Monday, March 05, 2007

West Ham vs Tottenham Hotspur: VIDEO CLIP#2: JD's Penalty


sydney wale said...

Good penalty, lots of bottle and a sensible celebration. We love you Defoe!

Harry Hotspur said...

Virtually the whole stadium was against him.

On the highlights on the tv you can see and just hear a Spammer stood behind him telling him to f off seconds before he buried it.

Arguably the goal that turned the game. It reinforced that a recovery was doable and told West Ham that as determind as they were, there were two teams playing...

Anonymous said...

poor guy was booed every time he got the ball. Goal and an assist is a great way to shove it in their faces. Now there's confirmation that we can play either Defoe or Keane with the mighty Berba. Our strikeforce is complete at last

dannyboy said...

harry - that was nigel quashie, was as plain as day on match of the day highlights.
why on earth did they sign him? he's been relegated more times than anyone! loving it.

Anonymous said...

Lennon dived or was it just ronaldo because he's on the other side? Cheaters!

Anonymous said...

"Lennon dived or was it just ronaldo because he's on the other side? Cheaters!"

Yeah, he dived. As anyone having their knees kicked does.

Enjoy the new stadia next year, pikey.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to compare the different commentators calling the winning goal.

I gather most of Britain heard it called by Martin Tyler and Agghhndy Ghrraaay.

Gray can be heard saying Oh noooo after Stalteri scores.

Norf Americans watching live on FOX-TV heard the call from Alan Parry and Robbie Earle.

Stalteri scores and Parry says - you guessed it - Ohhhhh NOOOOooo!!!

Both sets of commentators describe Spammer goals as 'priceless'.

All the headlines in the newspapers aren't about Spurs winning, they're about WetSpam losing.

So what mesmerizing charm does this club possess to so enamour the collective media? If the circumstances were reversed, they would needed bungy cords to stop the announcers from plummeting from the broadcast booth to their death in enthusiasm for a Spammers win.


Anonymous said...

Don't get paranoid. They were cheering for the underdog the way many would under wet spams circumstances. The "ohhhh nooo" was surely due to Stalteri's winner meaning wet spam are probably going down and they fought hard and well for most of the game but got sucker-punched.