Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spurs Odyssey: Where Giving Is Good!


Those of you who regularly frequent the message board will know that recently the board was constantly running slowly, and causing various problems with regard to the ability to log in, read and post messages without undue delay. Thankfully (and fingers crossed) those problems seem to have dissipated, as a result of more severe weeding of content on the board by yours truly, and a discussion with my hosts which has resulted in a technical setting helping the speed of the board.

Of course, one of the reasons for the problems on the board has been the ever-increasing use that you have been making of one of the fastest growing Spurs online communities. I am, as ever, grateful for the support of you, my members.

Anyway, inevitably the conversation got round to the opportunity to make donations to the ongoing maintenance and development fund of Spurs Odyssey, and I made the comment that if every member of the website made a donation of just £1 (that's ONE POUND STERLING!) per month, then it would enable me to enhance the standard of the site, the nature of the hosting, and the efficiency of the message board.

There have always been several stalwarts amongst you who have kindly offered donations on a regular basis, and of course the Prediction League competition, which reaches its conclusion next week, has also contributed a good amount to the monthly costs of keeping the site on the web.

Now more people from the message board have decided to pay sums of £1 or £2 per month, and I thought I ought to let you all know of the help being offered. There is a fee associated with every donation (made via the button at the top of this newsletter, or the message board, or most pages on the website), so if you wish to donate, and if you can afford it, a quarterly, or annual contribution would be more financially efficient to the site, reducing the fees paid to Paypal.

I must stress that there is absolutely no requirement whatsoever to chip in, and that, as I am in the process of renewing my home and away season tickets for next season, Spurs Odyssey should be here for one more year at least! (Much longer if I have my way!)

In conclusion, I have some exciting news. I am in discussion with a publisher, and hope to have a book published as soon as possible after the end of the season, which will be a review of the 2006-7 season. Clearly this is a ground-breaking project for me, and it does require an initial outlay on my part. Hence, donations would help to offset that outlay. In return, I promise that Spurs Odyssey members will be able to obtain the book at a reduced rate. Also, if successful, such a book could be released upon the wider world every year!

If you are not a regular reader of the message board, and need a reminder of how to gain access, then please let me know.

Thanks again for being a big part of my life, and for all the support and encouragement. Let's hope that the final week of the season will be a glorious one for our beloved Spurs.

P.S. I shall be presenting the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters' Trust Breakthrough Award at he end of the Manchester City game, so look out for the pictures on the Trust website!



1) How does a site with extensive and I mean extensive advertising and coachloads of visitors (alleged by Mr Smith in his last foot long post on here) need donations to stay afloat?

2) If you have to pay up front to get a book published it's called vanity publishing. Why would anyone wish to chip in toward the cost of such a project and then, wait for it... for a copy???

3) Incredible last question. How in the name of the sweet baby Jesus and the orphans do you send out this 'milking' email and keep a straight face/sleep at night?

On the other hand, if you have money to burn, I shall be lighting up on behalf of you, my loyal, loaded, gullible HH readership.

So please get your dough into me as fast as your stupid fingers can email me for payment methods. I promise here and now to burn your money for you in a variety of fast and fulfilling ways.

I can't promise you the opportunity to let me make a further profit from selling on to you something I buy with your initial cash, but I can promise you the lolly will be spent quicker than than you can say.... Keeeeeeeeeeeeeerching!


Anonymous said...

Harry you're a dog.

Funny tho mate. The sad thing is he's probably got these poor members just where he wants them - Mastercard in hand!

Anonymous said...

That does not look 'kosher' at all to me...

Yidferyearswivbigears said...

I'll send you a pound Harry, strictly on the understanding you DO NOT go into print! Lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah I got the same email, in all fairness the guy runs a really nice forum, intelligent comments and loads of guys in the know if you know waht I mean, but I can't see how the whole donating thing stands up against the fact as you say he's got plenty of ads on the site including adsense, tesco and poker chips etc etc etc..

The book thing is extremly dodgey too. If he has to put capital up front into it then that's a strange one.

Whatever transpires H, you aren't getting a Xmas card off him this year. That email in the public domain doesn't look good at all all.

Anonymous said...

come on Harry, give us a break. we don't gotta start knocking other spurs fans/sites. there are enough bast*rds out there knocking us. bea spurs fan: grin and bear it

Anonymous said...


send him your quid then mate

Anonymous said...

"we don't gotta" - is yu blik guy?

Anonymous said...

why do this?

Has Paul upset you that much?

r.gervais said...

Ohhh, that's spoilt it now y'see because it smacks of racialism.

Anonymous said...

11.08 I agree, it is harsh, but if you remember Paul did play the big established website owner card on Harry Hotspur at the time when Harry pulled him up for belittling a reserve player. I don't think Paul stating that this Harry wasn't the first one went down particularly well either. On balance this is a great little site imo and Odyssey is good too, they're just different. Harry loves a barney and Paul loves to be seen as closer to the club. This one will rumble on.

Sid. said...

Harry, is there any need for this?
Spurs Odyssey is an excellent site, Fans go there for serious banter and come on here to be abused by the site editor, when the HH site editor does not like at post that contradicts him he removes it, 2 different sites for 2 different sets of fans!.
Keep up the shitty work Harry it makes the other sites look so much better.

PrettyVacant said...

This really is deliberately misleading.

advertising on such sites only pays through clicks.

and if Mr Harry could be bothered to run spurs site I'm sure he'd want help with the high cost of doing so too.

he certainly couldn't do so for free on google.

AndAnotherThing said...

This is all a bit pointless and petty mate. I would be very surprised if anyone who goes on Spurs Od and/or knows Paul agrees with a single word you say. And your criticisms don't seem to stop you lurking on there and nicking info for your pages I seem to remember.

Anonymous said...

Oi Harry, i wouldnt upset Paul, he maybe a gentle giant but hes over 6'4"

Richard said...

Personaly I don't consider it milking at all but money well spent for a site that is well worth a voluntary donation.

Thanks to your eagerness to get on to NewsNow and have your little dig I'm sure Spurs Odyssey will have even more members after the free publicity you've given it.

"Good words are worth much but cost little"

With that old proverb in mind I look forward to reading Paul Smiths book when it's published

Anonymous said...

you really do abuse the fact that you are an arsehole Harry!

Harry Hotspur said...

"Good words are worth much but cost little"

And that's because you chumps will foot the bill!


There's a good word for you. And of course, on HH, it's free of charge!

Harry Hotspur said...


The last time I removed a post was the first week I started this blog.

If it was your post that threatened Spurs fans with an act of male rape, please accept my sincerest apologies for the harsh nature of my censorship.

Otherwise, kindly p*ss off and take your deliberately wide of the mark comments with you.

Harry Hotspur said...


What is there to disagree with?

Your boy has several revenue streams from advertising and he wants to milk more out you. It's surreal!

If you want to donate to him, Amnesty International or Guide Dogs For The Blind it's all the same to's your jolly.

But he came on here giving it the big I am, huge volumes of traffic through his site, elder statesman of the club's fans etc etc not mention having a wanky dig at me for daring to use the moniker HH. He can get blushing.

Then it transpires this holier than thou ambassador for football is either pot-less or simply on the make.

What a joker.

sydney wale said...

beggars can't be choosers, he'll just have to put up with my freeloading for a good while longer!

I only pay for porn......

Bill Odyessy said...

Does anyone want to buy Tower Bridge?

I'll even throw in an autographed copy of my new book 'How to sell Bridges'

I got the email and spammed it. I don't dig begging letters...

andanotherthing said...

Harry, I stand by what I say, I don't think it bothers anyone on SpursOd one little bit, au contraire it seems fair enough given the work Paul puts in. And why don't you just come straight out and admit you have an issue with Paul rather than beating around the bush ? And blocking people like "Richard" who disagree with you ?

Harry Hotspur said...

Who the **** is Richard?
I'm not blocking ANYONE nor have I. I don't even bother with the word verification jobby on here. So you can respectfully pack that cobblers in, sunbeam.

And what bush beating? You won't get it much straighter than on here.

Smith came on here rubbishing me for using the name HH as if it were any or his f**king business if I called myself Shirley Temple or Fats Domino.

He also took the opportunity to drone on about how tremendous Spurs Odious was... I'll dig out his pompous address to the nation if you insist.

Consequently I am delighted to announce...

He is now caught in the act of begging and unbelievably asking his 'members' to cough up so he can vanity publish. And then sell them copies of the bloody tome when it's printed!!!

If the lackeys at Spurs Odious think that's acceptable that's their business.

Anonymous said...

"If the lackeys at Spurs Odessey think that's acceptable that's their business"

Exactly so why make such an issue of it and why make it your business ?

Harry Hotspur said...

Because I feel like it.


Anonymous said...

The response from Spurs Od lot appears to be a general 'how dare you'... and that speaks volumes. They're obviously happy being exploited.

The book business is creepy. You contribute to me paying to get a book launched and I'll discount you a copy? Er... not really mate.

As for all this he works very hard business, if he is working THAT hard then he ought to pack it in because it ain't paying.

andanotherthing said...

Cheers Harry, that's a bit clearer - so now we know he pissed you off and you therefore are happy to find what you think is an opportunity be able to try and slag the owner of a more successful forum than your own. This is not a "how very dare you" reaction, no-one HAS to contribute following his mail (I haven't) or buy his book (I probably won't), it is defending a person I have met who does a lot of work so other people can enjoy a board and quite clearly isn't making a profit out of it, far from it. But carry on if you must.

Harry Hotspur said...

The bottom line is that the 'public' release of that email is a total embarrassment to him and perhaps next time he feels he wants to give it Larry Large he'll opt instead to keep his self satisfied trap shut.

Am I supposed to be hurt by the 'more successful forum' dig?? Are you on drugs? My blog is not a forum by design, but it IS more than self sufficient.

AND He's the one begging up loose change...

And where's your Richard the Blocked gone? MMmnn. Made up complaint, as I predicted.

The 'works very hard' shtick is beginning to grate too. Send the pr*ck a pound if you're that knocked out by him, but I'm singularly unimpressed.

Summerspur said...

ere harry you aint arf upset em! poking rottweilers with a stick is often a fruitless excersize nearly always resulting in tears me thinks.
anyway, if pauls posse and arrys army can put their hanbags down for 5 mins and give their views on chimbondas declaration that he wants to play for the arsewipes.

andanotherthing said...

My friend "Richard" told me he couldn't post a second time, no doubt he had something wrong with his computer.

Richard said...

Richard is here mate, i tried posting 3 replies earlier and none appeared on the blog.

I'm sure your advertisers will be impressed by the increase in hits and traffic on your blog, clever form of marketing and one which Talksport utilises to great effect

Harry Hotspur said...

Richard, there is something wrong with your computer.

Maybe you bored it broken.

dannyboy said...

calm down children; are we not spurs fans one and all ? still, everyone, and i mean everyone, is entitled to a free point of view and to expect a response in whatever manner; long live democracy.
roll on another 3 points for the european cause tomorrow night.


sydney wale said...

I would pay a pound for that.

Sid said...

Harry is a Spurs fan all on his own, he does his best to grab any opportunity to take a swipe at true Spurs fans whenever he can, this 'article' and his subsequent pathetic answers proves what a total waste of space he is, whether he is HH, Harry hotspur or Weststandvoice today he is still a f()cking Ar$ehole.

Anonymous said...


Richard dijo...

Richard is here mate, i tried posting 3 replies earlier and none appeared on the blog.

I'm sure your advertisers will be impressed by the increase in hits and traffic on your blog, clever form of marketing and one which Talksport utilises to great effect

Sunday, May 6, 2007 5:25:00 PM +00:00

Its little boy Harry removing bits again!!

Anonymous said...

I love it when everyone has a go at HH, it happens so often lately.
He's such a knob!

Sid said...


Harry Hotspur dijo...


The last time I removed a post was the first week I started this blog.

If it was your post that threatened Spurs fans with an act of male rape, please accept my sincerest apologies for the harsh nature of my censorship.

Otherwise, kindly p*ss off and take your deliberately wide of the mark comments with you.

Sunday, May 6, 2007 11:35:00 AM +00:00

Why do you say such stupid things, 99% of the guys on here know that you frequently remove posts that you do not like as they are normally disagreeing with you, I have had half a dozen removed by You today or are you going to blame Spurs odyssey for that??!!

Sidyid said...

I bet Harry's littel weeeeener is shrinking now, hateful little shit!!!

dannyboy said...

guys - why all the abuse directed against HH? surely if you don't like the blog, don't visit ?!
all he's done is posted his point of view, as you all have.
seems like there's a bit of playground bullying going on here. safety in numbers blah blah blah.

I think if a post is removed, it actually says 'this post has been removed by the blog administrator'? I don't see too many of them.

are we not all spurs fans fighting for one cause?


Harry Hotspur said...

Hello Sid,

Still chasing my ambulance ever since I had you chucked off the Spurs Vital forum for being a Nazi? Sid you are welcome to your fixation with me, but this whole 'and he deletes posts' routine is boring... if I was, what's it to do with you? But I'm not and what's that got to do with you either?

You were also on here months back acting the goat alleging it was me posting on here using anon to make it look busy! You're not that bright, are you?

Sid, as for the true fan garbage, if you are a true fan, then how the #### did come to edit the Fulham site on Vital?

You see, Sidyid, you foolishly left your real name, **** ******* on your Spurs Od profile. I noticed that someone put your name and indeed Spanish number up on here recently, so it's not just me that's on to you.

Grow up.

Harry Hotspur said...

Oh, and Sid, this little blog has an IP tracker etc etc... so get yourself an IP hider, son.

Waiting 15 mins in between each of your anon posts doesn't conceal anything!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Fast and loose. Just how I like it. Still the best Spurs site on the web.