Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur : Who's This Giuly Chap, Then?

Age: 30!

Nationality: Very French.

Current Occupation: Wing man to Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto'o.

Big Break: 2004 Champions League final...(sorry).

Popularity: Frankly it was hard work to find a montage that didn't consist of endless close ups and slo mo celebrations. He has numerous web sites devoted to him too...

Who's in for him them?: Us and the Barcodes, which immediately worries me he might want £80,000+ pwk...

What's he saying?:
"I will go to an equal club, like Juventus," Mnnnn.

Quote Me Happy: "Explosive pace over short distances" - UEFA.com.


Joe said...

Those were some damn fine goals. Even though he seems to rely on (very) good supply from midfield, his touch is phenomenal! Where'd this rumour pop up from?

Richard The Yido said...


London_Guy said...

Quite Frankly its hard to find any clip on Youtube that does not make any player look great, maybe we should make loads of clips of Mido and we can ofload him that way!

As for this Guily Chap, its just more papertalk .. yawwwwnnnnnnnn (hopefully!).

Oh and left foot? .. no problem just flip the video 180 degrees and watch it that way!

The Equal said...


Sidyid said...

Ha!!.. The truth is out, HH posted so many anonymous posts that now he has banned them there are no more posters.....the recognition that he deserves!!!

EL said...

So, as the post season buzz begins to diminish and the mid-summer frustration at the lack of immediate top quality signings slowly builds, the comments on this site become increasingly moody.

We all must surely realise that Levy & Comolli will be working their socks off behind the scenes to ensure that we get the best available players needed at the right price(including wages) for the new campaign. bent for 18 mil is as good an example as you're likely to find of what they're up against. And assuming it's true, makes me wonder why anyone bothers to search for players in this country at all. I suspect we could find someone as capable as bent for half the price in several european countries, but then I've never really bought into the 'bent as superstar' thing. Maybe I'm missing something?

The playmaker & left wing roles are far more important to my mind and I'm itching to discover who we sign up to deliver in midfield. That's where I think the top four challenge will be won or lost for us next year. I'm lead to believe that our wage structure was upped to 55 grand a week during our bid to persuade Berbatov of our seriousness in keeping him at the club. Even supposing that's true, how do you think that sort of figure squares with trying to attract champions league quality players. A few lower placed clubs can top that, not to mention the top 4. I can't help wondering how much more difficult that makes it for us to compete for what we need.

That said, They haven't let us down so far and my money's on their wheeling & dealing coming up trumps.

Go on the Spurs!

edwhitewell said...

It's about time we stop fannying about with the idea that every transfer rumour that comes up each day will be joining Spurs.
I will only be showing an interest if the player is in a position that Spurs require, such as left wing, left back, defensive midfield, playmaker and central defensive cover.

London_Guy said...

Good post el, if I might say!

My suspicions are that it is not neccessarily wages or transfer fees that prevent us from bringing so called "top four players" to the club but its the fact that they want CL football. Whilst players just outside that bracket, Bent as an example, attract the same transfer fees and demand the same wages. This is what Levy and Comolli are up against.

It seems to me they way they have dealt with this is by buying younger players who may develop and other a little more established players who they feel are worth taking a chance with.

That approach has meant our development as CL side is taking longer but quite frankly I do not have an issue with that. The major downside is that whilst we are developing we will be prone to lose players that want CL football NOW .. eg Carrick and maybe Berbatov next season if we dont make it.

In the end, patience, patience and all will come good in the end.

As a side issue, my fear is that McClaren wont make it as England Boss and the FA's eyes may turn towards MJ.

Harry Hotspur said...

Sid yid:

You big sad lonely colostomy bag, the decision to remove the anon posters (as an experiment)was precipitated by -

a) The desire to lose some of the 'Harry you're a **** crowd' who may well be right, but like you, they're boring.


b) The quantity of posters has diminished (less than a week in on the experiment) but the quality if we exclude your guff has gone through the roof. As have visits!...

c)Please, check out the site meters on this blog. As many as 100,000 + hits pcm twice since Christmas and this month is heading the same way and it's the close season AND anon posting is disabled. Not bad for a two bob blog.

d) Why have you stopped your trademark 'idiot' post? I plan to have HH merchandise, T-shirts etc in the future and kindda felt it was part of the HH experience.

Your pal,


Sidyid said...


I don´t think that you are anyones pal!!

But everybodies fool!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Well either way sid, that's your 'anti HH' quota for this month exhausted.

But do join in if you have anything footy related to add.


EL said...

sidyid, if you're tired why don't you go to bed.