Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur : Harry Hotspur 'Coming In Your Ears'


What can I say? It was my first time and he was gentle with me.

Listening to the thing for the first time, my catchphrases ought to be 'Err'... and 'you know'.

The good news is I've been invited back with a share option.

Okay, I made up the invited back bit... ;)

Seriously though folks, Niall is a gent and a Yid to boot and I urge you all to get into downloading his podcasts on a regular basis. You wouldn't want to chance missing my next pearls of wisdom now, would you?

The unique thing about his Fancast operation is he is lifting the words of us fans off of the printed page and that has to be good.

So my advice is keep it Tottenham and get stuck in to the whole Football Fancast thang.

It's free, it's marvellous... participate and make it even better.


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knowitall said...

Hello H.
call this a midsummer gift.
First the good news:
The link is to one famous comediant's jokes with Berbo. It was there when he said that he didn't know where he would be next year ( that part was after this bit). It's funny and maybe you want to post it seperately( it was on the 21st May, I reckon).

There are jokes about the transfer to Chelsea because the host is a Chelsea fan. But there were contacts from all the top four, that is known.It's clear that he'll go, but not yet clear whereto.

Now for the bad news ( and please don't shoot me, I'm only a messanger):
it was known of the offer by Arsenal yesterday. I don't believe he's going there, not because the Spurs hate the Gooners, but because it doesn't solve his problems. But the bet is on. I heard Berbo gave Man U Monday to get the thing done or Tuesday he'll sign with Arsenal. Do I believe it? Yes, I believe the stall is unbearable and this has got to end. But I also believe it is the last push to put pressure on United.But I'm sure Sofea Jane will have something to say about this, not to mention Berbo's wife who really wants to move to Manchester...
This is the link of the news in English, but it's all over the place in Bulgarian.
If you ask me, I believe he's going to Man u and that the deal will be done tomorrow and probably he'll sign on the 27.We'll see.

(Sofea Jane, mate, we should start a blog together, dedicated to your dear lap dog, right?)