Friday, April 27, 2007

Tottenham To Sign?

It's official. Spurs are a top 4 club.
Well, when it comes to Internet transfer speculation, anyway.

Back on top of the largely unsubstantiated rumour pile is Chelsea's Arjen Robben.
BMJ has gone on record ages ago saying if Robben became available, he would place a "mega bid" for the Oscar winning Olympic diving star. Love his game, hate his theatrics. STILL an incredibly dangerous player. But would Jose arm us with him?

A genuinely interesting link has been made to Martin Petrov.
A left winger at The Lane? Surely not...
Not only but also.... one that would give fans an emotional straw to clutch at in so much his addition would be not just a quality player but a fellow Bulgarian international
who knows what he wants.Petrov is undesputedly a class act and get this ~ unlike Stuart Downing, he's quite possibly 'actually for sale' and 'value for money'. You're right, it can't be true then!

Lyon's Hatem Ben Arfa's name is still in the mix, although if the he was talking about Tottenham when he said, " Will I have to move somewhere else, even to a less famous club?" is for him to explain...

Bottom of the pile and hopefully for good reason is Kieron Dyer. A Geordie campaigner for the past eight seasons currently trousering around £80,000 worth of cashed State benefits per week. I have no desire to see this carthorse/castoff at The Lane.


Anonymous said...

Hi Harry,

If true these are all good players that would make a good contribution.

But I think you left out the most important player we've been linked to, Antti Niemi.

We can't have another season of the dross Robo served up this campaign.


Anonymous said...

one of the best albums of all time..

nice Harry.

Harris Meitanis
Managing Director/A&R

Anonymous said...

Robben & Dyer?! I don't think it'll ever happened! remember Duff Forsell & Parker?! they won't sell it to us....Dyer is too expensive it'll break our wage structure! i'd say those rumours are rubbish

Anonymous said...


EL said...

Completely agree with your dyer sentiments Harry.

Re:Last post,

Why did you sign off without posting any message?

Anonymous said...

Bring the two Petrov and end of problems: wings, midfield and Berbs.

Anonymous said...

I concur with Harry - Robben only quality player named here, however his natural dive is admirable on its own, all other names are complete plonkers in my opinion.

Vinny said...

Allo allo look at this article;

Jol seems to be making a statement here about Robbie Keane being a favourite of his and since Berba is the obvious No 1 leaves JD out in the cold a bit me thinks and could be a deliberate slap in the face. Could this be the end of JD or Jol's way of inviting offers?

Harry Hotspur said...

Don Vincenzo, salut...

I think you're right mate. After a wheelbarrow or two of speculation of JD, there may be some actual truth in him being off... I'm caught.

I have always felt him to be one of the deadliest strikers I've ever seen (I should know,I followed a few...) so whilst I can't enjoy him 'stalling' at WHL, I don't want shot of him either... echoes of Mendes might loom large here?

Will he go on to become a 'darling' and perform at a so called lesser club???

That postcard will need to be some size by now to contain all these answers...

Harry Hotspur said...

Harris Meitanis
Managing Director/A&R

Email me with link details or some html and I'll put it on HH for you..

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Would like to see Petrov at Spurs. Would take Robben too. Forget Dyer. Too expensive and not good enough. Jenas's mate too. Niemi good keeper but I would prefer Foster. Gravesen and other Petrov for midfield and wishfull thinking in adding Lamm? of Bayern Munich in defence. Richardson from Manu as makeweight in inevitable transfer swap plus cash. I think Defoe could go due to Jol's comments and rumoured United interest, although he was always my first choice next to Berbatov. Scored as many almost as Keane but only started about half as many games.

dannyboy said...

Vinny / HH

reading the Mail article, I think Jol has played Keane more than Defoe as he needed a captain to replace King when he was out. So by giving him the nod more, extended games etc, he got more consistent and formed such a great partnership with Berbatov. Saying that, people are too quick to forget Defoes run when Keane was injured - for a while his partnership with Berba was awesome. I think it's a dilemna all managers want - quality strikers to choose from. Personally, I hope Defoe stays and slugs it out with Keane. I actually hope Mido goes, who has abeen a massive let down after his heroics last season, and is replaced with someone to challenge Berbatov. Good balance of 4 then.


Anonymous said...

It's pathetic to read Mido's fans accusing Berbatov of being an opportunist who kicked him out of the team. I agree that Mido has reason to complain about JOl making him stay in January. What was the point? He couldn't play, everytime he does he picks up a injury and he's fat as a pig. We don't need 3 strikers. I would stick with Defoe and, if needed, would pick someone from the reserves. Striker is the most difficult position and they need to play more than the others or they are crap.

The Petrovs are a very good suggestion. I think I'll e-mail it to the Board.