Thursday, June 07, 2007

Estonia vs England: The Player Ratings

Nice flag

Robinson - 7.0
Not a bad night's work, only a couple of moments and he dealt with them well

Brown - 5.0
Didn't impress me at all.

Terry - 7.0
Really looked the part. But it was Estonia.

Ledders - 6.5
Again, didn't look ruffled at any point.

Bridge - 6.5
Looked useful going forward.

Cole - 7.5
Kept his stepovers in check! Great goal.

Beckham - 7.5
Sir Limpalot. Hesitate to think what we'd be without him.

Gerrard - 6.0
Nothing going on but the rent.

Lampard - 6.5
Ran himself into the floor. Desperate to win over the fans.

Owen- 6.5
Not convinced. Iffy goal.

Crouch -7.5
Absolute dangerman. Great header.

Dyer - 4.5

Jenas - 4.5
Invisible. Doesn't work as a sub for me. Needs the flow of a game.

Downing - 5.0
Alright. Just alright. Cannot get excited at all.


jolsgonemental said...

you just cant keep that fucker down can you.

I am sure he is regretting hs move to the mickey mouse league now.

Anonymous said...

He was England. Bloody nice of him to hobble on for the cause...