Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United : Once More Into The Breach

Uh oh, 'arry's gawn highbrow...

Well it's four whole days on and all the laundry's been well and truly done in public. Certainly the bulk of us are far more interested in looking at this next game than dwelling upon the well chewed bones of the last.

So what can I tell you? A home win is as big as 4/1 with our friends at Paddy Power (online) but your average Ladbrokes office on the High Street has us only at 10/3...

Clearly Man Utd are looking a genuine threat to the 'out of tune' bleaters down at Second Hand Fridge, so the draw has appeal on a purely value front. 13/5 with Total Bet, if you will.

A win would be sublime. A draw credible, but more importantly, a credible performance would be the most I would wish for. This fixture last time out wasn't a success, but I remember citing it as 'some of the brightest football' we'd thus far played that season.

What is essential is for every man woman and child within The Lane to roar the chaps onward.


Anonymous said...

Heart says Spurs get a point head says 1-3 to Utd.


Prove that my head is full of sawdust

Harry Hotspur said...

Welcome home.

Jol-TacticalGenius said...

yes. Lets acknowlegde that out only hope in getting these useless fairies to actually put some effort in all rests solely on the supporters.

Because Martin Jol sure as fuck cannot get them going.

Its a real pity that we all know passionate support really means dick all at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Teacher leave those kids alone!

Tottspurs 2 - 1 Man U

noncehunter said...

Useless first team fairies? And you hate the youth team lads too. At what point did you say to yourself, 'I will not choose chelsea, I'll rough it at the lane.' ??

Are you a nonce?

Anonymous said...

sawdust instead of brians...hummhh...where have I heard that one before? What about "rich soprano gorillas in drag", rings any bell?

Jol-TacticalGenius said...

a vote of confidence from Ferguson for Jol. Must be that the mutterings of discontent regarding his stewardship are starting to reach the ears of the heirarchy.

I can see why rival managers and fans like Jol, he spends half his life praising their players whilst basically saying ours are gash.

Very perceptive of him, however not terribly motivating.

No wonder we cant raise our game for a semi final against the Arse.

The pressure is beginning to tell, he will be gone at end of season.

Anonymous said...

Jol has made a number of ridiculous comments this season and last,heaping
praise on opponents.

Jol-TacticalGenius said...

My particular favourite Jol arselicking come in the form of his Rsol lovefest after the Pompey game.

I am amazed by his Carrick comments today as well. 'Oh he was the key of our team, we cant replace him blah blah...Hudd isnt good enough.'

'How to make friends and motivate your rivals' - I am waiting for the Jol penned book to appear in waterstones.

Anonymous said...

1-3 I was being optimistic

Always look on the bright side of life........... :-)