Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs SC Braga: Happy Sidebar Snaps!

Any Tottenham match report you read at the moment makes reference to hair loss, blood pressure and Dimitar Berbatov.

This morning's press was no exception.

Jol has hopefully seen the light tactically. Tottenham are too fragile to play a holding game, say as the chavs at The Bridge. What we can do, and do sublimely is attack.

Last night, admittedly against only average opposition , was wonderfully watchable football. I watched it in a pub that was largely neutral, but with the ooos and ahhs you'd have been hard pressed to tell.

Berbatov*. Where do you start? Two great goals. The second exceptional.

Zokora is getting better with every game.

But our defence is very much a work in progress and King's absence is killing us.

A great game.


*Conspiracy theorists delighted almost as much as the rest of us to see him start over Mido. A man who has also seen the light a lot recently. Usually as he opens the fridge door.

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Anonymous said...

23 goals or thereabouts in an amazing run. Mido looked fat on the bench. What is the story with Berbatov's so called injury???

Anonymous said...

It obviously wasn't as bad as all the doom and gloom merchants wanted to make it seem.. hence why he played for 20 mins after announcing it on Sunday.

Note to those who said it was bad.. the word 'injury' doesn't mean out for 3 weeks. It might mean just an early night and some quick physio the next day. Remember this please.

Tottenham have the potential to go far this year. Lets see some silverware Mr. Jol!

sean k said...

wanna see that evry wk the passin was gettin so gd in tht game they look like a team even with so many missing good stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

This week was a mess, hopefully with no consequences: the so and so injury, the so and so new contract, the so and so incompetence of Jol. So and so, all smoke and mirrors. Bury it. The media stink !

FRANGLO said...

I have just read the anonymous post on your site dedicated to the ‘love’ of Berbatov.

The writer was genuinely lifted from the low spirits of a day that had gone badly. He sounded young – just staring out on a career, looking for new opportunities.

I felt both sadness and envy for him.

Supporting Spurs is a privilege. I envy the many years ahead for the writer to enjoy the days when he will get that vital lift; a surge of warmth and electricity that only comes from the connection Tottenham fans have with a player or a team in white shirts with a cockerel over the heart.

I also feel some sadness for him too. The privilege comes with a price.

Our dedication can also take us to depths of despair that make ex-girlfriends, redundancies, dental work or bankruptcy seem like pleasant sunny afternoon picnics.

But we wouldn’t want it any other way?

Being ultra bored one day last week, I started sorting out all my old match day programmes, and discovered that I had watched Spurs play 1117 times – and I haven’t even lived in the UK since 1994. That’s nearly 1700 hours of football including matches that went to extra time. God knows how much more time in my life has been spent travelling to and from these games; more than I would care to calculate with all the European adventures to places like Hadjuk Split.

I cannot even begin to factor in how much more time has been spent in front of the box or buried in the newspapers and more recently web sites devouring everything Tottenham Hotspur. The phrase 'Get a Life' is hovering close to forefront of my mind. And, in case you think this is a request for a pension or some sort of medal, I should point out that I have lots of mates who have probably spent even more time devoted to the cause, and there will be thousands of other supporters who can claim more than my 40 years worth of commitment.

No this is about letting the young(er) fans know this is a love that will never die. Long after Berbatov has left the club, you will still get the same goose bumps, excitement and, yes, despair following our team.

I was all alone watching the game on Sunday; I scared our pet cats to death screaming and shouting at the TV and jumping up and down when we equalised and then finished them off. It is only now, that I can calmly recall the match. For the last two days, I have been tingling with excitement every time a thought about football and THFC crossed my mind. Like one of your other posters, I lost most of Monday’s working day to watching re-runs and reading all the written comments.

So Mr Anonymous poster – beware, you are in for a roller coaster ride for the rest of your life, but boy, what a thrill it is.

Anonymous said...

franglo, your mental, mate. how sad.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov is injured. That means I don't have to put a curse on Jol as promised. Good for him! But Berbatov is cursed and it wasn't me. I swear! That strain in the groin has been there since the Carling Cup game against Arsenal. Day in, day out. During the Braga game, I watched carefully that he was in terrible pain everytime he had to jump.The tv close-ups show it all. He is being very brave but very silly too, because against taller teams he cannot endure it, like with Chelsea.
Let's see what we can do to help him. To cure a curse we have to cure the cause of the curse. What has he done to be cursed? He should find out and face it. that's all. Until then, to ease the pain and strengthen the leg tampolin jumps and pool jumps might be helpeful.
(You can send me the check for this advise, because, as we all know, there are no lunches for free...)
The Wicked Witch of the West (WWW)

Anonymous said...

Berba's celebration of Malbranque's goal almost choked him. What's that? A octopus hug?And he wouldn't let anyone touch him either. "Leave my baby! I'm your mama!"
Poor Steed. Next goal, you better run !

dannyboy said...


you are a spurs fan of the highest order mate. we love ya and all others like you.


Harry Hotspur said...

Franglo - Dannyboy's praise is both accurate & well earnt.
Thanks for the email mate.