Monday, May 14, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City: The Player Ratings

Robinson ~ Crowd Pleaser! Several bursts of 'England's Number One' and 'Robbo Give Us A Wave' Make a couple of good saves and the calls for Cerny go away again. Funny old game.

Chimbonda ~ Alright, seemed a little out of things. 6.5

King ~ Inspired confidence. 8.0

Dawson ~ Made the usual array of sterling headers. 7.5

Gardner ~ Lord Of The Back Pass. Not. C'mon Tone mate, 6.0

Zokora ~ Loved his little dance at the end. Made some crucial interceptions. A good day at the office.

Lennon ~ Skinned'em all! All he needs now is a decent final ball

Malbranque ~ Alright. Nothing more. More time warming up than on the pitch ~ 6.0

Jenas ~ His key assist to Keane was tip top. STILL losing possession too often.

Tanio ~ Not in the swing of things at all. I'd of had Huddlestone on at half time. 6.0

Keane ~ Quality goal, held the ball very well, ran himself in to the ground

Berbatov ~ Exceptional finish, numerous touches that earnt 'Ooooos'. A doll.

Defoe ~ Penalty was a disgrace. I was in the Park Lane Upper and I could see where it was going. Soft, rubbish penalty. Rant over.


Anonymous said...

I agree poor penalty. I was on the Shelf Side and could tell it was poor from there. Do you think it would have looked bad from Seven Sisters? Disappointed MJ didn't bring on Defoe and drop Robbie behind, taking off the obviously tiring Tanio, it changed the team on Thursday night (Ghaly off) and probably indicates what we are missing. An attacking midfield player as well as a left back. I thought Tony played well against Blackburn but he's not a full back.

Anonymous said...

Tainio a 6 - righty ho. He ran his socks off..Jenas however, aside from the pass you mention, was shocking.

And as for Lennon...flattered to decieve once least he was off the corners

Anonymous said...

What was wrong with Lennon? And why would you score Teemu any higher? He did run about, but to what end?

Anonymous said...

Berb a Barbie doll? Harry, please, after the yellow kid, what the hell is going on with this gay fantasies all over the net? Every man wants a piece of the Berb. Join the queue, dears. I believe women first (in this case too).

Anonymous said...

nice photo, h. was it you?

Anonymous said...

Dont agree with only 6 for Tainio he worked his socks off making important tackles and interceptions one of our better players. Defoe terrible penalty you must try a lot harder when given the oppertunity.