Friday, April 06, 2007

Tottenham Fans On Film: Not A Pretty Sight


Anonymous said...

"In a damning verdict on the local police, Sevilla admitted after their 2-1 first-leg victory that they were "perplexed" at the "excessive force" used. A club spokesman said: "We think this small incident could have been handled and peace restored without the use of police batons. We are investigating the reason for the police action."

Tottenham's club secretary, John Alexander, added: "Our supporters have been on four trips into Europe before this and have behaved impeccably, so something was clearly different in the way they were treated last night to suffer this sort of response."

The people that matter (and no I don't mean the press pfft.) seem to be blaming the police. The policeman in the first clip just looks intent on clubbing somebody.... anybody.

Apparently a disabled supporter was knocked from his wheelchair by baton wielding riot police, I think anyone witnessing that would have a job not to react.

I'm not condoning violence or engaging in myopic defence of my club but let’s not accept all the blame without a full investigation.

Anonymous said...

stupid videos, we can't see a thing !