Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United: Spurs In Disarray

Insert Your Bitter Jol & Hughton One Liner Here...

There are so many things that got up my nose this afternoon.
Richard Keys really doesn't have the faintest grasp of football and ought to banished to QVC to sell boxes of broken biscuits, they''ll appreciate him waxing the back of his claws over there....

Andy Gray's pro gooner performance mid week was irritating enough , but his eulogising over an unsporting Manchester United just withered me. For a first time in a long time I started to recall this tea time just how universally loathed United where before Abramovich bought Chelsea. Sky Sports producers... I have just switched off The Last Word.

Clattenberg was completely out of his depth. I can see he's balding, but how old is he? How much swearing does he take from the Shrek faced granny groper Rooney before he considers it actionable? Why did every decision of the first half have to be made in consultation with the smack addict looking face of Neville weaselling in the frame?

I won't be long, as I know the online Jol Out Brigade are on their way, just as soon as they can get their hands on some virtual tar& feathers.

The real (amongst so many) beef for me is what is the plan either currently in place or proposed with our midfield? Because we do not really have one, do we?

Zokora, licence to roam aimlessly. Melbranque making runs into unsupported cul de sacs.
Net result? Defoe isolated like a dog at French Customs without paperwork. There is simply so much wrong.

Where do we go from here?

This Tottenham team got put in it's place this afternoon by a team Boylesports have just crowned Champions but didn't soften the blow any...


Anonymous said...

The only sensible word said on Sky Sports this afternoon was by Ray Wilkins when he said the Spurs team lacks "blokes".
I'm affriad he is right, there is a lot of talent in the team but without characters and leaders on the field we will achieve little.

dannyboy said...

having been going to the lane for 33 years i have never ever left before the end. today i came so close to doing just that, but i didnt. am i a mug or what? why didnt i go with the rest when the 4th goal went in?
the problems are there for all to see, except it appears, Jol.
hudds and zokora cant play together. no leadership. no drive. no passion. wheres the pride in wearing the lilywhite shirt? no balls. no character.
we were given a severe lesson today. it was men v boys. forget the cheating ronaldo penalty, it only masks the truth. patience is really wearing thin in BMJ. why do we always seem to fold second half? is there something in the tea?
starting to think that jol IS the problem, but no knee jerk reactions wanted. mid table medicrity here we come - if we're lucky.
i paid 60 quid for 2 tickets today, froze my nuts off and saw the worst performance in years. sort it out spurs ffs. make us proud again. after the disaster against the scum, you owed us a performance - you owe us big time now.
well pissed off.

Harry Hotspur said...

100% in agreement.

JolsGoneMental said...

squad - good(ish), manager - bad(ish)

apparently all you need is a both to be good and you wont finish 12th every year.

i read that somewhere. maybe confucious.

lets swap zokora for barton. Thats my thought for the day.

Anonymous said...

BMJ goes into a sports shop and says, 'I need a cheap pair of shin pads for Zokora.'

The shop assistant says, 'Seems like a fair swap.'

Luke3386 said...

I dont often tend to comment online but what I saw today has left me so frustrated that I feel I have to. We lack leadership out there, Ledley might be out but then surely someone has to step into the void and stand up to the task! As for the midfield we got run ragged. I could happily point out numerous decisions that were a complete joke but BMJ should have looked no further then the penalty incident to spur the players on at half time! I like BMJ and I think he should be given time to get this right, he's made a few gaffs but haven't we all? Clearly there is something missing at spurs besides our left flank and the sooner something gets done about it the better. Winning something this season would be great but not if it is used as a way of ignoring the quite obvious problems that we have.

Keep faith in BMJ, COYS

Anonymous said...

The Spanish word is cojones. And we don't have them. Plenty of talent but need the grafters to complement the silk. Selling workers like Brown, Mendes even Carrick doesn't look so clever now (for the non-shareholders among us).

Anonymous said...

Andy Gray is a sychophantic jock c*nt and Ronaldo wants slicing open with a blunt screwdriver.

On that note, I bid you all a pleasant Sunday and wish all a good night.

JolsGoneMental said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jolsgonemental said...

Zokora. c*nt.
BAE. C*nt (playing or not)
Ghaly. F*cking c*nt.
Rocha. too early
to tell, but smelling distinctly fishy.

Should be dropped to reserves one and all.

And Hughton. oh please fuck off you c*nt.

Anonymous said...

Just on that Rocha lad. can anyone tell me why he felt he had to go and kiss the face off Ronaldo in front of over 30,000 of us?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

do I smell xenphobics around here, mates? why do you only pick on foreigners? and calling cheat to Ron is a wasted excuse. when you're one down you pick up a fight, especially when your playing at home. what they did on the 2nd half that's what we should have done ourselves.
this team beats Fulham away? don't believe it! good bye FA CUP. But Jol will have all the time he needs to drown this team!!!

JolsGoneMental said...

Rocha had obviously seen BMJ doing likewise to Rsol and considered it a done thing to antagonise the White Hart Lane faithful.

He really is endearing himself to me is Rocha.

Anonymous said...

Kissing Ronadildo's spotty face, eek! vomit

Harry Hotspur said...

Any tedious tree hugging allegations of xenophobia, homophobia etc will not be tolerated on this bastion of anti political correctness!

Ronaldo is a c*ck. Black, Chinese gay straight or Australian.

Rocha was nuts to pally up to Ronaldo at WHL. There would've been ample chance for them to 'catch up' off the pitch.

If you want to be politically correct, please go to another site. You're boring the teeth out of my head.

shanemac said...

if no one else will, i'd like to defend jol for just a moment. you can only do so much as a manager. you cannot teach experience. we hung with man u throughout the first half; they couldn't hold possession like they've become so used to; they didn't get great opportunities on goal, except for the carrick header. Then clattenburg made a terrible call (a make up for the earlier tony gardner gaffe probably) and ronaldo scores and we lose our confidence completely. you can't blame jol for that. you have to accept that we are a young, developing team and as much as it hurts, you have to be bloody patient. because I can promise that if jol is sacked we'll be back to square one, and you'll see lennon and berbatov and dawson prance out the door to the top four.

granted, it's gut-wrenching to sit here and watch spurs give up like that in the second half and watch man u run circles around us but you can't underestimate how big of an effect losing your captain can have, especially when he's the anchor of your defense. just look at chelsea. gardner's barely played at all this year and rocha needs time to adjust. we've all become way too fickle these days.

Harry Hotspur said...

More than decent post, shanemac.

sydney wale said...

Any hot air I had blown into my balloon of optimism for this season has finally escaped. It appears that the hopes for any glory this year are again misplaced and deluded. Each time we are tested by top 4 team we buckle. It is a character flaw and must ultimately be a manager's responsibility. Maybe the players have lost faith with the coaching staff. I am one of many who have recently. Jol will do well to salvage anything out of the season now that euro qualification looks pretty hard.

dannyboy said...


1 player does not make a team. todays result was the culmination of weeks/months of poor performances, starting with the dire showing against bolton on week 1.

fact - 3 home defeats on the spin.
fact - no prem win since boxing day.
fact - useless away from the lane.
fact - apart from chavski at home, no win against any top club.
fact - uefa progress against 2nd rate opposition.
fact - carling cup progress ditto, until beaten by a top 4 prem club.
fact - fa cup progress until getting dumped by fulham.
fact - jol is too f*cking nice. lets see him lose his temper.
fact - we were shit today.
fact - 1 away prem win all season.

where does the responsibility lie?
im a manager - if i f*ck up I carry the can.

give youth a chance ?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Jol is, as alleged, simply too nice, but I do know that we lack a leader on the pitch. No one to inspire, to take the game by the scruff of the neck, to give the players a right bollocking when they've needed one (more than a few occasions this season).

Anonymous said...

Since we seem to never turn up the hear in the second half, I think it would be very interesting to put a mic in the dressing room and listen to BMJ's halftime talk. I imagine it to be more depressing than today's overall performance.

Anonymous said...

Without Ledley on the pitch, Spurs have usually looked weaker. Shame he'll be out for 8 weeks. Almost like Chelski with Terry, I agree we need a new leader out there!

shanemac said...

look my dear dannyboy, watch the first half again.

also, who do you think we are? we've been shit for years, we've become respectable again, everybody's talking about what a bright future we have and you want to trash it and start anew?

i think you need a day to calm down. i was fuming after the game too.

dannyboy said...


what's the point of watching the 1st half again? we still went in 1 - 0 down (forget the cheats penalty) and carved out 2 clear chances? shocking. we matched a poor manure 1st half performance.

i'm not saying sack jol. all i'm saying is someone, and imo it should be jol, needs to take responsibility for the mess we're in and do something fucking about it! stand up and be counted - whatever.

this season, we are simply not good enough. i think you need to remove your rose coloured spectacles.

shanemac said...

dannyboy, if we'd gotten that penalty when neville dragged chimbonda down and aimed for penetration, i think that things would've ended up differently and we'd be praising how we turned it around after a devastating loss in the cup.

i am glad that you're not calling for jol's head yet though, and i agree that seeing jol show a little something more than despondence on the sidelines there would be welcomed with open arms.

Anonymous said...

can we at least agree that ghaly is totally useless and shouldn't step on the pitch ever again?

Anonymous said...

Agreed and seconded

defo1 said...

the only think i can say jol out becoze at the arsenal game he ask fabrigas for is shirt. shamefull jol aut out out.harry what do you thimk about that

Harry Hotspur said...


Continuing the comedy...

I have posted an open letter from Spurs Odyssey on the foot of the 'Get Your Act Together' article.

Complete with my reply.

I have reinstated the comments on that post so they can bore me some more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

sports or clubs? nation or club? there you have a good topic for discussion.Jol put sport above club and Rocha put nation above club (but didn't play).Are they traitors? Or simply don't give a damm about what the club thinks?
Join the thread, ladies and gents...

Anonymous said...

there were 4 penalties ( all equivalent) in the game, only one given and 3 against us. we were lucky!

Anonymous said...

any photops of today's battle , harry? just for keepsake

jumbo said...

keep the faith in jol.
the midfield seems to be a bif problem this season.
lennon,hudlestone still learning their trade.
zakora works hard but has no end product all the running in the world dont make goals.
left side big problem as always malbranque good player but not on the left lee alright as back up and ekotto no to sloppy.
id like to see how hudlestone and jenas look together with jenas running on to hudles through balls.
as you say ghaly nope not good enough but bmj seems to love him for some reason why?
we need to sought it out and fast before we end up right down the bottom and our best players waving goodbuy.
was last season a fluke or can the big man stand up and turn it around

4 Ever Hopeful said...

This situation cannot be repaired with a few sticking plasters. We need major surgery.The team selections are unbelievably bad. Gardner has had six years to cut the mustard, why wasn't Rocha playing? Huddlestone and Zakora cannot muster an attacking run between them. Lee was absolutely pants in the corresponding game last season so why does he get another go? And as for that waste of space Defoe, he epitomises what is wrong with the whole bloody lot of them; they couldn't care less for the team, the shirt or the fans. If we had six less points than we have now then I would be getting nervous.

Jol has blown it completely. We need Sam Allardyce to shake this lot up and give some of the allegdedly promising reserves a go.

Anonymous said...

waste of space defoe, nice one, mate, but he has bought six ovens, he really likes to waste space!
what a joke Spurs are turned into!

Anonymous said...

ok ye spurs board, klinsmann has been contacted by australia. if the guy is willing to move to sidney surely he would prefer to be back in london. what the hell are you waiting for? call him.the timing is perfect.

Anonymous said...

so whats the consensus of opinion H?

Harry Hotspur said...

Reading the endless anti Jol posts are mostly a chore. Characters like jolsgonemental are worth a squint. Passion is generally worth reading even if you disagree.

The poll on here has 'I'm still backing him' in front and I'm kinda proud of that. It seems your average HH punter loves the club warts and all. 'He' also has something that you can't buy in the shops. Perspective.

I don't actually think a lot of the lads moaning so publicly about the current fiasco realise it is actually one of our better ones. Hohoho.

I now see that one Spurs site's 'tip of the day' is us getting kicked out of the UEFA.

Dannyboy has it right. Decades of support and we're owed much more than a series of second half folds and headless chicken impressions. Danny didn't come down in the last shower. Nor will he accept mediocrity. But retains his loyalty.

If you re read many of the posts around the various forums, evening allowing for dented pride, it makes you wonder how this club survives on so much love that is sooo conditional.

We've had Graham, Santini, Pleat, Ossie the list of walk on parts in a pretty ignomous 20 years is well documented.

I asked in a previous article, were WE up to the task? I was asking the wrong question. I should've asked the newbies, 'where have you been?'

There are too many fans out there acting as we've been basking in the type of success Ars*nal have had. And now Jol's trying to take the good times away.

That's plain ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

this is just in comment to the whole "Ronaldo and Rocha" thing. I don't understand that any englishman can go up to their fellow countryman and say hello, be it from the same team or not, but as soon as a foreign player says hello to a fellow country man from another team they are traitors. ITS CALLED SPORTSMANSHIP. I love the game, and if two players from different teams want to say hello, even if Ronaldo is a cheat, than by all means let them say hello. get over yourselves.

dannyboy said...

my better half thinks these blog sites are just an excuse for venting frustration. she may have a point. now get back in the kitchen and make me a cup of tea woman!


sydney wale said...

Ridiculous indeed Harry!
It is true to say that the stewardship of BMJ has every right to be questioned as he is yet to produce any trophies. UEFA Cup qualification is a step forward over recent times I grant you. However, the future , and more importantly the present situation, does not reflect a team that is moving forwards from last year. We still got told how good Carrick was and how we are still missing him. I share in many fans concerns about the coaching staff and their ability to pick a team, inject fresh ideas, manage substitutions and be tactically dynamic.
We don't need another average coach who will be found wanting when it's show time.
Please prove me wrong and alay my fears as I like the man but I feel he has reached his limitations.

Anonymous said...

shef utd
west ham

Come on Jol
Come on Spurs

A good run please. Let's climb the table and show the doubters.


Anonymous said...

continuity is what we need. get a grip.