Monday, May 14, 2007

Berbatov Signs!

Spursweb have reported that Michael Dawson has just renegotiated a new deal at Spurs and emphasised his desire to remain at the club, for-possibly-ever.

But perhaps given the current climate of speculation over Berba the real story, as our old mucker jolsgonemental has pointed out, lies in the quote from Dawson on Berbatov.

“Berba says he wants to stay and that’s fantastic. The fans love him, so do the players — he’s a great footballer. Berba has played so well that he’s bound to have other clubs watching him, but he’s signed a new contract and he’s happy at the club."

It's certainly the first word to come out the club that he's actually signed.

Fantastic news.


Anonymous said...

signed what? more years? more money? if he signed for four years starting now, he'll have to stay for three years. if the club is just paying him more and he has the 3 years of the old contract, he'll have to stay for 2.

the only problem with this piece of info is that the Club isn't telling this to the world as they always do, as they did with Dawson. So, I don't believe it. Not yet.

Anonymous said...

So Dawson is making it up? No, I don't think so. Who cares about Berba's money, the crucial thong is he's staying.

Cheers for the killer analysis mate.

Anonymous said...

Lol - thong!

Sorry, should be thing... lol

Anonymous said...

Berba cares about Berba's money.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Jol mention it yesterday then? 'he's staying for a COUPLE of years', he said. that's his contract, not a new one.
the guy, Berbs himself, said he's staying. stop this stupid argument about contracts.

Anonymous said...


I meant amongst the fans you fucking twat. I dn't think you grasp the point that although Berba won't play for £50 a week, if he really wanted just lolly he'd go to Man Ure or Chelsea.

So fuck off.

Oh and twat, put the word idiot in the identity box.

Harry Hotspur said...


DAWSON SAID,"he’s signed a new contract and he’s happy at the club."

The words new & contract are the givaway here.


JolsGoneMental said...

I always find these online slanging matches much more fun when everyone isnt hiding behind anonymity.

it gets very confusing

sydney wale said...

It would have to be a fucking big onymity for me to hide behind.

Why is everyone so concerned with the distant future? We are only alive today. I am married, relatively healthy and have Berbatov at number 9. I'm happy with that. Don't wait for bad news! Enjoy the fact that yesterday he played well, scored a good goal and was as happy as Larry.

P.S. I agree that the thong is crucial.

Anonymous said...

Berba in a thong!
Berba in a thong!


Wendell said...

"I always find these online slanging matches much more fun when everyone isnt hiding behind anonymity"

...because 'jolsgonemental' isn't a cowardly (not to mention incorrect) replacement for 'anonymous' at all is it? Why not just talk about football rather than accusing everyone of cowardice?

Back on topic.. great news about Dawson and Berba. Both are likely to be head-hunted in the near future and we need to establish ourselves at the top! I never liked our status as 'feeder club' to the top 4, the only way to replace the Arse in those echelons of football is to keep the best we have! (and get a left winger)

EL said...

If Jol is stating in interviews that Berb's staying for a couple of years, I'd say the indications are that they've doubled (at least) his wages and he's agreed to go nowhere for the next two years. An official statement would obviously be reasuring but never mind.

5th place! Who'd have thought? Imagine with a top playmaker, left winger & left back?

Let's get it right in the summer.

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

the club website is a shame. where's the news about the Player of the Year Award? left alone the contract...

dannyboy said...

bleeding 'ell
fickle fans strike again.
read the interview berbatov did in the papers on saturday, quote "I'm not leaving" end of quote.
who really knows how much he earns? who cares? all we care is he starts at spurs next season - WHICH HE WILL !!
quote me come august if i'm wrong.

and idiot.....idiot !!


Anonymous said...

To the Manager:
So Berba is staying. Jol learned he had to build the team around him. Hope he'll continue that way and hope Berba will be the captain finally, as he has been the hidden captain for months.
And Mr. Jol, stop treating the guy like a retarded ("all he need is a hand over his shoulder cause he's a sensitive guy" bla bla bla). Please!
Remember when he wasn't good enough for you in December, so Mido had to stay? when he wasn't good enough for you, so Lennon or Defoe got the praising? when he wasn't good enough for you cause he wasn't scoring enough goals (as if the other players weren't terrible)and he had to fight for a position in the first team? remember that wonderful serpentine goal in Turkey when you didn't even smile? or that hell of a free kick goal against West Ham when the comment was, once again, "nothing special, we will see"?
Perhaps you're trying to forget this, Mr. Jol, but there are those who don't. I've been re-reading all my posts here and they tell a pretty tale about who knew what it was all about and made it known.And who didn't.
So, behave next season and kiss Berba's feet.Not publicly. Lots of public praising is not good. But treat him as the king he is. Without him you're done. Unfortunately, even with him you fucked up too many times (Chelsea away will never be forgotten). And try to buy players that can improve the team. Cause next year everybody will be looking at Spurs and the manager will have no more excuses.
Nice holidays everyone.

Signed: who cares? the message is important; not the messenger!

Anonymous said...

Berbatov finished third with 611 points in the Actim (second in the forwards list).Only Drogba and Ronaldo are up the ranking. IT IS FANTASTIC!

Tell me this deserves a award. First year in the Prem, injured for six weeks and look how he shines !
And I bet we'll get the Goal of the Year and the Player of the Year in Spurs. He's already Fans Player of the Year.Otherwise fire the Managment and the Board.
Long live Berba King !

Anonymous said...

And Jol said that for him Dawson was player of the Year!

He has gone mental. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

to be fair Dawson has played 58 games and easily been the most consistant... fantastic player.

For this season's shirt I've got Berbatov on the back, next season's will be Dawson no question

Anonymous said...

Dawson played great this season but still needs to develop, as he is still a young player. There were a few goals conceeded where he was out of position and i would have expected better of him. Loads of potential though, and fantastic spirit which is great! He can only improve...


Anonymous said...

you believe Dawson will be the best next season? what a silly visionary as mental as Jol!

Anonymous said...

22,000 a week.Is that what is earning?
peanuts, he's silly if he's asking for at least 50,000!

I believe he'll stay with Spurs for the next two years and then move to Spain or Italy. I don't believe he'll play for any other team in England.All we have to do is to win and win and win during these next two years.


Anonymous said...

you mean if he isn't asking, you twat.

guess he's getting 44,ooo quid.

Anonymous said...

oh, harry, harry, Dawson's wishful thinking but even Robbo knows it's not over until the fat lady sings. A fly told me a secret I cannot tell, not yet. Tomorrow only!