Sunday, March 18, 2007

Glorious Berbatov Saved For Monday Night... vs Chelsea


Anonymous said...

Great clips. Great site. Great layout. Great goals. Great results. Great form. Great team. Great club. Great support.

Great times.


Anonymous said...

We should really finish 5th with ease. Imagine if we'd started fairly well and not had quite such a bad run after christmas?

Imagine Ledders back and a good left winger and Huds with a season or two under his belt and Taarabt's promise in full bloom?

simon said...

imagine if we had a better striker then mido! he is awful! we wud have beaten liverpool and look comfortable

Anonymous said...


I just thought you would like to see the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust Board Statement on our club's' "shot on the foot, and own goal" on season ticket prices for next year and totally stupid plans for the North Stand.

i.e. to create a Family Stand - North Stand, by only allowing fans to purchase match tickets and any available Season Tickets in the North Stand if they are accompanied by Juniors.

Perhaps you should urgently open up a new debate on this issue:

Published 18.03.07

President - Steve Perryman M.B.E
Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust

Trust Board Statement.

On Wednesday 14th March, 2007, the Trust was informed by THFC of the details of the club's announcement being made today about next season's ticket prices.

Representatives of the Trust have already met once with the club and are due to meet again this week (20th March) for what we understood would be a final consultation meeting about the package. This meeting is still scheduled, and we will advise our members of our standpoint on more specific issues simultaneously with the scheduled time of the meeting.

However, as we have been saying for several weeks now, the Trust Board is totally opposed to any increase in ticket prices. The information provided on Wednesday was that while matchday prices are being held, the average increase for adult season ticket holders would be £25, with a £10 increase on concessions (juniors & seniors).

The prices published this evening show increases for adults ranging from £19 in the North and South Lower to £50 in West Upper, with most individual increases being £29. This is a range of 3.2% to 5.6%, with an average increase of 4%. The government’s consumer price index measure of inflation currently stands at 2.7%.

We pointed THFC to the news from several other Premiership clubs who have announced either price freezes or reductions for next season and the Sun's ticket-pricing campaign, which the Trust has publicly supported along with the Prime Minister and the Sports Minister. Our club's announcement makes them the first to buck this trend.

THFC believes its increases are offset by the enhanced membership packages being introduced, but we have yet to calculate the detailed value of those packages and believe any additional costs have been more than offset by this season's additional cup revenue. The revenue from the S/T increases equates to barely half the income from the game against Braga alone.

In registering our disappointment, we welcome your views on how we should react/respond on the issue of the pricing strategy of the club, which can look forward to significantly increased TV revenue next season, and of course has reaped the rewards of good cup runs this season.

The Trust persuaded the club to change its plans for those who presently occupy the North Stand. The plan was to ask adults who do not accompany children or seniors ('concessions') to move elsewhere this year with the offer of a year at North Stand prices in other parts of the ground, but for anyone who didn't move voluntarily to then force them to move next year unless they fulfil the requisite quota of adults/concessions in their party. To ensure openness, we confirm that four members of the Trust Board are North Stand S/T holders and will be directly affected by this.

Through this measure, thousands of season ticket holders, could have been forced to occupy seats that could be of a lesser quality and/or more expensive. Whilst the club will still go ahead with the voluntary move scheme, and only replace 'vacancies' in the North Stand with family groups, under pressure from the Trust they have now dropped the idea of a subsequent compulsory move.

The Trust Board is disappointed that, at a time, when Spurs football has been entertaining and could yet be successful, the club has sought ways in which to draw additional funds from its loyal support.

Last week, and in the recent membership/ticketing meeting, we were embargoed regarding the details being provided to us. Following the details given to us on Wednesday, we can assure you that the Trust Board as a whole was extremely unhappy but agreed to honour the club's request for
confidentiality prior to their public announcement.

It is, however, now the right time to place on record our views.

We will follow this up once we have digested the terms & conditions associated with the new season ticket packages, which we are to discuss at the meeting on Tuesday.

THST Board.

Harry Hotspur said...

anon 1.21


simon said...

im worried berbs will leave us in the summer. what do u reckon?

Anonymous said...

The whole Berbatov is going story is a non starter. He appears not to be a mercenary character, his behaviour when he scored against Leverkusen spoke volumes...

The idea that he'd walk to Man Ure for the money is preposterous.

However, this club needs to
pay him what he's worth.

THFC be told by the fans and do not cheap out!

Anonymous said...

how many times do I have to repeat this, nut heads? Berbs not looking for money, he's looking for trophies and records. you can't buy glory. make Spurs a team contending for the title and he'll stay.

sydney wale said...

Drogba sent off for diving, Lampard playing as if he had an England shirt on, Michael gets a kick in the ballacks (is that how the germans say it?), Shevchenko to go down with radiation poisoning, Cech thinks he is playing rugby union with his scrum hat on, Terry mugged by Berbatov all night, and Cole mugged by Lennon and Robbo to score the winning goal. I admit, I am no clairvoyant, but I am allowed to dream.

Sometimes the truth is even stranger than fiction.

Let's hope we finish on top, however we can do it!

Come on Tottenham!

Anonymous said...

Spurs going missing at home and their season's over long before the final match. Thanks for making up the numbers for another season.

Anonymous said...

Bet you all like to see this: