Friday, May 25, 2007

Berbatov's Favourite Goals

Amid all the whoo ha of The Sun's story this morning, let us compose ourselves for the days and nights ahead as Levy decides to which style of pyramid he wants to be buried in... and put a nice film on to while away our cares.

The man on the film seems a lovely chap.



Anonymous said...

what the hell is wrong with his skin? all that itching is what? he's too nervous. I wonder why...

and that thing about the goals, why 3, why not the best, or the best five?

and this was all the interview with Sky Sports? I was wxpecting so much more.
hate that yellow kit anyway.

but thanks for the vid, h.

Spidey said...

Spurs have signed Bale


Get in!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's official, got to say a big pat on the back for the board and staff. Well done boys!

EL said...

His itching is obviously a nervous response to his innate shyness. Quite a charming trait to see in a footballer of his ability and with the amount of hero worship he gets.

Are you watching terry 'the smug peacock' 'enry?

EL said...

And why are people worried over tabloid stories about Berbatov? Levy has catagorically stated that we are 'not a selling club'. And Jol during an interview stated that even if someone offered say 40 million and I(Jol) agreed, Daniel Levy wouldn't allow it, he(Berbatov) will be staying for at least the next two years.

I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist of what I remember him saying.

Imagine how utterly embarrassing it would be for Levy if he did a u-turn now. Tottenham would be a laughing stock and the top 4 would be laughing the loudest.

That's my point of view anyway.

EL said...

And both Jol & Dawson have said in interviews that Berbs signed a new contract. (Probably wage based rather than an extention).

sydney wale said...

All Hail The Bale!

Surprised that Young Dimi didn't pick any Euro goals or was this just sky premiership self promotion shit? I would have had that Besiktas goal and the chest and volley at the Lane. Pure class. Hope he has a good summer and comes back full of himself.

Anonymous said...

A guy as classy as him could never score a bad goal. Now he'll be getting service from the left at last (all hail Bale!) there's surely no stopping us. If we can break into top 4 in the next two years I reckon we could have Bale and Berba for the rest of their careers. Happy days!


Anonymous said...

el, you're a liar, Jol never said that, just produce the quote with sources. berbatov will never sign another contract, extension or whatever with spurs. He said that himself in March. he doesn't do that with any club, that's it.
Stop your English inmperialistic view of the world, because this is not a tabloid story, it wasn't made up by the Sun, it has Bulgarian serious sources, including the man himself, who is leaving everything open and not talking about staying in spurs anymore.
this slavery trade that is the football market should be prohibited. Where is the will of the player in all this? The only thing important is if he wants to go or not. And if he really wanted to stay he had plenty of opportunities since the season was over to tell it to the world. No, he took a second thought about it and if there's the chance of a good deal he will go. Because anyone around the world knows berbatov is too good for spurs and he's wasting his carreer there.
So just stop with your wishful thinking. No matter how much you ignore or manipulate the reality it will not go away.

Anonymous said...

And his itching has a lot to do with that. Those who know, surely know...

Anonymous said...

Man U gave up on Bale as a proof of good faith to start conversations with Spurs about Berbo.They were already in contact with Nani and now Jol is coming for him too.
So, just tell me, you Spur fans what do you think Nani will reply when asked which club he prefers to be in? And Bale, and any other player? Surely you know the reply. So why do you think that a man like Berbo will want to stay with spurs? wasn't one year enough to know what is there to know?
So, just negotiate berbo and Man U will give up on Nani and everybody will be happy.

Anonymous said...

A special contract, hh, made by a special man.
Spurs are ready to offer Berba 52,000 a week to have an extension until 2012 and to remove the special clauses.
We have been discussing if the player wants to stay or if Spurs will accept MANURE offer but we don't have the whole facts. There are special clauses in the contract Spurs admitted because they thought he would never get there, so high.But he did. In March the Berb became the MAN.That's when Spurs tried to have him for 44,000 a week. There is a secret clause, it's a rumour in Bulgaria, and this is a rumour, it was not printed, but it's a very strong rumour. I'll sell it as I bought it:
if a club offers 25 million in cash and the player agrees he can leave anytime.
The Board never thought a player everybody thought it wasn't worth 11 million until March would be worth 25 in May.
Well, if this is so and Man U have the cash, there's nothing the Board can do. And that explains the moves of his agent who is probably convincing his client that if no offer appears he better sign the new contract with Spurs.It also explains the player's resistence: it was his idea to have that clause on the contract. In fact, it explains almost everything, if we think of it.Like Jol putting him down when everybody was praising him.
Let's wait and see if there's any truth in it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what's wrong with this bloody site??!!!!!!

it keeps blocking my posts and forgetting my password. I've lost two bloody long posts on different browsers


Anonymous said...

Oh right, THAT gets through!

I give up.

dannyboy said...

once and for bloody all - BERBA WILL BE A SPURS PLAYER NEXT SEASON !!!

he doesn't want to leave, we have no need to sell him financially, he is under contract for another 2 years at least, we are not a selling club, Levy has said he is going nowhere, as has Jol. He has signed improved terms (not an extended length contract.)

if you see any copies of the Sun - burn it!

39 million quid my arse - that rates Saha, an injury prone 2nd rate striker, at 14 million ? Have a word. Doubters - wake up and smell the coffee !!! Remeber the 'Sun world exclusive' a few years ago - we was going to sign Donkey Adams from the Scum.......yeah, righto.

Good night all.


Harry Hotspur said...

9.46 you big Tory, el is not making anything up.

And Berba is staying. Bale's in the Bag, God is in his heaven and all is right with the world. As we speak(!)

So there!


Anonymous said...

I dare you produce that so well known by yourself bloody what do you call it now?"inproved terms".
otherwise you and el and harry and the rest are just bloody liars.
you don't know shit. first he had signed until 2013, now it's just improved terms with no extension. that's a lie I guarantee because I know Berba in person, something none of you do.
As for the secret clause, I'm afraid it's not just a rumour...
And you gives a fuck about the English tabloids when we understand the Bulgarian press?

Anonymous said...


he has signed improved terms? so, his agent his lying when he said he was ready to negociate!

how pathetic you all are around here. you don't have a clue. Berbatov is a genius, not only footballwise. I do believe that one about the clause. what a pair of balls and what a brain!

comolli and levy, you were eaten, gents!

Harry Hotspur said...

Just had a chance to read through what was a couple of hundred hectic posts.

Cheers for the kind remarks (Dannyboy) and a million more thanks for the funny or anti me ones to the rest of you... I'm serious!

9.00 anon etc, You're very welcome on HH. Genuinely.

But maybe, just maybe you confuse OUR love of Spurs for something that demeans Berba or Bulgarians?? Nah, you're not that sincere.

But we are.

If I misjudge your comments then damn well sign your comments on here as 'Man Utd Fan In Bulgaria' or similar...

We are Tottenham, Berba is Tottenham, and when that changes, WE'LL let you know.



Anonymous said...


Get a fucking life you mug.

Anonymous said...

you can't stand by your own statements
ahahahah again
no evidence, just lies.

fair enough,h. when those silly statements of yours (el, dannyboy and the works)appear confirmed in the Spurs website, then I will believe them. As if it was possible Berbatov signing anything and the Club hide it!!!

yeah, you all get a life or change sources.


dannyboy said...

anon 9.00 and 10.44 (presumably the same person)

Grow yourself a pair of bollocks and sign yourself with with a name. Maybe something like - "Prawn sandwich eater from Sofia" ?? I doubt you're as much Sofian as my aunt Sofia is. haha

Until then, kindly feck off. How very dare you.


Anonymous said...

prawns in Sofia? shelfish? where do you think Sofia is, dannyidiot?

no reply to the challenge, cause you got none.
I can hardly wait for new inventions from yourself and your "friends".

who fucked who?

dannyboy said...

anon - still no bollocks then?

And, erm, Sofia would be the capital of Bulgaria? Your supposed capital city? Prawn sandwiches - the favoured delicacies of you and your manure mates? Call yourself a football fan? And who mentioned shellfish ??!!

And on the matter of fornication, I believe Adam populated Eve ?!

I was being polite earlier, now fuck off.


Anonymous said...

so prawn isn't shellfish?

who said I was a football fan?

who doesn't have balls is the one who doesnt dare. so, dare. prove you're not a liar.

the more you say fuck off the more I'll fuck in...

Anonymous said...

if your not a football afn, what you doing here

Harry Hotspur said...


Asterisk your swear words please, you n*nce.


Anonymous said...

"prawns in Sofia? shelfish? where do you think Sofia is, dannyidiot?"

hahahaha, cos it's a well known fact it is absolutely impossible to get prawns unless you're in a coastal fishing town. I don't even know where Sofia is but even if it was in space they could still get prawns.

If what Jol and Dawson have said are lies (even though they clearly said it on the THFC site), where's your evidence that Berba's leaving? And don't give another f**kin page of Bulgarian please.

Ronaldo staying at Man U? LIES!!! He's going to play for Bristol Rovers on the back of their recent promotion to League 1...


Anonymous said...


who's the moron, liar?

"what Jol have said are lies (even though they clearly said it on the THFC site)"
WHERE? do post the link.

and still no balls and running away:

it's not me saying Berba is leaving as I only said he is leaving the case open and I'm not going to repeat the man himself said it and it is recorded and you have the link with his voice and he said it on tv too. only morons pretend it's not real because it wasn't inside the old British Empire.

it's you saying he has signed a contract with Spurs, which is totally and absolutely a LIE. I also told you it will never happen, even if he has to stay. Because that's the case: he will stay ONLY if he has to.

So, harry, el, danny, whatever you call yoursel, until you produce evidence you are not a liar I will save myself the trouble of replying to you because I already did.

I win. You lose!

Summerspur said...

hey you uncle bulgaria or grim reaper. you strike me as the kind of bloke who would actually like to be a traffic cop delivering bad news to loved ones.
i cant claim to speak for the british empire which oddly you have issues with but THFC has a long glorious history with many great players who have graced the shirt but hey ho if berba chooses to go its my guess many more great players will come and not all of these will shout at lennon and skulk slowly back to halfway line when things are not to their liking. dont get me wrong, i think berba is very good but 12 league goals, all be it very pretty goals are still 12 league goals. who knows defoe may have got 12 as well in as many starts.

anyway mate cant sit here all day, the rain is stopping so off to clean my car, maybe you would like to help..

Harry Hotspur said...

It's not called helping when someone does it for a living...

Uncle Bulgaria was Great, this clown isn't and....

...has all bases covered with his plastic Nostradamus routine...

'If he leaves I told you so' and 'If he stays it's bcause you held a gun to his head cobblers.

EL said...

Superb! It's happening again this summer. Fans from top 4 clubs appear to be occupying this site in a desperate attempt to stir. We all know why this is happening don't we.

Keep it coming fellas.

Things seem to be really shaping up at long last.

Go on the Spurs!

Ps. Jol stated the afforementioned quotes during the post final match of the season interview on MotD (if I remember correctly and I don't much care if I do)

And why do I have to repeatedly re sign up to google due to the blogsite repeatedly forgetting my password? any ideas?

Summerspur said...

think the only way to sign in is to do it in the very top right hand corner of HH home page.
I also found it a pain trying to log in via post your comment.

good luck

oh and uncle bulgaria if your still out there, whats the best thing for seagull poo?

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad Berbs is not so good afterall. he will be very poor when he leaves. typical.


no, Jol didn't. he's incompetent as manager but no liar.
And it's the albatross that brings bad luck, not the seagull, though poo is certainly good for the likes of you.

dannyboy said...

tell me, something totally off topic - getting bored with uncle bulgaria and anyhow, orinocho was by far the best womble ! just reading summer spur and el's comments about signing in; signing into what? does that mean you have your own blog? where is it if you do? if i copywright my famous name, can i have a posh green highlight too ???? ;-)

cheers chaps and.....


Anonymous said...

fecking hell, uncle bulgaria thinks he's bloody cantona now, what with the albatross comments haha

Summerspur said...

dear uncle bulgaria
i clearly stated that i thought berba was "very good"
glad to hear poo is good for me, should imagine arsenal are extremely healthy if thats the case as they are full of the stuff.
anyway, i dont want to get too heavy with you as im not sure you actually "get" whats going on here.

dannyboy, this may upset you even more, but on mine its a rather fetching blue, not a sickly albatross poo green

dannyboy said...


thats nice for you, but you didnt answer the question !!!

and why summerspur? you only follow them in the close season ?!

Anonymous said...

what's with the new blog site mr hotspur? "newsflash". don't you go spreading yourself too thin ;-)

Anonymous said...

what a stupid thread!

is there anything special about contracts with buy-out clauses?
only idiot players don't have them.

if manure wants the berb and he wants to go, get the bloody 25 M and move on.

good riddance!

Harry Hotspur said...


You can't have a dirty thought in here ;)

Summerspur said...


sorry mate, i dont have a clue why its highlighted as i know as much about PCs as mourinho does about modesty.

summerspur could be name related or it could be that it looks really nice in blue.

EL said...

Oh yes he did....

Anonymous said...


Keane, yes, as Dawson, yes, extended their contracts. And yes, both news appeared in the club website. Berbatov no, nothing changed. Just read what the boss had to day:
"The key to retaining top players, who want to compete for the Club at the highest level, is to agree long term contracts,” added Daniel. “We have now done so with several of our existing squad players, extending the contracts of players such as Aaron Lennon, Michael Dawson and Tom Huddlestone, as well as having contracted newer players on long contracts, such as Dimitar Berbatov and Didier Zokora."

HAVING CONTRACTED NEWER PLAYERS ON LONG CONTRACTS, rings a bell, honey pees? That means that Berbatov's one and only contract signed one year ago is long, it's a four year contract, in fact. Nothing has been signed ever since. GOT IT?

Signed: Uncle Bulgaria, or whatever, telling you this is just half of the true story; the rest starts tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


of course, as expected, and Comoli isn't a liar.

and football clubs are not charities. when they offer the double of wages to a player they contracted only months ago, it happens because there's a buy out clause and the player is worth it then. that happened in March with Berbatov. he said no.

now Man United agrees to buy him out ( 25 M so they say). all Spurs could do was to ask him again: now it's 52ooo, do you want? Berbatov had already said no, so why should he change his mind? so thwey spent the last week or so agrreing the terms of payment between the clubs: if Spurs want Saha or no; if Man U give up on Bale and Nani; if they pay all of it right now or in two or threee times. the player was right when he said it was "all above his head". but tomorrow isn't, as it is the day his terms will be discussed with Man U. if they agree he'll be wearing the red number 9 by the 7th of June.


Anonymous said...

"I have two national games ahead of him and that's all I think about right now. My agent deals with the rest. When it's over, then we'll talk about it".


That was Berbatov a few hour ago during the Press Conference of the National team in Sofia replying to the question:

"What is going on about your transfer to Manchester United?"

Yes, he'll be free on the 7th. And his agent will be in Manchester tomorrow.