Monday, March 12, 2007

Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur: Jol Critics : What Would You Have Done?

Berbatov's groin. A subject of some discussion in some quarters even before yesterday's substitution.

Aaron Lennon was exhausted.

1 - 3 up at Second Hand Fridge for the first time in, suffice it to say, in a long time.

Had you been BMJ, how would you have fixed things?


Anonymous said...

There's nothing to discuss. For me he should not have played the 2nd half at all. Now it can be really bad.

Apart from that, what do you mean by "a subject of previous discussion"? Please explain us lot, HH.


Anonymous said...

The first thing I would've done is put the Hudd on.

Left Defoe to poach up on his own.

Then I would've put TG in a taxi with £5000 in his bin and told him to get the next fight out of London.

Oh yeah, then I would've phoned THE GOLDEN KEBAB and told them that their best customer was about join Man City on a free.

Anonymous said...

Even at 1-3 up, I had full confidence in Spurs' ability to throw away their well-deserved advantage.

Was lasagne consumed at half-time, perchance?


The Tailor said...

A general point really..Comments like "well you think you know everything then what would you have done?" and "do you really think you could do a better job at managing than MJ or other manager".. are ridiculous and weak answers to criticism - we see these responses trotted out all the time on message boards by fans who like the current manager being criticised. Anyone who is not qualified to manage a team would clearly not do as well as MJ - he is a football manager with some experience. No different to you or me in our jobs - MJ would probably be no good at doing what we do. What it comes down to is how good someone is at THEIR OWN job so whilst I couldn't do a better job than MJ at managing Spurs he couldn't do a better job of doing what I do. It doesn't mean either of us are any good at what we do.. you catch my drift?

Anonymous said...

HH you need to stop encouraging the fickle fans who only support spurs when they are winning 4-0 with silly discussions like this. I cant believe how everyone gets on Jols back, Which other manager has gone to SB and caused such panic and confusion with chelsea under moan-io? it was Jols diamond formation that caused that, I think our biggest problem yesterday was Mido not being able to hold the ball up and take the pressure off our defence, If berbs was fit or we didnt have such an important game on weds and kept him on we would of won. then those fans would sulk off under their rock wishing and waiting for spurs next slip up!! Get behind the manager and the team for F*** sake! COYS

Anonymous said...

I don't think Big MJ could of done anything more. The tactics he put in place were fantastic and swapping berba as he was injured and lennon cause he was knackered were correct. We didn't win that game because of the individuals missing opportunties to make it 4-1 and surely making it impossible for chelsea to come back from.
Maybe have brought on Tom Huddlestone for Tainio to add that extra strength & height against essien and lampard? How slow and sluggish did Mido look!? I for one think he wont be here come the begining of 07/08 season.

Anonymous said...

Mido put in a half hearted display - I would of stuck on Hudd and Malbranque and told him to release Steed and Defoe with balls over the top.

Shouldnt mess with a central pairing so late on in a game. Felt so sorry for Rocha and Zokora who both played fantastic games.

Anonymous said...

Morinho's comments are laughable - he claims every decision in the middle of the park were against him. Does he forget the 4 Spurs bookings in the first half - a Robin dive that went unpunished - a deliberate handball by Kalou which only resulted in a yellow, a further Cavalho handball in the Chelsea area which the ref missed and a head high foot by Cole which anywhere else but the penalty area would of been a foul and a yellow.

Still I do agree with him, Riley had a bad game - Should of been 5-1 before Spurs tiredness let a very average looking Chelsea back in the game.

Anonymous said...

easy answer to your question HH, I would have brought on the Spurs coach driver for the second half, complete with his coach and parked it in front of our goal! MJ did ok, he out thought Mourinho in the first have and go us 3-1 ahead. So they came back in the second half, this was Chelsea we are talking about and this was 6th game in what 12 days or so?

Anonymous said...

"Berbatov's groin. A subject of some discussion in some quarters even before yesterday's substitution.

Aaron Lennon was exhausted."

Lies. They were tormenting Chelsea. Injured and exhausted players do not do that. An intelligent manager would have left them on and taken advantage of Chelsea's desperation in throwing on all their attackers by hitting them on the counter-attack instead of being negative and trying to defend for 25-30 minutes.

Jol showed yesterday that he did not learn from the Arsenal cup game at WHL.

Anonymous said...

ok take bebi off, but not azza so he is tired ,so are the rest off the team ,and now that twenty minute sacrifice has resulted in 3 games in a week, how tired will they be now?

Harry Hotspur said...


Silly discussions?

About a tactical change provoked TWO goals from a team hitherto in disarray?

I think we're allowed to discuss the matter without the tired little man comment of being fickle.

Given that the likes of Mido has ballooned to 18 stone and is clearly unmotivated on so many levels, it does beg the question, What the f** was BMJ doing having him on the bloody bench in the first place?

Or am I fickle to dare to ask?

Gardner coming on was waving a white flag at Chelsea.

Whilst I am happy to share my opinions, I, clearly unlike you DO want to know what other fans think.

Hence the phrasing of this post as an invite to discuss.

If you don't want other people to threaten your ideas, go live in a cave in Afghanistan.

The 'I'm such a better fan than you' cobblers doesn't cut it on HH.

Vinny said...

Quite simple really - our 2 best players who were frightening the life out of Chelsk were taken off for Mido (no comment) much to the relief of Chelsea, and also Malbranque (who I don't have a problem with). In light of us being up against Chelsea who are never dead and buried, surely we should have kept Berba and Lennon on at least till about the 80th Minute. I looked at the subs bench at half time and thought it should have been Ghaly and Defoe replaced by Malbranque and Huddlestone. That would have given us width and depth in midfield with the Magician called Berba to hold things up front like he did against Bolton, with Lennon and Malbranque to cause havoc around him. Fact is attack is the best form of defence and Berba and Lennon are simply our best attackers. Also, we only have Braga at home this week where I feel we could scrape through with Mido and Defoe in attack but they're just not good enough of a pairing against Chelsea away. Saying that we have had a great run and nearly pulled off a miracle here which is very encouraging for the future, and Defoe...if only he could have scored that nearly wondergoal...shame. Anyway, didn't show that the Chelsk cost about 300 million more than the Spurs team did it?, we have a good little team here lads, with out a massive net outlay like Chelsk...COYS!!! P.S. Was So excited by the game that I didn't realise Berba may have been carrying an injury, if this was the case then I would have kept Defoe up front and still brought on Malbranque and the Hudd.

Anonymous said...

Hindsight is a wonderful thing! If Berbatov was being protected from aggrevating a nagging groin strain then I dont see what other option MJ had other than bring on Mido, bringing on another midfield player and going 4-5-1 would have handed much too much intiative to Chelsea. Maybe I would not have taken off Lennon and rested him on Wednesday, maybe I would have brought on Huddlestone. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more HH

I totally believe 3-1 up Mido and Gardner were reasonable substitutes to bring on.

The fact is they themselves didnt live up to their ability (questionable as it may be). Jol cant legislate for that - he cant know a player wont give him their all - he cant forsee general laziness. Gardner at 6ft 5 should of made Drogba's header difficult at least, but we wouldnt have been in that mess had Mido ran his ever increasing ti*ts off. For twenty mins a player who didnt feature mid week should be able to run and harry the front line until the final whistle. I'd rather see Peckhart come on or Taarabt who would of wanted to impress the Spurs faithful. I happen to think Mido could be a quality player - but England isnt the league if your not willing to fight for 90 mins

Anonymous said...

"If Berbatov was being protected from aggrevating a nagging groin strain"

He wasn't. He supposedly had it at half-time. He played until 65 minutes.

Facts are a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Harry:
I think the club should post about Berbs' injury to calm down fans. I know it's true, but it looks as if many don't believe it. So...

There's one thing about yesterday's game I didn't comment on my previous post and that is Mourinho's insults. Please don't believe his poor excuses. He's telling everybody that's normal around here. it isn't. If you're called SON OF A WHORE you are forced to react, something like Zidane did with Materazzi and that was only his sister, not his mother. There is a culture of respect, a very Latin thing, in this country that implies that we have to be extremely careful with our language. Just one example: if you address someone you don't know or have just met with a YOU this is offensive. You have to call them the equivalent of Madam or Sir.They are not like the spaniards: they are quiet and amiable and they don't joke about foul words.
This said, in the Cafe I was in watching the match, we all thought Mourinho had gone insane for good because he was calling it to the referee and the players (when Berbs barged Cole he got it too).
Now he's telling everybody he says that all the time. If he does he's a scoundrel or a lunatic. I'm so tired of his dirty tricks and now he's difaming his country folks just to get away with it. Disgusting!

Lisbon Spurs

Harry Hotspur said...

Valid point about giving one of the so called kids ago...

I cannot believe that Taarabt & Co could have been anything but lively.

Whilst Jol can't legislate for Steed not getting into the game, my dead dog could've identified Mido as a PORKER

Ain't debate great. And not fickle at all....

simon said...

i think mj made the worst decision by bringin of azza and berbs coz they were da best two players on the pitch. rocha, great game soon. used his head well and was confident. gardener, ur a junior, sort it our or piss off. malbranque is so so poor, and mido is just a waste of space. ghaly proved himself on sunday, got amonst it well, silly free kicks but he just wants to win the fans over... bless him. we arent good enough at shutting up shop yet which is so annoying. we should have looked for the counter attack at the end and kept on lennon to cain it up. as for defoe... sharpen up son or you will be leaving for someone like aston villa next season bro

Anonymous said...

All I can see is progress, the only seasons that weren’t over by Christmas were the ones where we were fighting relegation (I supported THFC in the old second division), winning the FA cup but almost going bankrupt in the process. So taking a thrilling draw from the fantasy football team at their place and beating them in the league at ours… while still playing “The Tottenham Way”… This is the best it’s been in years for me so I believe in Martin Jol and his decisions. He couldn’t have known Mido was going to have such a ‘mare and I don’t believe Mido deliberately played badly(on his day he can be a defenders nightmare). Replacing a striker with a striker is hardly negative thinking and if Mido had played to his ability I think we would have won. If Defoe had put away the header, if Lennon had… if…if..if Lose Berb’s or Lennon for any length of time and this season will end with a whimper that’s a certainty.

In one week the team I support has been instrumental in two of the most exciting games this season has produced, plus setting themselves up nicely for the home leg of the UEFA cup. In the last six games we’ve scored twenty goals (some of them brilliant). Maybe I’ve been through too many of the bad years but right now I’m one happy Tottenham camper.


Anonymous said...

simon,you twat, berbi is njured, how many times do we have to repeat that?

Anonymous said...

a lot of people seem to forget that it was Chelsea at Chelsea's ground we were playing against. If we were 3-1 up against Watford at The Lane then yes you could rightly complain.

The fact is we nearly did something that hasn't been done in 3 years, can't people appreciate that?

We didn't have our best goalkeeper or our best defender and our best midfielder and best striker had to be taken off. Ignore the fact that they're our rivals and complete scum.. they're one of the 'top 4' for a reason! They weren't just gonna give up, especially against a winning but injured Tottenham side.

Now we an take them to the Lane and show them what defeat tastes like once again!!

Anonymous said...

The "Berbatov injured" excuse does not work because it supposedly was known at half time and yet he played on for another 20 minutes anyway.

Does that make sense? No, ladies and gentlemen, IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, just like Chewbacca living on Endor despite being a Wookiee from the planet Kashykk. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! Therefore you must look for another reason to divert the blame away from where it should lie - which is Martin Jol

Anonymous said...

"The fact is we nearly did something that hasn't been done in 3 years, can't people appreciate that?"

You don't get anything in this game for NEARLY doing something.

Anonymous said...

you don't get anything for winning a quater final either!

you get three points for beating watford

Vinny said...

Anon 1.12pm,

You say that hindight is a wonderful thing, but as I said in my earlier post, I looked at the bench at half time and would have liked MJ too bring on Malbranque and Hudds then, not after the game. I just thought Ghaly had done all he could with his goal, was on a yellow and was giving away a lot of passes. Defoe didn't seem to be making an impact. However like I said at the end of my post, in all the excitement didn't know Berba had an injury. I just thought that Lennon, and Berba could have created some grief while helping out with some tackles in addition to Zokora, Tainio and Hudd with his precision passing could have bossed the midfield in a 5 man midfield to control Chelk's pressure a bit. I know its easier said than done and MJ obviously trusts Mido to do a job and suppose weve got to respect the big man (MJ)for that.

Vinny said...

"I just thought that Lennon, and Berba could have created some grief while helping out with some tackles in addition to Zokora, Tainio and Hudd with his precision passing could have bossed the midfield in a 5 man midfield to control Chelk's pressure a bit." - sorry I meant Lennon and Steed, as the little great man Lennon can not be accused of not sticking his foot in despite his size, as does Steed who seems to get involved with a lot of hassleing and chasing back too.

Anonymous said...

2: 43

Rational explanation: Jol knew Mido is crap and that's why he asked Berba to play on and he only let Mido in as late as possible ( It's bad only because the injury can be now serious, but he tried to save the result of the game, otherwise Berba's sacrifice would had been for nothing, and it almost was).

Supernatural explanation: It was Mourinho's black magic powers: he injured Berba and then convinced Jol to change tactics.

Now try to reply to that.

Harry Hotspur said...

tongue of toad and eye of newt
your post is nuts
now get your coat

Anonymous said...

Seriously, why are we moaning. Yesterday at 12.45pm, I, and I'm sure most others, would have thought a draw was a great result. Yes, we let a lead slip but so did they at WHL. We've still got a very good chance.

Also, Carling Cup semi's, FA cup quarters, uefa cup quarters (hopefully) and a couple of points off sixth. Would you like MJ to give you some of his blood? Get off his back - we've not had a season like this for such a long time. Leave him alone. If you want someone to moan at, go moan at Sky or the Sun for being so anti-spurs.

Willow the Yiddo.

Anonymous said...

oh, hh, you're so poor, dear...

Anonymous said...

how's it going Zoltan?

sean k said...

great comments luv the one about mido the porker bn readin a lot of them looks like theres bn bn a big reaction frm this game evry1s gt their opinion but its all decided nxt mon at the lane 'were going to wembley' the players are fed of nearly champions league nearly carling cup throwing away 2 3 goal leads things are gonna change around here!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a dream:
Spurs with Berbatov and Klinsmann. How many times did I say that to Levy and Comoli? Klinsmann is willing to move to Australia, that means he'll come to London in a minute. What the hell is the Board waiting for?Jol proved his incompetence to the whole world last Sunday. Shameful. We deserve better.

Anonymous said...

"Fleas know not if they are on the back of dogs or giants".

Can't remeber who said that, but there seems to be a lot of fleas on this blog.

Personally I'm loving the ignorance.

I recon we should dump Jol back in Holland and promote Chris Hughton to manager.

Anonymous said...

Extra ! Extra! Read all about it:
Abramovich has just got divorced !
The man is changing his life. Mourinho is getting the boot.