Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Memorial Special: Farewell Then, Thierry Henry...

Well he's off then.

Frankly we've all been waiting and waiting... I don't write this purely from a malevolent stance, whilst I did want shot of him because he was an perennial menace to us, I was also someone who watched him reveal himself as a big game choker, manipulator of his Club and too, their deluded, frequently witless fans.

Cast your minds back, if you will, to a Champions League Final we all enjoyed...2005/6 season.

Remember the months of indecision that he orchestrated over his 'professional fate'? Remember how he systematically failed to commit to Le Arse?

He refused for months to commit. He was 'making his mind up', he was 'waiting for his nails to dry', he was doing anything other than pledge his damn signature to a contract which would have more clout in the boardrooms and with the financiers of the company he is employed by than almost any other single asset and he still refused to re-sign...

The footy press ought to have hounded him. But they didn't. They snoozed in awe at his procrastination. They indulged him as much as the poor mugs that paid his wages.

What did he do after the Wigan game? On the Day of Days at Highbury, when everything Gooner shaped was celebrated? Wait for this...

He only kissed the bloody pitch.

No, he did.

Well thank-you baby Jesus and the orphans for a sign..................

We're saved!
'He is the Messiah - I should know, - I've followed a few'...

What did they get?

Nothing. Not a word. 'Anything for the teary eyed kids at home clutching their heavily trademarked scarves, Thierry?'

A hush fell across the soon to be thankfully demolished landfill site MK1.

' Theees iss a wundarfool day fuur Eyesnol, arrnd Aam gluurd eet deedurn't raiyrn.' (With apologies to the policeman from 'Allo 'Allo)

What a ****.

However - it came as zero surprise to me that this frankly rather naive, child at heart, 'can't we all just kick a ball together and make the world a better place guy' was DEVASTATED by the way Barca dealt with him personally on the field.

They pushed and niggled and barely looked him in the eye as they bullied him off the ball - again and again.

"Whoa! Aye thoowt dat dis weerd bay lak somme arbrooshed Nike commercial, n'est pas? Is the world not just one great big onion?

No, it was war, football, call it what you will, Titi. But it was never the glee club you thought it to be.

So to all the Arsenal fans who actually believed he stayed because he heard your cheers and he felt your pride....Catherine Tate's granny had him pegged...
' Whaad a loadda of old shhhhhit.'

TH envisaged one CL Final and reality delivered another.

It wasn't about Arsenal's inability to win, but his sensitivities being trampled upon again and again and again that 'swung him'.

He stayed because he discovered the hard way that that not everyone outside Lollypop Land is as amenable as he'd like them to be. Only his absolute and Gallic petulance kept him at Highbury as long as it did.

But time is a great healer. And, it would appear, one with substantially greater potency than the entire medical/physio staff at The Emirates. He picked and chose his games and then wandered back towards the comforting bed of a lover he'd previously denied.

Henry, you played some wonderful footy on this soil, however history will reveal you also as a bum to a club that adored you.

Brilliant it was 'them'.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Spurs fan and that article is bollocks.

Richard The Yido said...

any arsenal fan who says Henry going to Barca for £16million is good business knows nothing about football and is just bitter Zidane joined Real Madrid at 29 years of age for £47million thats good business and there is even more money in football right now then there has ever been!!!

BigYid said...

Master piece Harry.

The best thing is today i slipped on the lilywhite shirt had a drive saw about 8 mugs wearing Arsenal shits.

The looks i got but from me to them just a smile that said more then words could.

Can you smell it Harry, i can its called the Galic tide turning and it smells like salt beef bagels.

Next year its us.


Anonymous said...

There is no denying the talent of Henry but when it really came to the big games he often failed to deliver.

When I say big games, I'm talking about France and European and World Cup finals not away to shitty Portsmouth where Henry got all emotional because some away fans clapped him.

At the end of the day, I think people admired his goals but hated the person. As Harry says, it was always about him and not the club. Arsenal have not only sold the player, but his ego too.

Final thought, as my Mrs said "Berbatov is like Henry without the arrogance"

Anonymous said...

I too am a Spurs fan and thought that this article was crap. Sounds more like envy. As I see it, he was a great player for the Arse and terrorised us every time he lined up. At least he showed more loyalty to his team than Carrick, Campbell and co.

Anonymous said...

Another Spurs fan here - this article is poor.
Henry was a majestic footballer and IF he had any failings like disappearing in big games, not being a good captain etc. then given what else he did for his team it is only fair to criticise his team mates at the time for not picking up his slack - as great as he was, he was never a one man team.
And don't spout the standard rhetoric about him being selfish, using Arsenal, never really loving the fans or the club - it just shows the article writer as being thoroughly, cynically ignorant.
He was a genuinely great player for them and for the league and arguable the finest example a professional footballer can set.

Good luck in the future you glorious, gooner ar#ehole.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Harry, what do you call that attitude when you laugh at the neighbour´s disgrace and then the same happens to you. THe irony of it is that next Monday/Tuesday the Arsenal fans can write an article very similar to this one, just substituting Henry for Berbatov.
You should have been quiet, methinks.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the better pieces i've seen you write Harry ...kudos sir ..kudos

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

£200mil in Debt, and they sold their best player for less than Carrick...


Heard they want Berbs, fraid you can only afford his left leg,

CL here we come...


Anonymous said...

Best news since Scumbell was royally left out to dry...

How the tables may turn..

Roll on Sunderland!


Anonymous said...

Wheres your Henry gone, (wheres your Henry gone), Little b'stard gone, Wheres your Henry gone...

Far far away...


Anonymous said...

I keep making the same mistake by clicking the link on on red herring stories and they are always a load of self indulgent wank. What a shit site. Especially this piece on Henry. And as for the comments about being glad Henry is leaving, there is no honour beating a team without their best players. Casting aside my alleigance as a Spurs fan I can safely say as a fan of football (yes, thats what we all are) Henry was magic to watch and you can't take away what a talent he was. anything else is just bitter, petty and small minded.

sydney wale said...

Great work Harry. Now tell us what you really feel! Some say you are being a bit harsh on an undeniably unique and legendary football talent but when have we as spurs fans wanted to be fair to any Gooners? Especially an ego driven gallery pleaser like Henry? I agree with you Harry that all his spoutings about loyalty and love for the club were just coincidentally appropriate as he was employed by the club. This move has been off on for over 2 years, this last year it's as if he's been on gardening leave.

I've seen him do some amazing things on the football pitch and he will continue to do so for his new employers who will no doubt indulge his ego. But today is a great day to be a Spurs fan so let's enjoy it. Bigyid, enjoy!11;40...your missus deserves a kiss! Ha Ha Ha!

Didn't Monsieur Henry criticise the excessive cheering of the last minute equaliser at the Lane as if it was a victory?? Well, let me tell you Thierry, if we could all get together to cheer your running off to Barca ( who beat your beloved Arsenal in the CL final), it would blow the effing roof off!

Au revoir!
Come on the Lillywhites!

Wenger next?

Anonymous said...

Who are these "Gunners"? Who are "Arsenal"?
Never heard of them.
Harry, please dont post stuff about these strange people, it makes my inner xenophone tremble.

Now, whats the latest news? Bent signed? Berbatov staying?
Bit of a slow news day isnt it, I even saw a story on the news about the guy from the Renault ads leaving his job.......who cares??

Anonymous said...

You get worse Harry, Terry Henry although a total $h!t as a person was an excellent football player, most real fans marvelled at his football but despised the arrogance and overbearing attitude to the opposition, being a Spurs supporter I would prefer him at Barca than Le Arse but I refuse to take away the fact that he was an outstanding footballer.

willesden Yid said...

At least we won't have to watch him Dirty Dancing with that useless beanpole adiybaidiot anymore

jolsgonemental said...

30-40m last year or 16m and one more season of depreciating injuries sulking and petulance?

decisions, decisions.

Carrick went for more and he has rubbish hair.

i have grudgingly appreciated the abilities in the past of bergkamp, robben and other cunts from our rivals, but Henry joins Drogba and Lampard in my list of complete and utter fuckcunters who I would rather drive my car into than watch play football.

Harry Hotspur said...

DIE HARD Spurs fan 12.11:

What a load of tripe.
You're a Spurs fan are you? OK, I don't care if you miss the point of the article, but don't come on here eulogising a gooner as if I am so unsophisticated I hadn't grasped what a sensational footballer he was.

I reserve the right to acknowledge he was 'something else', but also cheer his long overdue exit. Any Spurs fans truly sorry to see him go are in the minority. Not because he was rubbish but because he was

a) a menace
b) a wonker

Thems is the facts.

This is a Spurs blog and if you want to wallow in the man's genius get yourself onto or similar with the rest of the fake highbrow critics.

But don't waste my time with your disingeuous spouting about how all Yids as staunch as you are wearing black armbands today.

On your way, sunbeam...

emad said...

More importantly his decision to leave now reflects his conviction that Arsenal can ‎neither achieve nor challenge for major trophies in the next two to three years. He is ‎entitled to think of himself and I would not use the word 'selfish' though it portrays his ‎action and so he is joining a club he could not beat. ‎

jolsgonemental said...

its a gooner love in.

shame on you all.

The only time I have cheered or applauded the actions of a gooner was the time adams dropped that twat on his head. And then only until I realised he had only broken his arm not his neck.

Anonymous said...

Lovely piece H, you find your best form when someone gets up your nose.

I don't believe for a minute any true spurs fans are weeping in their widows weaves this morning.



COYS said...

Good piece Harry.

Henry's leaving comments are an example of the man's arrogance and proves your judgements about him.

By stating that he is leaving because Wenger will not commit will damage the Arse. Any new players that the Arse try and sign will be concerned and many will not now choose them. Wenger has a good reputation for developing talent, without Wenger Arsenal cannot guarantee this. The Arse are broke and on the way down.

In his leaving words Henry has condemned Arse and this is truly a great day. I believe Henry chose his words carefully and wanted to damage the Arse.

Top 4 is there for the taking. COYS.

Richard Belfast said...

The best thing in all this for me (apart from the cheating frog leaving) is the public knowledge that Wenger will not sign a new contract and that the Scum are not willing to match Henry's ambition. How do they expect Wenger to attract any decent players to the club when they will have a new manager in a years time and they don't mind selling their prize assets. When Viera left, they all talked about how Wenger knew that Fabregas was a brilliant replacement for Viera, but what have they won since Viera left them - diddly squat! A team in decline and I am delighted!

czyrko said...


The word you're hunting is "schadenfreude". It's German, but the same in Yiddish. I expect to hear it chanted endlessly next season. COYS

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this Harry....can't believe your getting shit from 'Spurs fans' for writing it.

Some people seem to have lost their sense of humour....Henry's left Arsenal (no one died)....enjoy the opportunity for a bit a gloating at Arsenal's expense, we've all endured enough from them for the last 20 years!

Anonymous said...

'it's all gone quiet over there!'
great to see on sky sports news,. a couple gettin married at the 'desperates stadium' the day after henry leaves. The groom looked so miserable,.. prepare yourself,.. IT COMES IN THREES !


Mark said...

Wow cant believe the Goons have sold their best player. They are there for the taking next season. I think CL football is ours.

As for Thierry - the Premiership will be a poorer place without his talents. A genuine world class player

Anonymous said...

Tiresome all this loyalty rhetoric! Who F*cking cares about Henry's arrogance and all the rest of that tedious drivel?

He is/was a great player. fact. He may be a c*nt(not consequential). He left the Arse fantastic fact. Therefore Spurs WILL usurp the throne as "Kings of North London". fact.

End of story.

All this about "true love" and so on and so forth...puh! Henry or Berbs for that matter has only his own 'career' to think of and with only a few years left a move to Barca is probably a good one. Sure all the ill-conceived mutterings about the club not being in crisis etc. are excuses born perhaps out of guilt for the way he set about his departure..but what does that matter? He's a gonner not a gooner.

Harry Hotspur said...


Not Spurs or even football fans at all, just boring cyber oafs who like to try (and fail) to outshine the glorious HH... Lol....

doug said...

Great piece and some comments of true genius along the way (the one about Adams dropping the numbnuts in the cup final had me laughing for about 10 mins)

I also like all the anonymous Arsenal fans that are logging in saying 'I'm a Spurs fan'... (fill in excuse here).

The futures so lillywhite I have to wear sunglasses. Keep it up HH.

Anonymous said...

Hoooray Harry!!! You are the stand at the precise point where heart and mind and Spurs intersect..

Don't let these cyberoafs cause you to start questioning your 'shine'...

I'm a fan and question one thing:
If I were a cyberoaf I'd think "Hey these fools must have found some new religion? Look they're rejoicing in the misfortune of MUST be a religion..let me sell this site to the American far-right, add a few emblems perhaps and next stop...the "GOD CHANNEL" a bit like MUTV but with 'spirit'...


Anonymous said...


come again?

sang by arsenal fans, right?

can't see how you can enjoy that!

sean k said...

what most true spurs fans think

i) yes we would like to beat them at their best with their best players.

ii) its not our fault the best has left them so if n when we do beat them they will only have their best.

iii) its the end of the season the cl places are decided so only when we make it cn we say wots wot. u only get their if u desrve 2.

iv) thats y we dont gloat thats the arsenal way n we r damn sure nothin like them.

sean k said...

one last point pay wotever it takes to gt royston drenthe he is tht damn gd how versatile is he!!cos £4m frm chelsea is nowhere near his worth i cn safely say its mre thn tht n hes perfect 4 us n exactly wot we nd 2 push into the cl places. drenthe is class all the way crossing tacklin passin ball skills passion there is nothin he doesnt ave ill say it now hes the next 'big thing' in midfield or wherever he wants to play

Knowitall said...

This is the original info

it's English, not Bulgarian. But it's not accurate. Man U is not out of the race ( far from it) and Arsenal are not offering their two best players at the moment.It would be suicide. But there is truth in it: both clubs are there for it.And Berbo will go this week.

Vinny said...

Good ridance! fellow yids have echoed most of the happy sentiments regarding this glorious departure of the frog prince, I will just join in saying the bottom line effect of this is disastrous for the scum and a a great window of opportunity for us to knock the arrogant prats of their perch. No it wont be easy, but this is the season that we have to wipe out the past 20 miserable years of living in their shadow and establish ourselves among the elite that our great club and history deserves to be part of!.

To harry and all my fellow yids...Cheers lads!

Anonymous said...

disappointed u can't be a bit more magnanimous, harry. henry was a great player, and carryed himself in exemplary fashion on and off the pitch. a gentlemman, and a man who plays football to make you smile.

talked a bit of bo**ocks about us towards the end, about us celebrating a draw, but the fact remains. look at the c%^t he has for a manager.

best of luck to henry, I say.

sean k said...

berbatov is going nowhere he is under contract to us, he has the same ambition spurs have for cl football, and has already stated for that ambition to be realised with spurs this is why the spurs board have to prove their ambition to him and to spurs. we all know thats why henry left arsenal because of their lack of ambition in getting the players they nd to challenge with. we cant make the same mistake as arsenal have. we must show everyone and especially berbatov that we mean business and by signing the likes of bent, and hopefully drenthe, will prove that.

Anonymous said...

Harry, mate, this is not football but it has Ronaldo and Scolari in it and the final event will take place in the Benfica Stadium in Lisbon.
You can still vote and it's a happy and unique thing (not that I've anything against the Bulgarian nurses campaign).


Anonymous said...

sean k:
still delirious, mate.
Get to the shrink, quick, or you'll collapse tomorrow.
Signed: Not a gooner

Summerspur said...

Our good friend KNOWFUCKALL has asked me to forward to you some hot off the press latest transfer speculation.

Berbatov + 40million for K Richardson and D Fletcher.

Mido for Rooney and Ronhaldo, subject to his Adam's apple fitting into team photo.( i understand there is a get out clause if old trafford isn't festooned with as many kebbaberies as the high road)

Lennon, Dawson and King for a part worn cashmere overcoat from the bates motel.

Berbatov for a 1988 peugeot 307 estate with velour trim, cl, pas and sunroof.A previously owned vehicle by a blind frenchman. This deal, of course would be subject to "medicenes examinations" and an MOT.

KNOWKUCKALL passes on his sincerest apologies and assures me abnormal, contrite, fairytale tosh sourced from eastern block fantasist comics will be forthcoming ASAP.

Anonymous said...


you should direct your vomit to Mr. John Miller, I believe.

Go back to school and learn to address civilized people.

Gorilla in drag!

spoons said...

o well shit happens do you want mido? wenger then fab the toure then the the drop ha ha ha

Summerspur said...

ANON 6 45

Whats your problem?

"gorilla in drag" because i dare to mock some quite frankly laughable speculation.

lighten up mate, life is gonna throw more at you than my pointless drivel MUPPET!

EL said...

Nice piece Harry

From the smug 'here comes the superhero to save the day' puffed out chesty entrance to the arse v Spurs draw 2 seasons ago, to the all in black, posing wankery of hugging his team mates in the tunnel whilst injured like some Godfather wannabe and then appearing on the sideline to hug the goalscorer because he just couldn't allow someone else to bathe in the spotlight without him, to the monumental self importance of writing an open letter in the sun(the beano declined) and organising a press meeting to spout some tosh about loving the club he's walking away from. He's eric c*ntona without the brains and his were overrated.

Berbatov has shown in one season how to behave with class and walk with dignity whilst carrying more than your fair share of talent.

Next season can't come quick enough for me. What price wenger to go before the final day?

Go on the Spurs!