Sunday, March 04, 2007

West Ham vs Tottenham Hotspur: Super Sunday Snapshot Sidebar!

An extraordinary game.

Martin Tyler spent the first 20 minutes telling us how good we were in same period of the Bolton game. Then we conceded two goals. Mmmm.

Errant passes on our part and the sheer bloody minded commitment on theirs left Spurs not for the first time this season, away from home with their pants pulled down.

Jol's half time chat and his substitutions took him from Jol Out to Jol Outstanding.
Huddlestone brought bite and Stalteri brought home the bacon.

Lennon For England.

Berbatov, whatever are we to do with you? I'm usually hesitant to bandy around the word legend, but I find it difficult to believe that history will judge me as being anywhere like a little previous on this occasion.

This angel faced assassin has more class than Debrett's. Better timing than Accurist. From Bulgaria?

No, he is a gift from God.


Anonymous said...

West Ham fans must be green over the fact that they can only beat us when we're forced to play an ill team in violation of Premiership rules

sydney wale said...

I told you this guy was special. He seems to be playing without inhibitions and is reaping rewards. Lennon seems more confident recently, as have most. Good to see the Hudsucker Proxy (that's a new one!) back on the pitch as his education must continue!!

Jol has got them up off their arses after defaulting and seems to be in control. Coming from behind in last 2 away games is great form going into this week but let's hope they don't get too cocky.

Up The Lillywhites!!

Anonymous said...

Taarabt.... this lad's gonna be big!! Haha I say lad, even though I'm just 1 year older! Makes me feel old :(

Couldn't be much happier right about now!

Harry Hotspur said...


Pedro Morgado said...

Fantastic game. I hope the next game, in Braga, will be so spectacular as this one. You're welcome in Braga in this fantastic stadium!

Anonymous said...


dannyboy said...

....and Stalteri scored the winner !!!!! Makes up for his terrible last minute gaffes of last season, costing us points at scum, Chelski and Sunderland.
Come on Spurs, push on now, carry on this form until the season's end.
What a game, what a result, what a performance. This time last season, we would have lost that. So, an improvement there me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Martin Jol (and all of us, COYS) went through the full range of emotions as we beat West Ham 4-3 in an incredible Premiership encounter at Upton Park.

Trailing 2-0 at the break - although Robert Green made four fine saves in the first half - we clawed back to 2-2 via Jermain Defoe's penalty and Teemu Tainio's volley only for reject Bobby Zamora to head home what looked like the winner at 3-2 with five minutes left.

We weren't finished though. Dimitar Berbatov curled home a free-kick following a foul on lively substitute Adel Taarabt - his debut - for 3-3 before Paul Stalteri led a breakaway from a West Ham corner in injury time, fed Defoe, continued his run and was on the spot 70 yards further down the pitch when Defoe's shot was parried by Green.

"It was like hell, heaven, hell and heaven," reflected Martin at Upton Park. "It was an amazing English game.

"We came back three times but in the first half we should have scored, we had many chances but the keeper was outstanding.

"Everyone was very angry and disappointed at half-time (including all of us Spurs fans, COYS), a few words were said (and us fans cursing) but we realised if we scored, they would crumble because they knew if they conceded a goal it would be difficult and that's what happened. All we had in mind was to score to get it to 2-1 and then get back in the match.

"We knew if we wanted to get back into it we had to score and we did that twice but they then got a free-kick and scored the third goal. That could have been deadly.

"It wasn't easy because we'd used substitutes and the only weapon I had left was 17-year-old Adel Taarabt and he did exactly what I had in mind, so that was good.

"Chelsea at home was probably the best win of the season but this was amongst them."


Harry Hotspur said...

You're spot on Dannyboy.

The will to win was there...

Anybody seen jolsgonemental??? lol...

Anonymous said...

1-0 (Mark Noble 16, shot outside area)

2-0 (Carlos Tevez 41, free kick)

2-1 (Jermain Defoe 51 (pen)

2-2 (Teemu Tainio 63, great goal)

3-2 (Bobby Zamora 85, Reject headed goal)

3-3 (Dimitar Berbatov 89, great free kick)

3-4 (Paul Stalteri 96, O' Yes superb to put a nail in the hammers coffin, and a boost for us)


Anonymous said...

with so many specials we don't know who are talking about. Please use the word special with moderation...

The two points to discuss are:
the extra-injury time and the win goal scored more than 6 minutes after 90 when only 4 had been given


Lennon's penalty. This attitude of when the penalty is given to us is ok when it's the other way around it's a dive has to go away. It's stupid and it takes credibility from the game.

The rest is hopefully a good night rest !

Anonymous said...

All together now: "We'll never play you again! We'll never play you again! EE-AY-AD-IO WE'LL NEVER PLAY YOU AGAIN!"

Vinny said...

Bloody excellent...fantastic...unbelievable!!!...what else can you say about this game and the burtsing their little pathetic bubbles again.

Just great to see us playing quality pass and move football again with most of the squad contributing positively in our last few games(apart from Ghaly).

Seemed to have rediscovered that self-belief and fighting spirit that carried us through so many games to last season.

Hopefully come the end of the season we will have restored ourselves back to our 5th position with a cup win added for good measure :))) COYS!!!

Wendell said...

What fills me with most confidence after the win today is not only that ManUre and Scum lost here this season.. but that Jol realised his tactics weren't right, and changed them at half time! Good to see our manager return to form let alone the squad.

6th place reachable in 2 games with 6th and 7th facing tough matches.. starting to look like another great season!

All together now:
"We're forever bursting bubbles, bursting bubbles in the air..."

Anonymous said...

Y'know, hate's an awful emotion and I would never waste it on something as trivial as a sports event.

I can appreciate a lot of good things that can happen in a sports event.

I get how cool it must have been for Mark Noble and Bobby Zamora to score like they did for the the team they've supported literally since birth.

I can dig the rush Tevez must have felt finally potting a goal, and it must be said, he took it well. And celebrated even better. Fair play.

But the final outcome was just so sweeet, so utterly appropriate, that I - we - can afford to be generous in appreciating what was one of the great games of the year. Second to beating Chelsea in my book.

This wasn't just a great game for Spurs. This was one of those games they call an advertisement for football.

There were so many positive things for Spurs to take from this game, so many things to build on. Our fourth win on the trot, too.

Just delighted by the day's outcome, especially since Alan Parry's( it was him, right?) TV commentary was so blatanly biased toward West Ham.

But he uttered the most delicious and delightful sound I've heard in a long time when Stalteri scored the winner:

"Ohhhh Noooooo!!!"

Laffed my ass off. Take that, you prat.

Bring 'em on. Spurs aren't just ready, they're beginning to look like they were born ready.


4 Ever Hopeful said...

I take my hat off to Jol. I too thought he had gone so far off course that he was disappearing up his own backside but let's give credit where it is due.

It just goes to show what a poor team West Ham are though. Ghaly and Jenas had absolute stinkers and Defoe did bugger all for 94 minutes and yet we could have scored seven. You know it is your day though when Stalteri comes on, immediately slips back into old habits with one enormous mess up with Robinson and then goes and scores the winner (clever play to stay onside).

Finally we even got a glimpse of Taarabt. Tall, French, quick and stroppy. Dare I say it but he looks like he could have come straight off the Arsenal production line. Bring it on !

Anonymous said...

when andy gray said ooooh noooo, my heart stopped!
I thought he the officials had given offside!
I have no sympathy for west ham, they were dirty and over the top with their challenges (which contributed to their downfall - bowyer/lennon penalty and free kick on taarabt).
Ghaly gave the ball away for the first goal and didn't make up for it in the crappy attempt to make up for it. Tevez goal should not have happened either because dawson made a good tackle.
Great comeback for 2-2, west ham were on the ropes but we didn't punish them further. Then 3-2 down!!!!
I knew berbatov was going to score that but then stalteri - woo hoo!!!!

Well done martin jol - I really mean that........................

Anonymous said...

Harry - hurry up and get the goals on here so I can sit here and watch them again and again and again and again.....


sydney wale said...

Anon 1;14
The 'special one' I refer to is my football hero Dimitar Berbatov. I refuse to use the S word regarding this man in moderation. The word could not be used more aptly than when discussing our current star striker.

Regarding the 2 points to discuss, I can address both with the same response..........
Revenge is never pretty nor virtuous but it does feel good after last year!