossroad to the glorious days or to the disappointmen. Only Heavens knows! COYS!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad people posting here have brains and understand English and they're not manipulative like you H!But some still think it's a fake!!??
The translation of the abridged version is good, but he says more than this. We are trying to send you the translation of the entire interview, which have a few more compliments to Man U.And You Marin, Lillywhite or whatever your name is: being Bulkgarian that is one thing you could do instead of trying to deny the reality.

10:47 and Co.

That was on the 17th May, before Man U showed interest.This interview was on the 3rd of June. Many things changed between. i told you before it started during a tv talk show on the 21st May where Berbs said he wasn't sure he would be in Tottenham next year. The rest has been discussed here.

And since when has a manager to talk to the player before the deal is signed?

After so many days of insults, HH and Co., you should thank the Bulgarian team for the interview hint, shouldn't you? Ungrateful as ever!

All we can all make of this interview is that nothing is final. If he has to stay, he'll do his best to be happy ( and certainly he hasn't got a thing against Spurs). But it's clear he wants to go. The door is open. But it's not easy. Spurs want all the buy out clause in cash. That's the last thing the Club can do. So Man U have to discover 25 million until the end of the month. Otherwise Berbs will stay because he'll not start the pre season with one club and after a month move to other. That's the gent he is.
Therefore, Spurs fans, all you have to pray for is that Man U cannot provide the cash on the table. They're selling players in order to do that. You cannot complain about the Spurs Board cause they're not selling. But be sure ( as the Board and Jol are already) that if the money appears the player will execute the buy out clause. That's his privilege. And he will.

Know it all ( over and out)

jolsgonemental said...

bloody hell you're boring. change the record.

You're 'meester fawlty' routine is a bit samey.

Anonymous said...

This is not great news whatsoever HARRY, this is a "come and get me", if we sell any of our top players this summer it shows that we have no intention to go for the top four, regardless of the want of carrick we should of not sold him either on the reverse though it was a tidy profit but could we of managed a CL place with him and made £40m then?

Like all the other clubs WE ARE A SELLING CLUB - do you ever see Man u, Chelski etc sell any of there top players - no....

Anonymous said...

harry i expect you made this stuff up like 90% of the rest of your stories but people like you just increase rumours so please shut up. if you are to naive to realise this will end up in the press within a day or two stating that he wants to leave. the fact is man u have spent a lot this summer and won't increase spending by another 40 mil so he is here to stay so please write real news or just close this joke of a website!

Anonymous said...

this interview was in the standart, not a joke.

- Still, are you close to United?
- Yes, in fact I am. They are now on the TV and I am very close to it. That's how close I am to them.

what did he mean by that?!
also, he chose us over ManU already didn't he? so why would he think of moving there so soon?

Anonymous said...

It's already in the SUN. How pathetic! They don't even quote the source and give their own twisted view on it.

Anyway, I bet this will please you, mates. That Standart site has lots of news about Berbatov. Look what I found. Well, Wouldn't I like to have a mother like that!


Anonymous said...

To the anonymous Bulgarian souting on about GBP25m, there are no buy out clauses in English football contracts. Even if someone tried to have such a clause, it would be unenforceable. Soe players have a clause that allows them to speak to another club if that club is makes a conditional offer of a fixed maount of money to break the contract, but even then this is not enforceable on the selling club. The player can talk to the other club, but the seeling club can still refuse to sell him. Anyone who can be bothered can check the Middlesbrough FC Vs Christian Ziegler case. So Berbatov has a 4 year binding contract with Spurs, and even if such buy-out clauses were binding, I find it inconceivable that THFC would agree to such a clause when signing Berba (from a mid-table German side, lets not forget. He was hardly considered one of the greats when we signed him, regardless of what our Bulgarian correspendents might like to think). There is then, no agreed amount of money which will allow Berbatov to break his contract with THFC. He is bound to the club. If Utd reach a deal with Spurs that the latter feels is acceptable compensation for breaking the contract, then so be it. I would estimate that THFC may feel tempted by GBP50m, but absolutely not by anything less than this. And Utd arent going to pay that kind of money, so it really is a closed issue. Berbatov is absolutely 100% not going to leave Spurs this year.

Anonymous said...


Who the fuck do you think are you, moron? No clauses in English football!! You still think Britannia rules the waves? There's no such thing as special rules in "English" football. Football is ruled worldwide by Uefa and Fifa. Do read the regulations, if you can read better than you write, ignorant toad!

All players have buy out clauses. Berbatov's was a good one for the Club for he costed 11 and the clause was 25. Who could say he would worth it in just one year?

And more, the only regulation applied to contracts apart from special clauses is theProtective 3 years standard Fifa rule, that is, when the player is under 28 no matter how long the contract is he cannot leave the club during the first 3 years, UNLESS there is a buy out clause.

Now go read Football regulations and forget the British Empire.There's nothing different from all the other leagues in English football.Only the fans, who don't behave abroad. IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

Berbs compliment to Ronaldo says it all. He's praising the star of the team, assuring him they'll be ok together.Bad news for Spurs.You had it coming, when he refused to sign the extension.

AllWhite said...

Uff, please stop spreading rumours! Berbo still haven't acieved any silveware and who will be surpirsed if he goes for glory elsewere? Right, he is loyal and gentle man, but still dream for medals! So .... are you expect from him to be another Garry Mabutt right now? Don't thin so. Another Klinsmann or Ginola - maybe! And only team be able to hold him back - Dows, King, Robbo, Keano and Jermain's and other boys from The Lane, not the Board, not the Coach (instead Cristmas dinner :)....)
So let's hope next season Spurs to achieve something special - CL or FA trophy and then I'm shure, that Mitko will stay here, for many wears! COYS!

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

jolsgonemental said...

bring back the iron curtain

Vinny said...

"- Still, are you close to United?
- Yes, in fact I am. They are now on the TV and I am very close to it. That's how close I am to them."

As elusive with his words as he is with his feet!...but on this occasion not in our favour.

However think this stinks of no firm offers from utd so far, but Berbs keeping his option open for either eventuality.

I would've said the club should absolutely show us their ambition by refusing to let him go this season even if he wanted to and there was a 40m offer on the table, they owe us one after the Carrick debacle. However the buy out clause could make things sticky.

One things for sure, if he does stay for one more season, he won't after that if we dont break into the top 4!...lets hope we even get that chance to achieve that with him at Spurs.

Even Teddy Sheringham lost patience eventually, but these days, even that kind of loyalty does not exist anymore.

Anonymous said...

What loyalty?

we are talking the diffrences between 22k/week and UEFA cup, playing with the ever- offside Defoe, righfooted leftwing.... and 75 k/week and CL, playing with Ronaldos, Rooney etc...

Anonymous said...

ManUtd does not have the money. But it would be nice to see Berbatov with them, pure excellence!!

Anonymous said...

He seems to have made it clear he is staying next season and thats good news. However, like any good professional in any career he wants to better himself the whole time and if that means leaving to join another club at sometime, who could blame him. If we win things next year and make the CL, that may be enough for now but in any even Spurs need to wise up and be out there looking for a younger player to groom for when he does leave.

Anonymous said...

You are a moron, allwhite. Spreading rumours? You don't bring any news and there's a lot you could do.But you are not interested in the truth either.

Make up your mind! If he's another Klinsmann he'll leave right now. If he wants silver he'll leave right now. The problem is...money. WAke up, people. No quid, no transfer. Quid on the table and Berbo will be wearing the red 9 when coming back from holidays, on the 7th July, to be precise.

Anonymous said...

"In Bulgaria he's the true king, and if one day the State changes from republic into monarchy and the king is elected, I bet he'll win."

Quote from a reputed Sofia journalist published today.

Let's hope he keeps his feet on the ground. Staying in Bulgaria right now, in the midst of this huge tide of fame and glory is extremely dangerous, if he's not mature enough. We'll see, yes, we are the ones who will see !

Anonymous said...

Still, are you close to United?
- Yes, in fact I am. They are now on the TV and I am very close to it. That's how close I am to them.

I think thats what u call bulgarian humor...
bottom line... berba is a spur for at least another season. if we reach our ambitions for next season... we can expect him to be here for another and another and another

Anonymous said...

- Yes, in fact I am. They are now on the TV and I am very close to it. That's how close I am to them.

So why he watch Man United? unless it was Man U Vs Spurs.

Anonymous said...

you don't think it's possible footballers watch football that's on tv?

Man U are on every f*ckin week.. he doesn't have much choice lol. All he's saying is that he's no closer to Man U than anybody else who's watching them on TV.

Berba is staying.

Corrupted Mind said...

I just read the story and I feel just as relaxed as I did before. Truth be told, he sounds like an honest straightforward guy and that will make this entire business honest and straightforward. The position is simple, we have a good player on a long contract and have £x Million in the bank – our bargaining position is unassailable (£37.5M and Saha won’t cut the mustard). Yes, we are a Plc and that means there is one figure in the minds of the board that would be simply too high to reject (methinks £40-50M range – cash only) but at this stage of the contract anything less would be silly. Because he is an honest and straightforward guy, I think both he and his agent accept this and will not cause any problems until next season.

A quick aside to all the fans that think that only a 4th place (or higher) finish with Champions League will be enough to ensure his stay – I believe this logic to be flawed. What is to say that there will be space in any of the “big four’s” squads come next summer? I think it will be self-evident that Man Utd will buy a cheaper alternative this year. Liverpool are about to “go large” in Spain. Chelsea is a constant threat, as they have the cash to meet any silly sum we can think of.

Post Script: My friend calls this the Premiership roundabout, getting on or off is a confluence of timing, length of current contract and ability to meet the fee. Look at Joaquin at Betis, before he moved to Valencia all of the Big Four were interested with oodles of cash, but come the next summer Chelsea were happy with Cole and Robben; Man Utd had Park, Giggs and Ronaldo; Liverpool (a multitude of young and experienced players) and Arsenal with their wing-less Hleb and Rosicky model with overlapping fullbacks. No suitors meant he moved to Valencia for much less than was previously mooted.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov is an artist and a poet. This is a love letter, a wooing scene. It's like I'm here and I've got this girlfriend, nice girl, she makes me happy most of the times, sometimes she's a bore and I sulk, I deserve better, I like her but I don't love her, see?
And there on the other side of the street, there's that other girl I'm falling in love with, everyday a bit more. At first I tried to pretend she didn't exist, then I tried to snub her, but she's there looking at me all the time, promising me heaven or earth, oh God, I'm in love!
What can I do? This girl of mine won't let me go, but I wanna go. All I can do is write a love letter to my love and sing a serenade in front of the entire neighborhood.I hope she will give me strenght enough to leave the other and that the other won't be too furious with my departure.
The things we do for love!

(A word for the wise: women like men to snatch them when they least expect. Go there and run away with her, you fool!)

Anonymous said...

all this is pissing me off. If the manx want so bad. Make a Bloody Bid . Make it Lots of Cash and do it now so there is lots of time to get someone els in!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Getting hot and bothered over answers to pointed questions is silly, at best. The reality is that any football afficienado would have said the same in response to such inferences about Manchester United. How can you not like their game? It is great to watch as is the football played by the Spurs. Who wouldn't want to play with Scholes, Giggs, Rooney and Ronaldo? That is all he really said. If he'd been asked if he'd have liked to have played with Stoichkov, the answer would have been the same. Fact is, if Tottenham qualifies for CL next year and continues to improve, he, and many others will be happy to pull on their Lilly White kits and hear the cheers of the Tottenham faithful. If we can't qualify for CL, then why would any potential golden boot player limit his ambition. He wouldn't and shouldn't. He will also be properly compensated, and IMO, has more marketing and post career options through Spurs than he would ever have with ManU. At Spurs he is the best. At ManU just one of many. He will never have to pay for a meal in North London for so long as he remains. Who wouldn't want that? He just needs more class around him so that he can fully achieve what he, and we, all want. Trophies and League Titles. The time is nigh, acquire and pay the best. We can afford it, and CL, trophies and high finishes all guarantee more money so the resources shouldn't be a barrier. COYS - it's time.

Anonymous said...

will everyone take a chill pill and relax....
read what the article says
he was asked if he is close to united?
he says only on tv
then after being asked would he like to play for them he replies politely saying well they have great players etc and how he admires them....
he never says i want to play for united
he never says im leaving to go utd
some of our fickle few are far too pessimistic.
lets be honest there aren't many players in the world who wouldn't wanna run out in front of 70 odd thousand every other week etc...until we aspire to reach the CL and domestic success that will always be the case. keeping him will help us achieve greater things and he in quoting his happiness and team ethic wants to be part of that....be more concerned about us losing pascal than berba..

nelly yiddo
itn news
pissed off
tired of this repetitiveness

Othello said...

So, Berbatov comes out and says he is happy with us, his agent says he is happy with us, any his family say he is happy with us.... but most other fans still think he is about to up and leave?


Anonymous said...

His family?
I'm his wife and I say he's not happy!
Signed: I'm Berba's wife and so is my wife.

Anonymous said...

Thought the bit about being close to the T.V was a joke at first! What a funny thing to say.

If there was World Championships at beating around the bush, Mr Dimitar Berbatov would have won it hands down.

Talk about worrying the fans mate, it's not as if we pay your wages!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

whatever happens..we got no say in it...

AllWhite said...

Berbo is a very good man and many of us undeservedly accuse him for nothing hapend.

Soon he's going to be an honorary citizen of Blagoevgrad city.

With kind regards!

Anonymous said...

Some of the so called Spurs fans on here are complete muppets. Talking about not being able to read english !!

He is staying unless Levy and co say so otherwise !!

Also HH when is Kaboul signing????? you said he was in the bag ? U fooking kunt !!!!

Anonymous said...

What a mess! But you do like a mess, don't you H? The line missing is:

(This article is abridged. The full text of the interview will be published in the new issue of the Don Balon magazine.)

Understood, people ? So, spare us, and stop talking about things you don't know.

Anonymous said...


Wrong link, but the site doesn't provide one to the article mentioned:

Bulgarian Deputy Foreign Minister Goes to Libya
Berbatov's mother leads a rally in defense of the nurses

You can find it on


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The 5th of August.

The Charity Shield.
The chance of having the first trophy on his hands.
That is as clear as water in Berba's mind.
If it only be as clear in Fergie's!

Anonymous said...


so he likes to be famous...

another silly vain boy...

let's see what we can do about that with a bit of fame's poison...

The Wicked Witch of the West

Anonymous said...

Tuesday 11.06

What Racist Attitude be that then?

Anonymous said...

PS surely you mean xenophobic as im not sure bulgarians are a different race to the english, although i stand to be corrected.

By the way do you think baa baa black sheep is racist? and are gollywogs the root of all evil? or is this a discussion for another board?

Anonymous said...

Ten things I hate about Berbatov:

1. He's courting a move to Manchester Utd.

2. He's praised Man Utd players above his own squad - rightly or wrongly, you just don't do that!

3. He's realised that Man Utd weren't going to make a move for him so he's engineering a transfer by praising them!

4. He comes across as being an honourable person but it looks like his honourability will be tested by a Manchester Utd bid for him!

5. He must therefore be 2-faced.

6. Having such attitudes at a club can unsettle a dressing room and the other players.

7. He will break my heart by leaving.

8. He should show some b*lls by staying at least one more season and helping us get into the Champions League that he so craves to play in!

9. He will take an unbearable amount of abuse from our fans if he plays for Utd. (Remember Sol Campbell?)

10. He should want to give his all for Spurs, who have brought him to England and to a greater world stage after being mediocre in a cruddy German league for 5 years.

Posted by Caroline Forbes-Kitchen in her own blog. Posted here by a reader who subscribes entirely.

Anonymous said...

Of course dear Carol is in love with the man and he doesn't even know she exists, but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

I'm also in love with the man, he doesn't know I exist either, but I want him in Man U.

Signed: my name isn't Carol.

Anonymous said...

It's a interactive joke that one about the tv, very intelligent. Like the internet, we are close to things, only it is virtual,not real.But we have the sensation it is real and get pleasure from it. A kind of cybersex methinks.This guy is a brain. Too good for football. He should go to the MIT!

Anonymous said...

Today is the 7th June, isnt it? I do like to keep my promises:


The events:

29th May: contract pre agreement; talks with agent.

31st: Spurs Board say no, they fear the fans; only way out is for the player to execute clause.

3rd June: Berbatov declares his love for United; his agent confirms he's willing to execute the clause.

5th June: the interview explodes on the net. Sir Alex calls Berbatov. They agree.

7th June: Manchester is still trying to get the transfer in friendly terms: If Spurs refuse it will be done the hard way. They have two weeks.

Last week of June: Agent goes to Manchester to discuss personnal terms.

5th July: Medical. Berba signs.

7th July: Pre season starts for Berbatov, the new number 9 of Man U.

Now, Harry, thanks for putting the interview online. As you see, the past events check; so will the future ones.

And avoid, insults, people. I won't waste my time replying to them.

know it all ( from Bulgaria with lurve)


Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like that after cybersex he actually received a phone call from the "lover".
Lucky bastard! Why doesn't he do that with me? I'm so in love with him...virtually...

Raving Woman ( who else?)